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Korean Movies Opening Today 2021/09/10 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2021/09/10 in Korea: "This Americano", "Pretty Daughters-in-law", "One Bed, Two Couple", "Yours, Mine, All Mine", "Happy Ending - Movie"


"This Americano" (2021)

Directed by Kwon Yuju

With Byun Se-hee, Han Jae-ha, Kim Hee-sang, Park Ah-reum, Joo Seok-in, Park Geon-hong,...

"I risked my life for this!"

Aspiring film director Soo-jin's first feature film production!

Aspiring film director Soo-jin tries to successfully complete her first feature film. The production cost is ridiculously small for a movie made with the help of people and money she collected. Soo-jin even changed her cigarettes to the cheap 'This Original', and she was working hard to prepare for the movie by asking her ex-boyfriend to be the main actor. Something like a bolt out of the blue happens to Soo-jin!

Will Soo-jin be able to complete the movie successfully?

"Pretty Daughters-in-law" (2021)

Directed by Lee Ro-woon-I

With Yeon Joo, Lee Chae-dam, Yoon Yool, Yoon Taek-seung, Min Do-yoon, Jung In,...

The old man who lost his wife and lives in the house of his three daughters-in-law is bothered by their mature bodies. The three careless daughters-in-law have sex with their husbands, or shower without locking their doors, making the old man's sexual desire more and more active.

"One Bed, Two Couple" (2021)

Directed by Maeng Jin-sa

With Mi Na, Mi Ho, Ah Joong, Si Woo, Kang Min-woo,...

Mi-yeon, as if running away to the countryside from one's husband's wrong guarantee, runs away as she could't stand her pathetic husband but lost her way. As she was finding her way, a man from next door happened to find her and asks her to sleep over at his house. As night fell, the man next door took her body.

"Yours, Mine, All Mine" (2021)

Directed by Captain Kim

With Ha Neul, Jo Ah, Seung Ha, Sang Woo, Min Do-yoon, James,...

Middle-aged couples in the lower house keep losing sleep due to the noise upstairs where a newlywed couple spend hot nights together. The level of noise always escalates, and the man downstairs who can't bear it anymore runs and knocks on the door, but the newlyweds became silent. Middle-aged couples who want to have their revenge had sex with their own loud voices, but they can't fool their age. She's mad at the guy who's been knocked out before he even reaches his peak. The war of nerves between the two couples is getting fierce.

"Happy Ending - Movie" (2020)

Directed by Lee Dong-hyeon-II

With Lee Chae-dam, Ji Ah, Min Jung, Shin Sung-hoon-II, Jeon Chun-hoo, Lee Sang-doo,...

Yeong-joon who loves a mysterious woman named Seo-ra succeeds to change the past by visiting a woman with mysterious powers. However, she is now married to a loan shark named Cheol-jae in the changed past. Cheol-jae lives in captivity under Seo-ra and plans a new love and life, while Yeong-jun agonizes over Seo-ra's happiness. The fate of these men and woman who have changed their pasts, unfolds.

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