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Merry Mary (메리 대구 공방전)

메리 대구 공방전 (Me-ri Dae-goo Kong-bang-jeon)

Directed by Ko Dong-seon (고동선)

Screenplay by

Comedy Drama

MBC | Airing dates :

16 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55
Life is short... Enjoy it while it lasts.
Itís pointless to waste your life when you wonít be living forever.
Life is long... So live it to the fullest.
Whatís the point of living if you canít have any fun? Having fun is the best medicine.

Anyway, everybody should enjoy life as much as they can. But have you found happiness in your life? Does happiness becomes yours by snatching it away from someone else?
Is happiness only rewarded to the winners in society like a winnerís trophy? Are ordinary folks forced to pursue happiness without ever finding it?
Itís especially hard to deal with a life where you are poor and that affects your relationship with the person you love.
Is that why we break the rules and try to stomp on people to get ahead in life?
No, thatís not right! Being fair and having a clear conscience is more important.
Those are the qualities that make me who I am!

Donít you want to know what is more important in life than money and success? What kind of happiness will make your heart beat?

Although they have to swallow their pride to make a living by doing any job that comes their way, they are upright people who are working hard to reach their dreams!

This spring, meet a jolly couple.
We introduce you to Mary and Daegu, who will redefine the meaning of happiness.
Young people who live in your neighborhood... People who keep their chins up even though they are poor and live a tough life. A woman who is full of laughter! And a man who shines with happiness!
Meet their friendly neighbors. Try to feel the energy of their enthusiasm. Happiness is derived from hard work! Youíll discover happiness when you begin sharing. Flowers will bloom. Smile! Itís time to be happy with yourself.


Hwang Mary Ė Actress Lee Ha-na
Mary was born on Christmas Eve and so her parents named her after Saint Mary. She is an optimist who always thinks positively.
The pet dogs in her neighborhood adore her.
She can handle any kind of job without any hesitation. She takes everything in stride. She eats well, plays well and sleeps well. She barely squeaked by her classes to get a college diploma from a university in Seoul. She worked at a milk company for a year before she was fired. As she was pondering about whether her life was a failure one day, she recalled the days when she was so full of happiness when she went on school picnics and college trips. With vivid memories of those days, she finds a new direction in her life.
She was the happiest when she sang and danced... So now she is pursuing an acting career as a performer in a musical. Is she too confident? Or is she just plain stubborn? She never gives up even after getting rejected at yet another audition for a musical performance. She strongly believes that she has the talent to become a musical performer so she keeps trying to get a foot in the door. Every morning, she takes a morning job to the mineral spring to fetch mineral water for her grandfather. Every night, she practices her acceptance speech for a future acting award that she believes sheíll win someday.
She paints a rosy picture of her future and dreams of the day sheíll steal the show in a musical.
She believes that all the sacrifices she has made will help her become a better stage actress.
Unable to afford jazz dance lessons, flamenco lessons, judo classes, or kung fu classes, she learns as much as she can by spying through the window of the classrooms.
She gradually realizes that she is capable of doing things that she never thought were possible.

Kang Dae-gu Ė Actor Ji Hyeon-woo
He is an obscure writer of epic stories. With a body like an athlete, he has boundless charisma and a huge appetite... As a guy with a wild streak, he is athletic and always full of energy. He can eat his food under any circumstances or in any position. He keeps his shirts tucked in to hide his well-built body. Up close and personal, girls find him charming. Like the main heroes in his epic stories, he tries to be masculine and righteous. But there are too many temptations surrounding him.
Aspiring to become a great man, he went to Mt. Gyerong to train his mind and body but his health began to suffer and during that time, he met a scholar who drew him into the world of epic stories and third-rate martial arts. After reading five epic stories, he decides to make a name for himself as a popular writer but his first epic story based on his masterís life flops and the publishing company he has a contract with goes out of business. He is determined to write one more book as a sequel to his first one and persuades his college friend who owns a publishing company to print it. His sequel contains stories of righteousness and heroism. His friends think he has a laid back personality but in reality, he struggles with many personal difficulties in his life. He has to read at least 3 books a day and do more than a hundred push-ups to finally be able to fall asleep every night.
After renting a tiny room in a poor neighborhood he meets Mary Hwang, a neighbor, while searching for part-time jobs around his home. This is the beginning of his ongoing fight with Mary every day.
Since he reads countless epic stories, his speeches are sprinkled with old Chinese proverbs.

Seon Do-jin Ė Actor Lee Min-woo
With his cute looks, he is the most popular teacher at Namsan Middle School.
After graduating summa cum laude at a provincial college, he continued his studies at an Ivy League university where he received a masterís degree in English education.
Upon returning to Korea, he becomes a new teacher at a middle school. He is the supervising teacher for the schoolís drama club. As a college friend of Kang Dae-gu, he is an upright guy who memorized numerous wise sayings. Although he has a stellar resume, he bores people to tears with the many proverbs that he sprinkles in his conversation. When people say ďapart,Ē a Koreanized version of apartment, he will correct people and tell them to use the word apartment instead.
He used to go to the same elementary school as Mary Hwang where he was not only the schoolís president but was also the most popular kid among the girls. In his elementary school days he is known as a legend for lecturing the school principal to walk on the left side of the hallways according to the rules. He derives satisfaction from guiding people to the right direction in their lives. When he watched Dead Poets Society, he was inspired to become a teacher like John Keating. He dreams of the day when at least one student in his class will climb onto his or her desk and shout out, ďCaptain! My captain!Ē
On his way to pay a visit to Choi Bi-danís home to discuss Choi Bi-danís poor school attendance with her parents, he meets Mary Hwang at the convenience store where she works at. He feels sorry to see Mary Hwang barely scraping by as she works at the store because she was once the smartest and prettiest kid in school. Instead of paying attention to Mary Hwang because she is a perfect every way, he constantly follows Lee So-ran because he thinks that she needs someone like him the most. He becomes happy after learning that Lee So-ranís family have problems that require his attention. Does he really believe that he can be a guiding light for so many people?

Lee So-ran Ė Actress Wang Bit-na
Sheís a Paris Hilton wannabe whoíll never come close to the real thing. She is sassy, sexy, and unpredictable like the blond idol she worships. She never wears the same clothes like her idol as well. But she is dissatisfied that she doesnít look as beautiful as Paris Hilton. She is proud of the fact that she has the most natural looks among woman who went under the knife for plastic surgery. She takes regular trips to her plastic surgeon for enhancements.
She looks different in her class photos from her middle school days to the ones she took in high school. And her looks changed again when she took a photo for her college album. She tried to study abroad in America to meet Paris Hilton and surpass her popularity but she was not allowed to enter American soil because the immigrations officer could not match the photo on her visa with her actual looks. By pure chance, she modeled for a nail clipper maker and she began to portray herself as a celebrity whose main claim to fame was modeling for a nail clipper ad.
Having a bad temper and a foul mouth, she has no patience. She constantly changes her mind to the point of driving people crazy but she defends her irritating personality by saying it is a part of her full range of sensitivities. When she is under the slightest pressure, she sees a psychiatrist at the drop of a hat and enjoys spending tons of money on therapy.
She has a peculiar preference for certain type of guys. She has exotic hobbies and some things about herself even dumbfound her, too. Perhaps she is suffering from confusion over her identity due to the extensive plastic surgery she has gotten. After her father shaved her hair twice, she vowed to regard her love life as a separate arrangement from her future married life. After promising to herself to never go astray again, she scouts for eligible bachelors by going on arranged dates with rich bachelors and hanging out at upscale clubs that rich men frequent.
And then she met Kang Dae-gu on her third blind date. Kim Dae-gu is a writer of epic stories and Lee So-ran fell in love with his natural charm. She is an obsessive shopper of luxury goods who cannot go without the latest fashion items and so she pursued Kang Dae-gu as if he was another must-have object. She vows to make Dae-gu her boyfriend.
I always get what I want in life. That makes me happy about myself. I will become happier.

Episode Guide (12 out of 16)

Episode 1

At a musical performance in Daehakro street, the Broadway of Korea... Raising her
hands high up into the air, Mary (actress Lee Hana) suddenly gets up from her seat
in the audience and sings along to the chorus that is singing on stage. The ushers
immediately escort her out of the theater. Meanwhile, Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-woo) is
watching the same musical with his girlfriend who wonít stop complaining that their
seats are too far from the stage to see anything. So he offers binoculars to her so
that she can get a better look. Maryís mother Sung-ja (actress Lee Hye-sook) gets
hysterical when she discovers that the $120 she stashed away in a pot is missing.
When Mary arrives home, Sung-ja rifles through Maryís pockets and finds the stub
from a $120 musical seat ticket. With her mother waving a pan at her in pursuit, Mary
takes a beeline out of the house and comes upon a two-for-one promotional deal
hung in front of a convenience store. Mary offers Dae-gu 500 won in return for the
rice and noodles that he just bought from the convenience store. But Dae-gu
refuses to sell his food to her. So Mary tries to wrestle the food out of Dae-guís
hands and a struggle ensues.

Covered with bandages all over her body, So-ran (actress Wang Bit-na) keeps
pleading to the nurse to take off her bandages. While sleeping at his home, Dae-gu
is awakened in the morning by an egg-selling truck that is blaring out a sales pitch
in a voice that is similar to the voice of Mary. He gets annoyed and throws his pillow
across his room in frustration. His girlfriend breaks up with him at a park and Dae-gu
gets very mad that he got dumped and starts kicking a plastic bathroom that is the
size of a telephone booth. He succeeds in punching a hole into the wall of the
bathroom and he sees Mary looking back at him when he peers into it. Mary attends
the wedding of the daughter of her motherís friend and she ends up singing at the
wedding when the wedding singers do not show up. She gets upset when she
sees who the groom (actor Lee Joo-hyun) is.

Episode 2

Mary (actress Lee Hana) starts pummeling Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-woo) like a
madwoman and Dae-gu explains that he accidentally overheard her entire
conversation with her ex-boyfriend, who was the groom she saw the other week.
He grabs a hold of her two arms to stop her. Mary throws out the Hawaiian T-shirt
that her ex-boyfriend bought for her by dumping it into a recycling bin. After having a
lunch of Chinese noodles in the park, Dae-gu turns around and starts rummaging
through the recycling bin. Meanwhile, Mary writes her will and helplessly lies down
on the floor with no will to keep on living. When her mother Sung-ja (actress Lee
Hye-sook) tells her that dinner is ready, she gets up in an instant and heads to the
kitchen to have dinner. Holding a bunch of clipped coupons, Mary heads to a
department store and shops around the cosmetics section. She is overjoyed when
she picks up free cosmetics samples but then she bumps into Bi-dan (actress
Gwak Ji-min) and her friends. Ashen-faced, Mary runs back to Eun-jaís (actress
Ahn Yeon-hong) clothing store and gets depressed over seeing them.

Do-jin (actor Lee Min-woo) calls up Dae-gu and orders him to return the recyclable
material that he took from the recycling bin. So Dae-gu gathers together the
recyclable material and discovers a cardboard box with a pizza coupon still
attached to it. Dae-gu starts searching for two more pizza coupons that will allow
him to get a free pizza. He is startled when he sees Mary who was lying on the
park bench. While waiting for the pizza he ordered to be delivered to his park
bench, Dae-gu suddenly has to leave his spot to go pay his monthly apartment
maintenance fees after Do-jin pressures him to pay the bill within the deadline. Mary
takes delivery of the free pizza and digs in. After having her bandages taken off, So-
ran (actress Wang Bit-na) looks at her new self in front of a mirror. After seeing a
help wanted ad posted in front of Hwangjae Supermarket, Mary goes in to interview
for the job and bumps into Dae-gu.

Episode 3

Mary (actress Lee Hana) is hired as a cashier at Hwangjae Supermarket and falls
asleep while practicing her greeting routine to the customers. Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-
woo) thinks Mary is pathetic as he sees her doze off. Dae-gu keeps looking for
things to buy that the supermarket doesnít sell and exasperates Mary who threatens
to call the police and have him arrested if he doesnít leave the store. But Dae-gu
stays around and keeps getting on Maryís nerves. So-ran (actress Wang Bit-na)
buys clothes at the store where Eun-ja (actress Ahn Yeon-hong) works. So-ran
goes on arranged dates to meet bachelors at the same place all the time. Mary is
shocked to find out that Bi-dan (actress Gwak Ji-min) is the daughter of Hwang-jae
(actor Lee Byung-joon). Hired as a new teacher, Do-jin (actor Lee Min-woo) writes
down his name on a blackboard in a classroom and introduces himself to the class
for the first time.

So-ran decides to live abroad and start a new life in another country but she is
rejected entry at immigrations because her face doesnít match with the photo on her
passport. She has no choice but to return home. Without permission from the school
officials, Mary goes on stage at a schoolís auditorium and belts out a tune while
dancing. When she hears the sound of people entering the auditorium, she hides
backstage and starts running away. Mary loses a sneaker she was wearing while
on the run but she doesnít turn around to pick it up. Do-jin stumbles upon the
sneaker and takes it. While drinking at an outdoor bar, So-ran gets into a scuffle
with another male customer who was trying to flirt with her. When the customer
manhandles her and takes her out of the bar, Dae-gu comes to her rescue. Mary
joins a club of steak lovers because she craves for a steak dinner and goes to a
club meeting with Eun-ja.

Episode 4

The members of the steak loversí club are surprised to see Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-
woo) plant a kiss on Maryís (actress Lee Hana) lips and they start clicking away on
their digital cameras to take photos of their kiss. Mary pushes Dae-gu away from
her. Dae-gu gets happy when the steak loversí club returns the club fee he paid
and Mary nudges Eun-ja (actress Ahn Yeon-hong) out of line when she tries to
swipe the club fee that Mary paid. The three of them start eating steak together but
Mary gets mad when Dae-gu gobbles up the steak faster than they can eat it. After
they have steak for dinner, Dae-gu suggests that they play flower cards at a sauna
house where the winner will take home a $90 pot.

Holding Do-jinís (actor Lee Min-woo) business card, So-ran (actress Wang Bit-na)
goes to Do-jinís school and is disappointed to learn that he is not the person who
saved her from a drunken man who harassed her. Sung-ja (actress Lee Hye-sook)
learns that Mary is working as a cashier at a supermarket and is overcome with
shock when she sees the photo of Mary and Dae-gu locking lips. Dae-gu offers to
buy drinks for Mary at a roasted chicken restaurant. Do-jin tells Bi-dan (actress
Gwak Ji-min) and Ah-moon (actress Lim Joo-eun) to tell their parents to come to
see him tomorrow after the two girls got into a fight at school. Bi-danís friends
persuade Mary to pose as Bi-danís mother and so Mary goes to the parent meeting.
Mary is overjoyed when Do-jin, her first love, asks her out on a date.

Episode 5

Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-woo) tries to bring up the incident where he kissed Mary
(actress Lee Hana) at the steak loversí club meeting, but Mary acts very awkwardly
towards him. Mary gets flustered by Dae-guís appearance and persuades Do-jin
(actor Lee Min-woo) to hurry up and go. Dae-gu thinks that he will be booted out of
their eating club because of Do-jinís appearance so he practices the words, I love
you, in front of the mirror to win Maryís heart. After watching a movie together, Mary
and Do-jin find that a parked car is blocking their car from leaving. As they wait for
the owner of the car to appear, So-ran arrives with an armful of shopping bags.
They get mad at So-ran for thoughtlessly parking her car in front of theirs. When Do-
jin invites Mary over his house for a steak dinner, Mary hesitates because of Dae-

Dae-gu jumps out of the closet and invites himself over for dinner. After drinking
wine together, the three of them play truth or dare. When Dae-gu is about to confess
his feelings to Mary, he collapses and faints. After hearing from Eun-ja (actress Ahn
Yeon-hong) that Ricky Park (actor Lee Young-ha) is a brilliant man, So-ran decides
to find him and goes to Maryís neighborhood with her friend Boo-gil (actress Kim
Hye-jung). On her way to Maryís workplace, Eun-ja begs Mary to help her when Bi-
dan and her group of friends harass her. Mary offers to rescue her if she wonít have
to pay her back all the money she owes her. Dae-gu presents broad bellflower that
he picked himself to Mary and as Mary rejects his flowers, Dae-gu asks her to be
his girlfriend.

Episode 6

After the fashion show is over, Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-woo) attracts stares from
people in the street as he doesnít take off the quirky designer clothes he was
wearing on the runway. He enjoys the attention and having no place in particular to
go to, he heads to a bookstore. When So-ran (actress Wang Bit-na) asks Mary
(actress Lee Hana) to tell her how she can contact Dae-gu, Mary asks her why she
needs to know. So-ran says that she is in love with Dae-gu, Mary gets excited with
joy and gives her the address to Dae-guís apartment. As she heads straight to Dae-
guís home, So-ran hesitates and thinks that she needs to come up with a plan to
introduce herself to Dae-gu in a dramatic way. While working at her part-time job as
a backup singer, Mary canít stop thinking about what will happen to Dae-gu and So-
ran after they meet. Meanwhile, Dae-gu has a nice conversation with Bi-dan
(actress Gwak Ji-min) who is the only fan he has.

When Mary meets Dae-gu, she gives him her number and asks him in a
nonchalantly way whether he enjoyed his date with So-ran. After Mary and Dae-gu
get into a tussle when Dae-gu teases her that sheís jealous of him, Mary spills
soda all over Dae-guís shirt. When Mary learns how expensive the shirt is, she tries
to wipe away the stains but it just makes things worse. Dae-gu tries to take a photo
of her face because he wants to present it as evidence that she ruined his shirt. A
large package full of steaks is delivered to Dae-guís home one day. The sender is
So-ran and she left her cell phone number on the package but after pondering for a
moment on who she could be, Dae-gu forgets about it and just eats all the steak.

Episode 7

Do-jin (actor Lee Min-woo) asks Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-woo) if he is dating Mary
(actress Lee Hana). But he is relieved to hear Dae-guís explanation the he is
showing interest in Mary because he doesnít want to be thrown out of the house.
On her way to give Dae-gu some medicine, she is surprised to see So-ran (actress
Wang Bit-na) reading a book while standing besides her parked car. Dae-guís eyes
widen as he sees Mary and So-ran standing together. After coming inside, Dae-gu
tells Mary to not come over when heís alone because Do-jin would get the wrong
idea about their friendship. After throwing the medicine to Dae-gu, she heads out the
door but when So-ran doesnít come out with her, she bides her time and ties her
shoelaces slowly at the front door..

Mary, Do-jin, Dae-gu, and So-ran have dinner together one day. Mary says nothing
as she eats dinner while Do-jin and So-ran get on each otherís nerves. When Ah-
moon (actress Lim Joo-eun) comes home with bruises after getting beaten up by Bi-
dan (actress Gwak Ji-min), So-ran decides that she should hire a bodyguard for
her and recommends Dae-gu for the job. When Mary and Dae-gu go to see Eun-ja
(actress Ahn Yeon-hong) together to return a shirt, they run away when Eun-joo is
shocked to see the messy shirt. Mary gives Dae-gu a lottery ticket as a gift and Dae-
gu gives the same lottery ticket to Do-jin. When Sung-ja (actress Lee Hye-sook)
sees Poong-woon (actor Lee Young-ha), she is astonished and asks him if he
knows Ricky Park.

Episode 8

After taking her dog to a vet, Mary (actress Lee Hana) is told that the dogís
condition has improved a lot. Dae-gu (actor Ji Hyun-woo), who was exercising in
the park, tells Mary to keep the dog instead of selling it. Wearing a nice suit, Dae-gu
visits So-ranís (actress Wang Bit-na) house and drives with them to drop off Ah-
moon (actress Lim Joo-eun) at her school. While dropping off Ah-moon at her
school, Dae-gu meets Bi-dan (actress Gwak Ji-min) and tells her to stop picking on
Ah-moon. Bi-dan feels dejected and turns her back on him. Se-do (actor Lee Ki-
yeol) reads Dae-guís book one day and he thinks that Dae-gu has potential as an
author. He asks Dae-gu to write an autobiography of his life. When Se-do presents
a big cash advance to the publishing company, the company president is so
overwhelmed with emotion that he collapses.

Dae-gu buys lots of groceries at Hwangjae supermarket and Mary is impressed
when she sees him carrying a thick wad of cash in his wallet. After Mary delivers
the groceries to Dae-guís room which is situated on the rooftop of a building, Dae-
gu tells her to stay and keep him company. But So-ran, wearing a magnificent
dress, appears. Dae-gu stops Mary from leaving and he asks her if she feels
anything after he stopped by her supermarket first to spend the money he received
as a book advance. When Mary tells him that sheíll be going out on a date with Do-
jin (actor Lee Min-woo) later in the evening, Dae-gu invites her and Do-jin to a
party he will be throwing later. After drinking a lot, So-ran offers to pay for So-ranís
acting classes if she will stop hanging around Dae-gu. Mary gets upset when she
hears that.

Episode 9

While wearing boxing gloves, Mary and So-ran stare down at each other. But after a
heated fight with Mary, So-ran suddenly pretends that she is weak and faints when
she sees Dae-gu and Do-jin approaching. Dae-gu carries So-ran on his back to
his house. When Dae-gu closes the door shut, So-ran suddenly gets up and starts
dancing. Do-chul discovers a photo of Ricky Park while rummaging through Poong-
woonís belongings. Poong-woon denies that he came to see Sung-ja when Do-
chul angrily asks him if he came to see his wife. Instead, Poong-woon says he
came to see his son. Mary goes to the bakery to buy a cake for her motherís
birthday but she waits for them to lower their prices at the end of the day. Dae-gu
offers to buy a cake for Mary.

Sung-ja welcomes Do-jin who brought flowers with him and Do-chul whispers into
Maryís ear, asking her if she is cheating on him. Mary is stunned when Dae-gu
appears with a birthday cake. Upon seeing Dae-gu, Poong-woon scrambles into his
room. When Sung-ja asks Dae-gu who he is, Do-chul interrupts and tells her that
Dae-gu is Maryís kissing partner. When Dae-gu hears Poong-woon sing in his
room, he recognizes the voice from somewhere. Dae-gu charges into Poong-wooní
s room but Sung-ja makes Dae-gu leave the house. The next day, Mary tips off Dae-
gu on the whereabouts of Poong-woon. When he finally meets Poong-woon, Dae-
gu demands that he pay back the money he owes him. Do-jin hides the ring he
bought for Mary in an ice cream cone.

Episode 10

Dae-gu follows Mary as she is on her way home, and Mary asks him why he is
following her. Dae-gu tells her that he has a stomachache and Mary suggests a
homemade cure of getting his fingertips pricked with a needle to draw blood. So-ran
finds a ring after she throws up the ice cream she ate and she gleefully picks it up.
While drinking beer at a barbecue chicken restaurant, Mary suddenly slumps over.
So Dae-gu carries Mary home on his back. On the next day, Mary and Dae-gu have
an awkward moment when they meet at the park. All of a sudden So-ran appears in
a tracksuit. While Dae-gu is putting a ring on Maryís finger, So-ran sticks out her
hand and shows him the pretty ring sheís wearing.

Dong-pa pays Mary a cash advance after telling her that his concert will be held
soon. So-ran makes a deal with Do-jin by asking him for his help to win Dae-gu and
she promise to help him get Mary in return. With the cash she received, Mary goes
on a shopping spree at a department store and also buys a gift for Dae-gu. Mary
also treats Dae-gu, Do-jin, and So-ran to dinner. Without letting Do-jin and So-ran
notice, Mary slips a gift to Dae-gu. Mary performs a concert in the countryside and
as she gets off the stage, she feels strange and loses her balance. Mary finds that
she is locked in a warehouse and calls Do-jin but he doesnít answer his phone.
But Dae-gu receives an urgent text message from Mary.

Episode 11

Flabbergasted to hear Dae-gu confess his love for Mary, Do-jin refuses to
acknowledge what Dae-gu says but Dae-gu tells him again that he loves her. When
Dae-gu asks Mary to be honest about her feelings towards him, Mary hesitates and
says itís hard for her to say anything. So-ran and Do-jin become happy when they
hear Maryís words. Do-jin apologizes to Dae-gu after he punches him and tells him
to forget what he said. Disheveled from her fight with Mary, So-ran has a drink with
her and tries on Maryís clothes afterwards. On the next day, Dae-gu reads a note
that Mary left behind for him.

Mary told Sung-ja a lie about why she came back home and Sung-jae discovers the
truth when she overhears Mary quarreling with Dong-pa at Hwangjae supermarket.
Dae-gu declares to Do-jin that he is his rival in the love triangle they are enmeshed
in. While singing passionately with Dae-gu at a karaoke bar, Mary tells him that she
gave up on her dreams and has decided to marry Do-jin. Do-chul meets Dae-gu at a
sauna house and suggests that Dae-gu move into their home. When So-ran hears
that Dae-gu slept over at Maryís home, she frantically tells Do-jin to propose
marriage to Mary right away. Mary sees Dae-gu and So-ran sitting together when
she goes to attend a steak loverís club meeting.

Episode 12

Come back to whom you used to be when you sang alone and looked at me so

When Dae-gu and Do-jin tell Sung-ja that they love Mary, she tells them to bring
back three things that Mary needs in a fair competition of deciding who she will
approve to marry her daughter. Dae-gu and Do-jin present the things that Sung-ja
asked them to bring to her. As they face off in a sword fight, Do-jin confronts Dae-gu
and asks him why they have to fight over Mary. Meanwhile, Dae-gu warns Dong-
pa, who came to collect money from Mary, to never try to swindle her again as offers
to pays him the money that Mary owes.


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 Park Seong-soo (박성수)
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 Kang Sook (강숙)
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60 min HD 16/9
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Airing dates : 2007/05/16~2007/07/05

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funny drama!
hope its good
2007-09-03 07:46:30
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Merry Mary (메리 대구 공방전)

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