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The Youth in Bare Foot (맨발의 청춘)

맨발의 청춘 (Maen-bal-eui Cheong-choon)

Directed by Choi Do-hoon (최도훈), Kwon I-sang (권이상)

Screenplay by


MBC | Airing dates :

63 episodes


Even though it is a time when our values are changing, dramas about precious love remain the most popular.
A story about love among youth.
But even so this story does not include any secrets about birth, love between half brothers and sisters, someone waiting for death because they have leukemia or cancer, and no one with amnesia. Instead it’s filled with how a few youths, who have burning passion inside them, go through the everyday ups and downs of life and mixed fortunes with love and fate. The characters have distinct personalities and are full of fun. This drama will trigger something in young people who think that love is just a spur of the moment, in a world where everything is becoming digital to the extreme, by drawing the warmth that human love points to and by showing them a way of finding the truth about love.

Uhm Gisuk, a boxer, finds out that he has a heart disease which is, in effect, telling him how he will reach the end or at least that he must invest a whole lot of money into his hope for recovery. Eventually Gisuk decides to give up boxing. He gets into a situation where he has to make a go of a new career for his family who don’t make a great living off their Laundromat. And for his sister, who, despite the fact that she is 30, her family can’t dare try to help her marry because she was prematurely born.

The only reason why he even started boxing was to make money because it his only change without a good education.
Because that would be the only way he could build the finances necessary to set up a little restaurant for his sister.
He would have done anything, and not only boxing, to reach this goal.
Defending himself that way he quits boxing and is about to start a new life when love flows into him like an ambush.

Nah Kyung Joo lives with her mom and two younger siblings; they all work here and there to help her mother keep house. Her dream is to become a home shopping host. Her mom works as an insurance broker but her income is not sufficient and Kyung Joo isn’t much help either because she spends all her earnings buying clothes and whenever she has time she’s busy window shopping for designer brands to buy once she’s saved enough money to buy it. She thinks that doing these kinds of things is an investment for the knight in shining armor she’ll one day meet. Her little sister, an outstanding student, does not understand Kyung Joo’s actions and kind of looks down on her but she does not care. This somewhat snobbish and vain character falls in love with Gisuk.
They meet in a subway station, Gisuk helps Kyung Joo catch a pickpocket who was trying to steal her wallet but gets completely exhausted and faints. So Kyung Joo takes him to the hospital but when the nurse asks her to go and pay the fee she just leaves there and runs away because all she has is a overcharged credit and no cash. Just then Gisuk wakes up only to hear this news. The next day Kyung Joo goes to the show host interview but gets rejected.

That night she feels very sad and decides to go to a little covered cart bar to have a drink, just then Gisuk walks in to clear his thoughts about how he’s going to tell his parents about his illness and what to do with his future that does not include boxing. The two meet again.
Could this be fate?
They sit together but Kyung Joo seems a little nervous and scared so Gisuk thanks her for taking him to the hospital. Kyung Joo is a little surprised because she thought that he would be angry at her for just leaving him at the hospital when he helped her, a little fire of love starts to sparks in her heart and immediately begins to grow.

Gisuk is not the knight in shining armor Kyung Joo has been waiting for all this time but the reason she fell in love with him is because of his faithfulness, purity and will to fight the world. But there love isn’t always good some hardships start to occur with the appearance of a couple other characters, Min Yujin and Hwang June Hyuk.
First Min Yujin, ever since her late teens she has been a prostitute and into her thirties. She is about to get married when her fiancé finds out about her past and does not show up at the wedding. She gets into the car that they were supposed to ride in together to their honeymoon as husband and wife. She goes alone to her little sister’s grave. Her sister was the only family she had left after her parents had passed away and, at the same time, a burden. She was the reason Yujin became a prostitute, to make money to pay for her sick sister; bills. Eventually she died before the age of twenty.
Just then Gisuk was visiting his mother’s grave to tell her about his sickness and his plans. He was on his way back home when at the entrance he sees a car skid to stop and dangles on a cliff just waiting to fall and helps. A woman wearing a wedding dress just looks into the sky like nothing has happened and instead of thanking him for saving her life asks for a cigarette. Time passes and Gisuk meets her again but this time as her driver. This woman is Yujin.
Meanwhile, Kyung Joo gets a decent job at a hotel, after moving from several other part-time jobs (actually she gets the job due to the help of her mother’s old friend who is the owner), there she meets Hwang June Hyuk, a guest staying in their hotel suite…


Uhm Gisuk (26 yrs. old~) - Kang Kyeong-joon
He dreams of being a boxer but has to throw it away because he finds out that there is something wrong with his heart. Even though his family wasn’t always well off and he didn’t receive a good education he is a very positive character who knows how to adapt to the truth and has a great sense of responsibility. After losing his dream to become a boxer he does not give up everything and fall into a great depression, instead he adapts to the truth and begins a new challenge. He believes in destiny and shows the true meaning to what devotion is.

Nam Kyung Joo ( 23 yrs. old~) - Jeong Ae-yeon
She is in the same level as Gisuk in the way that they do not have much. But she is very bright and even optimistic. Because she has no particular talents and has graduated from a junior college she thinks that appearance is the only thing she has, and takes great care of it hoping to meet a knight in shining armor but even that is not easy, actually it gets even harder after she starts falling in love with Gisuk. Just then her knight in shining armor, June Hyuck appears in front of her just like a dream and she starts to get lost. While worrying about what to do Yujin appears next to Gisuk. She uses this as an excuse to leave him. But on the other side of this luck there was a trap. As she falls into this trap she becomes the heroine of a tragic drama but because of her optimistic personality she doesn’t lose hope til the end.

Min Yujin (28 yrs. old~) - Woo Hee-jin
Because she lived such a difficult life as a prostitute, ever since a young age, she has nothing to fear. Now she owns a well-known bar in Kangnam and has made a lot of money. Now that she is well off she has started to dream a very little dream. Her dream was to get married and become a good wife and mom. She was about to get married with a man who people she knew set her up with but unfortunately he finds out about her past and does not show up to the wedding. She goes to her little sister’s grave and there, like fate, she meets Gisuk. By meeting him she starts to dream her little dream again and tries to fulfill it but Gisuk does not come over easily. The longer this goes on the greater her desire becomes and she finally succeeds in making him like her and she thinks that she will be happy, but is just the beginning.

Hwang June Hyuk (28 yrs.old~)
He has a lot of money, is good looking, his family is wealthy, and he had a great education, basically he’s got everything.
Also he’s got great manners, which makes him the perfect knight in shining armor.
Even his ambitious character is charming.
However, even though he has a tendency to frighteningly fall into something he likes, on the other side he loses interest in it even faster.
But while enjoying his life, meeting people in the same class as him and loving girls the way he does everything else, he meets Kyung Joo and falls in love with her. He shows great interest in her because she is different from him in many ways but this, unfortunately, winds up like all his other relationships. He eventually comes back to her and finds the true meaning of love.

Eps. 1

Although Kyung-joo finds something she likes, she hears that her credit card has gone over the limit. Being slightly embarrassed, she pretends as if nothing’s wrong and ends up buying the outfit on impulse after being persuaded by the clerk, who tells her to put it on hold. Kyung-joo has her shopping bag snatched in the subway station. Gi-suk comes quickly to rescue her after hearing her scream, chases the snatcher and retrieves the shopping bag but suddenly loses consciousness. When Kyung-joo hears that she has to pay for the hospital fee after Gi-suk is taken to the emergency room, she puts forth her suspended credit card and runs away saying that she would return. Gi-suk wakes up but can’t remember why he’s lying there…

Eps. 2

Mi-seon breaks Gi-suk’s trophy by mistake and feels that something ominous might happen. In the meantime, Kyung-joo practices hard for her interview. Seon-joo is not so sure about Kyung-joo, who is overly confident about passing. Gi-suk now knows about his heart disease and starts drinking in sorrow.

Eps. 3

Kyung-joo comes out of the interview confident that she has tactfully answered the questions and will be chosen as the show host. Meanwhile, Jeong-hwan is standing in front of the drycleaners and automatically turns his head when a tall and stylish woman gets out of the taxi. The elegant woman, Hwa-sook, walks by Jeong-hwan and enters the real estate agency. Kyung-joo stops by the modeling agency and grudgingly accepts the pitch girl position at a bakery-opening event.

Eps 4.

Gi-suk runs towards Kyung-joo happy that she has come all the way to his town. But Kyung-joo tries to ignore him by saying that he has mistaken her for someone else. Soon-ok goes to see Jeong-hwan at his place since he has been trying to avoid seeing her. Hwa-sook, who comes in as a tenant at Soon-ok’s house, moves in the middle of the night with light luggage. In the meantime, Seon-joo gets a phone call from the home shopping network where Kyung-joo had her interview.

Eps. 5

Kyung-joo learns that she failed the interview for the show host position and returns home in despair. She holds back her tears and tries to act as lively as possible in front of her family, as she would normally. Her family shows concern for her knowing that she didn’t get the job. Gi-suk’s heart starts beating when he gets a phone call from Kyung-joo, whose cell phone he’s been keeping. Mr. Uhm at the drycleaners treats Hwa-sook’s clothes with delicate care but he’s shocked when her clothes get damaged due to his clumsy daughter Mi-sun.

Eps. 6

When Hwa-sook gets mad about her expensive clothes getting damaged, Jeong-hwan doesn’t know what to do. Mi-sun sneaks out of her hiding place and runs hurriedly to Soon-ok’s beauty salon when she hears Hwa-sook’s cry and demand for compensation. Kyung-joo is feeling down and calls In-ae and cries to her. When Kyung-joo returns full of tears, her family is heart-broken.

Eps 7

Mr. Seo and Soon-ok feel that Hwa-sook is asking too much for the clothes and go to see her. Meanwhile, Kyung-joo feels uneasy about having ignored Gi-suk and is reluctant to go get her cell phone back. She’s also worried about losing her job after having boasted in front of the head of the agency, believing that she would pass the interview. Jeong-hwan can’t take his eyes off Hwa-sook, dressed in her aerobics wear, when he goes to Soon-ok’s house.

Eps. 8

Kyung-joo is fascinated by Gi-suk when she goes to get her cell phone. Gi-suk feels there is something more between them when he sends Kyung-joo away at the bus stop. In the meantime, Jeong-hwan goes to the department store to buy Hwa-sook a dress. Hwa-sook says what Jeong-hwan has bought is unfashionable and throws it away. Soon-ok thinks the dress that Hwa-sook threw in the yard is a present that Jeong-hwan has bought for her…

Eps. 9

Soon-ok enters Jeong-hwan’s house in the small dress convinced it is a present meant for her. Jeong-hwan hides himself as soon as he sees her and Soon-ok walks around showing off her dress to Mr. Seo and Mi-seon. Kyung-joo is in a bad mood and ends up in a major argument with her co-workers, who hurt her ego. In the meantime, Jeong-hwan meets up with Hwa-sook to ask why the present he gave her ended up in Soon-ok’s hands and expresses his disappointment.

Eps. 10

Kyung-joo, who was crying out that she would love anyone that calls, is surprised to receive a call from Gi-suk at that very moment. Kyung-joo ponders for a moment and offers to treat him to dinner for having found her cell phone. Meanwhile, In-ae searches the internet to find a former classmate who could buy insurance from her. Hwa-sook’s younger sister Bo-bae comes to visit. Cheon-dong can’t take his eyes off Bo-bae who is harsh with her words and even drives a motorcycle. In the meantime, Gi-suk, on his way back from his mother’s grave, gets nearly run over by a car driven by a bride in her wedding dress…

Eps. 11

Gi-suk helps the mysterious woman, Min Hee-jeong in her wedding dress. Hee-jeong doesn’t care about the people who stare at her at all. Kyung-joo is busy picking out the right outfit for her date with Gi-suk. Hee-jeong thanks Gi-suk for his help and disappears after throwing him a wrapped ring box. Jeong-hwan who delivers Hwa-sook’s laundry blushes when her hands brush past his…

Eps. 12

Gi-suk is very surprised when he finds out that the ring Hee-jeong tossed to him in appreciation is a real diamond ring. After some time considering this strange occurrence he asks his family what to do. Meanwhile, Soon-ok sees Bo-bae’s motorcycle in the middle of the small front yard and complains to Hwa-sook…Hwa-sook meets up with Jeong-hwan and independently begins to take hold of the current situation in town. Soon-ok is furious when she hears the news of Hwa-sook and Jeong-hwan being together at a café.

Eps. 13

Gi-suk feels happy on his way back after his date with Kyung-joo. Soon-ok finds out that the dress she thought Jeong-hwan gave her was actually Hwa-sook’s. Soon-ok closes the shop for a day and lies sick in bed. Gi-suk goes through the trouble of finding Hee-jeong’s phone number and calls her to say that he wants to return the ring, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Jeong-hwan can’t stop thinking about Hwa-sook.

Eps. 14

Hwa-sook and Soon-ok yell at each other and fight to save their self-respect. Cheong-dong, scared of the yelling, runs over to Jeong-hwan. Meanwhile, Gi-suk smiles thinking of Kyung-joo and introduces Kyung-joo’s mother’s insurance plan to the people at the gym. Gi-suk contemplates Hee-jeong’s ring in front of him and calls her up again. But she gives a cool response and says that he’s already paid his price for the ring having treated her to a meal….

Eps. 15

When Gi-suk says that he wants to return the ring, Hee-jeong simply hangs up saying that he should keep it since she doesn’t want it. Gi-suk tells Jeong-hwan and his grandmother about his phone call and that he plans to just keep it, but his grandmother insists that he should return the ring. Kyung-joo visits Gi-suk at the gym to explain her insurance program and everyone is drawn into her smooth, show host-like presentation. Kyung-joo was waiting for Gi-suk and instantly arranges to meet up with the panel from the show host interview when she gets a phone call…

Eps. 16

Hee-jeong throws the ring she gets back into the river right in front of his eyes. Gi-suk is lost for words. Meanwhile, Kyung-joo is happy having sold a lot of insurance with the help of Gi-suk and has fun with him on a date. Jeong-hwan meets with Soon-ok and alleviates her sulky attitude. Soon-ok is delighted when Jeong-hwan buys her a dress and a delicious dinner. Hwa-sook creates an opportunity so she can nonchalantly come across Mr. Choi.

Eps. 17

In-ae is thankful to Gi-suk for selling insurance and invites him over. Gi-suk goes to Kyung-joo’s house full of anticipation. However, Kyung-joo gets a phone call from the home shopping network people and isn’t able to return home on time…Soon-ok is satisfied when Jeong-hwan makes up to her. In the meantime, Hwa-sook dresses up nicely and pays a visit to the driving range where Mr. Choi often goes. Mr. Choi can’t take his eyes off Hwa-sook, who walks by with her air of charm.

Eps. 18

Jeong-hwan is shocked to find Hwa-sook riding in Mr. Choi’s car. Upset by thoughts of Hwa-sook, he scolds his daughter Mi-seon, who mopes around and refuses to talk. Later, Kyung-joo stops by the gym while Gi-suk is immersed in his training. Meanwhile, Kyung-joo receives a call from the panel member asking her to come to the show host training and is set on her way…

Eps. 19

In the middle of boxing practice, Gi-suk is surprised to find that something is wrong with his heart. In the meantime, Mr. Choi, who gets trapped in Hwa-sook’s plan, hits Bo-bae with his car. He doesn’t know what to do when Hwa-sook makes a big fuss about her sister being hit… The panel member calls out Kyung-joo again and they drink until they are completely drunk. Kyung-joo manages to send him home even though he wants to have more drinks and takes a deep breath…

Eps. 20

When a singing contest is held in town, Mr. Seo and Soon-ok prepare their best and run to the contest. Although Soon-ok gives it all she has to win first prize, she loses against her enemy Hwa-sook. Kyung-joo goes to see Gi-suk after she escapes from the panel. Gi-suk is surprised when she drops weakly to the ground crying. Meanwhile, while practicing in the gym, Gi-suk feels a sudden pain in his chest and passes out…

Eps. 21

The gym director quickly brings Gi-suk, unconscious, to the emergency room. He is very surprised to find out about Gi-suk’s heart condition at the hospital. Meanwhile, Mr. Choi offers to treat Hwa-sook to dinner for having run over her sister. Soon-ok, no longer upset, is nice to Jeong-hwan and wants to buy him a suit. The director repeatedly forbids Gi-suk, back at the gym, from boxing again …

Eps. 22

Jeong-hwan was wondering why Gi-suk is skipping the gym and scolds him. Gi-suk, already sensitive because of his health, gets mad at Jeong-hwan and leaves the house. Seon-joo notices that Kyung-joo is looking for a job. Meanwhile, Gi-suk, who was stubbornly punching the sandbag, breaks down crying…

Eps. 23

Kyung-joo goes to several interviews only to be rejected. Gi-suk is preoccupied thinking that his boxing career might end soon. Meanwhile, Hwa-sook approaches Jeong-hwan and convinces him to buy the refrigerator she has won at a good price. Jeong-hwan is shocked to hear about Gi-suk’s condition from the gym director. Jeong-hwan plops down in Gi-suk’s room and breaks into tears. Gi-suk is dead drunk wandering the streets until he comes across the car Hee-jeong was riding in…

Eps. 24

In-ae gives some pocket money to Kyung-joo so that she can use it for the show host training. Kyung-joo holds back her tears, not being able to tell the truth to Seon-joo. When she asks why she is looking for a job Kyung-joo confesses the truth. Gi-suk is knocked unconscious by Taek-soo and Yeo-jin lets Gi-suk sleep in her apartment. The next morning when Gi-suk wakes up, he finds Yeo-jin’s memo.

Eps. 25

Gi-suk hesitates to enter his house and sees Jeong-hwan, who is waiting for him. Jeong-hwan and Gi-suk comfort each other over a few drinks. Seon-joo asks her friend Yoon-jeong to find Kyung-joo a job and Yoon-jeong finds her a position in the dining department at a hotel. Hwa-sook and Bo-bae make money in a card match with Cheon-dong. Soon-ok gets mad when she finds out that Cheon-dong has lost all his money…

Eps. 26

Cheon-dong hears that Gi-suk has decided to quit boxing and comforts him. His mind is set on finding a way to make some money. Soon-ok is upset when Cheon-dong storms into her beauty salon and asks for money. Meanwhile, Hee-jeong finds out that Gi-suk left his bracelet when he was drunk and contacts him. Kyung-joo and Bo-bae join Gi-suk and Cheon-dong and they have a good time together. Jeong-hwan brings in the refrigerator he has bought from Hwa-sook secretly so that Ms. Seo won’t notice.

Eps. 27

Soon-ok finds out that Hwa-sook has sold the refrigerator she won to Jeong-hwan and goes to tell this to Mr. Choi. Mr. Choi is extremely upset and runs into Hwa-sook and Soon-ok. Gi-suk meets up with Hee-jeong to retrieve the bracelet Kyung-joo gave him. Hee-jeong can’t help but laugh to see Gi-suk standing there looking puzzled since it’s his first time ever to be at a luxurious bar. In the meantime, Hwa-sook goes to see a piece of property with Mr. Choi.

Eps. 28

Seon-joo’s ego is hurt by the fact that her best friend Yoon-jeong didn’t tell her that she’s actually the daughter of the hotel’s owner. Yoon-jeong is disappointed that Seon-joo didn’t recognize her good intentions and is acting coldly towards her. Soon-ok and Jeong-hwan see Hwa-sook while they are having dinner. Jeong-hwan is angry to see Hwa-sook and Mr. Choi dining together, seeming close. Meanwhile, Kyung-joo leaves work after receiving her training and heads toward Gi-suk’s gym.

Eps. 29

Kyung-joo is surprised to hear that Gi-suk has quit the gym. Meanwhile, Gi-suk has a hard time not being able to tell Kyung-joo about boxing and his heart condition. Soon-ok giggles silently when she finds out that Hwa-sook is in the bathroom without toilet paper…Gi-suk goes to see Kyung-joo at the hotel. Although she tries to act as if she doesn’t know him, she can’t hide her feelings for him…

Eps. 30

Mi-seon thinks it’s weird that she recognizes the song Jeong-hwan keeps on humming. She remembers that it’s the same song Hwa-sook was singing in the sauna. Kyung-joo is very disappointed when Gi-suk says that he quit boxing just because ‘he didn’t feel like it anymore.’ Gi-suk passes by Hee-jeong’s bar depressed and calls her up. Hee-jeong greets him joyfully and they have a few drinks. Guys from a nearby table cause some trouble for Hee-jeong…

Eps. 31

Kyung-joo hurries to the police station upon hearing that Gi-suk is there because of his violent behavior. Hee-jeong is surprised to see Kyung-joo enter the police station. Meanwhile, Mi-seon gets irritated when Jeong-hwan and Hwa-sook deny the fact that they were riding bicycles together. Bo-bae feels uneasy after finding out from Cheon-dong that Gi-suk is at the police station. Cheon-dong is hurt when Bo-bae worries about Gi-suk and sighs. Meanwhile, Hee-jeong tries to find a way to solve Gi-suk’s problem…

Eps. 32

Gi-suk is dubious when he gets released from the police station without any trouble. Taek-soo, under Hee-jeong’s orders, goes to Gi-suk’s house to deliver a present. Mi-seon can’t take her eyes off handsome Taek-soo. In-ae goes to see Kyung-joo at the hotel and passes by her ex-lover Seung-hyo and starts second-guessing herself. In the meantime, Soon-ok is sick about having lost her money.

Eps. 33

For Hyeong-joo’s birthday, Kyung-joo’s family decides to dine at the restaurant she works at. Yoon-jeong contacts her dad Seong-hyo, when she hears that her good friend Seon-joo is coming to dine at her restaurant. Meanwhile, Gi-suk finds out that Hee-jeong has paid for his cash settlement at the police station and promises her that he will pay her back. Cheon-dong is upset knowing that Bo-bae likes Gi-suk. After some thinking, he takes Bo-bae to the beauty salon and offers to change her hair into a style that Gi-suk likes. When Hee-jeong refuses to take money from him, Gi-suk offers to do some odd jobs around the bar…

Eps. 34

When In-ae unexpectedly comes across Seung-hyo at the hotel, she hurries away. Seon-joo introduces Yoon-jeong and says that Seung-hyo is Yoon-jeong’s father. Gi-suk says that he needs to pay Hee-jeong back and starts working at her bar. When he stubbornly insists that he be permitted to do so, Hee-jeong tells him that he can only work under one condition…

Eps. 35

Kyung-joo doesn’t believe her eyes when she sees Gi-suk chauffeuring some drunk people in a car. Meanwhile, Mr. Choi has fallen in love with Hwa-sook and in an attempt to get closer to her, convinces her to go to a karaoke bar. They have a good time. Soon-ok is lost in thought after hearing from Cheon-dong that he has seen Hwa-sook and Mr. Choi come out of a street full of motels. Kyung-joo warns Hee-jeong not to use Gi-suk. However, she is dumb-founded when she hears that Gi-suk is doing it on his own free will…

Eps. 36

On the way home from work, Kyung-joo loses her balance and is about to fall but is able to save herself with someone’s help. Despite his kind appearance, June-hyuk tells Kyung-joo coldly to open her eyes and then disappears. Hwa-sook and Soon-ok have a major fight about the validity of the rumor that Hwa-sook and Mr. Choi came out of a street full of motels. The two women start pulling each other’s hair and the fight escalates with no move by either of them to stop.

Eps. 37

Cheon-dong dreams of becoming successful by selling rice cakes and goes to Mi-seon for some advise because she is a good cook. Cheon-dong suggests that Mi-seon join him selling rice cakes and says that it is best they get help from Gi-suk. Meanwhile, Gi-suk goes to see Kyung-joo with a bouquet of flowers to alleviate her anger. Kyung-joo feels better seeing Gi-suk and his charming ways and they get much closer on a fun date. Hwa-sook dines with Jeong-hwan and mentions the idea of a joint investment. Jeong-hwan is at loss for words by her charming attractiveness…

Eps. 38

In-ae doesn’t feel good about Kyung-joo working at Seong-hyo’s hotel and tells her to quit. Kyung-joo refuses because she needs to save money. Meanwhile, Gi-suk secretively holds Kyung-joo’s hand to express his affection and Kyung-joo replies by leaving him with a kiss on the cheek. Cheon-dong wants to sell rice cakes and finally convinces Mi-seon to join him. They go to Gi-suk’s workplace. Meanwhile, June-hyuk helps Kyung-joo who was having a hard time communicating in English with foreign customers…

Eps. 39

Hwa-sook wants to convince Jeong-hwan to take part in buying the land. She is trying to call the drycleaners but hangs up when Ms. Seo keeps answering the phone. In-ae is worried when Seon-joo goes over to Seung-hyo’s house to study and doesn’t return home until late into the night. Meanwhile, Gi-suk contemplates wearing the watch Hee-jeong gave him but decides to wear the bracelet Kyung-joo gave him instead.

Eps. 40

Yoon-jeong is surprised at the fact that her brother June-hyuk has come back without her family knowing. Seon-joo is with Yoon-jeong and can’t believe that the arrogant June-hyuk is actually Yoon-jeong’s brother. Mi-sook wants permission to open a rice cake shop and serves Ms. Seo rice cakes every day. Gi-suk wants to do a favor for Hee-jeong because she has hurt her hand and goes to her house to drive for her. Hee-jeong can feel her heart warming when she hears Gi-suk say that he’ll be her chauffeur until her hand heals completely. Meanwhile, Jeong-hwan is upset when Mr. Choi wants to stay with Hwa-sook the whole time.

Eps. 41

Kyung-joo is so shocked at the speed of June-hyuk’s car that she drops her cell phone. She is dumbfounded when she realizes that her phone is broken. Meanwhile, Hee-jeong goes to the movies with Gi-suk and then they go for dinner together. Hwa-sook tells Jeong-hwan that he has decided to go ahead with the joint investment. Hwa-sook suggests throwing a party, happy that she has found an investor more easily than she had originally thought.

Eps. 42

Kyung-joo learns that June-hyuk is the hotel owner’s son by chance. After some time thinking, she greets him politely and decides to treat him nicely. When Jeong-hwan and Hwa-sook return with an injury at the same time, Soon-ok feels that there’s something fishy. Cheon-dong is busy preparing for his rice cake shop with Mi-sook. In-ae feels that Seong-hyo is more of a burden even though he is very nice to her…

Eps. 43

Kyung-joo comes across June-hyuk on her way home and asks him for a ride to the subway station. After she says that she has no plans, June-hyuk takes her clubbing instead. June-hyuk sees Kyung-joo dancing passionately alone on the floor while he is chatting about business with his friends and so he goes and dances with her. When Mr. Choi offers to come see Hwa-sook upon hearing that she has injured her leg, she is taken aback and tells him never to come again. Mr. Choi takes some flowers to the apartment she supposedly lives in and finds out that she has lied…

Eps. 44

Jeong-hwan rejoices at the thought of becoming rich by buying the land Hwa-sook has talked about. He asks Hwa-sook to join him for a drive and she dresses up nicely. Meanwhile, Gi-suk considers the sales manager position Hee-jeong has offered him at the bar. Mr. Choi angrily undertakes a secret investigation of Hwa-sook. Kyung-joo gets a little tipsy over a few strong drinks with June-hyuk…

Eps. 45

Jeong-hwan can’t believe Mr. Choi when he says that Hwa-sook is a swindler. Mr. Choi intends to put Hwa-sook in jail for having made attempts to deceive him. Meanwhile, on the day Cheong-doong and Mi-seon open their rice cake shop, people from town gather to have a little opening party. Kyung-joo is surprised to wake up in June-hyuk’s hotel room and he looks at her with a meaningful glance and smiles. Hwa-sook made up her mind to leave town and feels depressed…

Eps. 46

Gi-suk gets dressed in his suit and goes to work at Hee-jeong’s bar. Gi-suk feels awkward about his own appearance and Hee-jeong thinks he’s being cute. Jeong-hwan still can’t believe Hwa-sook’s betrayal and keeps on making all kinds of absentminded mistakes. Hwa-sook sadly makes preparations to leave and meets with Mr. Choi and Jeong-hwan to carry out the transaction. Mr. Choi’s eyes flash at the sight of money…

Eps. 47

Mr. Choi’s efforts are wasted because Jeong-hwan hides Hwa-sook’s forgery. Hwa-sook doesn’t know what to do when Jeong-hwan tries to take her side and she gives him the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Hee-jeong is thankful to Gi-suk about having decided to work for her and presents him with a suit. Distracted, Hwa-sook hurries over to find Jeong-hwan. Although she goes down on her knees to beg for forgiveness, Jeong-hwan runs away saying that she should never again betray a person’s heart.

Eps. 48

To torment June-hyuk, who has deceived her, Kyung-joo orders him to take her home when she finishes work. June-hyuk is stunned by her stubbornness. Meanwhile, Seon-joo is excited about the fact that Yoon-jeong has asked her to have dinner with June-hyuk. Hwa-sook packs her belongings and runs away in the middle of the night with Bo-bae. Meanwhile, Hee-jeong is spending a dull weekend evening without any family. Gi-suk hears about Hee-jeong and asks her out to dinner and she is happy at his request.

Eps. 49

Jeong-hwan is depressed by his separation from Hwa-sook. His family, not knowing the cause of his sorrow, starts to worry about him. Hwa-sook and Bo-bae unpack their luggage at a motel and feel uneasy. Meanwhile, Cheong-dong is upset when he can’t find Bo-bae all of a sudden. Kyung-joo confirms June-hyuk’s lie and punches him saying that he shouldn’t mislead her. June-hyuk takes her home and formally asks her to go out with him…

Eps. 50

Kyung-joo is perplexed when June-hyuk asks her out. He tells her that he’ll show his true feelings from now on. In the meantime, seeing Cheon-dong so worried about not seeing Bo-bae, who realizes that even she herself hasn’t seen them for a long time. Jeong-hwan gets sick thinking of Hwa-sook. Ms. Seo can’t stand seeing Jeong-hwan with a high fever and goes to the hospital…

Eps. 51

Kyung-joo goes to the hospital to see Jeong-hwan and is taken aback when his family welcomes her. She is even more dumbfounded when Ms. Seo refers to her as Gi-suk’s bride. Meanwhile, Kyung-joo is surprised to find June-hyuk waiting for her in front of her house. June-hyuk gets caught trying to conceal his return by his mother Ji-sook, when she goes to his hotel. Hwa-sook tries to hold back her tears when thinking of Jeong-hwan.

Eps. 52

Ms. Seo wishes to bring Jeong-hwan and Soon-ok together and tells them they should try living together immediately. Soon-ok blushes and puts her head down but Jeong-hwan is even more confused. Hwa-sook works at a restaurant but is making a lot of mistakes because her mind is consumed with thoughts of Jeong-hwan. Ji-sook finds out why her son June-hyuk has returned and brings him home. Gi-suk gets beat up by Taek-soo’s gang and his face gets messed up…

Eps. 53

Kyung-joo gets a call saying that Gi-suk is hurt and goes to see him. But she gets mad and leaves when she sees Gi-suk at Hee-jeong’s place dressed up comfortably. Kyung-joo isn’t feeling too well but is happy to receive June-hyuk’s call and goes to meet him. Bo-bae recklessly comes back to town after fighting with Hwa-sook and comes across Jeong-hwan. Jeong-hwan is full of happiness and asks about Hwa-sook…

Eps. 54

Mr. Seo says that he’ll let Jeong-hwan and Sook-ok get married. However, Jeong-hwan goes around to deliver and is depressed thinking of Hwa-sook. Soon-ok, seeing him, worries because she doesn’t know why he’s behaving like that. In the meantime, Hee-jeong sets on her way to meet Kyung-joo, thinking that Kyung-joo is mistaken about Hee-jeong and Gi-suk’s relationship. Hee-jeong is worried about Gi-suk when she sees Kyung-joo and June-hyuk together at the hotel.

Eps. 55

When Taek-soo keeps on approaching Mi-seok, Gi-suk tells Hee-jeong that he wants to quit. Hee-jeong can’t believe Gi-suk’s sudden words. Meanwhile, June-hyuk dresses up Kyung-joo to take her to a gathering of his friends and Kyung-joo enjoys the glamour. Jeong-hwan who has been worrying about Hwa-sook the whole time tells Soon-ok that he can’t marry her…

Eps. 56

Ms. Seo, not knowing anything, tells Soon-ok to settle on a date to get married without wasting any more time. Soon-ok hesitates but remains quiet thinking of Jeong-hwan. In the meantime, Jeong-hwan goes to see Hwa-sook at the restaurant. Ji-sook who finds out that June-hyuk is seeing a girl tells him to introduce her officially.

Eps. 57

Jeong-hwan tells Soon-ok not to have any regrets and to forget him. She starts to cry sorrowfully hearing his words. Hee-jeong can sense that her affection toward Gi-suk has now changed. Ms. Seo finalizes an appropriate date that Jeong-hwan and Soon-ok can get married but Jeong-hwan can’t dare to tell Ms. Seo the truth…

Eps. 58

June-hyuk brings Kyung-joo home. Kyung-joo is confused when June-hyuk introduces her officially all of a sudden. Yoon-jeong is surprised when Seon-joo comes to her house as her brother’s girlfriend and calls up Seon-joo. Jeong-hwan wants to talk with Hwa-sook but isn’t able to get a hold of her. Meanwhile, In-ae is angry when she hears that Kyung-joo went to June-hyuk’s house to see his parents.

Eps. 59

Kyung-joo has made up her mind completely and tells Gi-suk that she wants to break up. Gi-suk can’t believe Kyung-joo’s sudden statement. Kyung-joo cries as she turns away from Gi-suk and Gi-suk tries to overcome his sadness with alcohol. Hee-jeong goes to see Gi-suk to comfort him.

Eps. 60

Hee-jeong has a hard time dealing with Gi-suk who is in agony over a broken heart. Not knowing about Hee-jeong’s feelings, Gi-suk even tries to change Kyung-joo’s mind but her response remains neutral. Ms. Seo hurries with Jeong-hwan’s wedding preparations. She is happy about Soon-ok’s dinner invitation but Jeong-hwan feels uneasy. His head is full of thoughts of Hwa-sook. Finally, Hwa-sook comes to his dry cleaning shop and the two meet again…

Eps. 61

Soon-ok feels uneasy knowing that Hwa-sook has returned. Anxiously she orders Hwa-sook to move out but Hwa-sook finds this absurd. Jeong-hwan tells Soon-ok that he can’t marry her. Soon-ok begs him to change his mind but Jeong-hwan remains steadfast with his decision. In the meantime, Gi-suk starts boxing again and decides to meet up with June-hyuk for the last time…

Eps. 62

Gi-suk meets up with June-hyuk and asks him to make Kyung-joo happy and leaves his last words to her saying that he loves her. Soon-ok also meets up with Hwa-sook to wish her well with Jeong-hwan but her words contain sadness. Finally the time has come for the secrets between Kyung-joo and June-hyuk’s households to be revealed and Kyung-joo and June-hyuk learn about the truth of their parents. Meanwhile, Gi-suk immerses himself in boxing to forget Kyung-joo, but passes out and is brought to the emergency room…

Eps. 63 (Final Episode)

Soon-ok goes around the neighborhood calling out “laundry, laundry” and returns to Jeong-hwan with her arms full of work to be done. Mi-seon wakes up Cheon-dong who has overslept and starts to prepare their business. In the meantime, Gi-suk is busy preparing for his boxing match coming up. Hee-jeong comes to the gym and quietly watches Gi-suk. Cheon-dong calls Hwa-sook and Soon-ok to ask them to meet him at a café to make a major announcement which is that he wants to get married to Bo-bae…


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