Drama Special - Their Perfect Day

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Drama Special - Their Perfect Day

Korean Drama | 2013

드라마 스페셜 - 그녀들의 완벽한 하루 | Deu-ra-ma Seu-pe-syeol - geu-nyo-deul-eui wan-byeok-han ha-roo


Directed by Lee Won-ik (이원익)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: KBS (KBS)

Airing dates:

4 episodes - Sun 23:45
24th part of the "Drama Special" series season 3
Soo-ah is a skilled career woman as the marketing team leader of a major company.
She is the role model of fellow colleagues and juniors but she had a fatal weakpoint...she was terrible with housework.

Eventually, she forgot to submit entry forms to her one and only daughter's kidergarten and Ye-rin is chased out in the frigid winter.
To make things worse, Soo-ah can't even take care of her sick daughter because of work so she transforms into a full-time housewife and goes around looking for a new kindergarten but getting rejected. Just then, she recieves a phone call from one of the luxurious kindergartens she once put Ye-rin's name the waiting list...



Drama Special - Their Perfect Day
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Drama Special - Their Perfect Day
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Drama Special - Their Perfect Day
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