Tube Entertainment (튜브 엔터테인먼트)

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Company Info
From [Contact] to [Phantom, The Submarine], Mr. KIM Seung-bum, former CEO of Ilshin Investment, has become the first Executive producer in Korea creating a new flow of funds in the Korean film industry.

Tube Entertainment was founded by Mr.KIM Seung-bum in 1999, with the aim to be an Entertainment Enterprise focusing on cinema and began its work with the distribution of SHUNJI Iwai's [Love Letter] in 1999, and had a success with [Nightmare], the first film Tube Entertainment invested in and distributed in 2000.

Tube Entertainment is one of a few companies which are able to invest, produce and distribute by themselves in as yet narrow film market in Korea. Now, Tube Entertainment has plan to invest, produce, and distribute five to six Korean films along with importing and distributing nine to ten Hollywood and Japanese films a year.

Tube Entertainment has been also actively investing in other cultural areas, including the musuc industry, which can make synergy with films. For the future, Tube Entertainment aims to make the power brand guaranteeing quality throughout the culture by developing the contents of cinema.

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