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Rules of Love (이별에 대처하는 우리의 자세)

이별에 대처하는 우리의 자세 (I-byeol-e Dae-cheo-ha-neun Woo-ri-eui Ja-se)

Directed by Lee Jae-dong (이재동)

Screenplay by

Romantic comedy Drama Melodrama Romance

MBC | Airing dates :

Alternative title : "Posture for Farewell"


A New Style Love Story
There are many unsaid rules and wise sayings about love as well as about breakup. Itís true that most breakup scenes in dramas are a bit trite and clichť-ridden. For instance, it always rains when the storyís main characters break up. Oddly enough, even the one who gets dumped usually wishes for his or her ex-loverís happiness even though he or she is completely heartbroken. How come every hero in the melodrama is as nice and sweet as an angel? What about something like this for a change - ĎIím not going to let him get away with this.í ĎIíll chase her to the end of the world.í Or ĎIíll make him pay for my broken heart and pain.í Even though a couple breaks up, there are still things left to be taken care of. They need some time to heal so they can later carry on.

A Contract Breakup
Many romantic dramas have used Ďthe contract marriageí (where the people arenít really married, but pose as if they were) as its subject. However, this drama will introduce viewers to love and contract from the point of view of a couple that breaks up. She isnít ready for letting him go when he wants to break up with her. He, on the other hand, has met all the requirements and is ready to put an end to this relationship.

The Dreams and Happiness of the Young Generation
The 40,000 young people are reported to be unemployed. Most of young people are looking for a job. They donít have time to talk about their dreams or hope. This is the story of the young people who search for their dream, strive to achieve their goals and learn something about love and happiness.


Kim Geun-Young (Actor: Choi Kang-Hee)
Sheís the oldest daughter of a teacher who is in charge of studentsí behavior.
Sheís sweet and real. However, once she sets her mind on something, sheís very stubborn. Sheís determined and she knows what she wants in life. She sometimes has troubles with her brother, but sheís never done anything that might hurt other people. Sheís also proud of that. Sheís full of love and dreams, but something terrible happens to her! The moment when she first meets a guy named Jae-min, everything starts going wrong. He had such an innocent smile. He told her that he loved herÖ She believed that she could be happy even in a hell as long as she was with him. She believed in love. She believed in him. She was dreaming of a beautiful wedding. However, he wants to break up with her. She canít believe what is happening to her. She goes to meet the guy. However, he looks fine ? not guilty at all from the breakup. He lives his life as if nothing ever happened. He tells her that he never loved her. She asks herself; what should I do with him?

Han Jae-Min (Actor: Shim Ji-Ho)
He seems sweet as a child. It seems that nothing much is going on in his head.
He lost his parents when he was still a child, so his grandfather raised him. He seems happy and carefree, but heís very soft-hearted and lonely. He likes women. Heís surrounded by the women that he claims to be Ďjust friends.í Heís rather whimsical. Once he likes something and focuses on it, he canít see anything around him. This personality makes him attractive, but it can also be very hurtful to some people. If he didnít have his unique sweetness or his charming smile or his handsome appearance, he would have been a target to many people who hate him. Heís a rude and rather stupid player, but thereís something about him so that most people canít hate easily. Heís interested in Hee-Won who frequents Seo-Junís studio. He tries to get a job there to get a chance to meet her. However, things donít go as he plans. Then, he decides to use Geum-Young. He thought that his plan had worked beautifully, but he didnít expect Geum-Young to make a counterattack. Even though heís a Casanova who can attract any woman with his charms, it doesnít seem that he can get away with Geun-Young. After he announces his breakup with Geun-Young, he ends up paying for it in a big way.

Lee Seo-Jun (Actor: Kim Min-Jong)
Heís a successful photographer.
He runs a photo studio. Since heís very good at what heís doing, many famous actors want to get their pictures done by him and many companies want to use his talents in their commercials. Since heís never been in need, he doesnít care about money. He travels around and when he gets tired of that he comes back to work. When he gets bored, he goes somewhere leaving everything behind. Heís a man of few words. Heís not good at expressing his feelings. Heís good-looking, but heís not the sweetest person in the world. He once loved a woman, but now heís not interested in having a relationship. Heís very professional. When it comes to his work, heís a perfectionist. He doesnít get along with Jae-Min who is a troublemaker. However, he canít fire him because he knows that Jae-Min is passionate about photography. Jae-min has respect for him. When a new assistant Geum-Young starts working in the studio, he has more to worry about. Heís attracted to Geun-Young, but heís at a loss when he finds out about her relationship with Jae-Min.

Seo Hee-Won (Actor: Kim Ah-Joong)
Sheís working for a magazine as a reporter.
Sheís the reason that Jae-Min got a job at Seo-Junís studio in the first place. She was born into a wealthy family. She seems so fragile and quiet, but sheís very smart and proud. Once she finds something she wants, she never lets anyone else have it. Since Jae-Min starts working in the studio, sheís been bothered by his interest. In fact, the person she had in mind was Seo-Jun. However, she was too proud to make a move. She gets jealous when Seo-Jun shows interest in Geun-Young. To make things worse, she learns about the relationship between Jae-Min and Geun-Young.

Episode Guide

Eps. 1

When Jae-minís father plans to send Jae-min to China, he secretly takes some expensive gold jewelry and pottery and tries to escape. However, heís caught by his grandfather at the last moment, so he has to leave the house empty-handed. He goes to look for a job. Min-su went to high school with Jae-min. He finds out that Jae-min is trying to get a job as an assistant at Seo-junís photo studio where he works. Since Min-su doesnít like Jae-min, he tells Jae-min that he canít work there because he didnít major in photography. Rejected by Min-su, Jae-min makes another plan to get a job after he finds out that Min-su has an older sister Geun-young. Geun-young is studying to become a teacher. As she studies at the library, Jae-min shows up and gives her balloons. Sheís embarrassed by his unpredictable behavior. Later, she goes to her friendís birthday party where she runs into Jae-min again. They have a great time at the party, but the following morning, theyíre surprised to wake up next to each other. Jae-min tells Geun-young that heís been interested in her for a long time. He asks her to go and meet his parents. Geun-young refuses. However, Jae-min suggests to her that she should go out with him for at least a week before she decides.

Eps. 2
Jae-min wins Geun-youngís heart. He gets a job at Seo-junís studio with Geun-youngís help. However, once he gets what he wanted, he thinks that he doesnít need Geun-young anymore. Now, heís interested in Hee-won and Geun-young is only in the way. Jae-min tries to find a way to break up with Geun-young. His attitude toward Geun-young has changed overnight, and she canít understand what is going on. Hee-won asks Seo-jun to go to an opera on her birthday. However, busy with his work, Seo-jun refuses. Jae-min gives a birthday gift to a depressed Hee-won. Meanwhile, Geun-young waits for Jae-min in front of the studio, but she sees Jae-min walking out with Hee-won.

Eps. 3
Hee-won asks Jae-min if he knows Geun-young, but he lies to her that heís never seen her before. He just says that sheís Min-suís older sister. Geun-young feels terribly betrayed. Seo-jun realizes that Jae-min only wanted to work in his studio to go out with Hee-won in the first place. But Hee-won isnít interested in Jae-min, who constantly tries to get her attention. Jae-min tells Geun-young that he never really loved her. He asks her to get out of his life. Geun-young is so heartbroken that she almost loses her mind. She stays in bed for days. Finally, she gets out of bed and starts writing something on a piece of paper. Geun-young gives this paper to Jae-min and says that sheíll let him go free if he does what it says.

Eps. 4
Jae-min signs the paper that Geun-young gave him, but he soon regrets it. He meets with Geun-young and tries to invalidate Ďthe contractí, but Geun-young doesnít fall for his sweet talk. When Jae-min and Geun-young argue in Seo-junís studio, Geun-young accidentally breaks Seo-junís camera. Geun-young tells Seo-jun that sheíll pay for the camera by working in the studio for free. The next day Geun-young starts working at the studio. However, she is rather careless in her work and causes problems.

Eps. 5
When Jae-min and Geun-young joke around at work, Seo-jun feels jealous for some reason. During an argument, Seo-jun hurts his hand. Geun-young feels responsible and is concerned because it can be a serious injury for a photographer. She takes him to the emergency room. Geun-young asks Jae-min to write her the love letter that he promised to write in the contract. Jae-min says that he canít because he doesnít have any feelings for her. Geun-young tells him to pretend she is his girlfriend for a few minutes while heís writing the letter. Seo-jun canít use his injured hand freely. Geun-young is concerned. She applies an ice pack to his hand and takes good care of him. Watching Geun-young, Seo-jun realizes that heís falling for her.

Eps. 6
Seo-jun feels great after taking Geun-young home. Hee-won is jealous of Geun-young. Jae-minís grandfather happens to meet Geun-young and he likes her very much. He asks Geun-young to set a date to meet her parents. When Geun-young is depressed after a fight with Jae-min, Seo-jun asks her to go shopping with him. They have a great time together. Jae-minís grandfather gets bored and calls Geun-young. Geun-young tries to tell Jae-min that his grandfather called, but Jae-min just hangs up the phone because Hee-won is with him.

Eps. 7
Hee-won sees Seo-jun and Geun-young together at the movie theater. Hee-won tells Jae-min to be careful not to lose his girlfriend to Seo-jun, but he just laughs.
Since Hee-won is heartbroken over Seo-jun, Jae-min feels sorry for her. Jae-min gets angry with Seo-jun and heís grumpy all day at work. To get even with Jae-min for treating Hee-won like a princess, Geun-young flirts with Seo-jun in front of Jae-min. Seo-jun feels uncomfortable with Geun-youngís act. Hee-won asks Geun-young to quit working with Seo-jun, but the studio doesnít seem the same without her. Seo-jun canít stop thinking about Geun-young.

Eps. 8

Seo-jun asks Geun-young to come back to work. Hee-won and Jae-min go to the studio. Jae-min needs to finish painting a wall and Geun-young helps him. The following morning, Seo-jun finds Geun-young sleeping in the studio with paint all over her face. For Jae-minís birthday gift, Geun-young makes a T-shirt for him. However, Jae-min lies to her and sneaks off to meet Hee-won. So she gives the T-shirt to Seo-jun instead. Seo-jun asks her to help him with his work.

Eps. 9
Jae-min and Geun-young have a fight over the fact that Geun-young helped Seo-jun with his work. Over a drink, Jae-min asks Seo-jun to return Geun-youngís photo, but Seo-jun refuses. He hints that heís interested in Geun-young. Jae-min tries to stop Geun-young from becoming too friendly with Seo-jun, but things donít work out as he plans. Hee-won gives Jae-min the money to pay for Seo-junís broken camera, so Geun-young wonít have to work for him anymore. Jae-min tries to give her the money without letting her know that itís really from Hee-won, but Geun-young finds out anyway. Sheís very disappointed with Jae-min.

Eps. 10
Geun-young is surprised when Seo-jun admits his feelings for her. Seo-jun keeps showing his affection despite Geun-youngís confusion. Meanwhile, Geun-youngís family tries to keep Jae-min away from Geun-young. Jae-min tries to stop Seo-jun and Geun-young from seeing each other while Hee-won is trying to keep Jae-min away from Geun-young. Due to Jae-minís trickery, Seo-jun gets stood up by Geun-young and he falls ill. Geun-young hears that heís sick and she goes to his house to see if heís all right.

Eps. 11
Geun-young tells Jae-min that sheís falling for Seo-jun. Jae-min is surprised. Geun-young asks him if they should stop seeing each other. Jae-min throws away their contract. Geun-young feels rather sad when Jae-min doesnít seem to care about what she said. Both of them feel bad about whatís happening to them. The following day, Jae-min canít go to work because he has a minor stomachache. Believing that Jae-min has become stressed because of Geun-young, Jae-minís grandfather calls Geun-young. Meanwhile, Hee-won hears from Geun-young that she broke up with Jae-min. She gets angry with Geun-young for not being upset about the breakup. On top of that, she canít understand how Geun-young chats and laughs with Seo-jun as if nothing happened. Geun-young tells Seo-jun that she and Jae-min broke up. She also implies that she can go out with him.

Eps. 12
Jae-min waits for Geun-young. When she gets out of Seo-junís car, he hands over their contract. He tells her that he canít break up with her because their contract is still valid. He also tells Seo-jun that he canít give her up. The following day, he goes to work all dressed up. He asks Geun-young to go out for dinner with him. Geun-young agrees to go out with him one more time since she has something to tell him, as well. Seo-jun works alone in his studio after everyone takes off. He canít focus on his work because of Geun-young and Jae-min. He wants to call her, but he decides not to. Geun-young tells Jae-min that she and Seo-jun are going out. However, Jae-min tells her that their contract is still valid. He also tells her that heís started to like her and asks for more time to get ready for the breakup. Geun-young is speechless.

Eps. 13
Jae-min follows Geun-young to the library. He notices that she isnít wearing the ring anymore, which makes him sad. Upset about his situation, he leaves the library and goes to the studio. Jae-min realizes that Seo-jun is confident about Geun-youngís feelings for him. His pride gets hurt. He confronts Geun-young and asks her why she hasnít told him earlier about her relationship with Seo-jun. However, Geun-young asks him why it matters to him since they already broke up. Jae-min wants to start over, but Geun-young tells him that itís too late. Seo-jun asks Geun-young to show him the contract with Jae-min. She reluctantly agrees. Seo-jin tells Geun-young that the only way to get out of the contract to fall in love him.

Eps. 14
Geun-young suggests to Jae-min that they let each other free. Jae-min is hurt. Later he goes to Seo-junís office and tells him about his feelings. Seo-jun tries to make him feel better. After sleeping at Seo-junís place, Jae-min goes on a trip by himself. He focuses on taking pictures during his trip. Meanwhile, the magazine Hee-won is working for is interviewing Seo-junís ex-girlfriend.

Eps. 15

Seo-jun and Geun-young want to call each other, but neither of them has the guts to do it. One day, Seo-jun and Geun-young run into each other just as they met for the first time. Geun-young thanks him for standing by her while she is breaking up with Jae-min. Seo-jun asks her to go out with him in return. Geun-young accepts. Seo-jun tries to have a good time in his own way. Since Seo-jun isnít very good at dealing with women, Jae-min gives him advice about what Geun-young likes and how to impress her. Seo-jun and Jae-min become good friends. Jae-min focuses on winning the photography contest. Hee-won tells Geun-young that Seo-junís ex-girlfriend has come back to Korea.

Eps. 16
Seo-jun tells Geun-young that he loves her, which makes her very happy. Seo-jun remembers the ring that he wanted to give her a long time ago. He sings her a song in an empty theater and gives her the ring. Seo-jun and Geun-young are happier than ever. Jae-min remembers Seo-junís advice about taking pictures of what he cares about. He decides to take pictures of Geun-young and asks if it's all right with Seo-jun. Seo-jun takes a job requiring him to go to Africa. Geun-young canít decide whether she should go with him or not.


1. 이별에 대처하는 너희들의 자세 - EZ Life

2. 갈증 - 윤건

3. 설레임 - 별

4. 멀리서 그리고 가까이 - 김연우

5. Love Me - 리아

6. 곁에서만 들리는 - 별

7. Free Style - 박상민

8. 이별에 대처하는 나만의 자세 - 리아

9. 근영에게

10. 곁에서만 들리는 (Guitar + Oboe)

11. 너와 함께

12. 화려한 외출

13. 가슴 떨리던 날

14. 첫사랑

15. 곁에서만 들리는 (허밍)

16. 정말이야?

17. 어느날

18. 설레임 (Guitar Ver)


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  • Park Hae-il: 'I Want to Present Diverse Acting'

    2011/01/04, Source
    Actor Park Hae-il, who will play a character named Hui Do in the movie "Heartbeat", said, "My first goal is to act naturally. I might not be able to satisfy every audience, but I might need to try my best to satisfy more audiences". Actor Park Hae-il debuted with his appearance in the movie "Waikiki Brothers" (2001), which was directed by Yim Soon-rye, and ten years have already passed since his debut. He appeared in more than twenty movies, including those works that he had appeared in as a supporting actor. He HAS ALSO transformed into various characters in those movies,...More
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    Lee Byeong-woo [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] There is film music that lasts in one's memories for as long as or longer than the movie itself. Most such music are regarded masterpieces and in that sense, the film music that guitarist Lee Byeong-woo has made are worthy of joining the ranks of masterpieces. But his music will arouse one's memory of a scene from a movie rather than let it become forgotten,...More

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 Kim Sa-hyeon (김사현)
 Production department
 Lee Dong-yoon (이동윤)
 Assistant director
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60 min 4/3
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Airing dates : 2005/07/27~2005/09/15

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Rules of Love (이별에 대처하는 우리의 자세)

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