Shoot for the Stars

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Shoot for the Stars

Korean Drama | 2002

별을 쏘다 | Byeol-eul Sso-da


Directed by Lee Jang-soo (이장수)

Written by

TV Channel/Plateform: SBS (SBS)

Airing dates:

16 episodes

Seong-tae (Cho In-sung)is an orphan. He made up his mind to become a movie star and find his foster parents and brother who made him feel like he was a part of a family. It is a long, hard road to become an actor. Adding to these problems, he has a hard time reading scripts because he has dyslexia. Although frustrated at times, he has a warm-hearted manager Han So-Ra. She helps him become a great star. Her ceaseless efforts pave the way for his success as a promising actor.


1. Prolog
2. In My Dream - 조장혁
3. And I Love You - 이주헌
4. Strain
5. #1 Piano Only
6. 꿈속에서 - 강균성
7. #1 Bell Ver
8. 세상 그 누구보다 - 이현승
9. #2 Scat Ver
10. Hope
11. #1 Guitar Ver
12. Stars - Jin
13. #2 Piano Only
14. #1 Scat Ver
15. #2 Guitar Ver
16. Nothing(성태 테마) - 강찬
17. Comic
18. Bevery
19. #1 Piano Ver
20. In My Dream - 조장혁


Shoot for the Stars
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Shoot for the Stars
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Shoot for the Stars
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Shoot for the Stars
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