Let's Go To The Beach

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Let's Go To The Beach

Korean Drama | 2005

해변으로 가요 | Hae-byeon-eu-ro Ga-yo


Directed by Lee Seung-ryeol (이승렬)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: SBS (SBS)

Airing dates:

14 episodes

A TV series about a match made by fate between two people on a beautiful beach, where dreams and romance await!! Yoon So-ra (Lee Cheong-ah): She is the owner of Sora Motel on the east coast, and has an insatiable desire for food. She is a helpless klutz, but she dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer somedady.

Jang Tae-poong (Lee Wan): He openly admits that he has no brains, but he is a bold fellow who always gets into trouble. He is deeply loyal to his friends and very protective towards the person he loves. One day, he meets a country girl who is full of curiosity. Jang Tae-hyeon (Jeon Jin): He has excellent decision-making skills and a sharp wit. Moreover, he has a strong work ethic. All in all, he is the perfect man. He dates a woman with the right background to help him along the way in his ambitious career but somehow he falls in love with a rather unconventional girl. Min Joo-hee (Actress Kang Jeong-hwa): She's pretty and too smart for her own good, which makes her an annoying person. She stays close friends with both Tae-hyeon and Tae-poong, but she eventually finds true love.


1. Summer Love - 에드워드

2. Keep You In My Heart - BMK

3. Ocean Blue - 신화

4. 오직 너에게만 (Your Love Is All I Need) - 서준

5. 하늘(부제:영원한 사랑) - 신혜성 & 초난강

6. 꿈 - SoRi

7. Happy Together - A.Sia

8. 1961 - 앤드류 전

9. Rock and Roll Savior - DRAGON ft. 정유경

10. Romance

11. Feel My Love (그대 사랑의 감사해요) - 신은진

12. Your Love Is All I Need - 에드워드

13. Ocean Blue (Instrumental)

14. Keep You In My Heart (Instrumental)

15. Your Love Is All I Need (Instrumental)

16. Ocean Blue (MR Version)


Let's Go To The Beach
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Let's Go To The Beach
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Let's Go To The Beach
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Let's Go To The Beach
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