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Sweet Spy (달콤한 스파이)

달콤한 스파이 (Dal-kkom-han Seu-pa-i)

Directed by Ko Dong-seon (고동선)

Screenplay by ,

Comedy Romantic comedy Drama Romance

MBC | Airing dates :

20 episodes


“What is the moral level of Korea in the 21st century?
Is this society one where common sense is still valid?
A country where just because of the fact that some officials are elected candidates they think they can get away with bribery and large-scale wiretappings initiated by National Institutions.
Who are our people supposed to trust?
A weak traffic police Lee/ Soon/ Ae
Let’s hope that she will soothe our surging anger.

Lee Soon Ae - Nam Sang_me

About the time that Soon Ae was about to graduate high school her father's print shop was not doing very well. They were barely making enough to scrape by. So as soon as she graduated she went out to help make money for the family. She married a young police officer, Kim Minook, but shortly after their marriage he died in a questionable car accident. Soon Ae ends up becoming a special recruit police officer but soon finds that making a living on her own is not too easy. After accidentally stepping on the edge of the First Lady�셲 skirt she gets moved to a neighborhood public security center where she gets harassed by drunks, goes around looking for runaway teens, and get bruises here and there trying to help solve domestic disputes. She has a very troublesome life but she works very hard never to forget her duties as a police officer.

Kang June - Lee Joo-hyeon

He is a very hard worker; studying and working at the same time he makes it into the police college. This guarantees him a secure future and also exempts him from paying tuition. He graduates with exemplary grades and stands out among his classmates with his outstanding skills in solving cases which gets him promoted as a police captain early on in his career. He is a very lonely person who is frighteningly cold-hearted, doesn't let his feelings be shown nor does he let others come into his heart. But one day he meets the troublemaker police officer Soon Ae who starts to melt his heart.

Park Eun Joo - Yu Seon

She is born the eldest of a family from which many of Korea's best police officers were born. As a child she got all sorts of special education and was brought up not knowing any hardships. She is the most intelligent and talented woman ever to graduate from the police college. It�셲 hard to believe that her feelings toward Kang June are truly love but one thing for sure is that she can not let someone take the most popular and best officer away from her. But just when she thought Kang June was all hers his heart starts to move toward the preposterous Lee Soon Ae! Just watching her going ahead and solving cases before any orders come down from the investigators stirs up great hatred inside Eun Joo's heart. Eun Joo becomes more of a wicked character as she rebukes each and every case Soon Ae is involved in to Kang Jun and even puts her into great danger. Soon after, Eun Joo herself gets into a great accident.

Han You Il - Dennis Oh

A character with an unknown identity who has nothing but money suddenly appears out of nowhere as a person who has great funding powers from a non-banking sector. There are many rumors going around about him because everything about him, starting from where he was brought up and what he did in the past, is hidden. He can speak English, Japanese, French, German, Russian and 2 third world languages, and he has information about anyone he needs to know about. His one and only hobby is boxing till he sweats, and this, after coming back from trips to Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong. As the curiosity grows of what actually is behind the curtains of this great spotlight, fame, wealth and soft smile, he meets Soon Ae again, after getting a speeding ticket, at a sparring ring. After seeing her again a little fire of love lights his dim heart. What is his real identity?...

Officer Shim - Kim Bo-seong

The tough guy in the investigating department.
A hot tempered officer whose fist goes out first to criminals but sucks up to senior officers.

Choi Bum Goo - Choi Bool-am

Lost his parents in the Korean war and grew up with hunger and extreme sadness. Once a born fighter with nothing but guts and integrity, he ends up living in jail for getting in a fight with a few who betrayed him. Now he�셲 just a plain old man living with one of his followers from the old days who owns a boxing gym on the outskirts of town. Although he has no money, power or place to go his temper from the old days comes out but when thinks of the days when he was in prison and his wife who took his children and left him he cries lonely tears. He acts all smart in front of his followers using English words that he heard when he used to work as a shoe-shiner at the American Army Base.

Wang Sah Bal - Lee Ki-yeol

He starts boxing at an early age, determined that he was going to become rich and help his family. He becomes an amateur boxer during his junior high years and gets his name known. Then he gets involved in a fight because of a friend and gets kicked out of school for it and then his life starts to fall apart. After he gets kicked out of school he does everything to make money, no matter what the job is. While working as a waiter at a nightclub he comes into the eye of the owner and becomes the second man of the Bong Goo Gang. He goes to prison after fighting with some new gangs and gets out of prison before the boss. After he gets out, he lives awaiting and dreaming of the boss's comeback.

Gah Oh Li - Kim Joon-ho

He looks down on ignorant Wang Sah Bahl and is always looking for a way to take his place as the second man but never succeeds because of Wang Sah Bahl's various tactics. He thinks himself to be a smart man and always uses his head but always loses against Wang Sah Bahl who throws punches before anything else. The day that Buhm Goo and Sah Bal get arrested he runs away by himself to some island but gets caught by the notorious shrimp catchers. They drag him all over the Pacific. Somehow he manages to get away but gets tricked by some other shipmen. He loses all his money and gets thrown off the boat onto some island where he marries a rich widow and eventually returns to Korea. But thanks to his bad luck he runs into Wang Sah Bal and is taken to pay the price of betrayal and now lives washing the floors of the gym and selling porn videos in the streets of Chungae Chun.

Eps. 1

Soon-ae, a police officer, gets a bloody nose trying to stop a car that ran a red light and ends up crashing into a telephone pole. Soon-ae still gives the guy in the car a ticket and handcuffs him telling him that she’ll arrest him. Kang June is at his new work place when he sees Soon-ae come in, making a scene, with some guy she arrested.
You-il, who just arrived at the airport, sees some airport police running somewhere in a hurry; he becomes tense as he watches where they’re going and sees Eun-joo.
As You-il races down the street in his convertible he tries to stop at a red light but ends up stopping slightly past the crosswalk line where Soon-ae was crossing. She stops and glares at him. She walks up to his window and, even though she loses her breath after seeing his stunning looks, she asks for his driver’s license. He answers her in English. Soon-ae takes out her ticket slips and is about to give him a ticket but notices that she doesn’t have a pen, so she takes You Il’s pen out of the front pocket of his suit and writes out his ticket.


Jo Jung-hae and police officer Shim start to feel a heavy strain when Kang June tells them to find all the files to unfinished cases. They run into Eun-joo, who has come to the investigation division, and officer Shim is stunned at her great looks. Eun-joo introduces herself to the people in the office and tells them that she’s happy to work with them. She asks Kang June how he’s been and if he missed her.
Soon-ae is working in the public safety center. Gah Oh-li comes in drunk; she sends him away and gets back to her knitting when she hears someone come in. Thinking that it’s him again she gets angry, but is surprised to see Kang June standing at the door. Kang June tells her that he saw her at the wedding and to call him whenever she needs some help. Meanwhile You-il is drawing sunglasses over all the pictures of women police officers and finds Soon-ae.
Wang Sah-bal comes out of prison and goes to the boxing gym.

Eps. 3

Kang June is surprised to see a motorboat disappear right in front of his eyes with Soon-ae riding in it. Soon-ae is surprised at his call and lies to him saying that she’s about to sleep. You-il arrives at the wharf, gets in his car, and drives away leaving Soon-ae in the boat. Soon-ae yells and screams but it’s no use.
You-il and gets home and with his secretary think about who Soon-ae might be. After thinking, they come down to the decision that Soon-ae might be that she is a spy from some other party.
You-il’s secretary goes to the sauna to meet someone to watch over Soon-ae at all times. He mistakes Bum-goo as the person to do the job and gives it to him. Bum-goo is surprised to see money in the briefcase he was given but hurries to hide it. Meanwhile, Soon-ae gets help from Eun-joo, and she decides she must learn something after seeing Eun-joo’s great fighting skills.
On the way back to the public safety center Soon-ae sees Wang Sah-bal’s boxing gym and stops her scooter. The three members of the Bum-goo gang who have seen Soon-ae’s picture are surprised to see her walk in.

Eps. 4

Kang June sees Soon-ae at a party and thinks there is something suspicious about how she acts and how she’s dressed. The congratulatory party starts and the main people of the Knife Funds are introduced. As You Il introduces Soon-ae as the main stockholder of the company she looks at him surprised. The members of the Bum-goo gang who were supposed to keep close watch on Soon-ae are not able to go to the party so they watch her through the entrance. Just then officer Shim smells something fishy about them and walks towards them and as he gets to them they are surprised and all walk away. Their eyes sparkle when Gah Oh-li says ‘Let’s go to the kitchen.’
Soon-ae steps out of the party and walks down the halls of the hotel. She ends up going into a room where she finds You-il. Heuk Ryong Hwae asks her if she took You-il’s pen, she answers by saying that she’s sorry and that she didn’t take it on purpose. Right then someone comes to the room and You-il covers Soon-ae’s mouth. You-il’s secretary takes on all the people that come into the room and runs out of the room taking Soon-ae with him…

Eps. 5

You-il gets a strange feeling inside seeing Soon-ae and Kang June together and asks who he is. The two men introduce themselves and glare into each other’s eyes while shaking hands. Kang June rides away on his motorcycle and You Il asks Soon-ae if her arm is alright. You-il starts to leave in his car but comes back to give her his number. He writes his number down on her hand and tells her to call him if she finds the pen.
Soon-ae moves onto the upper floor of the public safety center. She gets a phone call from Kang June asking to see her. She goes to see him and he asks if she knows Choi Bum-goo. Tears fill her eyes when Kang June asks what her husband said to her before he died. Seeing tears run down her face he starts to feel sorry for asking her. The officers in the investigation division start to wonder what they’re talking about when they see her crying.
Soon-ae takes a pen out of the locker and starts to record some stuff down when she notices the pen in her hand and starts to look at it carefully…

Eps. 6

After the meeting Park offers to take Jea-soo home but she turns him down. Sensing that she would feel uncomfortable Han You-il tells her to get into his car. You-il is surprised to see that the place that Jea-soo asked to be dropped off was the public safety center where Soon-ae works, and she calls Soon-ae out. Soon-ae walks out half asleep. You-il smiles awkwardly and greets her and Soon-ae is confused to see Jea-soo with him.
Kang June shows off his great martial arts skills at Wang Sah-bal’s gym and the members of the gang are blown away. He asks Wang Sah-bal about how Soon-ae registered to his gym and Wang Sah-bal tells him that he does not know. Just then Soon-ae walks into the gym, and Kang June asks her if she is still spying.


Although You-il does not like Soon-ae and Kang June together he doesn’t let his feelings show. The members of the Bum-goo gang walk into the gym and are surprised to see You-il. As You-il fills out the gym’s registration form, Soon-ae practices hitting the sandbag, and Kang June walks around the gym keeping a close eye on You-il. After filling out the form You-il says goodbye to Soon-ae and leaves.
Soon Ae follows him out secretly and is about to go in through the emergency exit when she gets caught by You-il’s secretary. He asks her if she has told anyone about them and she tells him that she has only told Kang June. After discussing other matters with his secretary, You-il tells her that he’ll give her another chance by telling people that they are lovers. Soon-ae gets transferred to the investigation division…

Eps. 8

You-il teaches Soon-ae some self-defense moves and Kang June punches a sandbag while glaring at them. Kang June and You-il give each other scathing looks and as Soon-ae senses the tense air, she gets nervous. Eventually they decide to have a match in the ring. At first they start out easy but as soon as one throws a punch things get out of hand. After the fight Soon-ae, Kang June, You-il and The Bum-goo gang all sit down and enjoy a dish of jjah jahng myun.
As Soon-ae gets into You-il’s car Kang June invites her to come to his house if she still can not find the keys to her house. Hearing this You-il gets angry and is mean to Soon-ae all the way home. As You-il drops her off in front of the public safety center he tells her that if something like that happens again to come to his house. At this Soon-ae gives You-il a blank look and You-il hurries away. Jea-soo sees Soon-ae and You-il together and is surprised see that they know each other and Soon-ae starts to feel sorry…

Eps. 9

Soon-ae asks Jea-soo if she and Park are lovers. Jea-soo says that they are and tells her to just act as if she doesn’t know. Kang June feels very angry at the site of You-il and Soon-ae being so close to each other. Soon-ae asks Hyun-chul about the papers that Choi Bum-goo stole. Hyun-chul starts to feel uncomfortable and leaves the room.
After a meal You-il takes Soon-ae to his house to have a glass of champagne. They start talking, and get to know each other. The two start to tango and a strange feeling starts to flow through them.
Eun-joo gives Soon-ae a huge load of papers and tells her to put them in order by the end of the day, then tells her to accompany officer Shim to an autopsy. Soon-ae is scared to death at the sight of the body in the autopsy room and eventually faints. Meanwhile back at the office things start to become noisy with the sound of people coming in to read the article about Soon-ae on the internet. Just then officer Shim and Soon-ae walk in and she is confused to see everyone looking at her…

Eps. 10

Kang June gives Soon-ae the keys to his house, telling her to go there if she doesn’t have any other place to go and leaves. You-il, worrying about Soon-ae, drives around looking for her. While walking the streets aimlessly she starts to think of You-il’s suspicious actions. Just then You-il’s car stops right in front of her and he smiles at her, but her response is to ask for his identification for driving over the middle line. He tells her that it’s at home. Soon-ae offers to go home with him to get it and gets in the car.
You-il tells her to stop being so stubborn and to stay at his place and he shows her to a room. Soon-ae can’t believe the whole situation but still takes a look around the room out of curiosity. The next morning, You-il prepares breakfast happily, his secretary does not really like Soon-ae being in the house but doesn’t let his feelings show. You-il goes to the room, quietly calls out ‘koala’ and carefully opens the door but she is not there. Meanwhile, Hyun-chul goes back to Bum-goo and gives him work again.

Eps. 11

The employees of the investigation division are gathered in small groups discussing the new assignments they were given. Soon-ae is sitting at her desk spaced out when Kang June calls her into the chief’s office. She gets up and walks towards the office studying the faces of the other officers. Kang June asks Soon-ae what the inspectors asked her and tears start rolling down her face. Kang June purposely asks Soon-ae if she has found out anything about You-il. Coldly, she tells him that she is still working on it. He also asks her if it’s nice living with You-il.
You-il paces back and forth his living room waiting for Soon-ae to come home. As soon as he hears the door open he hurries to the sofa and acts like he was reading a book. He is kind of disappointed when she just says ‘hi’ and walks into her room. She is surprised when she sees a bunch of shopping bags on her bed, so she and goes out to the living room in an argumentative tone and asks what all the stuff is. Soon-ae tells him that she doesn’t need all that stuff and You-il asks her if it’s because she’a a police officer and if so then she should quit. Soon-ae, thinking that what he said is absurd, tells him that it’s the last present her husband gave her and goes into her room.
Meanwhile, the Bum-goo gang, sits down and worries about what they should do with the documents. Jea-soo goes to the police office to see Soon-ae...

Eps. 12

Soon-ae is in the empty office organizing some stuff when Kang June sees her and asks when she is going to move out of You-il’s place. She tells him that she is going to stay there for a while. You-il and Soon-ae are standing in front of the window staring outside when You-il tells her that he is happy these days because of her. Soon-ae hastily goes into her room as she senses a strange mood coming along. She starts to feel uneasy at the fact that she is starting to like You-il.
Soon Ae says that she has come up with a plan and tells it to the other officers in a meeting. While Eun-joo only listens to the plan, and everyone else agrees to use Choi Bum-goo to threaten Song Hyun-chul. Meanwhile, Hyun-chul goes to Jea-soo and asks her to convince Bum-goo for him, causing her to look at him as if he was crazy.

Eps. 13

Soon-ae is surprised and doesn’t know what to do when she sees You-il bleeding. He tells her to take out the first aid kit and not to call the police. She opens the first aid kit and does exactly what he tells her to do; she brings the whisky and takes some big gulps.
You-il hands her an operating needle and tells her to stitch his stomach back up. You-il starts to lose consciousness and Soon-ae gets scared. After taking a deep breath takes hold of the needle with trembling hands. You-il’s secretary comes home and sees Soon-ae taking care of him. He comes in and checks to see how You Il is doing with very experienced hands and Soon-ae breaks into tears. You-il’s secretary tells her to move out because that is the only way You-il won’t get hurt anymore. Soon-ae has trouble concentrating at work, worrying about You-il and whether or not she should tell Kang June about the wiretappings. Kang June announces to the other members of the investigation division that he is going to disclose the information about the documents to the press.

Eps. 14

You-il and Soon-ae come home. He looks at her blankly then asks her where she was going to go. While Soon-ae is treating his cut, he apologizes for putting a tap on her and that it wasn’t because he didn’t trust her. Just then the secretary walks in. You-il is frustrated because Soon-ae can’t understand what she’s saying and asks the secretary to translate for him. You-il tells her not to go anywhere-no matter what anyone says. As Soon-ae goes into her room You-il thanks her for coming back. She smiles and goes into her room.
In order to trap Jung Bum-jin, Kang June arrests him for giving out faulty information, and the members of the investigation unit are shocked as they read the article. Eun-joo comes back from an executive’s meeting and tells everyone that she is now the head detective of the investigations unit and that all investigations regarding the documents will stop at once. Soon-ae asks Jea-soo to let her meet Song Hyun-chul, and so she calls him to arrange a meeting.

Eps. 15

You-il’s secretary asks Soon-ae if she would like to work with them and Soon-ae responds by asking how he can ask such a question to a police officer. You-il sits with a smile on his face watching and Soon-ae offers to work with them only if they tell her exactly what kind of spies they are. Just then she gets a phone call from Kang June asking her to come over to his house, and she leaves hastily. She gets to the house and is surprised to see Police Chief Choi, Officer Shim, and Oh Nah-rah all there. The five of them all sit looking over documents and start their meeting.
Kang June asks Soon-ae if she’s ever heard of the Heuk Ryong Hwae and she tells him that she once saw them at You-il’s house. Then she tells him about how she first got hold of You-il’s pen and how she met the Heuk Ryong Hwae again, but Kang June asks her why someone like You-il would want to meet the Heuk Ryong Hwae. After Soon-ae leaves Kang June has a strange feeling about everything. On the other hand officer Shim goes and meets Jea-soo to ask her about how she got the documents she gave to Soon-ae. Jea-soo tells him to stop bugging her and turns to leave when he takes hold of her wrist and stops her. Just then Park walks in.

Eps. 16

Kang June goes to the gym to have a drink with the Bum-goo gang. He asks Bum-goo if the reason why he was brought into the police station was because of the pen and if it had anything to do with Soon-ae. On hearing this, the gang members turn there heads in surprise. As Kang June leaves he tells them to come to the station for questioning. Wang Sah-bal stops him and tells him that they’re being wrongly accused, that the CIA came to the gym, and about Song Hyun-chul, when Bum-goo suddenly grabs him by his collar and tells him to stop.
Soon-ae receives a watch from You-il as a Christmas present. As You-il straps the watch onto her wrist he smiles and she watches him with a suspicious look. You-il’s secretary starts giving Soon-ae lessons on following people. Hyun-chul gets angry at Bum-goo for lying to him, and Bum-goo, not knowing why Hyun-chul is angry at him, tells him that he never said that he was an international spy.

Eps. 17

Soon-ae wakes up remembering what happened the night before between her and You-il. Worrying that You-il will notice her, she carefully opens the door and walks out. You-il, who was preparing breakfast, sees her and greets her. At the breakfast table Soon-ae tells You-il and his secretary that she thinks it would be good if she moved back out of the house. The secretary gets angry at her for wanting to move out, now that she knows all their secrets, and while they keep arguing with her every time she tries to give an excuse she tells them that Eun-joo also knows about everything.
You-il picks out a dress for Soon-ae, and his secretary tells her to find out how much Eun-joo knows and who is behind everything. Eun-joo, who has been invited to You-il’s house, greets him. Soon-ae, who is standing next to You-il, for some reason avoids any eye contact with her. You-il accidentally runs into Eun-joo and makes her drop her phone. Meanwhile Soon-ae goes to meet Bum-goo and asks if they gave Jea-soo the documents. Bum-goo asks her who Go-seum-doh-chi is…

Eps. 18

You-il was walking towards the elevator but stops when he sees Kang June there. All of a sudden Kang June, who had asked to talk to him, throws a punch at him; not being prepared for such a punch You-il falls to the ground, gets up, and clenches his fists. You-il also throws a punch at Kang June, and Kang June asks him what it is that he wants from Soon-ae. The two start to fight again when the secretary appears and stops them.
Back at the public safety center, Soon-ae is busy knitting when she suddenly remembers something important and gets up to leave. She goes to see Kang June and asks him how far the investigation on You-il has gone. Kang June doesn’t say another word, upset at the fact that she is worrying so much about You-il. Meanwhile the Bum-goo gang, after thinking about Soon-ae and the pen, come to the decision that she is the bond-girl. Bum-goo calls Hyun-chul…

Eps. 19

Soon-ae acts very coldly toward You-il; not knowing why he asks her if there’s something wrong. Soon-ae gives him a picture of him and another woman and asks who she is and leaves. Soon-ae and Kang June sit in a van, and tap Hyun-chul’s telephone calls. Kang June, surprised, asks her where she learned this kind of stuff.
You-il runs into Eun-joo and despite being angry at her he doesn’t let it show. Eun-joo gets nervous as You-il reaches into his inner pocket. He pulls out an envelope and gives it to Eun-joo to keep as a souvenir and leaves. Eun-joo opens it up, and finds a picture with her in it and doesn’t know what to do. Soon-ae and Kang June are talking while waiting inside the van when the door suddenly opens. You-il pulls Soon-ae out of the van and takes her to his car...

Eps. 20

Soon-ae sits at her desk in the public safety center knitting, when she suddenly remembers the place where You-il told her to meet him the night before. As it gets closer to the time she’s supposed to meet him she gets nervous. Soon-ae goes out to the place where they’re supposed to meet and waits for him. At the same time Kang June and Eun-joo start to worry about her when they can’t get a hold of her. With the help of a locating device they find out where she is. They go to her and Eun-joo tells her not to be so sad and that it’s a good thing that they all know the truth now.
You-il arrives... Soon-ae tells them that she’ll try talking to him and goes towards him. Soon-ae asks him if he killed her husband, and You-il asks her if she really thinks that he did. Soon-ae says no, then he tells her to go but Soon-ae offers to go with him. Eun-joo aims her gun at You-il and Soon-ae pushes him out of the way...


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  • Nam Sang-mi's 11th year anniversary fan meeting

    2014/01/16, Source
    Actress Nam Sang-mi had some quality time with her fans. Currently in the midst of making the movie "Slow Video", Nam Sang-mi celebrated her 11th year anniversary with her fans in a café in Hyehwa-dong on the 11th. Titled, "11th Anniversary, Nam Sang-mi Thank You", the event was a chance for fans to congratulate the actress who debuted in 2003 with the drama "Love Letter",...More
  • 'Gourmet' Brings Korean Cuisine Back to TV Screen

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    Seoul Broadcast System (SBS)'s "Gourmet" ("Sikgaek") will once again bring the delicious and colorful dish,...
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    Most Korean dramas start airing after the shooting of first a few episodes. Thus the general practice has been that production gets busier and busier, with the dramas eventually rushing to the end with obviously lower quality than before.

    A blockbuster hit from,...
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    2008/01/08, Source
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    The New Year will be another one full of drama, as broadcasters prepare unique stories to grab audiences' attention. Korean dramas have always been at the forefront of domestic entertainment, for if a certain drama gains popularity, the actors ride,...
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    2007/09/07, Source
    Active both in its advance into the film business and the expansion of its media business this year, Yedang Entertainment (CEO: Yang, Hee-Jong) is seeking to widen its scope to include the performing events and drama industry.

    Yedang announced that Lobbyist, an SBS' special drama scheduled to be,...
  • Drama success relies on expression of emotions
    2006/10/30, Source
    JINJU, South Gyeongsang Province - There is no question that Korean TV drama led "Hallyu", or the Korean Wave, that swept the whole of Asia. When talking about how this was possible, a Korean TV drama producer says it is the delicate expressions of emotions that made success in the Asian entertainme,...More
  • Korea Drama Fest Opens in Chinju
    2006/10/23, Source
    By Han Eun-jung
    Staff Reporter

    The Korea Drama Festival 2006 will start this week in Chinju, South Kyongsang Province.

    A variety of events, including drama screenings and celebrity fan meetings, will take place under this year's theme "water, light and stars" in Chinjusong and on the banks of,...
  • Internet Becomes Path to Stardom
    2006/01/11, Source
    By Park Chung-a
    Staff Reporter

    Nam Sang-mi, heroine of the television drama "Sweet Spy" which ended on Tuesday, Lee Bo-ram, who recently released a sexy mobile photo album, and Kwa,...
  • A Year of Big Changes and Small Setbacks for Korean TV
    2005/12/27, Source
    2005 will be remembered as a year of new trends in Korea's entertainment industry. On the one hand, there were the large-scale dramas starring big names that were clearly produced with an eye on Asian markets that showed themselves receptive to the Korean wave. But equally importantly, some smaller,...More
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  • Genitalia Exposed in TV Drama
    2005/11/15, Source
    By Bae Keun-min
    Staff Reporter

    MBC drama "Talcoman Supai (Sweet Spy)" on Monday broadcast a bathhouse scene during which the private part of a male extra was accidentally exposed, sparking protests from viewers on its online message board.

    The Korean Broadcasting Commission said it will discu,...

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 Choi Chang-wook (최창욱)
 Production department
 Kang Sook (강숙)
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60 min 4/3
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Airing dates : 2005/11/07~2006/01/10

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They should have cast someone else in the Dennis O'Neil role, he was simply pathetic in it. If they'd have taken an aubergine and placed it in front of a computer, it would have been an improvement. Well, it would have had more charisma at least
2011-11-09 13:28:30
2011-02-24 11:37:08
Is there season2? Ithink it must be....
2009-06-04 21:11:42
2009-05-11 01:05:03
part 2!!!!!!!!!!!
if ever there is a part two, dont change the original chracters
2009-01-09 19:10:56
2009-01-09 19:02:28
Part two! part two!!!
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English subtitled for asian viewers 2006-08-26

I like this drama and i want to have it to be one of my collection. But, i'm in asia, so i need dvd with english subtitled which i can buy from global yesasia. Because i can't buy your US version. Can anyone help me?

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2010/01/23 00:26:45
hey 2006-08-24

why don't they want to make the second season of sweet spy?
the best korean drama i've watched because there are no blind people,no people with cancer and so on..
but seems like koreans like to watch the sad-TRagedie-dramas
that's too bad

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2006/08/25 05:05:14
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Sweet Spy (달콤한 스파이)