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My Beloved Sister (누나)

누나 (Noo-na)

Directed by Oh Kyeong-hoon (오경훈)

Screenplay by


MBC | Airing dates :


She faces poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar to her than sadness. But she proudly recovers her original place by believing in herself. Many people regard accumulation of riches as the ultimate value of life. However, we have now reached a point where we need to look back and reconsider our life goals. This drama series revolves around a twenty-something woman who is suddenly thrown into the cold world together with her immature brothers, after losing her father to a sudden accident. Within a very short period, she experiences the two extreme facets of life. Coming face-to-face with poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar than sadness, she also has to withstand psychological downfall, which is more difficult than her loss of wealth. Fortunately, there is a man standing next to her, quietly supporting her. She overcomes her crisis thanks to this simple, warm-hearted man and his family, finally recovering her original place through her own strength and means. Through this young woman and stories about people around her, this drama series intends to ponder about the true and worthy values that we need to pursue to make our lives more meaningful.

Yoon Seung-ju/Age 26 (Song Yoon-ah)
Very confident graduate school student majoring in Art.
When her widower-father with considerable wealth suddenly goes missing, she ends up having to take care of her family that has fallen to poverty.
She is a woman of strong will, who will not hesitate to punch her brothers when they refuse to listen to her. After losing her father, she opens her eyes to the scary realities of the cold world.

Kim Gern-wu/Age 33 (Kim Sung-spp)
Part-time Korean Literature lecturer at university.
With no interest in secular wealth and fame, he is a simple and easy man.
He is not really comfortable with the modern digital civilization.
He majored in humanities wanting to spend his life studying, but sometimes regrets his choice when he sees his parents leading financially difficult lives. He loves Seung-ju but let her go, believing he would be breaking her wings if he asked her to marry him and into his poor family. He thought she would be enjoying herself traveling somewhere in Europe, but discovers that fate has taken her wealth with no place and no one to turn to.
Now, itís her turn to avoid him.
Her difficult situation pains him as if it was his own, and he searches for ways to help her without hurting her ferocious pride. More than just a lover, he is a mature man who provides Seung-ju familial love similar to that of an older brother or father.

Yoon Su-a/Age: 25 (Heo Yeong-ran)
Quite and reserved. However, within her mild surface there trembles dark and deep-rooted jealousy towards Seung-ju with whom she has lived together since childhood.
She met Gern-wu before Seung-ju and nurtured secret feelings for him. But with Seung-ju aggressively chasing him, she gave him up without even properly expressing her feelings.
She grew up wearing Seung-juís hand-me-down clothes, and playing with toys Seung-ju no longer wanted. She grew up feeling Seung-ju took all delicious food, all the good things in this world. If Seung-ju had broken down after her familyís fall, she would have cried with her and felt compassion for her. But Seung-ju seemed to endure her hard fortune only too well.
And so her jealousy rises to a state that she herself cannot control.

Kim Gern-sae/Age 26 (Kang Kyeong-jon)
Young man who would do anything to make money. His only dream is to build a small apartment building with shops that would bring in a monthly rent about 5-6 million won, where he would live happily with his family and brother (on different floors of course).
His only hobby that doesnít cost money is teasing Noh Yu-sun, the unmarried tough girl of his neighborhood.
He believes love and all that is immature nonsense carried on by people with nothing better to do.

Episodes guide

Episode 1

The dawn breaks. Inside a small house located at a small neighborhood at the outskirts of Seoul, steam rises from a bowl of rice and sea-plant soup placed on a small table. In front, a woman (Kim Ja-ok) is bowing and praying that her son will be appointed officially as a professor, which will allow him to give up his life as a part-time lecturer. Today, the university where Gern-wu (Kim Seong-su) is working will announce the person who will become its newest professor. Gern-wu has been lecturing from one college to another for several years now, and even though he pretends to be unaffected, he canít help being nervous as he waits for the final decision by the Personnel Committee.

On the other hand, Gern-wuís girlfriend, Seung-ju (Song Yun-a) has to go to the country because of a project her father (Cho Gyeong-hwan) is working on. Her fatherís dream since his childhood has been to connect several islands in his hometown Aegean Sea, and develop the area into an international resort. His dream is now finally coming true. Called The Missing Island, the groundbreaking ceremony for this large-scale resort, which includes European-style hotels, bungalows, lodge, yacht club and spas, is taking place this very day. Su-aís father (Cho Hyeong-ki) urges Seung-ju to hurry up and leave for the ceremony site since she has to fill in her deceased motherís place. However, Seung-ju can only think about Gern-wu right now

Episode 2

Seung-juís father (Cho Gyeong-hwan) hears from Su-a (Heo Yeong-lan) that Gern-wu (Kim Seong-su) had been rejected by the university as its new professor. Also hearing about his family situation, he goes to meet Gern-wu. Seung-juís father tells Gern-wu of his plans to leave his business to Seung-ju (Song Yun-a), and his hopes that she will marry later in life since marriage will be like breaking her wings. Understanding his intentions, Gern-wu firmly answers that he likes Seung-ju but he, also has no thoughts of marrying her, and that he doesnít think of her as his bride-to-be.

On the other hand, receiving Gern-wuís text message telling her he wants to break up with her, Seung-ju goes searching for his house. Unfortunately, after reaching Gern-wuís neighborhood, she finds his mother (Kim Ja-ok) picking up things like the refrigerator and other things that a neighbor has left behind while moving to a new house. She also sees Gern-wu helping his mom put all those things away. Gern-wu doesnít approve of his mother bring in other peopleís throwaways, but helps anyway. At that moment, he feels someone staring at him, and turns around. Seung-ju quickly hides herself behind the neighborís tree, but he sees and finds her.

Episode 3

Seeing the belt, the purse and the card that Gern-wu has received for his birthday, Gern-wuís mother believes her son has a woman he wants to marry. At evening, when all the family has gathered, the four adults question him about the woman, happy and excited that he has finally found someone. However, pleading tiredness, Gern-wu leaves the gathering and flees to his room. Gern-sae tries on the belt and the purse his older brother received from Seung-ju, and jokingly tells him to try his best no matter how difficult it gets since the revival of the fallen Kim family lies in his hands. Gern-wu glares at him, but Gern-sae goes on asking if she isnít some empty-headed fool who uses different cards to buy luxury goods, saying if things donít go his way he should just knock her down on her back, and other unpleasant comments. Suddenly, Gern-wu grabs his brother by the collar.

After breaking up with Gern-wu, Seung-ju visits an agency that arranges overseas education, and asks them to find her a school where she can receive an admission as soon as possible. She tells them she doesnít care whether the school is in the U.S. or Europe, as long as she can go there quickly. Seung-ju goes to the university to collect documents necessary for her application, and accidentally bumps into Gern-wu near the Academic Affairs Office. They look at each other from a distance, and their hearts fall.

Episode 4

Discovering that Gern-wu has been unable to eat or sleep, and having a hard time because he broke up with his girlfriend, Gern-wuís mother shows her sister-in-law (Yang Hee-gyeong) the address to Seung-juís house, and asks her to drive her there. Seung-ju, who was on her way out, sees a taxi blocking her way, and angrily orders Gern-wuís aunt to move the car quickly. Gern-wuís aunt laughs emptily wondering how could her nephew lose sleep over a girl like that, and Gern-wuís mother asks her to look for possible brides.

Arriving at the overseas education agency, Seung-ju receives the airplane ticket and other documents from the staff. Looking down at her ticket, she canít believe how fast everything was arranged, and itís not easy for her to put her emotions in order.

Episode 5

Seung-ju decides to give up getting on the plane, and hurriedly goes to the scene. Seung-juís group arrive at the maritime police station, and hears from their fatherís secretary that the naval patrol ship searched all over the sea, but could not find their father. Only their fatherís wet jumper, lifejacket and fishing equipment lay in front of them. At that moment, through the wireless radio, they hear the patrol ship reporting that they will stop the search, and the maritime police decide to end the search since the missing person is presumed dead. Seung-juís group begs the police to continue the search insisting that their father couldnít be dead.

Meanwhile, believing that Seung-ju has left the country, Gern-wu burns all her letters, cards, photos and other things, hoping to put his emotions in order. He also starts to delete the photos stored in his cell phone one by one. However, the memories he shared with Seung-ju torments him wherever he goes in his university campus.

Su-a conflicts about whether she should tell Gern-wu about the disappearance of Seung-juís father. She decides to lie to him and tell him that Seung-ju has arrived safely at the new school.

Episode 6

Hearing that her fatherís company is on the verge of bankruptcy, Seung-ju, together with Su-aís father and a company executive, goes to visit the branch manager of a bank, who was supposed to have been close to her father, even on a personal level. However, on the pretext of being in a meeting for hours, the manager refuses to meet Seung-ju. Furious that the manager is keeping her waiting, she barges into his office and asks for his help. The manager tells her, that he is just a paid worker, and that since he has to follow bankís regulations, he cannot loan her such a large amount when she has no secure collateral. Returning home, the three of them go through all sorts of documents and files, but they canít find anything with monetary value.

Receiving a phone call from the loan shark, Seung-ju declares she will meet them personally, and heads for Myeong-dong. Thoroughly humiliated by the loan shark, Seung-ju walks out into the streets, feeling desolate. Then, suddenly, among the throng of people she sees Gern-wu. Gern-wu was in the area searching for the place where the humane studies seminar was being held. Like thunder, he also feels something grabbing his gaze.

Episode 7

Seung-ju feels a deep rage at Su-aís motherís transformed manner. She tries to tell herself that Su-aís mother was drunk and didnít know what she was doing, but Su-aís mother declares that she is going to live freely as she wants, and refused to do any housework. Disillusioned at Su-aís mother, Seung-ju demands for the housekeeping register and the bankbook.

Seung-ju also tells Su-a that she canít feel that same way about her mother, and asks her to tell her mother to leave the house.

Episode 8

While searching for the cash bag that Seung-juís father used to carry around with him, Su-aís parents discover the registration certificate of the house, whose ownership name had been changed to ĎYoon Jang-soní. Holding the certificate in her hands, Su-aís mother screams at Seung-ju that the house belongs to her, so if she doesnít want to live with them, she should be the one to leave.

Openmouthed, Su-aís father tells his wife, the heavens are looking down. But his wife insists that this is just her pay for having lived like a servant in this house for twenty years, and that the house is hers.

Meanwhile, Gern-wu meets Yeong-ju who tells him that Seung-ju has not gone overseas, or rather that she couldnít.

Episode 9

Gern-wu visits Seung-juís house, and asks her why she didnít tell him about her fatherís death, and why she didnít contact him when she was still in Seoul. Seung-ju answers that they can no longer be friends, nor should they be. She also insists that her father is not dead. Gern-wu consoles Seung-ju telling her to take courage, and always to remember that he is on her side.

Meanwhile, Gern-sook finds a room near her parentsí house. When Pink says that she is hungry, she goes to her parentsí house. Going into the empty kitchen, she finds the cow tail soup that her mother was boiling for her grandfather, and she dips out a large amount without permission. When Gern-wuís mother sees the soup reduced by half, she automatically thinks that itís her sister-in-lawís doing.

Episode 10

Yeong-ju wakes up in the middle of the night, and wails that his father is alive in some island. Su-aís mother brings him cold water, and tells him to drink it and get a hold of himself. But Yeong-ju refuses to drink, asking how he can drink when he saw his father begging for water. In his dreams, Su-aís father also sees Seung-juís father, who slaps him and calls him an ungrateful pig.

Seung-ju enters the employment market, and gives in her resume here and there, but she is turned down every time. She is disappointed at the reality that is much colder than she thought.

Hearing about Seung-juís situation from Yeong-ju, Gern-wu meets Seung-ju and hands her his bankbook and his stamp. Her pride hurt, Seung-ju refuses him flat, declaring that she doesnít need his pity. She tells him she thought he understood and respected her personality and pride, and thatís why she loved him. She goes on to ask whether the Seung-ju that he remembers could ever accept this money?

Episode 11

Thanks to a college friend, Seung-ju finds work at a small beer house. When the youngest Yeong-ju sees his sister bringing chicken wrapped tin foil, he guesses that the place where his sister is working is not an art academy. Yeong-ju memorizes the name of the beer house written on the chicken wrapping, and later goes in search of the place. He finds Seung-ju working in a flurry wiping tables, emptying ashtrays and doing other odd jobs. Deeply shocked by what he sees Yeong-ju runs to Gern-wu, and asks him to help his sister. Gern-wu goes to the beer house in search of Seung-ju, and arrives just in time to see her being sexually harassed by a drunken middle-aged man.

Episode 12

Worried about the registration certificate of the house that he has buried in the vegetable garden, Yeong-ju comes out of the house secretly at night to check on the papers. Reassured that the document is still in the plastic bag, he buries it back in the ground. But he turns around to see Su-aís mother watching him from behind. When Su-aís mother confirms what is in the plastic bag, she starts to beat Yeong-ju.
Returning from work at the beer house, Seung-ju is startled to find Yeong-ju hiding behind the gate and crying. Seeing Yeong-juís swollen eyes and bruises, Seung-juís head reels with anger. When she finds out that Su-aís mother is behind her brotherís injuries, she is furious but Su-aís mother calls Yeong-ju a thief and screams for them to get out of her house. Feeling rage and sadness at the fact that ďpeople can change this muchĒ, Seung-ju laughs at her to her heartís content, and leaves the house with Yeong-ju, just taking some clothes and personal items.

Episode 13

Following Hyeok-ju, Seung-ju starts selling jeans at the market. Gern-sae, who is working as the security guard of the market place, is attracted by Seung-juís energetic and charming personality. Even when he lies down to sleep, he canít help thinking about her, and the way she sold the jeans in Hyeok-juís place.
Meanwhile, Gern-wu tells Seung-ju that he felt bad about the cheap necklace he had bought her when they had decided to split up, and places a new necklace around her neck, saying that it symbolizes a new start. Gern-wu takes Seung-ju to Green Frog Volunteer Work where Su-a waits for Gern-wu to arrive. When she finally sees him, her face lights up, but completely ignores Seung-ju who follows behind him. Seung-juís face also hardens when she discovers Su-a.

Episode 14

Gern-wu rejoices at finding a part time job for Seung-ju, and runs to her house, only to hear from Su-a that they have moved to some other place. After meeting Yeong-ju, Gern-wu asks him where he is staying with his sister, and Yeong-ju takes Gern-wu to a motel. Gern-wu is shocked, and he is completely at a loss for words when he sees laundry and half-eaten biscuit bags all over the place. Feeling an urgent need to do something, Gern-wu asks his aunt to temporarily lend the backroom that she is not using to his friend who is going through hard times. He then brings Yeong-ju to the room.
Back at the motel, Gern-wu waits for Seung-ju to return from work. When she arrives, Gern-wu tries to take her to his auntís place, but Seung-ju is taken back by his presence. Her strong pride hurt, she screams and asks what is his motive for coming and seeing her hit rock bottom like this. But Gern-wu becomes angry telling her not to talk like that, and reveals his emotions unlike his usual self.
On the other hand, while cleaning out the study, Su-aís mother feels a strange resonance from the wall on one side of the bookshelfÖ

Episode 15

Suspicious of her motherís actions, Su-a goes into the study and discovers a shopping bag full of cash. After questioning her mother, Su-a finds out the situation, and claims that taking this money is a clear case of embezzlement, and that it should be returned to Seung-ju. However, blind to anything else but money, Su-aís mother becomes tearful and begs her daughter to look the other way. Her mind also weakening, Su-a then persuades her mother to return at least half of the money.
Su-a goes in search for Yeong-ju with the intention of returning part of the cash to Seung-ju, but when she discovers that Seung-juís family is living under Gern-wuís protection, she is overcome with jealousy.
Meanwhile, searching for the electric mat that seems to have disappeared, Gern-wuís mother finds out that Seung-ju and her brothers are living in the backroom of her sister-in-lawís house. She then goes to her sister-in-law and disparages her for not saying a word about this to her.

Episode 16

Su-a goes and gives some fish to Seung-ju, telling her to cook it for Yeong-ju. When Seung-ju tells her that she doesnít need it and to take it back, Su-a then takes the fish to Gern-wuís mother saying she bought them for Gern-wuís grandfather. Gern-wuís mother is pleased to see Su-a, and holds her hand affectionately. While washing dishes with Gern-wuís mother, Su-a criticizes Seung-ju describing her as being immature for her age, having no economic ability, and always interfering with Gern-wuís future.
On the other hand, Hyeok-ju feels pity and anger when he sees Yeong-ju eating instant cup ramen, and takes his kid brother to a Chinese restaurant and orders all sorts of expensive food. Hyeok-ju and Yeong-ju eat to their heartís content, but faces big trouble because they have no money to pay for the food.

Episode 17

After hearing about Gern-wu from Su-a, the Dean gives Gern-wu a warning. Feeling frustrated, he goes to the countryside with Seung-ju to get a fresh of air. Gern-wu calls home and lies to his mother that he has gone camping with other lecturers, and club members from the university. Seung-ju also tells Hyeok-ju that she will return home in the morning after spending the night at a steam house talking with her friends, .
Meanwhile Su-a visits Gern-wuís house bearing gifts with other lecturers, and Gern-wuís mother finds out that her son has lied to her.

Episode 18

The loan shark pays a visit to Su-aís mother at her house, and threatens her. Su-aís mother gives him money, saying this is half of all her wealth, and begs him to look the other way just once.
Finding out that Yu-sun was raised in an orphanage, Gern-sae personally makes Songpyeon (small moon-shaped rice cakes filled with sesame seeds or chestnut paste) and takes them to her. Yu-sun is deeply moved by his gesture, and she goes to Gern-saeís house to introduce herself to his family.
Seung-ju, realizes more and more, that her father has really gone. She prepares a memorial service meal, and she and her brothers spend a happy Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).

Episode 19

With Gern-saeís help, Hyeok-ju finds valet parking work, but bumps into his old friends. Ashamed, Hyeok-ju tries to hide his face under his cap, but his friends recognize him anyway. When one of them offers him a little cash, saying he didnít realize Hyeok-ju was in such a bad state, Hyeok-ju accepts the money even though his pride is badly hurt. He later takes Yu-sun and Gern-sae out for drinks saying he has come upon some unexpected money. Hyeok-ju continues to down his drink one after the other, and suddenly kisses Gern-sae on the cheek saying he is most grateful to him. After getting quite drunk Hyeok-ju goes to the bathroom, and takes out the medicine he has bought beforehand. He swallows the whole bottle of pills in one go with the intention of killing himself.

Meanwhile, Su-aís family moves into an apartment after selling off Seung-juís house. In the middle of the night, Su-aís father wakes up to find the bed next to him empty, and gets up to search for his wife. Su-aís mother who had been counting the money in the small room, looks around for a place to hide the money, and discovers her husband watching her. Su-aís father shakes his wife roughly, demanding where she got all the money.

Episode 20

At the request of Jin-a, Seung-ju goes back to being her private tutor. Jin-aís grandmother tells Seung-ju that money is just money, nothing more and nothing less. She hands back the envelope of money that Seung-ju had left behind, telling her not to display this kind of foolish heroism ever again. She also asks Seung-ju to look after Jin-a like her own little sister since Jin-a has neither a mother nor any siblings. Gern-suk tells her father that Gern-wu is deeply in love with Seung-ju, and suggests that since Seung-ju seems to be a nice person, they should hasten the marriage between the two. Seriously thinking about what his daughter has said, Gern-wuís father tells Gern-wu that if he is serious about marrying Seung-ju they should set the date as soon as possible. Gern-sae decides that it would be best for Gern-wu to marry Seung-ju for him to get his feelings about Seung-ju in order, and helps his older brother prepare to make his marriage proposal.

Meanwhile, Gern-wuís father calls his sister and her husband to his house, and announces his plans to have Gern-wu get married. But Gern-wuís mother runs out of the house demanding how her husband could make such a decision without even consulting her once.

Episode 21

Jin-aís grandmother who had kept her eyes on the way Seung-ju altered her jeans for Jin-a, throws Seung-ju a box full of old jeans, and orders her to sell off the whole box. When Seung-ju gives her a questioning look, Jin-aís grandmother only tells her when an old lady orders her to do something there is a reason, and demands if she plans to spend her whole life going from one odd job to another. Jin-aís grandmother assures Seung-ju that she will discuss her reasons after Seung-ju manages to sell off the whole box.
Meanwhile, Su-aís parents set out to go mountain climbing, and Su-a invites Gern-wu and other guys from the university club to her house. She informs them her parents have gone on an overnight trip, so they can make themselves comfortable and even sleep over if they want to. Anguishing over Seung-juís refusal of his marriage proposal, Gern-wu drinks too much, and finally becomes completely drunk. His fellow lecturers try to carry him out, but he wonít even budge. Su-a takes this situation to be her opportunity, and tells the others to leave Gern-wu as he is, and to just let his family know that he is at her house.

Episode 22

When Seung-ju sells all the jeans that she had altered, Jin-aís grandmother claims that she only managed to do that because of the jeansí brand name, and not because of her skills. Jin-aís grandmother goes onto give Seung-ju another mission asserting that she should accomplish this if she feels she has been treated unfairly. Seung-ju goes to Gern-sae and Yu-sun to seek their advice on making a dress with just $10. Jin-aís grandmother happily tells her son, Min Jun-ki that her instincts about Seung-ju had been right. Min Jun-ki is also surprised to hear that it was Seung-ju who persuaded his daughter to go back to school.

On the other hand, Su-aís parents mistakenly thinks Gern-wu has proposed to their daughter, and goes to look around Gern-wuís house. While snooping around the house, they are discovered by Gern-wuís father, and end up sitting face to face with Gern-wuís parents. Before leaving, Su-aís mother takes out a pair of socks from her bag, and hands them to Gern-wuís mother saying Gern-wu had left them in Su-aís room. Gern-wuís father is at a loss for words feeling disappointed and furious at his son.

Episode 23

Su-aís mother goes to Gern-wuís mother and tells her that her daughter neither eats nor sleeps after Gern-wu slept at their house. At hearing what Su-aís mother said, Gern-wuís mother is positive that her son has done something wrong to Su-a, and tells her son to take responsibility for anything he has done wrong. Su-aís mother tells her daughter to pretend to be sick, and that if she doesnít go to the university there will be some news within the day for sure. Worried about Su-aís condition, Gern-wuís mother goes to see her at home.

Meanwhile, after seeing the public recruiting notice of Min Jun-kiís company, Seung-ju applies for a job there. At the job interview, when one of the executives asks Seung-ju why she applied to their company, she answers she applied because she felt the company needed her help. She goes onto claim that the company hasnít been able to catch the needs of young women customers, and that if it was up to her, she would immediately change the company logo to something more energetic. Then, Min Jun-ki tells the interviewees that he has a business dinner with a foreign buyer that night, and asks their advice for the kind of necktie that he should wear.

Episode 24

Gern-wu goes to see Su-a, and asks her to forgive him if he has done anything wrong. But he also firmly tells her that he loves Seung-ju and that he can never break up with her no matter what happens. When Su-aís mother attacks him demanding that he do something about turning Su-a into such a state, Gern-wu tells her that he has done all he can, and that she should stop being so unreasonable. Unable to control her fury, Su-aís mother grabs him saying she wonít let him leave like this, but Gern-wu shakes her off roughly and leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Gern-sae mistakenly reveals his true feelings about Seung-ju to his mother and aunt, and in order to save himself from this unfortunate crisis, he heads straight for Yu-sunís house. Taking Yu-sun by the hand, he goes back to his home and announces that the woman he loves is Yu-sun, and kisses her on the mouth.

Episode 25

When the loan sharks come bursting into Su-aís house, and ransack the house, Su-aís father finally realizes that his wife has stolen Seung-juís fatherís money. Raging with fury, Su-aís father gathers up all the gold bars and cash, intending to return the money to Seung-ju, and to ask for her forgiveness. However, his wife points out that Su-a is the one who made up the story about winning the lottery, and scares him saying that their daughter could go to jail for this. She also adds that the house and the car are in his name, making all three of them culprits of the crime. Su-aís father trembles with fear at hearing this, and starts to have second thoughts about going to Seung-ju.

Gern-sae summons his family to meet in a restaurant, and his parents leave grandfather in Pinkís care in order to go out and find out what their son wants. Gern-sae declares that he and Yu-sun want to get married, asserting that they intend to save their energy for dating, and direct it to doing business together. The family debate over Gern-saeís marriage, but his mother is nervous about grandfather being alone in the house, and suggests they talk about it back at home.

Meanwhile, grandfather stands around nervously, and shouts for Pink to open the door. However, Pink refuses, telling her great-grandfather that he must not come outside.

Episode 26

Jin-aís grandmother visits Seung-juís place, and looks over their room. When her eyes fall on the picture of Seung-juís father, Yeong-ju tells her that he is his father, and that he believes his father to be alive somewhere. At that moment, Hyeok-ju comes home from work carrying some sweet stuffed pancakes, and Jin-aís grandmother looks at the two boys with compassionate eyes. Later, she has someone investigate whether Seung-juís father is truly dead.

Waiting for Seung-ju to finish work, Gern-wu feels bad about Seung-ju working without even being able to take a bite to eat. He suggests that they go out and get something to eat quickly, but Seung-ju says she canít go out alone when others are working. She tells Gern-wu to go home without her, and kisses him suddenly in the elevator. However, when she gets out of the elevator, she meets Min Jun-ki. Min makes a comment about the senior staff making the newcomers do all the cleaning on the pretext of training, and takes Seung-ju to a Gimbap (rice rolled in dried laver) house after discovering she hasnít eaten yet. Min Jun-ki asks if Seung-ju is angry about what happened at the store in the morning, but tells her thatís the way for her to learn one thing at a time. Then he goes onto encourage her, saying he recognizes that she has sense for style.

Meanwhile, instead of going back home, Gern-wu buys some Gimbap and Spicy Broiled Rice Cakes, and goes back to see Seung-ju. When he canít find Seung-ju anywhere, he hands over the food to one of her colleagues and turns to go. However, he canít help being startled at seeing Min Jun-ki walking out of the elevator and Seung-ju following him.

Episode 27

On Jin-aís birthday, her family and Seung-ju have dinner together, and Gern-wu also celebrates with his university colleagues because his paper has been nominated as the best paper of the quarter. Gern-wu asks Seung-ju to come right after having dinner, but Seung-ju tells him she canít because she doesnít want to hurt Jin-aís feelings. Waiting at the village corner for Seung-ju to come home, Gern-wu sees her getting out of Min Jun-kiís car, and demands why she keeps taking rides in Minís car.

On the other hand, Su-aís father secretly takes the money bag while his wife is asleep and leaves the house. Going to the house where Seung-ju and her brothers are staying, his heart aches to see how small and shabby their room is. As he talks with Gern-wuís uncle, Hyeok-ju comes home, but he only ignores his uncle and tries to go back out again. Su-aís father grabs Hyeok-ju and wails for him to forgive him, but Hyeok-ju just shakes him off and leaves the house.

Episode 28

Seung-ju waits for Gern-wu, holding the tickets to a musical that Min Jun-ki gave her to go with her boyfriend. However, with his paper being selected as the best paper, Gern-wu has to attend the dinner that has been arranged suddenly in his honor. With his department head and other professors attending, Gern-wu is unable to keep his date, and Seung-ju has to watch the musical alone. After drinking Soju (Korean rice wine) out of anger at a convenience store, Seung-ju goes to the place where Gern-wuís dinner is being held, and causes a commotion in front of all the professors, demanding for her boyfriend to come out.

Meanwhile, having made up his mind to marry Yu-sun, Gern-sae tries to take care of everything as soon as possible. Suspecting that Gern-sae is only marrying Yu-sun because he pities her, his mother asks whether he really has to marry Yu-sun. But Gern-sae only says he thinks his mother also became his fatherís second wife because she pitied Gern-suk and Gern-wu living without a mother, and adds that he takes after his mother. His eyes well up with tears, as he tells his sad mother that he will earn lots of money and lead a happy life.

Episode 29

Gern-suk tells Yu-sun in an ordering voice, all the things she should bring as wedding gifts including a mink coat. Feeling a little irritated, Yu-su hands over to Gern-wuís mother an account book and the signature stamp, asking her to take care of all the wedding gifts. Gern-wuís father happens to enter the house at that moment and becomes furious at what he sees. Gern-wuís mother also scolds Gern-suk for bringing up the issue of wedding gifts when no one asked her to, and putting her in an awkward position. Fuming with anger, Gern-suk runs straight to Yu-sun, and tells her to give up Gern-sae because such a narrow minded woman like Yu-sun is not suitable for her brother. Yu-sun then goes to Gern-sae and bursts out crying, telling him she wonít marry him.
Meanwhile, Seung-ju is humiliated in front of others for the documents she writes out. She confidently tells her supervisor, that even though she is not good at paper work like translations, she can excel at anything that requires aesthetic qualities. However, her supervisor only tells her that the kind of staff the company needs is someone who is thorough enough to do anything from production planning to actual production without making a single mistake. He goes on to make her feel ashamed by asking her if she thinks this company is some kind of a village clothes shop. Unfortunately, Gern-wu comes looking for Seung-ju at that moment, and Seung-ju loses her temper at him.

Episode 30

Seung-ju looks at the balance of her bank account book and sighs again. While walking in the streets, she stops in front of a clothing store, and stares for a long time at the menís clothes displayed in the shop window.

The newly weds, Gern-sae and Yu-sun, eat together with the rest of the family, and share some good time. However, Yu-sun feels Gern-suk is being mean when she starts picking on her eating habits in front of the family.

In the kitchen, Gern-wuís mother packs a heap full of wedding food for Gern-wu to take to Seung-juís family. As she goes out into the garden to take out some kimchi from the garden jar, she sees Seung-ju leave a present secretly. Gern-wuís mother slowly starts to read the card that was placed with the present. Receiving a text message from Seung-ju, Gern-wu goes out into the garden to pick up the present, when his mother hands him Seung-juís present.

On the other hand, Yeong-ju and Hyeok-ju buy a pair of expensive sneakers, and Seung-ju scolds her brothers, but her heart aches when she sees the sneakers.

Episode 31

When Su-a comes to visit Seung-ju, telling her to go and live in Jin-aís fatherís house, and try to catch the wealthy guy, Seung-ju slaps her. Seung-ju screams that she doesnít ever want to see her again, and Su-a leaves the house shouting as well. Seung-ju throws out the plastic box full of side dishes that Su-a brought. Seeing Seung-ju crying of humiliation in her room, Gern-suk tells her brother everything that happened.
Seung-ju confesses to Gern-wu that she feels agonized because Jin-aís father and grandmother are among those investors who were the cause of her fatherís bankruptcy, and that they approached her on purpose.

Gern-wu goes to visit Jin-aís father.

Episode 32

While studying at an academy in order to transfer to a university, Hyeok-ju bumps into his old friends. After class, he ends up having drinks with them, but feels humiliated by the mean things one of them says. However, he suppresses his anger and managers to control himself, but finally explodes when the guy suggests that he go out to work as a gigolo to make some easy money since his looks arenít so bad. Having completely lost his head, Hyeok-ju continues to beat and kick his friend, who collapses, bleeding.

On the other hand, Seung-ju goes to work with a letter of resignation. She tries to give it to Min Jun-ki, but he only hurts her pride telling her the only thing she should be doing now is to stop being so hotheaded and to learn about the industry.

Episode 33

Taking on a second job as an essay lecturer at a private academy, Gern-wu frequently arrives late for his lectures at the university. Observing his situation, Su-a goes to visit Gern-wuís mother. Showing her the leaflet with Gern-wuís photo, Su-a tells her Gern-wu could have problems being appointed as a professor. When Gern-wuís mother questions Gern-sae about why his older brother is teaching at the academy, Gern-sae ends up telling his mother the truth. When Gern-wu comes home from work, Gern-wuís father confirms the truth, and shouts for his son to disappear from his sight.

Gern-wuís mother goes to Seung-ju, begging her to stop getting in Gern-wuís way, and to let him go. She tells her she will get on her knees if she has to. Having no idea about whatís going on, Seung-ju is thunderstruck when she finds out about the situation. She tells Gern-wu that she is only a hindrance to him, and asks him to break up.

Episode 34

Seung-ju agrees to act as Jin-aís grandmotherís personal secretary, and moves into Jin-aís house. Even though she has broken up with Gern-wu, getting her heart in order is easier said than done. She visits the department head at Gern-wuís university to tell him about how Gern-wu ended up working at the academy, and pleads for his reconsideration. Overhearing the conversation outside the room, Su-a rages over Seung-juís attitude. However, Seung-ju asks Su-a to hand in Gern-wuís professor appointment application forms, and informs her that she and Gern-wu have broken up.

On the other hand, when Yu-sun starts waking up in the middle of the night to eat, Gern-wuís mother suspects that Yu-sun might be pregnant. She asks Yu-sun to go to the hospital with her the next day.

Episode 35

Yu-sun becomes sensitive with her pregnancy, and asks Gern-sae what he would do if she dies after giving birth. She also wonders who will look after the baby if they both die, and starts to cry. She creates a commotion around the house claiming that the baby will end up being neglected, going from one relative to another, just like her.

On the other hand, while investigating the disappearance of Seung-juís father, Jin-aís grandmother discovers that the area where he disappeared is the very place where a Chinese ship ran off. Her son, Min Jun-ki teases her that sheís read too many mystery novels, but tries to confirm such possibility anyway. In the process, he also finds out that Seung-juís fatherís bill of exchange circulated around the market.

Episode 36

Having quarreled with Gern-wu over Seung-ju, Gern-wuís mother cannot sleep throughout the night. She then leaves the house leaving behind a note saying she is going away for a few days for some fresh air to clear her head. With the mother gone, the whole house becomes a disaster area, and on top of it all Yu-sun suddenly feels ill while washing dishes and tottering around the kitchen.
Min Jun-ki tells Seung-ju to contact anyone who used to work for her father, and find out about the process that was taken to dispose of her fatherís company. So Seung-ju meets with the former Managing Director and asks about the whereabouts of her fatherís cash and notes. But the man only declares he doesnít know anything about such matters, and that she should ask Su-aís father. When Seung-ju arrives at Su-aís house, she finds Su-aís mother just about to leave the house. When she asks about the whereabouts of those people who took part in disposing her fatherís company, Su-aís mother is taken back and can only hesitatingly react by asking why she wants to know that. When Seung-ju accuses Su-aís mother of hiding something, Su-aís mother changes the subject by asking if Seung-ju knows where her brother Hyeok-ju is right now. She starts to agitate Seung-ju by claiming what a terrible sister Seung-ju must be to let her brother go around looking like a beggar.

Episode 37

Discovering that Gern-sae had caused a commotion at Seung-juís workplace, Gern-wu visits Seung-ju to say he wants to apologize to Min Jun-ki. Seung-ju, however, tells him that Min Jun-ki fully understands the situation and there is no need for him to do that. Unable to look at each other straight in the face, the two of them talk while staring down at the table in front of them. Finally bracing himself, Gern-wu raises his face, and tells her resolutely that they are no longer lovers, and being unable to look at each other like this is not the right thing to do. He declares that he will get a hold of himself, and live his life as best as he can. He then stands to leave without looking back. Seung-ju feels confused at Gern-wu who has become so cold and unfamiliar.
Gern-wu also goes to the country village in search for his mother, and sincerely asks for her forgiveness. His motherís eyes fill with tears as she tells him about the first time she met his father.
Meanwhile, Su-aís father and Hyeok-ju join forces to sell Tteokbok-gi (Spicy Broiled Rice Cakes) on a mobile covered cart. In order to test their business potential, they sell the dish in their apartment complex. Neighborhood housewives swarm to taste their Tteokbok-gi, saying that it is delicious. However, Su-aís mother sees her husband and Hyeok-juís mobile cart on her way home, and overturns the cooking pan demanding to know what on earth they are doing. She declares that she canít live with her husband any longer, and asks for a divorce.

Episode 38

Seeing his son feeling tormented, unable to forget Seung-ju, Gern-wuís father goes to meet Seung-ju. He tells her if the two of them really care for each other, they should think again about what is truly right. When he asks if she now intends to lose Gern-wu also after losing her mother and father, Seung-ju loses control and bursts out crying. Gern-wuís father also tells his son that he will regret anything that he does out of anger, and that if he intends to marry, he should do so after Seung-ju gets married.
Meanwhile, Su-aís father, while quarrelling with his wife declares that he has nothing more to lose, and that he intends to tell the whole truth because he cannot go on living like this in guilt. But Su-aís mother, brimming with confidence, retorts back telling him to do anything he wants but to sign the divorce papers first. Watching her parents fight, Su-a angrily shouts that they are driving her crazy, and tells them to stop. Waking up from his sleep, Hyeok-ju overhears Su-aís father say, ďWhat if Hyeok-ju finds out the terrible thing we have done to him?Ē

Episode 39

Hyeok-ju hears from Su-a that his sister has broken up with Gern-wu, and plans to marry Min Jun-ki. He rushes to Seung-ju, and after finding out the real situation, he asks his sister to never give up or break down. Discovering that Su-a has been talking and lying about her, Seung-ju goes in search for her. When Su-a approaches her, she whirls around and slaps Su-a hard.
Gern-wuís aunt arranges a marriage meeting for Gern-wu, and tells Gern-sae to inform his brother of the time and place of the meeting. Worried that his brother might decide to get married out of anger, Gern-sae goes to the meeting place instead. He acts like a lout in front of the potential bride who is shocked by his behavior.
On the other hand, an acquaintance of Yu-sun spots Gern-sae with another woman at the coffee shop, and tells Yu-sun of what she has seen. Yu-sun causes a commotion asserting that sheís going to leave because Gern-sae is fooling around now that she is pregnant.

Episode 40

Even though she is envious of Yu-sunís pregnancy, Gern-wuís aunt keeps on buying things for Yu-sun out of her love for her nephew and his wife. One day, she tells Gern-wuís mother that she seems to have lost all appetite, and asks for some well fermented kimchi. Watching his wife munching on over-fermented kimchi, Gern-wuís uncle wonders if she could be pregnant. When he mentions his thoughts to Gern-wuís mother, she drags her sister-in-law to the hospital.
Seeing Seung-ju tormenting herself over Gern-wu, Min Jun-ki contacts Gern-wu. When they meet, he tells Gern-wu that their claims for breaking up because they care for each other when they are still in love, is ridiculous. He tells Gern-wu to get back with Seung-ju before itís too late, but Gern-wu leaves without saying anything.

Episode 41

Min Jun-ki, who has gone to Indonesia in search of Seung-juís father, finds the watch he was wearing at the time of his disappearance. However, Min Jun-ki telephones his mother, and tells her not to mention anything to Seung-ju because it can all end up as a great disappointment. Jin-a wonders why her father has taken a business trip to Jakarta, a place that has nothing to do with his company.
Meanwhile, hearing that Gern-wu is going to Russia to study with Su-a, Seung-ju goes to see Gern-wu. She asks him not to leave, since he looks like an idiot running away because he canít get over a woman. However Gern-wu tells her itís nothing like that, and that he had always wanted to study abroad if he had the opportunity. Seung-ju tells him to stop lying, and demands why he is leaving with the woman he has no feelings for.

Episode 42

When it seems that Hyeok-ju suspects Su-aís mother has stolen their familyís assets, Su-aís mother is overcome with anxiety. When she consults the loan shark about what she should do, he asks her to turn over everything to him from registration for the house to bonds that can be turned into cash. He also advices her to open an account under another name for her to keep, and Su-aís mother hands over all documents to the loan shark.
Meanwhile, Min Jun-ki receives a call confirming that Seung-juís father is alive. Seung-ju and her two brothers become absolutely blank at the tremendous news. Seung-ju stubbornly insists that she will go to get her father, but Min Jun-ki persuades her that since he is coming through unofficial routes, it will only make things worse if a member of the family becomes involved.

Episode 43

Su-a is thunderstruck at the news that Seung-juís father has come back alive. Waiting in front of Min Jun-kiís house, Su-a confirms the news from Yeong-ju, but she also goes to the hospital to reconfirm what she has heard. Su-aís mother hears from her daughter that Seung-juís father is alive, but goes to the hospital declaring that she will not believe it until she sees him with her own eyes.
Meanwhile, Seung-juís father wakes up, and upon seeing Yeong-ju by his bedside calls out to his son saying ďMy little oneĒ and cries. Yeong-ju rushes out of the hospital room to tells his sister and brother that their father has regained consciousness. Startled, Seung-ju and Hyeok-ju rush to their father, but they only see him sleeping once again peacefully.

Episode 44

Seung-juís father wakes up again, and he regains some of his memory, but he still does not recognize Seung-ju. Seung-ju feels tormented, wondering how her father could not remember her when he even recognizes Su-aís mother.

Puzzled over Su-aís strange behavior at the hospital, Gern-wu asks Pink exactly how Su-a acted towards his grandfather. Pink imitates the way Su-a treated the grandfather, twisting his hand hard, and scolding him. Confirming Su-aís hypocrisy, Gern-wu is appalled once again.

Meanwhile, feeling extremely nervous, Su-aís mother calls the loan shark but his telephone is dead. Even though she feels sick, she drags herself to his office, but the door is firmly shut and locked.

Episode 45

Hearing the news that Seung-juís father is alive from his wife, Su-aís father rushes to the hospital. Seung-ju, who had been telling Gern-wu that Su-aís family had stolen her fatherís bonds and the house sees Su-aís father as he enters the hospital. She warns him not to say anything that might shock her father. Upon seeing Su-aís father, Seung-juís father insists on going back to his house as he needs to find something important.

Meanwhile, Gern-wuís family visit various real estate agencies to find a suitable place for Gern-suk to start her beauty salon. Having no idea what her family is trying to do for her, she feels that her family is cold-shouldering her when they stop talking whenever she enters the room.

Episode 46

Hearing that Su-aís mother stole his money and that she even beat up Yeong-ju, Seung-juís father orders Su-aís father to come to him immediately. Seung-juís father demands Su-aís father how a human could act like that, and accuses him of stealing the bag with his money. When Su-aís father denies everything, claiming there is a misunderstanding, Seung-juís father slaps his face roughly. Overcome with anger, Seung-juís father raises his hand again, but momentarily feels dizzy and collapses while holding the back of his neck.

On the other hand, the loan shark telephones Su-aís father asking for a meeting. He tells Su-aís father that everything is split milk and makes a suggestion.

Episode 47

Su-aís hysteria reaches its peak upon hearing that Gern-wu wonít be going to Russia with her. Su-a goes barging to Gern-wuís mother demanding to know what she has done wrong. When Gern-wuís mother fails to answer, Su-a continues to pester her. Angry at Su-aís behavior, Gern-wuís grandfather blocks Su-aís way, but she only pushes him roughly and continues to approach Gern-wuís mother. Now everyone in the house feels threatened.

On the other hand, Seung-ju thinks that she should check out the situation at Su-aís house, and visits their home unexpectedly. In the house, Su-aís mother is busy packing up everything that could be turned into cash. When Seung-ju asks if she is running away, Su-aís mother screams at Seung-ju to get out of her house. Seung-ju questions Su-aís mother about the safe connected to the bookshelf in the study, and demands where she has hoarded all the bonds and gold that were in the safe. Su-aís mother trembles with fear, but claims she doesnít know what Seung-ju is talking about.

Episode 48

After making a complaint with the police regarding the loan shark, Seung-ju together with Hyeok-ju meets him in the park. The loan shark looks around to confirm there are no suspicious cars nearby. He laughs hard at Seung-ju and her brother. When Seung-ju advices the loan shark to give himself up to the police, he only tells them to stop being so impertinent and to study some more. He turns to leave, but ends up being chased by the police that had been watching him. Finding out later that Seung-ju met with the loan shark, her father rebukes her for taking such a dangerous risk without consulting him.
On the other hand, hearing the news that Gern-wu is coming back to teach at the university, Su-a goes to the head of the department questioning why the school is letting the guy who decided to teach at a private academy for money, come back. She even goes on to assert that Gern-wu is having an affair with another woman when she is his girlfriend.

Episode 49

Seung-juís father invites Gern-wu to Min Jun-kiís home. He introduces Gern-wu to Jin-aís grandmother as someone who would have been his son-in-law if it hadnít been for the accident. Min Jun-ki and Jin-aís grandmotherís eyes meet for an instant. Seung-juís father tells Gern-wu that his beliefs have changed significantly after the accident, and asks Gern-wu to stay by his daughterís side.

On the other hand, having lost her senses, Su-a dresses up in Korean traditional costume and goes to Gern-wuís auntís house taking a book of poetry that Gern-wu bought for her. Upon seeing Su-a, Gern-suk wants to attack her, thinking about the convulsions Pink had to suffer before. However, Gern-wuís aunt stops Gern-suk observing that Su-a doesnít seem to be in her right mind. Su-a tells them that Gern-wu had told her to order a wedding dress, and asks if Gern-wuís aunt knows anything about it. Listening in the next room, Gern-suk is stunned by Su-aís behavior, and flings the door open ready to attack her. When Gern-suk pushes Su-a by her shoulder, Su-a turns on Gern-suk shouting how dare Gern-suk lay hands on her. Shaking uncontrollably, Su-a has a hysterical fit and collapses backwards.

Episode 50

Jin-aís grandmother asks Seung-juís father to forge a bond of brotherhood with her son Min Jun-ki so that the two families may live as one. Seung-juís family is taken back by her sudden proposal, but Seung-juís father happily agrees, promising to think of her as his own mother for the rest of his life.

On the other hand, returning from the hospital, Su-a visits the loan sharkís office where her mother is hiding. She takes out two bottles of orange juice, and shakes in some powder medicine she prepared beforehand. Su-aís mother offers to make her a cup of coffee since the weather is cold, but Su-a just tells her to drink the juice. Looking at Su-aís strange expression, her mother suspects something is not right. Feeling frightened, Su-aís mother asks what the drink is. Su-a declares that she doesnít want to feel more pitiful than she already is, and that she just wants to die. She holds up the bottle to drink up the juice.

Episode 51

Released from interrogation, the loan shark tells Su-aís mother to try once more to persuade Seung-ju to withdraw her complaint. Meeting Seung-ju, Su-aís mother pleads with her niece, but Seung-ju only tells her something like that will never happen even if the world breaks into two. Watching the scene in hiding, the loan shark plots an evil scheme saying if gentlemanly methods donít work, then he has no choice but to use to other means.

On the other hand, after accepting Gern-wuís marriage proposal, Seung-ju goes to visit Gern-suk at her beauty parlor with Gern-wu. At the same time, Gern-wuís mother also comes with some packed lunch for her daughter. Seeing Gern-suk and Seung-ju talking affectionately, Gern-wuís mother feels alienated, and tries to leave quickly. Also finding out that her husband met with Seung-juís father about marriage plans, Gern-wuís mother loses her temper demanding what her role is in this house.

Episode 52

At the very instant that the loan sharkís car is about to hit Seung-juís father, police siren rings loudly, and patrol cars appear, allowing Seung-juís father to save himself just in time. Hearing about the circumstances from the police, Seung-ju trembles with fury for Su-aís mother. Overcome with anger, Seung-ju sets out to leave saying that sheís going to drag Su-aís family to the police immediately.

On the other hand, the checks signed by Su-aís mother are found to be illegal, and the police comes searching for her. The police tells her that even though Yoon Won-jun withdrew the complaint, Su-aís mother now has to go to the police not as civil but criminal case. However, Su-aís mother resists, shouting that she hasnít done anything wrong. The police gives up trying to take Su-aís mother quietly, and takes out the warrant for her arrest and puts handcuffs on her.

On the other hand, hearing about Gern-wu and Seung-juís wedding, Su-a goes to the wedding dress shop. Telling the sales lady that she is leaving for Russia right after her wedding, she tries on the wedding dress.

Episode 53

On the day of Seung-ju and Gern-wuís wedding, Su-a comes to the wedding venue and tells Seung-ju that she would like to sincerely congratulate her on the wedding. Reminding Seung-ju of the promise they had made as children to choose each otherís wedding dress, she apologizes for not being able to keep the promise and laughs emptily. The head of department presiding over the wedding ceremony, informs the guests that instead of him giving a speech, the bride and groomís fathers will read out letters for their children. When Seung-juís father starts to read the letter for his daughter, he is overcome with emotions, and it is difficult for him to continue reading. Seung-ju also cries feeling a deep sadness. Hiding herself, Su-a looks on sadly at Seung-ju and Gern-wu standing side by side.

Episode 54

Gern-wuís grandfather asks his son to buy him some materials for making a skirt, a facial crŤme, face powder, taffy and a pair of rubber shoes. When Gern-wuís father asks the purpose of the goods, the grandfather happily answers that the taffy is for his mother, and the face powder for his wife. Gern-wuís father and mother worries about grandfather who has completely lost his appetite, and whose condition seems to be deteriorating. While talking with Gern-sae, grandfatherís senses come back to him momentarily, and he gives the mirror that he has treasured to his grandson. Grandfather asks Gern-sae to always live with the bright expression that he has now.

Episode 55 (Final Episode)

One year after.
Gern-wuís mother is madly busy looking after Gern-saeís new born son and her sister-in-lawís daughter. Committed to a mental hospital, Su-aís condition has improved significantly, and thanks Seung-ju when she comes to visit her with a cake. Then crying, she apologizes to Seung-ju for all the wrong she has done. The two women reconcile with difficulty.

On the other hand, Seung-ju receives silver prize at a design competition for new designers. She is awarded special admission to a fashion school overseas, but she lies to the family that she failed to receive any recognition. Discovering the truth, Gern-wu urges his wife to go ahead and study, telling her that he can only be happy when she is happy.


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I like to download my sister.can sombody tell me where?
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where can i download d drama full episode for free.tq
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kim sung soo...hope u can come to malaysia..luv ur drama
very like Taiwan, because here I have a chance to get to know korean moovie, Very like Kim Sung -soo...with from Siberia
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kim sung soo..i hope that someday u'll be here in philippines!! and i really want to see and meet you soon! take care!!
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