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Haechi (해치)

해치 (hae-chi)

Directed by Lee Yong Suk (이용석)

Screenplay by

Adventure Historical

SBS | Airing dates :

48 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 (2x35min episodes per day)
The drama "Haechi" revolves around three characters. Prince Yeoning was born to a musuri, a female slave in charge of menial house chores. Park Moon-soo is preparing for the state exams, and Yeo Ji is a damo for the Saheonbu, the organ responsible for inspections in the Hanyang area during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties. The drama is an adventure following the three rising stars of their age as they join forces to fight for justice and for the reform of the Saheonbu.

  • Jung Il-woo (정일우)
    Jung Il-woo (정일우)
    Yi Geum [Prince Yeoning] - Sook Jong's 4th son and Sook-bin Choi's son, the 21st Joseon King (연잉군 이금 - 숙종의 4번째 아들이자 숙빈 최씨 소생으로, 조선 제21대 임금.)
  • Kwon Yool (권율)
    Kwon Yool (권율)
    Park Moon-soo - Inspector of the Sahunbu, later Joseon's best royal secret investigator (박문수 - 사헌부 감찰, 훗날 조선 최고의 암행어사)
  • Go Ara (고아라)
    Go Ara (고아라)
    Cheon Yeo-ji - Affiliated with the Sahunbu, the Queen's maid, the 21st King Yeongjo's paramour (천여지 - 사헌부 다모, 대비전 궁녀. 조선 제21대 임금 영조의 정인.)
  • Park Hoon (박훈)
    Park Hoon (박훈)
    Dal Moon - Head of Walpae Gang, a clown (달문 - 왈패조직의 우두머리, 광대)
  • Lee Kyung-young (이경영)
    Lee Kyung-young (이경영)
    Min Jin-heon - [Min Jin-won] - Queen In-hyeon's brother, substantial head of the Westward Noron forces (민진헌 [민진원] - 인현왕후의 오라비, 서인 노론세력의 실질적인 우두머리)
  • Jung Moon-sung (정문성)
    Jung Moon-sung (정문성)
    Prince Milpoong, Yi Tan - In-jo's eldest son Prince So Hyeon's great-grandchild (밀풍군 이탄 - 인조의 장자인 소현세자의 증손.)
  • Bae Jung-hwa (배정화)
    Bae Jung-hwa (배정화)
    Cheon Yoon-yeong / Yoon Bok-dan - Kim Chang-jip's concubine [Kid actor Jo Ye-rin] (채윤영 / 윤복단 - 김창집의 애첩 [아역 조예린])
  • Han Sang-jin (한상진)
    Han Sang-jin (한상진)
    Wi Byeong-joo - Nam-in's blood relative (위병주 - 남인 혈통)
  • Kim Kap-soo (김갑수)
    Kim Kap-soo (김갑수)
    Sukjong [Special appearance] - The 19th Joseon king (숙종 [특별 출연] - 조선 제 19대 임금)
  • Nam Gi-ae (남기애)
    Nam Gi-ae (남기애)
    Queen In-won - Sukjong's second queen and Yeong-jo's legal mother (인원왕후 - 숙종의 둘째 계비로 영조의 법적 어머니)
  • Han Seung-hyun (한승현)
    Han Seung-hyun (한승현)
    Gyeongjong - Sukjong's eldest son and Hee-bin Jang's son, Yeongjo's half-brother (경종 - 숙종의 장자이자 희빈 장씨의 아들로 영조의 이복형)
  • Song Ji-in (송지인)
    Song Ji-in (송지인)
    Queen Seoneui - Kyeongjong's second wife, Yeongjo's sister-in-law (선의왕후 - 경종의 계비, 영조의 형수)
    Choi Soo-im (최수임)
    Queen Jeongseong - Yeongjo's queen (정성왕후 - 영조의 정비.)
  • No Young-hak (노영학)
    No Young-hak (노영학)
    Prince Yeonryeong Lee Hwon - Sukjong's sixth son, Myeong-bin Park's offspring and Yeongjo's half-brother (연령군 이훤 - 숙종의 여섯 번째 아들이자 명빈 박씨 소생으로 영조의 이복동생)
  • Lim Ho (임호)
    Lim Ho (임호)
    Yi Gwang-jwa - Head of Seoin, Soron → The Saeon of the Sahunbu → The Vice Minister of War (이광좌 - 서인, 소론의 영수 → 사헌부 대사헌 → 병조참판)
  • Son Byung-ho (손병호)
    Son Byung-ho (손병호)
    Jo Tae-goo - The head of Soron (조태구 - 소론의 수장)
  • Lee Won-jae-I (이원재)
    Lee Won-jae-I (이원재)
    Kim Chang-joong [Kim Chang-jip] - Yeongeuijung, Seo-in's leader (김창중 [김창집] - 영의정, 서인의 영수)
  • Kim Jong-soo (김종수)
    Kim Jong-soo (김종수)
    Lee I-myeong [Lee Yi-myeong] - The Saeon of the Sahunbu → The Vice Minister of War (이이겸 [이이명] - 사헌부 대사헌 → 이조참판)
  • Park Ji-yeon-I (박지연)
    Park Ji-yeon-I (박지연)
    Ha Cho-hong - Former bottled wine peddlar (하초홍 - 들병장수 출신 → 대전 하상궁)
  • Han Ji-sang (한지상)
    Han Ji-sang (한지상)
    Do Ji-gwang - Head of Jigwang mob (도지광 - 지광파 우두머리)
  • Jung Soon-won (정순원)
    Jung Soon-won (정순원)
    Joo Yeong-han - Sahunbu license officer, head of officers (주영한 - 사헌부 방주감찰, 감찰 중 우두머리 → 사헌부 감찰)
  • Choi Min-chul (최민철)
    Choi Min-chul (최민철)
    Yoon-hyeok - Offspring of the Noron Household → Yi-jo's lover → Sahunbu license officer (윤혁 - 노론 가문 자제, 사헌부 감찰 → 이조정랑 → 사헌부 방주감찰)
  • Jun Bae-soo (전배수)
    Jun Bae-soo (전배수)
    Jang-dal - Belongs to Sahunbu, subordinate of Park Moon-soo (장달 - 사헌부 소속 소유, 박문수의 수하.)
  • Ahn Seung-kyoon (안승균)
    Ahn Seung-kyoon (안승균)
    Ah-bong - Belongs to Sahunbu, subordinate of Han Jung-seok → subordinate of Park Moon-soo (아봉 - 사헌부 소속 소유, 한정석의 수하 → 박문수의 수하.)
  • Do Ki-suk (도기석)
    Do Ki-suk (도기석)
    Gae-dol - Head of Gaedol mob, runs inn (개돌 - 개돌이파 우두머리, 마방과 기방 운영)
  • Ha Sung-kwang (하성광)
    Ha Sung-kwang (하성광)
    Ja-dong - Yi-geum's servant (자동 - 이금의 시종)
  • Seo Eun-yool (서은율)
    Seo Eun-yool (서은율)
    Han Joon-jae - Han Jung-seok's son (한준재 - 한정석의 아들)
  • Lee Pil-mo (이필모)
    Lee Pil-mo (이필모)
    Han Jeong-seok - Inspector from the Sahunbu (한정석 [특별 출연] - 사헌부 감찰)
  • Jung In-seo (정인서)
    Jung In-seo (정인서)
    Go-mi (고미)
  • Hong Jin-gi (홍진기)
    Hong Jin-gi (홍진기)
    Goon-tae (군태)
  • Ko Joo-won (고주원)
    Ko Joo-won (고주원)
    Lee In-jwa - Nam-in's blood relative (이인좌 - 남인 혈통)
  • Lee Do-yup (이도엽)
    Lee Do-yup (이도엽)
    Jo Hyeon-myeong (조현명)
    Han Dong-gyoo (한동규)
    Jang-ryeong (장령)
    Choi Myeong-kyeong (최명경)
    Ji-pyeong (지평)
    Kang Sin-goo (강신구)
    Ambassador (대사헌)
    Lee Seung-won (이승원)
    Jeon Gi-soo (전기수)
  • Lee Han-gal (이한갈)
    Lee Han-gal (이한갈)
    Min Jin-heon watering (민진헌 살수)
  • Yoo Jung-rae (유정래)
    Yoo Jung-rae (유정래)
    Gyoo Hwa-eun (규화은)
  • Lee Do-yeon (이도연)
    Lee Do-yeon (이도연)
    Girl who runs (도망소녀)
  • Ahn Seo-hyun (안서현)
    Ahn Seo-hyun (안서현)
    Kkot-nim-i (꽃님이)
    Jeong Se-hoon (정세훈)
    Park Mi-sook (박미숙)
    Kyeong-seok's wife (경석부인)
    Park Mi-sook (박미숙)
    Kyeong-seok's wife (경석부인)
    Cho Hong's woman (초홍 여종)
    Kwon Yoo-na (권유나)
    Cho Hong's woman (초홍 여종)
    Han Si-hyeon (한시현)
    Girl watering (소녀 살수)
  • Choi Jong-nam (최종남)
    Choi Jong-nam (최종남)
    Min Jin-heon's butler (민진헌 집사)
    Kim Eun-jeong (김은정)
    Yoon Joon-woo (윤준우)
    Moon Joo-won (문주원)
  • Kim Mi-ra (김미라)
    Kim Mi-ra (김미라)
    Queen's palace court lady (대비전 상궁)
    Jeong Se-hoon (정세훈)
    Week child (살주계 아이)
    Lee Kyeong-hoon (이경훈)
    Young Prince Milpoong, Yi Tan (밀풍군 이탄 아역)
  • Jo Ye-rin (조예린)
    Jo Ye-rin (조예린)
    Cheon Yoon-yeong / Yoon Bok-dan (채윤영 / 윤복단)
  • Kim Dae-heung (김대흥)
    Kim Dae-heung (김대흥)
    Uigeumbu scholar (의금부도사)
  • Yong Jin (용진)
    Yong Jin (용진)
    ordinary person (서민)
  • Jeon Jin-oh (전진오)
    Jeon Jin-oh (전진오)

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 Kang Sook (강숙)
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Haechi (해치)

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