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90 Days, Time to Love (90일, 사랑할 시간)

90일, 사랑할 시간 (90 Il, Sa-rang-hal Si-gan)

Directed by Oh Jong-rok (오종록)

Screenplay by

Drama Melodrama Romance

MBC | Airing dates :

16 episodes


A fate that surpasses taboo,A love that surpasses moralityHere,at the peak of his life at thirty-one years of age,is a man who is fated to vanish into space as a mere speck of dust in three short months.[In 90 days, I will surely cease to exist,yet the world will go on as if nothing has happened.Even my wife will someday dry her tears,telling herself that the dead are dead and the living must go on living.Then, would it be wrong to ask my wife for a leave of absence during my remaining 90 days?]The fall of 2006.A man and a woman were fated to meet, but their hearts were destined to be broken in the end. They are now desperately pleading for 90 days in which to love each other for the last time on earth. If you were this man's wife, or this woman's husband,how would you answer their pleaa plea that transgresses both morality and taboo...?


Hyeon Ji-seok (Aged 31 / University Instructor) Ė Kang Ji-hwan
Itís utterly preposterous!
In fact, itís so preposterous that all I can do is laugh!
Nine years ago, when my foolish father ended up a suicide bomber,
I was forced, with gritted teeth, to coldly abandon my beloved Mi-yeon!!
And now they tell me Iím going to die, too.
Just... like... that.
Hearing the doctor pronounce that I had only three months to live,
the face that flashed before my eyes
was the girl I left behind... the girl I buried in my heart... Mi-yeon.

Ko Mi-yeon (Aged 29 / Screenwriter) Ė Kim Ha-neul
Since he deserted me, I had been dying each day,
bearing a scarlet letter I had carved into my own heart.
But now he tells me that he is actually dying.
That he will die and vanish from the earth.
With three months to live, he came back to me at the dead end of his life.
It was because he couldnít bear to die without me, because he wanted to live with me...
The knot left in a corner of my heart when he cast me off feels as if it were dissolving away.
I had loved him... to the point of madness.

Park Jeong-ran (Aged 31 / Gallery Owner) Ė Jeong Hye-yeong
There have been no vicissitudes in my life.
I have never even hated anyone.
My husband has always been lukewarm toward me,
but I kept telling myself that so few married couples ever share a burning love.
But now... my husband tells me he is dying.
And what is even more unbelievable is...
that he wants to live out his remaining three months with a woman named Mi-yeon.
Through nine years of marriage, Iíve never had a place in my husbandís heart.

Kim Tae-hun (Aged 34 / PB Manager) Ė Yoon Hee-seok
I know what my flaw is.
My fatal flaw is...
that I cannot become a cruel man,
that I cannot become the kind of man who would hurt Mi-yeon.
Mi-yeon likes men who cause her pain.
My common sense tells me that such a thing cannot be love,
but Mi-yeon persists in believing that it is.

Episode guide (incomplete)

< Episode 1 >

1993. Jeju Island.

When Ji-seok, a senior in high school, sees Mi-yeon sitting right before his eyes, calmly reading a book with earphones on, he feels strangely deflated and crestfallen. He sits down and darts furtive glances in her direction. Ji-seok develops an interest in Mi-yeon and tries to approach her, without much success. One day, he takes the bus to school because his bicycle is broken... Their feelings for each other have already begun to grow.
Mi-yeonís grandmother passes away, and Ji-seok is dragged by his father to the very house where Mi-yeon lives. As fate would have it, Ji-seok and Mi-yeon are illegitimate first cousins. Ji-seokís father decides to move the family to Seoul, and Ji-seok and Mi-yeon are forced to part with no promise of seeing each other again...

Four years later, in Seoul.

Ji-seok and Mi-yeonís feelings for each other have not abated with the years, and they are constantly plagued by longing and regret... Chancing upon Mi-yeon on the street, Ji-seok stands behind her and says, ďI told you to hide yourself well, didnít I? I tried so hard not to run into you... Be careful and stay out of my sight. If we ever run into each other on the street again, itís the end for us!Ē He turns around and walks away, as Mi-yeon stands crying...

< Episode 2 >

Ji-seok and Mi-yeon come upon each other on the street. Ji-seok takes Mi-yeon home, and Mi-yeon, angry at Ji-seok for knowing where she lives, turns her back and walks away. After getting drunk by himself, Ji-seok goes to see Mi-yeon. He extends his hand and asks her if she is willing to go with him till the end. Hearing him say that all she needs to do is say she loves him, Mi-yeon tells him that she does and Ji-seok kisses her on the forehead.

Ji-seok proposes that they emigrate to the U.S. and they go to apply for a visa. The day before they are due to depart, Ji-seok is confronted by his father. When Ji-seok refuses to obey him, he throws himself into the path of an oncoming car right before Ji-seokís eyes...

< Episode 3 >

In the fall of 2006, Ji-seok looks out the window of his office on the university campus at the sound of a carís horn. Deok-gu, standing next to his brand new vehicle, looks up at Ji-seok in glee. Coming out of the operating room, Byeong-chan glances at the charts of professors who require follow-up examinations and his gaze is suddenly riveted by one of the names. Mi-yeon, on an office trip, procures drinks from another party and is cheered by her coworkers. Jeong-ran, who has returned to Korea, looks around as she comes out of the airport. Finding that Ji-seok is nowhere to be seen, she heads straight to the gallery. Ji-seok, Deok-gu, and Byeong-chan sit down to drink together, but Byeong-chan neglects his glass and keeps looking at his watch. When Byeong-chan departs early, Ji-seok runs after him and asks him what is the matter with him, only to hear him pronounce composedly that Ji-seok has pancreatic cancer.
Walking the streets in a state of shock, Ji-seok tries twisting his body and jumping in place. Assailed by sudden pain, he sinks to the ground. After looking up information about pancreatic cancer on the internet, Ji-seok sits in his living room in a daze when Jeong-ran walks in. Tae-hun sneaks up on Mi-yeon, who is returning home after working all night, and embraces her from behind. Surprised, Mi-yeon looks at Tae-hun and smiles. Meanwhile, Ji-seok goes to another hospital for additional tests, and receives the same diagnosis. He sprints down the street but collapses to his knees with pain. He tells Deok-gu, who has run after him, that he wants to see Mi-yeon.

< Episode 4 >

Hearing Ji-seok ask her to live with him for just three months, Mi-yeon turns his back on him in utter amazement. As she is driving away, she recalls their time together. Back at home, Mi-yeon stands oblivious to the ringing of her cell phone, and Tae-hun is puzzled by her flustered behavior. Ji-seok also sits dazed on his couch. When Jeong-ran puts him on the phone with his daughter, he ends up saying something completely irrelevant. Stroking Mi-yeonís hair as she lies on the sofa, Tae-hun suggests that she take some time off school, but Mi-yeon says she only has one semester to go and would rather keep at it. Jeong-ran asks Ji-seok if he is seeing another woman, but is met by his stony silence.
Ji-seok hears from Deok-gu that someone at the university has seen Mi-yeon. Meanwhile, Mi-yeon tells Wal-suk that her old love has come back and asked her to live with him for three months, adding that she felt grateful for his words. After much hesitation, Ji-seok text messages Mi-yeon to ask if it would be okay to call, but Mi-yeon just turns her phone off upon seeing his message. Heading home at the end of the day, Ji-seok sees Mi-yeon and slowly approaches her. She finally turns around and spots him. Later, Jeong-ran and Ji-seok leave for a social meeting, but on the way there, Ji-seok is suddenly overcome with unbearable pain.

< Episode 5 >

Getting into his car next to Jeong-ran, Ji-seok starts to drive away, but stops and runs toward the elevator, leaving Jeong-ran to stare after him in surprise. Ji-seok calls Mi-yeonís phone and looks around for her, while Mi-yeon sits in her car with the ringing phone in her hand. Lowering his head, Ji-seok is unable to utter a single word. He returns to his car with Jeong-ran, while Mi-yeon gazes after him on the verge of tears. Mi-yeon cries as she sits alone among the audience at the filming of Wal-sukís comedy program. Meanwhile, Ji-seok waits in vain for a phone call from Mi-yeon, and Deok-gu warily informs him that Mi-yeon is already married. During a memorial rite with her in-laws, Mi-yeon stops in the middle of bowing and becomes lost in thought.
Mi-yeon goes to Ji-seokís office and stares at the name plate on his door. When someone comes out of the room, she hurriedly moves away. Ji-seok visits the bank where Tae-hun works and asks him various questions under the guise of a client seeking consultation. As he is leaving, he stops outside the window of Tae-hunís office and mouths in his direction, ĎI love your wife.í Mi-yeon becomes drunk at an office dinner and calls Ji-seok. She asks him just who is dying, and when he replies that he is, she tearfully demands to know who gave him permission to die.

< Episode 6 >

Ji-seok stands unmoving after hanging up the phone, and Tae-hun approaches Mi-yeon as she sits on the steps outside their apartment building. Wal-suk tells Mi-yeon that her relationship with Ji-seok might have been love before but that it is now adultery; Mi-yeon asks if it is still adultery if all she does is meet with him. Exiting Jeong-ranís gallery, Ji-seok sees Mi-yeon getting on a bus just as he is about to drive away in his car. He gets out and runs after her. Sitting in her seat, Mi-yeon senses somebody sitting down next to her and is surprised to see Ji-seok there, out of breath after his sprint. The bus gradually empties except for them, and snow starts to fall outside the window. Ji-seok thanks Mi-yeon for forgiving him, as Mi-yeon gazes poignantly at him.
Ji-seok goes to the hospital with Jeong-ran. He sits with lowered eyes, answering Byeong-chanís questions with silence. He asks Jeong-ran to leave him be, since he is going to die anyway. Mi-yeon hovers around Ji-seokís office and Ji-seok, who has been fingering his phone, ends up pushing the button. While Ji-seok is talking to Mi-yeon on the phone, Jeong-ran comes in and Ji-seok abruptly hangs up. Jeong-ran remarks that it would be strange for her to suspect him of having an affair under the current circumstances, but Ji-seok does not answer. When he receives a call from Mi-yeon asking to see him, he hurriedly gets out of the car and starts running.

< Episode 7 >

Ji-seok gets out of Mi-yeonís car, and Jeong-ran walks toward Mi-yeon. After Mi-yeon drives off, Jeong-ran asks Ji-seok if that was Ko Mi-yeon. Back at home, Tae-hun gazes blankly out the window, then gulps down a glass of water, but the glass slips from his hand and breaks. Ji-seok confesses to Jeong-ran that he met Mi-yeon again after finding out that he has cancer, telling her that he is sorry. But Jeong-ran asks if he isnít lying about dying just to have an excuse to live with Mi-yeon. Appalled, Ji-seok leaves the house.
Exiting Deok-guís house, Ji-seok runs into Wal-suk. Wal-suk warns him not to stir up Mi-yeon, who is living her own life. Tae-hun calls Mi-yeon and suggests that they see a movie, but Mi-yeon turns him down. While lost in troubled thoughts, Mi-yeon gets a call from Ji-seok. She spots Tae-hunís coat button, which is on the verge of falling off. She asks him why he looks so pathetic as she gazes straight into his face. Tae-hun goes to his boss and requests a transfer to the U.S. office, saying that his wife wants to go to San Francisco. Jeong-ran calls Mi-yeon and asks to meet her; flustered, Mi-yeon hangs up the phone.

< Episode 8 >

After her meeting with Mi-yeon, Jeong-ran steels herself as she walks to her car. Lost in thought, Mi-yeon rides the elevator in a daze, only recovering her senses when she runs into Wal-suk on the first floor. Jeong-ran suggests to Ji-seokís mother that she move into the apartment with them. Exiting the hospital, Ji-seok goes to the house where Mi-yeon used to live and reminisces about their past. Ji-seok tells the caretaker that he will move in the following week. Meanwhile, Mi-yeon tells Wal-suk about her meeting with Jeong-ran and confesses that she doesnít know what to do.
Tae-hun receives the news that his transfer to the U.S. has come through. He sets up a dinner date with Mi-yeon, telling her that he has a wonderful gift for her. Mi-yeon reads Ji-seokís email telling her that he has been to her old house and lets out a deep sigh. While shopping for appliances with Deok-gu, Ji-seok is stricken with extreme pain and moved to the emergency room. He finds out that Jeong-ran met Mi-yeon and calls Mi-yeon out of concern. Tae-hun announces to Mi-yeon that they are moving to San Francisco, and Mi-yeon finds herself at a loss for words. Tae-hun is shocked to find out that Ji-seok has terminal pancreatic cancer.


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 Kim Nam-won (김남원)
 Production department
 Kim Hong-seon (김홍선)
 Assistant director
Technical Information
60 min HD 16/9
Web site
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Airing dates : 2006/11/15~2007/01/04

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love it...super!!! kang ji hwan!!!
2012-05-23 09:25:50
2010-04-11 12:07:09
The theme song really touches the the viewers' heart.
Itís a real tear jerker. I just watched this drama only for Kang Jihwan's superb acting but frankly I don't enjoy the plot because I just couldn't take it anymore tears, anger, sympathy, stupidity and stuff like that in every episodes.
2010-04-11 12:06:27
2008-07-04 21:58:32
very sad drama but love it
I am finding it so hard to watch this drama i keep falling a sleep when i put it on.
2007-10-22 05:54:01
2007-10-19 22:34:55
i'd missed the finale...what happen????
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90 Days, Time to Love (90일, 사랑할 시간)

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