Korean movies released today 2010/12/02 in Korea

Korean movies released today in Korea "Yeouido", "Dancing Zoo", documentaries "Flying Butterfly" and "2AM SHOW"


"Yeouido" (2010)

Directed by Song Jeong-woo-I

With Kim Tae-woo, Park Sung-woong, Hwang Soo-jung, Ko Se-won, Kim San-ho,...

Something always happens when I meet him.
The guy that I wanted to kill was found as a 'corpse'.
Yeouido, where political world, media industry, and stock market are concentrated, is a work place for Section Chief Hwang Woo-jin. He is number one in the lay-off list in his stock company. What is worse, he is dying slowly because of his heavy debt and endless fights with his devoted wife. He even finds out that his trusted co-worker is trying to lay him off with the help from Woo-jin's boss. He dwells on his own misfortune to his friend Jeong-hoon, who will do anything to keep justice, 'I want to kill that bastard.' Surprisingly, Woo-jin's co-worker is found dead in next morning.

Chances that came with no notice to the guy who wants to survive. And…
Because of his co-worker's death, Woo-jin gets a second chance in his company and gets promoted but the surprising chance is not good for him. People who treated Woo-jin wrong are getting killed one by one and he becomes a suspect. He now trembles for fear from the supposition that Jeong-hoon is an actual killer…

"Dancing Zoo" (2009)

Directed by Kim Gyeol, Park Sung-Yong

With Han Hee-jung, Kim Joon-soo, Song Soo-yeon, Kim Joon-won, Kim Seong-tae-I, Kwon Goo-in,...

I love your song; I love your smile…
I love your world. Meet the magic of love, which can be either sharp (#) or flat (♭)!
Joon-soo, who decided to move to Seoul to fulfill his dream of being a musician, accidently meet Hee-jeong, who just broke up, while he was singing a breakup song to a monkey in a zoo. They get closed to each other through music, and Joon-soo helps Hee-jeong's band as a guitarist. They eventually live together in a house.
One day, their relationship, which was already dangerous due to their different musical world, is finalized when Joon-soo plays his part differently. Joon-soo becomes famous after he got into a big entertainment company but Hee-jeong hold concert alone in a club. But they realizes each other's empty space and automatically look for each other…

"Flying Butterfly" (2009)

Directed by Jeong Heum-moon

With Yoon Do-hyun, Park Tae-hee, Kim Jin-won, Heo Jun-I, Kim Je-dong,...

'National Band' YB, who became a Korean rock's representative after appearing in any programs and entertainment channels, got an invitation from a foreign country in 2009. It was an invitation from America, asking YB band to do a series of concerts in 'Warped Tour'. 'Warped Tour' is the biggest rock festival in the world which is held in 7 cities of America including Seattle. YB got on the plane with no hesitation, front their first blockage when their first concert in Seattle ended with no attention. Will they proof the greatness of Korean Rock in front of rock maniacs of America, who have different taste ?

"2AM SHOW" (2010)

Directed by Jeong Seong-bok

With Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Im Seulong, Jeong Jinwoon,...

Are you ready to enjoy?
Everything about 2AM, and their very special stage, is "2AM SHOW"!
4 different boys, who lived in different places, had same dream in common, 'MUSIC'.
They met each other in JYP by destiny and started their career under a group named '2AM'.
From boy band, they turned into sensitive idols. Through concert news and never seen variety special features and talks, they present their most passionate concert.
The story of "2AM SHOW", which contains their past, present, and future, is now here.