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High Kick! (거침없이 하이킥!)

거침없이 하이킥! (Geo-chim-eobs-i Ha-i-kik!)

Directed by Kim Byung-wook (김병욱), Kim Chang-dong (김창동), Kim Yeong-gi (김영기), Lee Young-cheol (이영철)

Screenplay by , , ,

Comedy Sitcom

MBC | Airing dates :

167 episodes, alternative titles : "Highkick", "Nonstop High Kick", "Unhindered Highkick"
Synopsis : Lee Yoon-ho(Jeong Il-woo), a motorcycle mania who engages in many fights at school and is known for his high kick, and Lee Min-ho(Kim Hye-seong) who enjoys spending time on scale models and web blogs, are brothers born a year apart but attending the same class at school. These two portray completely opposite Korean teenage characters in a comical way. And of course, there’s the rest of the family. Their father(Jeong Joon-ha), a full-time stock investor since being laid-off from work, nevertheless optimistic and reckless; their mother(Park Hae-mi), an oriental medicine doctor and always overly confident; their grandfather(Lee Soon-jae), who loves money more than anything in the world; their grandmother(Nah Mun-hee), who is always defeated by her daughter-in-law in ongoing status quarrels, are some of them. Their uncle Lee Min-yong(Choi Min-yong) is a 27-year-old single dad. After going through a premature marriage and early divorce, he enjoys his life back in the dating scene with his half-single and half-married status, while continuing to encounter emotionally-involved moments with his ex-wife Shin Ji(Shin Ji) at times. Smooth High Kick! is a situation comedy, which portrays the everyday lives of the main characters colliding with each other in a comical way. However, at a certain point, the surprising mysteries of their seemingly-normal surrounding characters begin to unravel one by one.


Lee Soon-jae/age 70, Owner of an oriental medicine clinic - Lee Soon-jae
A conservative and patriarchal father.
Due to his shallow character, he is easy to upset, but also easy to console with the simplest compliments. Money is so important to him that it is the sole measuring stick of all values. He has absolute belief in worldly standards. (For instance, such belief as Seoul National University is the best no matter what.)
He is always yelling at his two sons as both of them do not live up to his standards, and he has a hot temper with his kick preceding his words when enraged. Although he seems to be holding full authority of the household, he is inevitably weak to his daughter-in-law as she was the one to re-establish business of his failing oriental medicine clinic. His favoritism towards his grandson Min-ho with the good grades is too obvious.
He has a friend who bullies him and even tries to take money from him that he’s waiting for the right time to strike back while polishing his nunchaku skills.

Nah Moon-hee/age 68, Housewife - Na Moon-hee
Used to be a maid at Soon-jae’s house before marrying him.
Just as she thought her life would finally become easier after marrying off her two sons, her first daughter-in-law came to live with her asking her for help raising the kids, and her second daughter-in-law left her a baby grandson upon divorce.
Although she is usually chatty and complaining, she is totally overpowered by her first daughter-in-law. Every once in a while she becomes overly cranky that the whole family is surprised.
Just like her older son Joon-ha, she is physically very strong and has an enormous appetite. She gets along well the most with him.
She enjoys spending time talking behind her daughter-in-law’s back with Mrs. Kaesung-daek, an old lady who lives nearby. However, one day, as Mrs. Kaesung-daek suddenly disappears, the never-ending mystery begins.

Lee Joon-ha/age 43, Full-time stock investor - Jung Jun-ha
After being laid off from a stock company, he becomes a full-time investor at home, but continues to lose money instead of making any.
With his optimistic nature, he often clings onto matters with low odds and is easily taken advantage by his friends.
His physical and sexual energy is excessive, and he is also impulsive that he usually reacts upon the slightest nudge from his wife, Hae-mi. He has a huge appetite, but also suffers from severe constipation to the verge of even crying on the toilet. He is not such a sensitive character and has a temper that he doesn’t get along too well with Soon-jae, but does with Mun-hee. He has a crush on a nurse at Soon-jae’s clinic, and one day it becomes much more serious that the whole family is turned upside down. He has a bad habit of running away from home after causing trouble.

Park Hae-mi/age 45, Oriental medicine doctor - Park Hae-mee
She’s a smart and tough woman with a Superwoman complex.
She firmly believes that she is a competent and well-respected doctor and a lovable wife with the perfect marriage. She is also a great mom who knows what’s best for her kids, and an adored daughter-in-law. In fact, she is not satisfied with anything unless everyone else thinks so, too.
It will be fair to say that she has the actual authority in the family since she is the only one who can confidently assert her opinions in front of her father-in-law, whom everyone else is afraid of.
She is always self-centered(even when given instructions by her parents-in-law, she goes on accepting it after giving herself an “OK” as a final say) and always tries to lecture those around her(even when complying to others’ demands, she tells them “that’s not what I think, so try reconsidering later.”) She is very expressive and her speech and behavior is exaggerated like you would see in a play.
She is slightly manic-depressive and displays the behaviors listed above when her mood is cheerful. However, when she’s down, she is overwhelmed by her emotions and sometimes cries alone while performing acupuncture on herself. As for her stand on her incompetent husband Joon-ha(He’s younger and she married him as she fell in love first), she is unable to admit that her marriage is not perfect mostly due to her self-pride, but actually, her marriage is quite happy as she doesn’t mind Joon-ha’s strong sexual appetite.
She has a habit of singing chorus whenever someone else sings at a karaoke.

Lee Min-ho /age 17, High-school freshman - Kim Hye-seong
A straight-A student who’s physically weak but witty.
His good grades are not the result of his consistent efforts, but of the smarts he was born with. His future goals include attending medical school just like his mother and grandfather wishes him to, which is an instance that demonstrates his realist nature and desire for stability rather than being adventurous or challenging.
He’s smart and full of ideas, taking part in the family’s countless schemes and tricks. That is why he is often consulted by other family members when someone plans something behind another one’s back. He knows most secrets of other family members and is favored by his grandfather. He tries not to irritate his strong younger brother Yoon-ho, but does get beat up by him at times. He envies Yoon-ho’s popularity among girls and dreams of having such popularity, but regrets that girls aren’t too crazy about his less distinctive features. Although he’s not too bad from an objective point of view, he feels inferior to Yoon-ho in terms of his height, body, or appearance, and wishes to be able to boast of stories about girlfriends like Yoon-ho someday.

Lee Yoon-ho /age 16, High-school freshman - Jeong Il-woo
He’s a macho-style guy pumping testosterone, with a muscular body and strong punch. He is also fond of sports and is a motorcycle mania. To be more precise, he is pretty much obsessed with the need to appear tough and strong at all times.
He attends the same class as his older brother Min-ho because of his rapid physical growth, and ignores the fact that Min-ho is an older brother to him. At home, he’s a trouble-maker unlike at school. He’s not good at explaining matters as his reasoning skills falls short, understanding circumstances takes time as he’s slow-witted, and his grades are pathetic due to his unintelligence. People around him are often startled by his extreme ignorance.
He is aware of the fact that his brain doesn’t match up to his appearance and stressed out about it.
He dreams of becoming a rich and famous ultimate fighting champion and actually believes he’ll eventually be able to marry actress Moon Geun-young if he does. (Her poster hangs on the wall beside his bed and even his computer wallpaper is her picture.)

Lee Min-yong /age 27, High-school PE teacher - Choi Min-yong
He was a late-born child when Soon-jae was in his mid-40s, and is currently a PE teacher at the school Yoon-ho and Min-ho attends.
Even with the disapproval of his family, upon graduating college, he married Shin Ji who was his girlfriend throughout college. But they get divorced within two years. As she insisted on going to study abroad to Russia, he had no choice but to come back into his parent’s house. He relies on his mother for raising his baby son and lives in the attic trying to avoid his raged father as much as possible. Whenever in trouble, he usually tries to get something out of his mother who’s much easier to deal with.
He’s sensitive but lazy, and humorous but cynical, which contributes to his sarcastic manner.
However, he does have a good-natured personality that he eventually ends up complying with others’ demands. Although he goes through various romantic relationships, he’s not able to fully detach himself from Shin Ji as he continues to get emotionally involved with her. Their relationship gets complicated because of the intervention of his family members.

Shin Ji/age 26, TV commercial song singer - Shin Ji
TV commercial song singer.
She’s not big enough to have worked on famous commercials on network television yet, but is at the level of having her commercials on cable television.
She’s fickle and doesn’t have the street smarts. Her parents live in the US. She married Min-yong after a couple years of dating in college, but suddenly discovers her calling in music composition one day and decides to go study abroad. She argues with Min-yong over this, which becomes the cause for their divorce, and she eventually leaves for Moscow. However, as her plans don’t work out too well there, she comes back and sneaks around Min-yong’s house for her son. When his parents find out, she asks for their forgiveness and is granted visits.
However, with Soon-jae insisting on her and Min-yong’s remarriage, her emotionally unresolved feelings, her new boyfriend, and a three-cornered relationship with Min-yong and her roommate Min-jeong, make her situation ever more complicated.

Seo Min-jeong/age 27, Yoon-ho and Min-ho’s homeroom teacher - Suh Min-jung
She becomes an English teacher and homeroom teacher for Yoon-ho and Min-ho at the school Min-yong also teaches. Although she is a sweet girl, she’s unfortunate as she always gets involved with the wrong men or keeps getting herself into minor accidents.
As too many of her mistakes and unfortunate moments are exposed, she is regarded as more of a big sister rather than a teacher to her students. For instance, her students aren’t afraid of her to the point where a student would grab her arm and not let go when she tries to enforce physical punishment. However, when they find out about a man who mistreats her, the whole class would get angry like she was their own sister.
She’s high-school friends with Shin Ji and shares an apartment with her.
She falls in love with Min-yong while trying to help Shin Ji and Min-yong get back together.

Kim Beom/age 16, Friend of Min-ho and Yoon-ho - Kim Beom
He’s a grandson of Soon-jae’s friend and is friends with Yoon-ho and Min-ho. He has been entering Soon-jae’s house as it were his own since he was little. He bursts in heading straight to the refrigerator for snacks (Actually, he has a habit of bringing plain loafs of bread and grabbing stuff to eat it with from the refrigerator.) and often sleeps anywhere in the house. He’s close with both Yoon-ho and Min-ho. He’s an unpredictable and strange character as he would do things such as crying during a meal because he bites on his own tongue, counting the number of his teeth with his tongue, or eating hamburgers with soy-sauce on it.

Kang Yoo-mi/age 17, Girl living next-door - Park Min-young
She’s a next door neighbor and the daughter of Hae-mi’s friend.
She’s very pretty that Min-ho falls in love with her at first sight.
She’s usually a nice girl but has frequent mood swings.
Reading her emotions is difficult.

Episode Guide

Episode 1
A hilarious family sitcom that will kick your boring days away in an instant!
「Smooth Highkick!」The first episode.
Soon-jae’s family decides to get their family picture taken to celebrate Joon-ee’s
100th day since birth. But of course things don’t turn out smoothly as they wish!
Joon-ee pees on one of them, Soon-jae and Mun-hee fight over the passenger
seat, Joon-ee’s parents Min-yong and Shin Ji is occupied quarrelling over their
own matter, and Mun-hee and Hae-mi get sensitive over Joon-ha’s hair.
Goodness! After all this, the picture is finally taken.
However, Soon-jae is not happy about where the picture is hung… and Joon-ha
even loses money selling his stock, which adds on to Soon-jae’s grumpy mood.

In the meantime, Min-jeong is excited to begin her teaching career as her first day
begins at Poong-pa High School. But things turn out to be rough from the beginning
because of a pair of weird brothers in her class.

Episode 2
Lee Yoon-ho, who only cares about his looks, tries to look cool this time riding on a
borrowed motorcycle. Min-ho wants to tell mom about it, but decides not to since he’
s afraid of Yoon-ho’s high kick.

Meanwhile, Min-yong tries to sneak into the house to get a look at Joon-ee, but is
busted by Soon-jae and has to run for his life. Mun-hee, feeling bad for Min-yong,
tries to bring him some food from home, but her arm gets disjointed in the act.

Eventually, the guys end up having to take care of Joon-ee, since Mun-hee can’t
move her arm. But will they be able to handle Joon-ee without any trouble?

Episode 3
Again, Soon-jae dozes off since there are not enough patients to see.
This is because most of the patients prefer Hae-mi.
And to top it off, Soon-jae makes a huge mistake of misdiagnosing a patient’s
Will he be able to restore his fallen reputation?

Meanwhile, Min-jeong becomes neighbors with Min-yong!
However, weird things keep happening at her new place…

Episode 4
Disturbed by Hae-mi and disrespected by Soon-jae all the time… Mun-hee wouldn’t
have been able to stand it if it weren’t for Mrs. Kaesung-daek. How wonderful it
feels to Mun-hee after chatting with Mrs. Kaesung-daek about all the stress she
gets from her daughter-in-law and her husband… Until one day…

And the appearance of Yoo-mi! The true hottie of the century!
Finally, has the time come for Min-ho’s love life to begin to bloom?

Episode 5
Joon-ha always tells Hae-mi not to worry, that he can take care of things. However,
in reality, there isn’t actually anything he has gotten done right.
Mun-hee can’t stand how Joon-ha is driven by Hae-mi, so she decides to act on
her own to settle matters regarding Min-yong.

Meanwhile, Min-ho pays a visit to Yoo-mi worried that Yoo-mi might fall for Yoon-
ho. But when he gets there, Yoo-mi is nowhere to be found, and he comes to face
her eerie father instead.

Epidose 6
Soon-jae is enraged with his sons and grandsons who always make trouble.
Min-yong sneaks into the house and tries living in the attic after letting Shin Ji have
the apartment, and Joon-ha makes another loss with his stocks.
That’s not all. Min-ho and Beom uses Soon-jae’s credit card to access a 19+
website, and Yoon-ho runs away after bumping into Soon-jae’s car with his
Finally, the family members escape to the attic to get away from Soon-jae.
Will they be all right?

In the meantime, Shin Ji meets a handsome Russian guy practicing ballet in the next
classroom while she is studying at her music school in Moscow.

Episode 7
Mun-hee is so annoyed by Hae-mi who always acts like she knows best and tries
to lecture her. As Hae-mi makes her look bad even in front of her own friends, Mun-
hee whines about it to Soon-jae. But even Soon-jae says it is her fault and makes
Mun-hee cry.

Min-jeong decides to take firm measures against her students as they don’t take her
seriously. However, even as she raises her voice and uses physical punishment,
things just keep getting worse…

Episode 8
With the information that Bong-won Electronics stocks will fall sharply, Soon-jae
looks for Joon-ha to sell their shares, but Joon-ha is sitting on the toilet suffering
constipation... As Soon-jae takes the matter in his own hands, he rather ends up
buying 500 more shares of the stock.

Meanwhile, Min-yong gets Shin Ji’s Russia phone number from Min-jeong. As he
ponders whether he should call her or not, he walks into a restaurant and hears a
commercial song that reminds him of his memories with Shin Ji.

Episode 9
Hae-mi is always confident and the rest of the family members usually follow what
she says. But there is one family member who just can’t seem to agree with her, and
that’s Lee Min-yong! Min-yong ignores Hae-mi when she suggests the whole family
gather around to make dumplings together… and the heat is on between the two.

Min-ho is ecstatic about Yoo-mi’s invitation to her house to watch a DVD.
But for some reason, Beom tries to stop Min-ho from going to Yoo-mi’s house.

Episode 10
Mun-hee is surprised when Soon-jae tells her she has an upset stomach after
examining her, because she has never had an upset stomach before all her life.
Joon-ha is surprised, too, and he becomes worried about the changes in his mom.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji is back from Russia and she tries to sneak into the house to get
a look at her son Joon-ee.

Episode 11
A fire happens in the girl’s locker room. Fortunately, Min-ho and Beom is able to
rescue the girls in there in time, becoming heroes at school. But as time goes by,
things don’t go as they expected.

The toilet in the bathroom of Soon-jae’s house is clogged. Surprisingly, the person
responsible for it is Hae-mi, who always seems so perfect. Mun-hee is unable to
control her laughs when she finds out about this and tries to tell all the other family
members about it.

Episode 12
Min-ho and Yoon-ho are brothers with nothing in common. Even after watching the
same movie, while Yoon-ho can only blurt out incoherent adjectives, Min-ho is able
to logically explain the story of the movie.
One day, Yoon-ho gets into a fight in the neighborhood with other kids. As
punishment, he is grounded and even banned from using his cell phone and
computer, so he turns to Min-ho for help.

Meanwhile, Min-yong finds out that Shin Ji has come back to Korea. He asks Min-
jeong a favor to set him up to seem like he accidentally bumps into Shin Ji.

Episode 13
Mun-hee prepares eel for Min-yong, who seems to be exhausted lately. But
oblivious of her intentions, Joon-ha eats up all the eel and Mun-hee gets angry at
him. The two end up mad at each other and neither wants to apologize. It’s the rest
of the family that has to face the consequences.

Soon-jae scolds Min-yong to get the apartment back from Shin Ji. Min-yong, Shin
Ji, and Min-jeong each insist upon their own rights and say they should take the
matter to court.

Episode 14
Soon-jae, Mun-hee, Joon-ha, and Hae-mi decide to take a trip to Anmyeon-do
Island for Soon-jae and Mun-hee’s wedding anniversary. Mun-hee is excited and
begins planning things for the trip. However, Hae-mi keeps on changing her mind,
Joon-ha follows her opinions, and Soon-jae keeps the new changed plans from
Mun-hee, so the trip becomes a disaster from the beginning.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong is annoyed by her ex-boyfriend Seong-ho, who keeps on
charging his cyber money with Min-jeong’s cell phone number. What’s more, even
her students keep pulling pranks on her, making things even worse.

Episode 15
Soon-jae laughs at Mun-hee for learning how to send text messages saying she’s
wasting her time. But one day, Soon-jae receives a text message full of weird words
from a middle-school kid who came to see him once as a patient.

Hae-mi and Joon-ha pays a visit to Yoo-mi’s mom, who’s a friend of Hae-mi, on
their way home from a work-out. At the house, Joon-ha accidentally drops a
necklace in the hole of the wooden floor. But when Joon-ha tries to get it out, Yoo-
mi’s father frantically stops him.

Episode 16
Mun-hee feels bad for Min-yong as she watches him being ordered around by Shin-
ji to do small tasks, and tells Soon-jae about it. But when Soon-jae hears this, he
takes it as a big deal and is about go to Shin-ji himself, so Mun-hee calms him
down saying she’ll talk to her to leave Min-yong alone.

Hae-mi and Min-ho have the perfect mother-and-son relationship. But Hae-mi is in
shock when she finds out that her little baby boy Min-ho has a girlfriend and has
even kissed her.

Episode 17
Hae-mi is such a cool woman that she even promises Joon-ha that she’ll buy him a
new car if he loses weight. One day, Soon-jae and Hae-mi get into a small accident
on their way to a seminar. Soon-jae gets angry and tries to get the other driver to
cover for repair, but Hae-mi doesn’t think it’s a big deal and suggests they just let it

Meanwhile, Min-yong is worried that Shin Ji is having a hard time finding herself a
job. Just around then, Min-yong’s school comes in need of a new alma mater song
and Min-yong casually recommends Shin Ji.

Episode 18
Soon-jae happens to have a chance to meet with his long-ago crush Kyeong-hwa.
He lies to Mun-hee that he’s just meeting some friends and leaves the house all
dressed up. But he is busted by Mun-hee on his way taking Kyeong-hwa home.

A rumor is spread around the school that Min-jeong is going out with Yoon-ho as
she rides Yoon-ho’s motorcycle with him one day to school. To top it off, another
rumor begins that Min-jeong is privately tutoring Min-ho as some kids spot Min-ho
going into Min-jeong’s house on his way to pick Joon-ee up.

Episode 19
During their morning work-out, Joon-ha and Hae-mi spot Yoo-mi helping her mother
Jeong-min walk. As Joon-ha tries to help by carrying Jeong-min on his back, he
farts and Jeong-min wonders what Hae-mi saw in Joon-ha to have married such a

In the meantime, after having too many drinks, Min-yong almost unconsciously
directs his taxi to Shin Ji’s apartment and even sleeps in her room. Min-jeong spots
this and can’t believe her eyes.

Episode 20
Soon-jae hears that Se-woon Construction is at risk and nags Joon-ha whether
they shouldn’t be selling off their share of stock. But Joon-ha firmly denies and tells
him to check the analyzed data from his computer. Soon-jae tries looking for the
data himself as Joon-ha is sitting in the bathroom, but as he does, he finds
something weird on the computer.

Meanwhile, after hearing about the lost necklace from Yoo-mi’s house, Yoon-ho
suspects a connection with the incident and Mrs. Kaesung-daek’s sudden

Episode 21
Soon-jae’s family is in shock after Yoo-mi’s father is arrested as a suspect in Mrs.
Kaesung-daek’s murder. They tell Min-ho to be good to Yoo-mi as she might be
having a hard time. But Min-ho is actually afraid of Yoo-mi.

Dae-guen, a friend of Soon-jae who has a cat-and-dog-like relationship with him
comes to visit. Soon-jae becomes eager to get even with Dae-guen as he continues
to make Soon-jae look bad in front of his family and nurses at the clinic.

Episode 22
Mun-hee becomes nervous as she hears her sister-in-law Kyeong-ae will be
coming to visit from Canada. She’s afraid Kyeong-ae might tell the story she doesn’t
want the family members to ever hear. Reluctantly, Mun-hee dresses up to her best
in a nice outfit and full make-up, preparing to greet Kyeong-ae.

Meanwhile, Min-yong dashes to the airport as he hears that Shin Ji is going back to

Episode 23
Min-yong is annoyed at how Hae-mi always seems to cut in whenever he speaks.
He becomes determined to teach her a lesson and purposely begins to do the same
to her.

Meanwhile, Mun-hee is startled when she sees someone just like Mrs. Kaesung-
daek through her window. She finds out that it is actually her twin sister.

Episode 24
Soon-jae always uses Joon-ha to resolve his own curiosities. When he wants to
know if it’s cold outside, he sends Joon-ha out to the veranda to check it out. And
this time, as he becomes curious of the taste of instant noodles poured with
powdered red pepper, he tries to make Joon-ha to taste it.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong thinks everything about Min-yong is so cool and handsome.
She thinks his singing voice resembles the voice of Korea’s legendary singer Cho
Yong-pil, and even his poor dancing skills appear to her like the moves of top
singer Seven. Such delusions only seem to get worse.

Episode 25
Min-ho and Yoon-ho nag Hae-mi for a new computer, but Hae-mi doesn’t listen at
all. But as Soon-jae naively pays $10 to the boys to get a song downloaded to his
phone, they get an idea to lure Soon-jae for the computer.

Mun-hee goes to the market with Shin Ji after getting upset because of Hae-mi. But
the two run into Joon-ha and Hae-mi there, and the silent war between Hae-mi and
Shin Ji begin from the moment they exchange hellos.

Episode 26
Joon-ha has an end-of-the-year-party planned with his college friends, and for
some reason, the rest of the family implores him not to drink any alcohol. However, a
beer-drinking contest happens to be taking place at the pub, and Joon-ha enters
the contest to win over the grand prize sausage package.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji oversleeps and is late to her commercial song recording
session. When she gets there, the angry staffs tell her to just leave and Shin Ji
fights back. But there is one guy who approaches her.

Episode 27
Hae-mi shows Soon-jae an English newspaper article about a Western oriental-
medicine doctor. Soon-jae has no idea what the article says, but is embarrassed for
him to admit, and pretends to understand what it says.

Meanwhile, Min-ho is surprised when Yoo-mi says the capital of the United States
is Los Angeles, but convinces himself that she must’ve just made a mistake.

Episode 28
Mun-hee asks Hae-mi for some money so she can pay back her friend the money
she borrowed, but becomes upset when Hae-mi keeps asking about the details.
She refuses to take the money Hae-mi offers and ends up taking money from Soon-
jae’s wallet instead. As Mun-hee is at Shin Ji’s place to chat about what happened,
she gets a call from Young-gi’s mom, who’s in urgent need of $3,000.

Meanwhile, Yoon-ho is falsely accused for taking Soon-jae’s money, and is even
accused as the person who watched porn instead of Soon-jae.

Episode 29
Mun-hee prepares a light meal for lunch as she’s exhausted taking care of Joon-
ee. Soon-jae and Joon-ha complain about the food, so Mun-hee does her best to
make it up at dinner. However, the family complains again at the table that her food
doesn’t taste good.

Meanwhile, Yoon-ho keeps riding his motorcycle even after Min-jeong pleads him
not to. As a final resolution, Min-jeong runs off snatching Yoon-ho’s motorcycle key
from him.

Episode 30
Joon-ha gets a hold of free movie tickets and asks Hae-mi to go, but Hae-mi can’t
because of a seminar she needs to attend to. Then, Joon-ha happens to get Nurse
Yoo from the clinic to go with him as she thanks him for carrying her heavy boxes
earlier. Mun-hee panics when she learns that Joon-ha watched a movie with Nurse
Yoo as she remembers an incident from the past.

Meanwhile, Yoo-mi is invited to a friend’s birthday party, but is told to bring her
boyfriend. Min-ho is delighted about the invitation, but Yoo-mi talks about how all
her friends’ boyfriends are tall and mentions men’s heels.

Episode 31
Excluding Min-yong who is sick at the moment, Soon-jae’s family, the clinic’s
nurses, Yoo-mi, and Beom go on a short trip to the countryside. Soon-jae pushes
the family members to hurry up before leaving the house. Even after arriving at the
place, he makes everyone clean the house when they try to play card games.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong goes to see Min-yong as she becomes worried when she
finds out he is sick. As she watches him sleep, she is startled by the sound of Shin
Ji coming in, and slides down the pole to hide.

Episode 32
Min-yong watches Joon-ha play video games and wants to have a try at it. As Joon-
ha leaves for a moment Min-yong gives it a try, but loses the game Joon-ha took
time to progress so far. Joon-ha is furious when he finds out about it and waits for
Min-yong to come back.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji misses an important musical audition by confusing herself with
the date. But then finds out Hae-mi is friends with the musical director and is
tempted to ask her for a favor.

Episode 33
Soon-jae doesn’t get all the fuss about Christmas, but Hae-mi asks him to go as a
volunteer to be Santa Clause at the kindergarten the clinic has sororal ties with. He
reluctantly goes to meet the kids, dressed up as Santa, but…

Meanwhile, Min-yong receives a confirmation call from the lodge he made an
advanced reservation for upon Shin Ji’s request before the divorce. After
considering canceling it, he tries casually mentioning it to Shin Ji.

Episode 34
Mun-hee visits Mrs. Kaesung-daek at the county jail and catches up with her on all
the missed gossip, but the time permitted seems too short to Mun-hee. As Mun-hee
wonders when they’ll be able to see each other again, Mrs. Kaesung-daek implies
that it won’t be too long.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong is devastated as she believes Min-yong and Shin Ji are
about to get back together. Then, two of the students catch Min-jeong dreamingly
watching Min-yong and begin to tease her whether she likes him.

Episode 35
Overhearing Mun-hee complain about going to the market by bus in the cold
weather on the phone, Hae-mi tells Mun-hee to use her car. Mun-hee excitedly
brags about it to a friend, but the joy doesn’t last long. Hae-mi brings Mun-hee tons
of books on cars and says Mun-hee can’t use the car unless she passes a test.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong sprains her neck while trying to save her diary from getting
into Shin Ji’s hands. Upon Min-yong’s referral, Min-jeong begins seeing Soon-jae
for the treatment of her neck.

Episode 36
Mun-hee is tired of taking care of Joon-ee and doing house chores. She
announces a strike and goes to her parent’s house. Hae-mi, being busy writing her
paper to present, tries to have Joon-ha, Min-ho, and Yoon-ho take care of the
house and Joon-ee, but nothing seems to get done and she becomes extremely

Meanwhile, Soon-jae and Min-yong get stuck in a motel while on a fishing trip,
because of sudden snow. Soon-jae suggests that they play baduk.

2006. 12. 28.
End-of-the-year “Smooth Highkick! Special”
Best scenes part 1!

Kim Hye-seong and Jeong Ill-woo present us with
the best scenes of “Smooth Highkick” from the past episodes.
The funniest scenes everyone’s been talking about!
They will be sure to blow you away!

2006. 12. 29.
End-of-the-year “Smooth Highkick! Special”
Best scenes part 2!

Kim Hye-seong and Jeong Ill-woo present us with
the best scenes of “Smooth Highkick” from the past episodes.
The funniest scenes everyone’s been talking about!
They will be sure to blow you away!

Episode 37
Joon-ha is to have a medical examination. He’s supposed to fast for 12 hours before
the examination, but he can’t stand the hunger and tries to give up. Mun-hee brings
Joon-ha something that will help, and that is a poster that has all moments in Joon-
ha’s life that got messed up because of food.

Meanwhile, Hae-mi witnesses Min-yong walking with Min-jeong. She finds out that
they already have rumors going on at school and decides to make the two a couple.

Episode 38
Yoon-ho tries to get money from Min-ho to go on a skiing trip with his friends, but
Min-ho says he’s already deposited it all. Then, Yoon-ho hears that Hae-mi is
about to give away the gift certificates she got from people, and Yoon-ho tries to
take advantage of this.

Meanwhile, Min-yong and Min-jeong run into Shin Ji at a coffee shop. The musical
assistant director who comes with Shin Ji asks Min-yong and Min-jeong to help him
win over Shin Ji.

Episode 39
Mun-hee desperately wants a mink coat and tries mentioning it to Soon-jae, but it’s
no use. Not wanting to look bad at the couples’ dinner a few days later, Mun-hee
goes ahead and orders a mink coat without telling Soon-jae.

Meanwhile, Hae-mi is worried that Yoon-ho keeps getting into trouble, so she asks
Min-jeong a favor to try talking to him as his teacher. Min-jeong sets an appointment
with Yoon-ho, telling him she has something to say.

Episode 40
Shin Ji tries to get her musical contract fee in advance because she’s almost broke,
but things don’t go too well. She wants to stays home to save money, but Yeong-
min, who has no idea of her situation, keeps calling her out on a date.

Meanwhile, Hae-mi gets upset watching Yoo-mi order Min-ho around. She’s really
mad when she sees Min-ho even make origami cranes for her, and talks to Mun-
hee about it.

Episode 41
A friend of Joon-ha promises him a spot at a stock company, but it doesn’t turn out
well. Now, Joon-ha is depressed and stays in bed all day doing nothing. Hae-mi is
worried about Joon-ha and suggests he becomes a music DJ for the clinic.

Meanwhile, the kids tell Min-jeong to wear a costume for the broadcasting festival
promotional video. The costume they have ready for her is a fluffy rabbit costume.

Episode 42
Joon-ha’s friend Chang-dong tells Joon-ha to wait for a call since he’s
recommended Joon-ha to work at LK Securities. Joon-ha is excited and waits for
the call, but the call doesn’t come. Not knowing what’s going on, the rest of the
family members worry about him.

Meanwhile, Min-yong asks Min-jeong to go on a one-day trip to a small island.
Min-jeong remembers the story her friend Bo-hee told her. It’s how she got married
by spending the night with her boyfriend at an island because they missed the last
boat back to shore.

Episode 43
Mun-hee starts going to yoga class with Young-gi’s mom. But at her class, an old
guy begins hitting on her asking to have coffee with him! When Soon-jae hears this,
at first he doesn’t take it seriously and just laughs at her, but as time passes, he
becomes a little worried.

Meanwhile, Yoon-ho rescues girls from his school as he spots the girls being
harassed by boys from another school. After that, he becomes a hero at Poong-pa
High School and the center of attention from all girls.

Episode 44
Worried about Joon-ha always getting into trouble, Mun-hee goes to see a shaman
by the referral of Young-gi’s mom. The shaman tells her the reason Joon-ha’s life
isn’t turning out so well is because his wife’s spirit overpowers him, so that an
exorcism needs to be performed to suppress Hae-mi’s power.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong teaches class in an excited mood as Min-yong cancels his
appointment with his friends to go out with her. But when he changes his mind that
he’ll have to cancel with her, she becomes depressed throughout class.

Episode 45
The family members are tired of Joon-ha farting anytime and anywhere. Unlike the
rest of the family members who complain to Joon-ha about it, Mun-hee worries that
there might be something wrong with Joon-ha judging from the unusual smell.

Meanwhile, Min-ho hurts his leg while riding a bike. Hae-mi gets Yoon-ho to carry
Min-ho back home. Yoon-ho, in need of money, demands for compensation.

Episode 46
As Soon-jae watches Mun-hee wash clothes with a battledore, he becomes
reminiscences about the time Mun-hee used to wash clothes in a stream years
back. He remembers how he used to teased her by approaching her quietly and
then surprising her. He tries the same prank now, but Mun-hee doesn’t even budge.

Meanwhile, Min-yong comes up with an ingenious plan when he hears from Min-
jeong that the school-play “Romeo and Juliet” she’s in charge of isn’t selling any
tickets. The idea is to have Yoon-ho and Yoo-mi take part as the main characters.

Episode 47
Soon-jae brings home a porcelain from his friend who sells antiques, and polishes
it with great care. Joon-ha worries that someone might break it and turn the
household upside down. Then, his words become true and the porcelain does
break! Soon-jae becomes furious trying to find out whose fault it is.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji has a date with Young-min on her birthday. Min-yong asks Min-
jeong out for dinner, so she lets him know that it’s Shin Ji’s birthday. Min-yong,
however, says it’s okay and that it’s not a concern of his.

Episode 48
Hae-mi teases Min-yong about dating Min-jeong. Min-yong reacts in a harsh
manner that she should mind her own business. Hae-mi comes back to her room,
upset, and tries to calm herself down by listening to music. Joon-ha watches her.

Meanwhile, Soon-jae happens to take the call that was intended for Hae-mi to
appear on a television morning health program, and he gets to do it instead. As Hae-
mi tells him that it might make him into a star if it goes well, he begins bragging to all
his friends over the phone.

Episode 49
As Mun-hee gets ready to go to the market, Hae-mi asks her to get her clothes back
from the dry cleaner and even get her car fixed from the auto shop. As Mun-hee
struggles carrying the load of clothes from the dry cleaner, Hae-mi asks her to make
the payment for Min-ho’s after-school program, too. After a full day of running
around taking care of Hae-mi’s errands, Mun-hee watches a drama on TV and
envies a mother-in-law scolding her daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong is shocked when she spots a kissing couple in the corner of
the theater while watching a movie with Min-yong. Min-yong jokingly comments that
it doesn’t look too bad, but Min-jeong worries that he might be implying he wants to
kiss her.

Episode 50
Soon-jae sees Shin Ji drunk on the street and scolds her that a woman with a child
shouldn’t behave like that. Then, Soon-jae gets a call from Kyeong-ae and makes
an appointment to see her, but he is caught by Shin Ji as he eats with her.

Meanwhile, Hae-mi suddenly passes out in the kitchen. Joon-ha is shocked and
carries her to the hospital. Joon-ha sobs at the hospital, but the doctor tells him that
she’s just overworked along with a cold, and he thanks God with a prayer.

Episode 51
Young-min keeps asking Shin Ji what her relationship with Min-yong is. Shin Ji
doesn’t have a choice but to honestly tell him he’s her ex-husband. Though Young-
min tries to act like he’s not affected by this, he can’t help but feeling competitive
about Min-yong.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong congratulates Yoon-ho on his significantly improved grades.
She tells him how much his parents will be proud of him as well, and Yoon-ho looks
forward to their reaction.

Episode 52
Min-yong mentions a free lift pass he got and asks Min-jeong to go skiing with him.
Although Min-jeong has a report to write for the assistant principal, she lies to him
that her uncle passed away, to go skiing with Min-yong. The next day, Min-jeong
excitedly gets on the bus with Min-yong. But then, it’s the assistant principal who’s
getting on the bus.

Meanwhile, Min-ho happens to find a book with a $10 bill in between the pages.
Mun-hee, Joon-ha, and Yoon-ho each claim that the money belongs to him or

Episode 53
Yoon-ho puts make-up on Min-ho’s face while he sleeps. Yoo-mi and all the family
members tease him on how pretty he looks, but Min-ho becomes very angry. Beom
tells Min-ho how charismatic he looked when he was angry, encouraging Min-ho to
keep up with the image.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji is upset when Young-min teases her that he knows she doesn’t
have any money. Shin Ji takes it out on Min-jeong confronting her why she had to
tell Young-min about her situation, and it turns out to be a huge fight between the

Episode 54
Mun-hee asks Joon-ha to hang the painting her father-in-law had given to her in
the past. Hae-mi butts in saying the painting isn’t that nice or that where it’s about to
be hung isn’t a good spot for it. Eventually, the painting is hung where Hae-mi
wants it to be and Mun-hee becomes so angry. Then, Hae-mi has to go to China for
a conference.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong is disappointed when she finds out her phone number isn’t
saved as speed dial number 1 on Min-yong’s cell phone. She asks her students
whether men don’t really care for who’s on their speed dial.

Episode 55
Joon-ha’s friend Chang-dong is surprised when he sees Joon-ha fart so easily in
front of Soon-jae. Chang-dong remembers from a while back how Joon-ha used to
be so afraid of Soon-jae.

Meanwhile, Yoon-ho happens to see Yoo-mi’s father and Detective Lee have an
argument in front of Yoo-mi’s house, and wonders whether there’s some unresolved
mystery left.

Episode 56
Hae-mi looks forward to what Joon-ha has planned for their anniversary. But Joon-
ha seems to have forgotten about it and Hae-mi is disappointed when he tells her he’
s spending the evening at his friend’s place.

Meanwhile, after Young-min sees that Shin Ji has gotten a text message from Min-
yong, he calls Min-yong himself and tells him not to call her anymore.

Episode 57
Min-yong is tired of Hae-mi always trying to lecture Mun-hee to do things her way,
and so he tells her off that she should do things herself. The two just can’t seem to
get along! Then, Min-yong finds out that Shin Ji has been fired from the musical
theater company because of him.

Meanwhile, Detective Lee wakes up, after having been in a comma since getting his
head hit by someone. However, he acts weird repeating the same things over and
over again. It turns out that he’s suffering from short-term memory loss in which his
memories don’t last longer than 10 seconds.

Episode 58
Joon-ha gets a new job by referral from a friend of his. But when he arrives at the
office, he only finds out that his position has been put on hold. Unable to go back
home, he lingers around watching television at the subway station, and happens to
run into Shin Ji.

Meanwhile, Soon-jae hears from a friend that there is a huge debate on an internet
website about the amended medical laws. He decides to check it out, but becomes
enraged after reading an article of demeaning oriental medicine doctors.

Episode 59
Joon-ha’s life just doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. He even chews
on a stone while eating with the rest of the family and has to go see a dentist.
Concerned about her son, Mun-hee prepares a memorial service for their ancestors
in hopes that it will bring Joon-ha better luck.

Meanwhile, Min-ho confirms that Yoo-mi has read his e-mail and tries to figure out
a way to find her. Min-ho sends Yoo-mi an e-mail that Detective Lee has gotten out
of his comma and that it seems that he’ll be making an important statement.

Episode 60
Min-ho is smart enough to handle any kind of math problem, whereas Yoon-ho is
always making trouble getting in fights with kids from other schools. Now, there is a
special story about these brothers?

Min-jeong is upset when she finds out she was the only one who didn’t know Shin
Ji had broken up with Young-min. Then, Min-yong and Min-jeong run into Shin Ji,
and the three of them get to ride together in a car.

Episode 61
The teachers are getting irritated about the assistant principal’s sarcasm. Then out
of the blue, the assistant principal orders Min-yong to go to Wonju. Annoyed at his
unreasonable demand, Min-yong lies that he can’t go to Wonju because of a severe
stomach cramp.

Min-jeong runs into her high school friend Mi-ryeo. As Mi-ryeo meets Yoon-ho on
her visit to Min-jeong’s house, she begins teasing him excessively.

Episode 62
Soon-jae receives a pair of hand-made shoes and brags about them to Mun-hee.
Soon-jae won’t even let Joon-ha try them on and goes out to meet his friends. But
when he arrives where his friends are, his natural enemy Dae-geun awaits.

Min-jeong finds out that Min-yong’s absence is because of his stomachache. She
worries about Min-yong and calls him, but his condition is so bad that he can’t even
answer the phone. Suspecting how worried she is, Yoon-ho suggests she go visit
him informing her that the house is empty.

Episode 63
Min-ho has a French competition coming up. Yoon-ho leaves the house as Hae-mi
tells him not to bother Min-ho studying. Min-yong has a date with Min-jeong, and
Joon-ha and Mun-hee go to pay Detective Lee a visit at the hospital. Now, even
Hae-mi goes to visit her parents, which only leaves Soon-jae and Min-ho at the

Episode 64
Hae-mi suggests the whole family take a short trip to Yangpyeong together. Min-
yong tries to find a way out of it, but Soon-jae insists that everyone has to go. Hae-
mi is happy that Min-yong has no choice but to obey Soon-jae.

Yoon-ho rescues a girl being harassed by another student in front of his after-
school studies program. The girl becomes interested in Yoon-ho and asks him out.
Later, Yoon-ho finds out that she’s actually Kim Yoon-ju, the girl who has always
been at the top of her class since middle school and even famous for winning first
place on a national television quiz show.

Episode 65
Soon-jae is to be filmed in a human-documentary program as a favor asked by a TV
producer Hae-mi knows. As the family members hear the documentary is supposed
to depict an oriental medicine doctor who is kind and energetic despite his old age,
they worry that Soon-jae doesn’t seem to fit the profile.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong becomes upset as Min-yong doesn’t seem to be jealous at
all even when she speaks on the phone or shakes hands with another guy.

Episode 66
Mun-hee complains to Soon-jae that she has nothing to wear to the upcoming
couple’s dinner with Soon-jae’s friends, and asks him for new clothes, but he
ignores her. But then at the dinner, Mun-hee sees one of the wives acting cute to
her husband and getting everything that she needs out of him.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji is upset to see Joon-ee wearing ragged clothes. When she
goes to the department store with her friends, she finds an outfit that would look so
good on Joon-ee, but gives up on buying them because they are so expensive.

Episode 67
Joon-ha doesn’t want to go have dinner with Hae-mi’s sister’s couples, because all
of her sisters’ husbands are high-ranking people such as company executives or
attorneys. At the dinner, one of the husbands asks Joon-ha whether Joon-ha would
be interested in working at his brother’s company.

Meanwhile, Detective Lee, who’s back on the job, goes to meet Yoon-ho at school
and happens to see Shin Ji. He falls in love with her at first sight and asks Yoon-ho
questions about her.

Episode 68
Mun-hee is envious of the black-pearl ring Young-gi’s mom has on. She tries acting
cute in front of Soon-jae to ask him for one, which only brings the opposite effect.
Then, Joon-ha asks Soon-jae for the empty office space in Soon-jae’s building, but
only gets scolded by him.

Meanwhile, after finding out that Yoo-mi is actually order than himself, Beom
accidentally keeps speaking in formal language to Yoo-mi in front of other people.
Yoo-mi asks him to treat her as he used to before.

Episode 69
Mun-hee is sick and tired of doing household chores and declares retirement to the
family. Soon-jae objects that she’s speaking nonsense, but Hae-mi defends Mun-
hee that it’s understandable. Hae-mi says she’ll hire a maid, so that Mun-hee can
relax from now on, free from any household chores.

Out of the blue, Yoo-mi asks Min-ho if he’s not interested in buying a Korean-style
heating mattress. It turns out that Yoo-mi’s mom is involved in a multi-level marketing
company, selling random items, and Yoo-mi wants to help her out.

Episode 70
Kyeong-hwa calls Soon-jae saying she’ll be immigrating to the US on the weekend,
and comes to say good-bye. Although Soon-jae wanted to hold her hand and wish
her luck, he’s not able to as the clinic’s nurses happen to walk by at the moment.

Meanwhile, Min-yong goes to watch Shin Ji’s musical, and Shin Ji offers to buy him
dinner as she thanks him for saving her from losing her role. But, Min-yong tells her
that she actually owes it to Hae-mi, and asks her to buy Hae-mi dinner.

New Years Special “Smooth Highkick!”
The funniest scenes and never-before-told stories by the cast.
It’s just hilarious.
We’ll be sure to keep you laughing!!

New Years Special “Smooth Highkick!”
「Delving into Smooth Highkick! 」
The making of “Smooth Highkick” and Highkick’s cutie Jeong Ill-woo’s self-camera!
Even a questionnaire relay of the cast revealing everything you wanted to know
about them.

A special “Smooth Highkick” on a special day.
Laugh all you can, and have a happy New Year!

Episode 71
Soon-jae’s house is swamped with New Year’s presents. Soon-jae, Hae-mi, Min-
yong, and even Mun-hee receive presents in their name, but nothing is delivered to
Joon-ha and he’s embarrassed about it. After giving some thought, Joon-ha calls
his friend who runs his own business at the seafood market.

Meanwhile, Hae-mi sees Min-yong laughing on the phone, and asks who he’s
talking to. She comments that he looks happy, but as usual, Min-yong reacts almost

Episode 72
Soon-jae realizes he’s missing money from his wallet and questions Yoon-ho.
Yoon-ho denies he’s the one who took it, but Soon-jae doesn’t believe him and
Yoon-ho leaves the house, escaping from Soon-jae. Once out, he realizes he
doesn’t have a jacket or his motorcycle key and he doesn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, Hae-mi meets Byeong-geon, who’s to be her co-presenter of a paper
for an upcoming conference. As Joon-ha wanders around with Min-yong looking for
Yoon-ho, he spots Hae-mi enthusiastically speaking with Byeong-geon at a coffee

Episode 73
Hae-mi is to be the parent-teacher for the day at the kids’ school. On the same day,
Min-yong is to go to Yangpyeong for a day to get a training session, and as Hae-mi
comments on how Min-yong is dressed in the morning, they get into a huge fight.

Meanwhile, Min-ho receives a present from a girl from another class. Min-ho can’t
help but feel flattered, but as he’s about to open it, he gets caught by Yoo-mi.

Episode 74
Mun-hee attends a dinner with Soon-jae at a buffet restaurant. She eats off a plate
which she thinks someone left, but it actually turns out to be someone else’s and
she is humiliated. Mun-hee tries to get some sympathy from Soon-jae, but he’s the
one to criticize her even more.

As Hae-mi goes to meet Min-jeong at the apartment, she sees Shin Ji practicing
singing. Hae-mi suggests that Shin Ji sing with more emotion and even
demonstrates how she herself sings. Shin Ji is annoyed and speaks badly of Hae-
mi in Russian to her Russian friend Nastasha, who happens to be there.

Episode 75
Min-jeong marvels at a performer singing and playing the piano at the restaurant she
goes to with Min-yong. Min-jeong is taken aback by the performance and asks Min-
yong to sing for her on her birthday, but Min-yong refuses saying that he’s not the
lovely type.

As Mun-hee watches Min-yong get ready for his business trip, she comments on
how all the family members seem to be going on a trip and mentions that two of them
will be going to Singapore in a few days. Yoon-ho, who happens to hear this, asks
Mun-hee who those two people are.

Episode 76
Soon-jae finds out that Mun-hee has been getting the money for the maid from both
himself and Hae-mi. Joon-ha irritates Soon-jae as well, as he sells off some stock
without consulting with Soon-jae. Mun-hee and Joon-ha are both ordered by Soon-
jae to submit daily reports from now on.

Meanwhile, Min-ho and Yoon-ho fall from the attic while fighting over Min-yong’s
watch. Min-ho’s eye is bruised because of this accident.

Episode 77
Hae-mi is enraged as she finds out that Joon-ha has spent $1,000 on drinking,
through the credit card statement. Joon-ha gathers Min-ho and Yoon-ho up to find a
way to tame Hae-mi down. The three plan a special event for Hae-mi.

Meanwhile, Shin Ji tries to make Min-jeong comfortable as Min-jeong suffers from
gastritis. But in attempt to make some porridge for her, things turn into a disaster.
She grates rice in a mixer, making it splatter everywhere, and even ends up pouring
the porridge all over Min-jeong.

Episode 78
Yoo-mi’s mom tells Hae-mi that Beom secretly kissed Yoo-mi. Mun-hee and Joon-
ha happens to hear this conversation and scolds Beom how he could do such a
thing to his friend’s girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Yoon-ho goes to school to run an errand for Min-yong and overhears
Min-jeong speaking to the assistant principal that she won’t be a homeroom teacher
this year.

Episode 79
As a celebrity on TV says that he would marry the same woman in her next life, Hae-
mi asks Mun-hee whether she would marry Soon-jae in her next life. But Mun-hee
doesn’t answer, and Soon-jae starts following Mun-hee around asking questions.

Meanwhile, Min-jeong keeps running into Min-yong at school, but she tries to act
like she’s fine. She tries her best to act comfortably around him, but becomes upset
when Min-yong moves to a desk further away from her in the school office.

Episode 80
Min-ho wins first place from the French competition. Mun-hee is proud of Min-ho
and keeps making him his favorite dish, but Soon-jae scolds her that he would get
sick of it. Then, Mun-hee hears that Hae-mi’s mother will be attending Min-ho’s
award ceremony as well, which makes her a bit nervous.

Meanwhile, Min-yong becomes Yoo-mi’s homeroom teacher and scolds her for
coming late to school. He even points out every dress-code violation on her and
tells her to submit a report on why she was late.

Episode 81
Hae-mi shows Mun-hee a picture of Min-yong and Min-jeong together. Seeing this,
Mun-hee nags Min-yong whether he’s going out with Min-jeong or not, and Min-
yong becomes furious with Hae-mi, warning her that he’s looking for a chance to get
back at her.

Watching how Min-ho gets money for books from Hae-mi, Yoon-ho tries the same
thing, but it doesn’t work. He complains how she favors Min-ho over him, and he
also gets in trouble at school for something he didn’t actually do.

Episode 82
Soon-jae suggests buying more shares of Chang-dong Corporation, but Joon-ha
tells him that he already switched over to Byeong-gun Pharmaceuticals since he
happened to acquire confidential information. Soon-jae scolds Joon-ha that will he
probably screw up again. But the next day! Byeong-gun Pharmaceuticals hits the
The new track coach, Yoon Gi-won, arrives at Poong-pa High School. He’s so
impatient that he starts a day earlier at school, and at first sight, he asks Min-jeong
on a date saying that he’s fallen for her.

Episode 83
Several students of the Poong-pa High School are gathered to be filmed in the
school promotional video. While the crew gets ready to film, Min-ho, Beom, and the
rest of the kids are busy studying, as an exam is coming up. But Yoon-ho and Yoo-
mi, who have no intention to study, decide to kill time together.
Meanwhile, Shin Ji gets a call from a musical director for an audition. She goes to
meet him at a coffee shop, but he turns out to have quite an odd character.

Episode 84
Mun-hee suddenly faints while washing clothes. Even while she loses her
conscious, she notices Hae-mi slapping her cheeks to wake her up and isn’t
pleased. When she wakes up again, she is moved by the sight of the family
members crying over her.
Meanwhile, Yoo-mi comes to Min-ho with a bag full of CDs. Yoo-mi explains that it’
s her mom’s music album that completely failed and asks Min-ho to sell some for her
to at least make up for the production fee.

Episode 85
Yoo-mi vents out on Min-ho after getting scolded by Min-yong. Min-ho asks Min-
yong if he can try being a little nicer to Yoo-mi, but Min-yong refuses to and Min-ho
gets mad. In the meantime, Yoon-ho gets mad at Min-yong, too, because Min-yong
sells off his motorcycle.
Joon-ha makes $10,000 as the stock he bought through his friend hits the roof. With
that, he tells Soon-jae and Mun-hee that he’ll buy them presents, but Mun-hee
refuses telling him to save the money.

Episode 86
Soon-jae tells Joon-ha that Dae-geun took his pen he got from the Presidential
Mansion. Dae-geun ends up giving back the pen because of Joon-ha, but in return,
he suggests to Soon-jae that they have their sons compete against each other in
Korean wrestling, Ssireum.
Meanwhile, Min-jeong and Shin Ji scratch a car in the parking lot while on their
way back from the supermarket. Noticing the car is an expensive imported car, Shin
Ji suggests they flee from the scene.

Episode 87
Hae-mi is to receive an award from the Oriental Medicine Doctor Association. As
Joon-ha is scheduled to go out of town, he tells Yoon-ho to go to the award
ceremony with flowers. Yoon-ho complains about having to go, until he sees a
model wearing a suit in a magazine and starts nagging Joon-ha for a suit to wear to
the ceremony.
Meanwhile, Mun-hee is annoyed by Soon-jae as he ignores her when she asks
him to give her a massage or scratch her back.

Episode 88
Hae-mi hears from Yoon-ho that Min-jeong and Min-yong has broken up. She
realizes they really are over as she checks Min-yong’s cell phone and wonders
what could have caused the break-up.
Meanwhile, Min-jeong talks to a friend on the phone and acts like she’s over Min-
yong saying that she won’t cry over a divorced guy who has nothing special about
himself. However, Min-yong happens to hear this conversation, and Min-jeong tells
Shin Ji that she should die out of remorse.

2007. 3. 16.
“Smooth Highkick Special”
Highkick’s cast series number one: Lee Soon-jae
The best scenes of Lee Soon-jae that caused the most buzz,
spurring nicknames such as “Porn Soon-jae,” “Harsh-reply Soon-jae,” “Fake Soon-
jae,” and “Hottie Soon-jae.”

Episode 89
Soon-jae is glad to read that Mrs. Kaesung-daek has been sentenced for life in
prison on a newspaper. The family members tell him that she must have a grudge
against him since he reported her breakout to the police twice, and that she
probably hates him for it. Then, Soon-jae receives a letter from Mrs. Kaesung-daek.

Yoon-ho is upset as he’s accused for bothering Min-ho studying, and declares that
he’ll find his own place. He ends up setting up a tent in the living room.

Episode 90
Soon-jae threatens Joon-ha that if he farts one more time, he’ll punch through his
anus. As Joon-ha farts again, Soon-jae pokes Joon-ha’s butt and Joon-ha screams
out of pain.
Meanwhile, Min-jeong finds out that Min-yong and Shin Ji were actually together
the other night out looking for her. Min-jeong remembers Hae-mi telling her how she
would never give up on someone she really has feelings for, and contemplates what
to do.

Episode 91
As Mun-hee spots flowers on the way back from the market, she screams of joy that
spring has arrived. The family members worry that Mun-hee’s spring fever has
begun once again. And they are right: she begins going on spring picnics, having
Shin Ji baby-sit Jun-ee.
Watching Yoo-mi being scolded by Min-yong because of her terrible grades, Min-
ho wishes that Yoo-mi were just a little smarter. Then, Min-ho witnesses something
very shocking at Yoo-mi’s house as he visits to run an errand for his mom.

Episode 92
Except Hae-mi, who has the flu, the rest of the family members go to Jeju Island to
attend a wedding, and they tell Min-yong to take care of her while they are away.
But Hae-mi feels uneasy as Min-yong approaches her asking what he can do for
her in a sarcastic manner.
Meanwhile, Min-ho, Yoon-ho, and Beom go to Min-jeong’s house because Min-
jeong forgot to give back their cell phones she took from them at school. They meet
Shin Ji on their way and ask her for a ride.

Episode 93
Joon-ha coming home drunk, hugs Mun-hee telling her that he likes her more than
Soon-jae. Hearing this, Soon-jae becomes upset and takes it out on Joon-ha for no
reason and acts like he favors Min-yong.
Meanwhile, Seung-hyeon thinks Min-jeong is cute and he proposes to her in front
of the class. Yoon-ho sneers at him as if he thinks that’s nonsense.

Episode 94
Mun-hee and Jun-ha get mad that Soon-jae and Hae-mi break their promise to take
them out for dinner to a barbeque restaurant. Mun-hee decides to go to Soon-jae to
ask him for money, so at least she and Joon-ha can go out by themselves. When
she arrives at the clinic, she finds Hae-mi speaking in Russian so skillfully, and she
becomes envious.
Meanwhile, Min-yong calls for Yoo-mi to come see him at the school’s office
because her grades are again the lowest in class since exams. But as Min-yong
begins chasing her with a stick in his hand, Yoo-mi becomes scared and starts to

Episode 95
Joon-ha is afraid that Soon-jae will find out that he has lent money to a friend in
need after selling his share of Bong-won Electronics. Soon-jae does find out
eventually, and scared Joon-ha hides in the attack.
Meanwhile, Yoon-ho is awestruck by Air Force Academy students who visit the
school, and he announces that he’s decided to attend Air Force Academy as well.

Episode 96
On their way back from eating together, Mun-hee and Shin Ji run into relatives
including their granduncle. Granduncle is happy to see Shin Ji, not aware of the fact
that Min-yong and Shin Ji has divorced. Unable to turn down his invitation, Shin Ji
has no choice but to go home with him.
Meanwhile, Yoo-mi gives Min-ho the costume they wore at the broadcasting club
event as a gift on their 100th day anniversary. Dressed up as a cute fox, Yoo-mi
gives Min-ho a costume for the Little Prince, saying the costume is a couple’s

Episode 97
Singer Ivy makes an appointment to get treated at Soon-jae’s clinic. Seeing Joon-ha
get so excited and eager to get her autograph, Soon-jae asks him who Ivy is and
Joon-ha shows Soon-jae her picture from the internet.
Meanwhile, Min-jeong is worried about Chan-seong as he doesn’t show up at
school without any notice. As Yoon-ho gives Min-jeong the phone number of the kid
who is close with Chan-seong, he sees a picture of Min-yong and Min-jeong fall
out of Min-jeong’s planner, and gets angry at her asking why she still has Min-yong’
s picture with her.

Episode 98
Min-yong hears about Hae-mi’s legendary drinking habits from Joon-ha. Although
Hae-mi never really got drunk bad, Joon-ha tells him that once in college, she got
so drunk and made a scene that the whole school became to know about it. After
hearing this story, Min-yong’s curiosity kicks in.
Meanwhile, Min-jeong goes to see Soon-jae as she feels pain in her lower
abdomen. Soon-jae recommends chi exercises to her and gives her the exercise

Episode 99
Yoon-ho sighs as he looks around the motorcycles displayed at the shop, since he
lost his chance of riding one as Min-yong took away the motorcycle he had
borrowed from a friend. Then, Yoon-ho hears about how Chan-seong made some
money by filming a commercial through a model agency, and asks him to introduce
him to the agency.
Meanwhile, Beom is startled when Yoo-mi wakes up while he watches her sleep.
As Yoo-mi makes fun of him asking if he was trying to kiss her again, Beom feels

Episode 100
Beom gives Min-yong a memory card saying it’s from their next-door neighbor. Min-
yong can’t help but feel amused as he checks what the contents of the memory card
is. What’s in there is pictures of Hae-mi’s feces. Hae-mi asks for the memory card
when she finds out, but Min-yong refuses, saying it’ll serve as leverage to protect
Meanwhile, Yoon-ho saves Chan-seong from bad kids who try to bully him. Ever
since, Chan-seong follows around Yoon-ho saying he is his best friend.

Episode 101
Soon-jae feels the need to take special measures, as Min-yong refuses to play
Korean chess with him, Joon-ha just keeps watching television when he comes
home, and Min-ho and Yoon-ho continue to quarrel with each other. The special
measure is to have e

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i used to laugh so much coz of this drama!!!!
2010-10-04 21:14:59
2010-07-28 02:21:33
i really love this drama... ^^
love high kick
2010-07-20 06:48:34
2010-07-12 20:26:45
can you pls tell me where can i watch all the dramas here with english subtitle?....pls....plss....... im just new here...... thanks
i love jeong !!
2010-05-23 03:27:11
2009-08-23 05:31:28
love and love High kick!
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