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All About My Family

Korean Drama | 2008

내 인생의 황금기 | Nae In-saeng-eui Hwang-geum-gi


Directed byJeong Se-ho (정세호)Kim Dae-jin (김대진)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: MBC (MBC)

Airing dates:

Also known as "My Life's Golden Years"
50 episodes
19 years ago, two previously divorced people got married and raised their children together. But the three children grew up to adopt different lifestyles and values from their parents.
Hwang’s divorce sets off a series of unfortunate events that take her family on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs...
This TV series is about the relationships between parents and children, and brothers and sisters. It touches upon subjects such as romance, marriage, divorce, unemployment, illnesses, dreams, disappointment, hope, courage and so on. The story follows the tumultuous events surrounding one family as the deal with the tribulations of life.


Lee Hwang, eldest daughter (actress Moon So-ri)
Married for five years. A designer of book covers.
Having sophisticated looks and a firm, supple body, she is an egoist who is self-absorbed and cares more about herself than her own daughter. She has a fiery temper and acts impulsively, displaying erratic behavior. She gets involved in an affair in the very first episode of the TV series. The affair takes place when she participates at the Tokyo Book Fair and meets an old flame.

Yoo Tae-il (actor Lee Jong-won)
Lee Hwang’s husband. He was smitten in love with Lee Hwang when he first laid his eyes on her in college and asked her out on a date. After he married her, Lee Hwang gave birth to a baby girl and they lived happily together as one family. He is well educated and has a competitive streak. He thinks things through without letting his emotions cloud his judgment. He never experienced a failure in his life before but after getting married, he faces a huge setback that takes an emotional and personal toll on him.

Lee Geum, second daughter (actress Lee So-yeon)
Daughter of Bok Mi-ja. When she was 11, her mother married her current stepfather.
She gets along with Ki, who is younger than her, but she has a strained relationship with her sister, Hwang.
Though she was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia, she keeps working as a high school track coach to pay the medical bill of her biological father. She dates Koh Gyeong-woo, the son of the school director.

Koh Gyeong-woo (actor Sin Seong-rok)
With handsome looks, he wears the latest fashion trends. He is a smart guy who has a promising career producing TV shows at a major network. His early success has made him into a conceited person who thinks he is better than everyone else. Because he has no compassion nor hardly cares about the well-being of other people, he doesn’t treat Geum, who is stricken with a disease, any different from a healthy person even though he is aware that she is seriously ill. Somehow this endears him to Geum.

Lee Ki, last child (actor Jin I-han)
Last son of Lee Man-ae. After graduating from medical school, he quits his internship and starts taking acting classes to become a musical actor. He is a high achiever who always wants to be the best at whatever he does. He’s smart, athletic and has a well-rounded personality with a bright outlook on life.

Episode guide

Episode 1
Lee Geum (actress Lee So-yeon) is a track coach and when her track team loses a meet because the referee was in cahoots with the rival team’s coach, she get furious and accosts the referee. While she is quarreling with the referee, she gets in the way of the camera crew that is supervised by producer Gyeong-woo (actor Shin Seong-rok). Lee Hwang (actress Moon So-ri) is on a business trip in Bangkok and she meets an old flame, Dong-hwan (cameo appearance), and shares a passionate kiss with him. Jung Yoon (actress Ha Joo-hee) has a crush on Yoo Tae-il (actor Lee Jong-won), who happens to be Lee Hwang’s husband, and she witnesses the kiss between Lee Hwang and her ex-boyfriend and promptly videotapes the act...

Episode 2
Hwang (actress Moon So-ri) brings Tae-young (actress Lee Tae-im) home when she gets drunk and doesn’t go to her rehearsals. Geum (actress Lee So-yeon) goes on a blind date in Soo-gyeong’s place and her blind date turns out to be Gyeong-woo (actor Shin Seong-rok). After blacking out from drinking too much, Gyeong-woo (actor Shin Seong-rok) wakes up the next morning and asks people to get Lee Geum’s (actress Lee So-yeon) phone number. He then calls her up and proposes that they meet once more. Gyeong-woo (actor Shin Seong-rok) proposes marriage to Geum all of a sudden...

Episode 3
Hwang discovers her father’s hospital bill in Geum’s desk and gets into a quarrel with Geum about it. In-shik, Hwang’s father-in-law, pressures Hwang to quit her job but Hwang deflects the request by saying that she is not comfortable with being a stay-at-home mom. When Geum is unable to pay off her father’s hospital bills, the hospital’s billing department calls her to tell her that they are discharging him.

Episode 4
Geum reluctantly seeks help from her sister Hwang by asking her to lend her some money to pay off their father’s hospital bill but she flatly refuses to help her. Three women knock on the door of In-shik’s home and they angrily demand to see Tae-young because they have reasons to believe that she is seeing their brother-in-law. Gyeong-woo buys an expensive dress for Geum after she borrows money from him.



All About My Family
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