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The Scale of Providence (신의 저울)

신의 저울 (Sin-eui Jeo-wool)

Directed by Hong Chang-wook (홍창욱)

Screenplay by


SBS | Airing dates :

Fri 21:55 - 16 episodes
Also known as "God's Scales"
Kim Woo-bin (actor Lee Sang-yoon) wanted to become a prosecutor like his dad who was admired for his unshakable integrity. But after failing to pass the bar exam several times, he finally passes the bar one day, which is also the day when he kills a woman by accident. He decides to confess his crime but he lets himself be convinced by his mother to keep it a secret and not disappoint his father. The woman he killed was the girlfriend of Joon-ha (actor Song Chang-ui). Joon-ha’s brother, who had a criminal record, decides to confess to the crime so that Joon-ha won’t have to go to jail and their mother dies from grief after the judge sentences her son to life in prison. Joon-ha becomes driven to pass the bar exam and it takes him three years to finally pass the bar, giving him a chance to prove his brother’s innocence. After deferring his law trainee program and leaving the country for two years, Sang-yoon returns to Korea and enters the law trainee program where he befriends Joon-ha. He then learns that Joon-ha’s brother is serving a life sentence for a crime that was committed by none other than himself. He also finds out that Joon-ha’s mother died from grief that her son was sentenced to prison. Though he should have asked for forgiveness from Joon-ha, he turns into a wicked person. Later on, he becomes a cold-blooded person who misuses the law to serve his own interests. When Shin Young-joo (actress Kim Yu-mi) finds evidence that tacks the murder on Sang-yoon, he dangles the prospects of marrying her to manipulate her. Joon-ha reopens the murder case of his late girlfriend when he gets furious from the revelation that Woo-bin could be the killer. Unaware that his career is in jeopardy, Woo-bin is promoted as a partner to his law firm. One day, Woo-bin is stunned when his father confronts him and asks, “Did you kill that woman?”


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  • Actress Jeon Hye-Bin

    2012/02/25, Source
    South Korean actress Jeon Hye-bin is seen trying a baseball in Seoul. She is also a singer known as BIN. She was born on Sept. 27, 1983,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Song Chang-eui - Part 2

    2010/04/22, Source
    Actor Song Chang-ee [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]   10: Tae-sup is a very quiet character. He isn't loud and doesn't say what is unnecessary but it's impressive to see how you depict his emotions so delicately through your eyes or expressions. Song Chang-eui: I think a lot about the situation that is laid out in the script and why that situation is occuring. For example, when Tae-sup becomes flustered running into his uncle after he parts with Kyung-soo in front of his house but hears that his grandfather had been sick, I have to instinctively act surprised. When he is with his mother, he'll clash and get angry with her but suddenly smile for her too, and sometimes he will just brush past Ho-sup (played by Lee Sang-yoon) but also quarrel with him. It's important to show the subtle changes a character's emotions undergo depending on who he or she is with and under what circumstances, but I think it's even more so in the case of Tae-sup. It might not be caught on camera that well sometimes because the changes are so subtle, but it's fun expressing those details,...More
  • Actors save lives on set of TV series "Jejoongwon"

    2010/01/06, Source
    SBS TV series "Jejoongwon" is set during the latter era of the Joseon Dynasty -- a time period never before handled in a Korean drama. It also revolves around Jejoongwon which is the first hospital in South Korea's history to use Western medicine. These elements topped with the collaboration of its scenarist Lee Ki-won, writer of MBC's hit medical series "White Tower", and producer Hong Chang-wook, who garnered a strong fanbase through his SBS drama "The Scale of Providence", leaves little space for hasty presumptions. 10Asia visited the set of "Jejoongwon" a week ahead of its premiere to get a closer look and a better understanding of the medical-historical drama. Actors Sean Richard Dulake and Park Yong-woo act out a scene for SBS TV series "Jejoongwon" on set at the broadcaster's studio in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province of South Korea on December 30, 2009. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] A blond man sits at the door of a woman's room. He has an unidentifiable hose-like object stuck in one of his ears. A man sitting next to him says, "A tenth of 30 centimeters down from the neck, then another tenth of 30 centimeters to the left". That is when the woman sitting on the other side of the door starts moving. She places her hand, holding a stethoscope, to the chest of another woman whose jacket is undone. When the woman places the stethoscope to the other woman in accordance with the Korean man's directions, the blond man from the United States gives his diagnose of the patient's presumed illness. This sight where three people -- American and Korean, male and female -- cling to this single lady brought up in a good family, helps us predict what "Jejoongwon" will show its viewers. Such a scene is from times when a married woman from a good family would get beaten up by her husband for reading a book. Yoo Suk-ran (played by Han Hye-jin), who learns English and medicine, plays the friend of such a woman in the drama and will remark, "The King himself said discrimination no longer exists regarding status", although the world has yet to accept freedom of status. The same situation will apply to foreigner Allen (Sean Richard Dulake) who has come from the U.S. to spread Western medicine and Hwang Jung (Park Yong-woo) who learns medicine from Allen whilst concealing the he is actually of low status with his occupation as a butcher. That is how "Jejoongwon", through a single scene, portrayed the medicine, the time period and the way people live during such times.,...More
  • Bada and Song Chang-eui to Star in "200 Pounds Beauty"
    2008/09/30, Source
    Singer Bada and actor Song Chang-eui have been finalized as lead characters in the musical version of "200 Pounds Beauty". T,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Jeon Hye-bin, cute pose

    2008/08/14, Source
    Actress and singer Jeon Hye-bin was at a press conference this 13th for the new premium drama "The Scale of Providence". She's back! And she's striking a pose for the camera. Very cute.,...More

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    The Scale of Providence
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    The Scale of Providence
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 Oh Choong-hwan (오충환)
 Assistant director
Technical Information
60 min 35mm 16/9
Web site
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Airing dates : 2008/08/29~2008/10/24

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The Scale of Providence (신의 저울)