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Who Are You - Drama (누구세요?)

누구세요? (Noo-goo-se-yo?)

Directed by Noh Jong-chan (노종찬), Sin Hyeon-chang (신현창)

Screenplay by

Comedy Drama

MBC | Airing dates :

17 episodes


A ruthless corporate raider shares his body with a spirit who has 49 days to spend in this world to meet his daughter!
A fantasy drama with a heartwarming story
Facing death, a man is allowed to wander the human world as a ghost for 49 days.
He'll buy the things he never got to buy for his daughter and take her out to restaurants that he never could afford before and buy all the clothes she'll ever want!
Fortunately, the owner of the body that he is borrowing is Cha Seung-hyo, who happens to be young and filthy rich!
A plot with melodramatic moments that uses humor to approach taboo material.
Who are you? My dad? Or someone else?
I've fallen in love with him. I found myself helplessly falling in love...
But is it true that the soul in his body is my father's?
When my heart races as I try to kiss him, he'll turn away,
But when Seung-hyo tries to kiss me, I have no choice but to push him away in this complicated romance...
Two men sharing one body
A ruthless corporate raider and a clumsy motorcycle messenger...
Two souls sharing one body!
Two men living under one roof but living opposite lives! Who are you?
Don't hesitate to pursue love in all its entirety!
Don't let love slip away, leaving you with regrets for the rest of your life!


Cha Seung-hyo (Ruthless corporate raider) | actor Yoon Kye-sang
The Korean branch manager of Bluestone, a successful American hedge fund. He uses financial instruments to make investments in all kinds of commodities, equities, hard assets and so on but he's mostly known as an M&A specialist.
He was abandoned by his parents and grew up in an orphanage until he was adopted at the age of seven. He has an IQ score that exceeds 150! That is mainly why his foster parents adopted him.
He is a legal U.S. citizen and also thinks like an American. After returning to Korea to take on a new assignment, he gets involved in a car crash...
After his accident, he begins to act strange?!
Unbelievably, he begins to see ghosts!
He doesn't want to believe what the ghost is telling him... The ghost is the father of the girl he loves and it's been entering his body without his permission!

Sohn Young-in (aspiring comic artist) | actress Ara (Ko Ah-ra)
Recently graduated from high school. Though she gained admittance to Sejong University where she was planning to major in animation art, the sudden death of her dad forced her to forgo college.
During the day, she works as a waitress at a barbecue pork restaurant and at night she works at a convenience store to make a living. In her personal web blog, she writes down everything that happens in her life and draws her own online cartoon strip for everyone to see. She can't afford college and so she decides to enter a drawing contest to pursue her dreams. Drawing cartoons in her spare time is the only joy in her life. It holds all her hopes and it's the reason why she wakes up every morning to keep living.
Sheís eccentric. Aloof. It's hard to nail down what kind of temperament she has. She's like a thriller movie with a surprise ending. She has a thorny personality that is somewhat lovable and her smile is like the sun shining on a warm spring day!
After her mom died, it was just Young-in and her dad. After her dad died in a motorcycle accident, a total stranger appears in her life and behaves like her dad?!
Cha Seung-hyo, who appears in her life, is mean and sweet in a very odd way...

Sohn Il-gun (Daddy ghost) | actor Kang Nam-gil
He was a hardworking motorcycle messenger who died before his time was up due to a motorcycle collision. That is how he became a ghost. Before he crosses the river of no return, he is allowed to roam the human world for 49 days! He has something he must tell his daughter within 49 days. He puts heaven on hold as he haunts the human world, trying to communicate with his daughter!
Foolish and awkward, he cannot hold himself together. He constantly stumbles and makes mistakes.
ďI am told that I'm dead! My daughter isn't crying at all! It seems that she's mad at the police for saying that I committed suicide! I didn't commit suicide! I'm a foolish father but I wouldn't deliberately kill myself and leave my 19-year-old daughter all alone in this world! I need to talk to my daughter. I need to tell her all the things I never got to say to her! I'll make any kind of sacrifices to meet my daughter again!Ē

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Young-in is surprised to see the loan sharks appear at her high school and hides
behind Ji-sookís wheelchair. She then starts running to get away from them. Chairman
Kim pleads with Seung-hyo to not sell off the companyís assets one by one but
Seung-hyo coldly rejects the suggestion and angers the chairman in the process.
The chairman grabs Seung-hyo by the neck and as they stand inches away from each
other, Seung-hyo sees a nose hair sticking out from the chairmanís nose, which
irritates Seung-hyo. Il-gun nervously dances with Young-ae and tries to dance
as best as he can. Young-in and Ji-sook welcome back Yong-deok when he shows up
after finishing his military service. Young-in throws water over her dad when
heís on fire and is surprised to see him with Young-ae.

After having a bad dream the night before, Il-gun insists that Young-in ride on
his motorcycle to school. They pass by Seung-hyoís car. When Seung-hyo comes out
of his office building, he is splattered with eggs by demonstrators and he calmly
confronts the person who threw the egg and hands him his overcoat, demanding that
he have it dry-cleaned. He then heads straight to the airport but decides to drive
the car himself and crashes into a truck. Young-in is stricken with grief when
she hears that her dad died.

Episode 2

While crossing the ocean, Il-gun pleads with the grim reaper to let him attend
his daughterís graduation. The grim reaper takes Il-gun to the hospital and
shows him Seung-hyo in a comatose state in the intensive care unit. He then
tells Il-gun that heíll allow him to enter Seung-hyoís body for 3 hours a day
for the next 49 days. When Il-gun enters Seung-hyoís body, Seung-hyo awakens
from his coma and but since Il-gun is in the body he talks awkwardly to Director
Yoon and Seung-hyoís stunned secretary. When Il-gun tries to run away, the doctor
orders him to be tied down and taken back to his room for further examinations.

Yong-deok asks Jae-ha why he is being nice to Young-in but Jae-ha does not give
a straight answer. When Seung-hyo wakes up from his drug-induced sleep, he gets
mad at Director Kim for not proceeding with an important deal while he was at
the hospital and Il-gun carefully observes Seung-hyo. After her graduation ceremony
is over, Young-in is overwhelmed with sadness and Seung-hyo appears before her
with tears in his eyes while wearing a patientís gown. Young-in thinks Seung-hyo
is a psycho when he tells her that heís her dad.

Episode 3

Young-in is surprised to find out that Seung-hyo is the president of a hedge
fund but she remembers the photo she took of Seung-hyo at her school when he
showed up in a patientís gown and shows it to him as evidence. Young-in records
a video of Seung-hyo organizing scattered forks and spoons and then she messes
it up again while Seung-hyo is looking the other way. When Seung-hyo sees that
Young-in shot a video of himself, he confronts Young-in and smashes her camera.

Il-gun tries to follow Young-ae when she cries in grief on the bus but the device
that is attached to his ankle begins to beep and he has no choice but to get
off the bus. Young-in gets furious that Seung-hyo smashed her camera and so
she drops a painting, which was drawn by Il-gun and bought by Seung-hyo, on
the ground. Il-gun is stunned when he sees Young-in in Seung-hyoís office. Young-in
demands that Seung-hyo reimburse her for the damaged camera and pay her damages
for causing her emotional stress. Young-in is given her dadís suicide from the
police but she doesnít read it.

Episode 4

Young-in is told by Seung-hyoís secretary that Seung-hyo has been acting strange
ever since he was in a car collision. Seung-hyo (Il-gun) discovers his suicide
note and just as he is about to unfold it, he hears Young-aeís voice and out
of his excitement he puts the note back into his pocket and forgets about it.
Seung-hyo (Il-gun) denies that he is offering money for sex when Young-ae tells
him that she suspects him of having indecent intentions. But when a porn video
slips out of his pocket and appears in plain sight, Young-in and Young-age gasp
in surprise.

Young-in goes to a department store with Seung-hyo (Il-gun), who offers to buy
a pair of shoes for her. It is Young-inís first time to wear high heels and
though they are uncomfortable, she looks stunning in them. Seung-hyo (Il-gun)
looks with great satisfaction when Young-in puts on a dress. He watches her
change into several different expensive dresses. While Young-in is riding in
Seung-hyoís car, Seung-hyo suddenly yells at her to get off and Il-gun looks
at her walk away with sorrow in his heart.

Episode 5

After getting a call from Young-in, Yong-deok comes to her rescue and fights
the loan sharks. Il-gun stares at a picture he drew but is hanging in Seung-hyoís
home. Seung-hyo becomes confused when he looks at Young-inís photos Seung-hyo
witnesses the accident that Il-gun suffered in his dream and when he wakes up,
he is overcome with a ominous feeling.

Seung-hyo (Il-gun) visits Young-inís home to give her a present he bought for
her but sheís not home. When arriving at Young-aeís quilt shop, Seung-hyo (Il-gun)
starts dancing before Young-ae. Jae-ha asks Young-in if she has anywhere to
go and invites her come live with him. Wearing a dancing costume, Seung-hyo
(Il-gun) looks at Young-ae and smiles broadly at her. Young-ae is bewildered
at his attitude and Seung-hyo dances with her as her partner.

Episode 6

Il-gun is worried about Young-in but since there is little that he can do to
help her, he gets upset at himself, Jae-ha helps Young-in walk and takes her
away. Seung-hyo is stunned when his doctor suggests that he receive psychiatric
treatment. Jae-ha tells Young-in that he would like to present Il-gunís art
collection in his gallery. At an orphanage, Seung-hyo (Il-gun) tells Director
Hwang, a friend of Il-gunís about Il-gunís death and checks the condition of
the paintings that are stored there.

Seung-hyo (Il-gun) cries endlessly when the landlord tells him that Young-in
left. On his way back home, he hears about what happened to Young-in from a
loan shark and gets furious. After regaining consciousness, Seung-hyo gets up
and is surprised as what condition he is in. He confronts the loan sharks and
asks them whom they are taking orders from. Young-ae is stunned to hear from
Seung-hyo that Il-gun committed suicide and she then tells Young-in that the
will that Il-gun left behind was written while she was present. Seung-hyo finds
Il-gunís will to be confusing and also gets suspicious of the unfamiliar envelope
that it was enclosed in.

Episode 7

Seung-hyo and Young-in both hold onto a handkerchief and inspect the place where
Il-gun died. Seung-hyo recalls the dream he had where he saw Il-gunís face and
then asks Young-in if she remembers anyone that her father met right before
his death. Jae-ha is surprised to see Seung-hyo accompanying Young-in when they
visit his gallery. Seung-hyo and Jae-ha face each other while Young-in stands
between them. Seung-hyo learns from Ha-young that Il-gun signed a contract to
paint works for Jae-haís gallery and when Il-gun learns the truth about everything
he angrily stares at Jae-ha.

When Seung-hyo (Il-gun) comes out of his home, he gives Il-gunís will to Young-in
who was waiting outside and invites her to have lunch with him. When Seung-hyo
(Il-gun) mentions that the most delicious wine is the wine that she pours for
him, Young-in is stunned to hear those words. Seung-hyo (Il-gun) and Young-in
cry together. Young-in takes Seung-hyo to her bed when he collapses in his drunken

Episode 8

Seung-hyo recognizes Il-gun and becomes startled. Il-gun is overwhelmed when
he realizes that Seung-hyo can see him. Jae-ha reads the will that he obtained
from Young-in and makes a call to the loan sharks. Seung-hyo goes to a precinct
and asks the police if there is any possibility that Il-gun is still alive.
They give him a cigarette butt that was found at the place where Il-gun died.

Seung-hyo shows Il-gunís memo to Young-in and tells her that he thinks Il-gun
is still alive. Telling him not to remind her of her dad, Young-in runs out
with tears in her eyes cries. Seung-hyo runs after Young-in and hesitantly tells
her that heís sorry. Seung-hyo is attacked by Ho-jung in front of his house
and loses conscious. When Seung-hyo doesnít answer his phone, Young-in gets
frantic and immediately goes to his home.

Episode 9

Young-in tells Seung-hyo (Il-gun) and Young-ae to have a wonderful life together
and then leaves. Young-ae quickly catches up with Young-in and asks her if she
likes Seung-hyo. Seung-hyo (Il-gun) and Young-ae look on as Young-in eats a
meal heartedly before them. Young-ae says that Seung-hyo (Il-gun) acts like
Il-gun a lot. While thinking about her dadís accident, Young-in trembles with
fear. Seung-hyo (Il-gun) comforts Young-in when he sees her so scared.

Seung-hyo (Il-gun) looks at Young-in with sadness while she is working and starts
cleaning the barbecue grills. When the clock strikes 11, Il-gun comes out of
Seung-hyoís body. Seung-hyo angrily yells at Il-gun but then Young-in approaches
and asks him whom he is yelling at with a puzzled look on her face. While inspecting
some cigarettes, Seung-hyo discovers one that smells familiar. Young-in sees
Seung-hyo with Young-ae and glares at both of them before taking off. Seung-hyo
follows Young-in by getting on the same bus wit her.

Episode 10

Young-in is startled when Seung-hyo climbs in Jae-haís car without even asking
to join them. Seung-hyo keeps interrupting the conversation that Young-in and
Jae-ha are having. Jae-ha arrives in front of Yong-deokís place and gives a
signal to Ho-jung to call off their plan. Ho-jung asks Seung-hyo if he has a
cigarette. At the rooftop floor of the building, Seung-hyo tells Young-in that
he can see Il-gun. Surprised at hearing such unbelievable words, Young-in coughs
and accidentally spit out the food in her mouth and it covers Seung-hyo.

After waking up from his sleep, Seung-hyo yells at Il-gun to leave but when
he starts to hear Il-gunís voice he is startled. Il-gun pleads with Seung-hyo
to help him but Seung-hyo flatly refuses and says he has no compassion for him.
Seung-hyo (Il-gun) carries Young-ae on his back when she sprains her foot and
asks her to meet him ten more times. Going to the orphanage, Ho-jung and the
loan sharks start searching for Il-gunís paintings.

Episode 11

Seung-hyo gets upset when Young-in asks him if he is confessing his love to
her. Leaving Seung-hyo behind, Young-in goes to the police station with Jae-ha.
While applying for restraining order to keep Seung-hyo away from her, Young-in
bumps into Director Yoon who tells her that Seung-hyo asked the police to reinvestigate
the death of her father and this surprised her. Il-gun advises Seung-hyo not
to meet Young-in when heís not around nor get any ideas about dating her. Returning
home, Young-in is surprised to see Seung-hyo still there. They go out to have
dinner together.

When they arrive at the restaurant, Young-in stumbles but instead of helping
her steady herself, Seung-hyo just looks on and then enters the restaurant which
makes Young-in feel bad. When Il-gun keeps talking into Seung-hyoís ear that
heís too old to date Young-in, he suddenly gets up and approaches her. Seung-hyo
and Young-in walk along a street lined with cherry blossom trees. Hearing Young-in
say that she keeps worrying about Seung-hyo, Seung-hyo also tells her that he
worries about her and finds that to be uncomfortable.

Episode 12

Seung-hyo and Young-in go to an orphanage with Young-ae. Seung-hyo laughs at
what Il-gun said but heís the only one laughing. Ho-jung poses as an official
from the Food and Drug Agency and while searching through the warehouse he finds
the secret place where Il-gun hid his paintings. Young-in senses something strange
when she sees Seung-hyo (Il-gun) play soccer with the kids and then bathes them
later. They are shocked to hear Young-ae says that it seems like Il-gun returned
to them in Seung-hyoís body.

Young-in hears about Il-gunís paintings from Director Hwang and she cries silently.
Seung-hyo approaches Young-in who is crying in front of the place where Il-gunís
paintings are stored and pats her shoulders. Young-in tells Seung-hyo that she
wishes that he would be the miracle in her life. Jae-ha pays off Ho-jung and
tells them to go into hiding for the time being.

Episode 13

Seung-hyo goes to a boxing gym and tells his father Chul-soo that the paternity
test proved that he was really his son but he doesnít want any contact with
him in the future. Young-in asks Jae-ha about Il-gunís painting and whether
his art gallery owns them. Jae-ha tells her about the contract that her dad
signed with his gallery and talks about his plans to film a documentary about
Il-gunís life.

Seung-hyo is gripped with shock when he finds out that it was his half-brother
Ho-jung who took the cigarette butt. Young-in visits Young-ae and asks her if
she knew anything about a contract that Il-gun signed with the art gallery.
Young-ae shows Young-in a painting that Il-gun drew. While waiting at Young-inís
rooftop flat, Seung-hyo meets Yong-deok and has a drink with him. Young-in returns
home and sees Seung-hyo sleeping on the swing chair.

Episode 14

Seung-hyo (Il-gun) gets angry when he sees Young-in worried about Jae-ha. Jae-ha
tells Young-in that he has a low opinion of Seung-hyo and then leaves. After
getting off her shift at a convenience store, Young-in is met by Seung-hyo who
was waiting for her with an umbrella in hand but she coldly spurns him. When
Young-in refuses to get into his car, he hands he his umbrella. Seung-hyo smiles
as he follows Young-in in his car.

Young-in is stunned to hear from Yong-deok that she is the first girl that
Seung-hyo ever had a crush on. After thinking about Seung-hyo, Young-in decides
to call him. While talking about the movie Leon with Seung-hyo, Young-in tells
him that sheíd like to see a happy ending to their friendship unlike the ending
in that movie. After Young-in hangs up, Seung-hyo appears in front of her and
hugs her tightly. Jae-ha decides to use Ho-jung, who is Seung-hyoís half-brother,
and plans a way to take Il-gunís paintings. Seung-hyo then promises to bring
Il-gunís paintings to her.

Episode 15

Jae-ha freezes when he sees the empty car. Seung-hyo looks at Jae-ha with a
calm, steady gaze. Ho-jung follows Young-in when she leaves her home. Director
Hwang transports the painting to Seung-hyoís home in a mobile library bus. Jae-ha
yells at Seung-hyo to return the paintings that were taken by him. Seung-hyo
changes the subject to Il-gunís death and proposes that Jae-ha talk about it
with him.

Tears well up in Young-inís eyes when she sees her dadís paintings in the mobile
library bus. Meanwhile, Ho-jung silently approaches Young-in when nobody is
around and knocks her unconscious. When Seung-hyo learns that Young-in is in
trouble, he immediately goes to her aid. Jae-ha is overcome with emotion when
Ho-jung recovers Il-gunís paintings and brings them to his art gallery. Il-gun
looks at the sleeping Young-in with a painful look on his face and tells Seung-hyo
to go to Young-inís side. When Young-in wakes up, she treats Seung-hyoís wounds.

Episode 16

Seung-hyo (Il-gun) is astonished when Young-in suddenly kisses him and scolds
her for kissing anybody she likes. When Young-ae tells Young-in that Seung-hyo
is actually Il-gun, Young-in gets confused and looks at Seung-hyo with a puzzled
look on her face. Tears roll down Young-inís cheeks when she hears Seung-hyo
tell her that her dad Il-gun is always looking over her. Young-in sadly stares
at an empty chair as if she is looking at Il-gun. Young-in tells Il-gun that
she is sorry and loves him.

Seung-hyo (Il-gun) prepares breakfast for Young-in and as they sit together
to eat, they fight off their tears. After being relieved of his position as
the country manager, Seung-hyo is given notice to return to headquarters within
15 days. Deflated over his demotion, he tells Il-gun that he will return to

Episode 17

Young-in gets confused when she learns that Ho-jung is Seung-hyoís half-brother.
Il-gun looks at Seung-hyo with concern when he sees him endure the betrayal
of a family member. Young-in tells Jae-ha to his face that she never wants to
see him again and questions him about whether Ho-jung played any role in the
events related to Il-gun. At the boxing gym, Seung-hyo tells his biological
father, Chul-soo to take good care of himself and bids him farewell with tears
in his eyes.

After saying his final good-byes to his staff, Seung-hyo leaves the office
and collapses. While crying with fear, Young-in hears Il-gunís voice for the
first time. After Seung-hyo regains his consciousness, he goes to the Saebom
Orphanage with Young-in and Il-gun. Il-gun asks Seung-hyo to take care of Young-in.
Young-in then says thank you to her dad before breaking down in tears. After
telling her daughter that he loves her, Il-gun walks toward the bright sunlight
along a forest trail.


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 Choi Joon-bae (최준배)
 Assistant director
 Kim Jae-hong-III (김재홍)
 Assistant director
 Oh Kyeong-hoon (오경훈)
 Production department
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60 min HD 16/9
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Airing dates : 2008/03/05~2008/05/01

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This is going on my top ten fave list. It's been a while since a drama made me laugh out loud one minute, and then sob the next. Very funny and touching. Also loved the way it ended.
2009-12-01 21:58:49
2009-04-09 19:52:04
very good drama, yoon kye sang is really cute!
Love this drama...very much..!!! gotta watch it...cried a lot...very touching and happy ending...^.^
2008-10-13 18:05:40
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Who Are You - Drama (누구세요?)

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