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200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워)

미녀는 괴로워 (Mi-nyeo-neun Goi-ro-wa)

Directed by Kim Yong-hwa (김용화)

Screenplay by

Comedy Romantic comedy Romance

120min | Release date in South Korea :


Hanna is a lip sync vocalist for Ami, the famous Korean pop singer. Even though she is always ignored because of her appearance, she has been a bright and lighthearted girl until Amy humiliates her in front of Sang-jun, her secret love. At last she makes a decision of a lifetime to have plastic surgery all over her body. Her unrequited love gets any return?


200 Pounds Beauty | Cast

  • Kim Ah-joong (김아중)
    Kim Ah-joong (김아중)
    Kang Han-na/Jenny (강한나/제니)
  • Joo Jin-mo (주진모)
    Joo Jin-mo (주진모)
    Han Sang-joon (한상준)
  • Sung Dong-il (성동일)
    Sung Dong-il (성동일)
    President Choi (최 사장)
  • Kim Hyun-sook (김현숙)
    Kim Hyun-sook (김현숙)
    Park Jeong-min (박정민)
  • Im Hyun-sik (임현식)
    Im Hyun-sik (임현식)
    Han-na's dad (한나 아빠)
  • Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Lee Kong-hak (이공학)
  • Ji Seo-yoon (지서윤)
    Ji Seo-yoon (지서윤)
    Singer Ah-mi (가수 아미)
  • Park No-shik (박노식)
    Park No-shik (박노식)
    Chinese noodle stalker (자장면 스토커)
  • Myeong Kyu (명규)
    Myeong Kyu (명규)
    Hyeon-deok (현덕)
  • Jung Sung-yoon (정성윤)
    Jung Sung-yoon (정성윤)
    Pink manager (핑크 매니저)
    Venny (베니)
    Pink (핑크)
  • Park Hwi-soon (박휘순)
    Park Hwi-soon (박휘순)
    Cheol-su (철수)
  • Goo Bon-im (구본임)
    Goo Bon-im (구본임)
    Taxi woman (택시 아줌마)
    Sin Jeong-won (신정원)
    Chorus 1 (코러스 1)
    Sin Mi-yeong (신미영)
    Chorus 2 (코러스 2)
    No Jin-won (노진원)
    Assistant director (방송국 AD)
  • Jo Suk-hyun (조석현)
    Jo Suk-hyun (조석현)
    Used car seller (중고차 영업맨)
    Jeon I-doo (전이두)
    Jeong-min's doctor (정민 담당의사)
  • Kim Young-moo (김영무)
    Kim Young-moo (김영무)
    Engineering intern (이공학 인턴)
    Jeon Seon-mi (전선미)
    Engineering nurse (이공학 간호사)
    Lee Yeong-cheol (이영철)
    Night club taxi driver (나이트 택시기사)
  • Choi Hyeon-sook (최현숙)
    Choi Hyeon-sook (최현숙)
    Restaurant woman (식당 아줌마)
    Jeon Go-eun (전고은)
    Traveler (행려)
    Woo Kyeong-jin (우경진)
    Audition judge (오디션 지원자)
  • Kim Do-yun-I (김도연)
    Kim Do-yun-I (김도연)
    Tattooist (타투이스트)
    Oh Kyeong-seong (오경성)
    Studio photographer (스튜디오 사진작가)
    Kim Ji-na (김지나)
    Stylist (스타일리스트)
  • Won Dong-yun (원동연)
    Won Dong-yun (원동연)
    Old man with Alzheimer's (치매 노인)
  • Yoon Jae (윤재)
    Yoon Jae (윤재)
    Lean sexy woman (늘씬 섹시녀)
    Seo Han-gook (서한국)
    Serving man at swimming pool (수영장 서빙맨)
  • Lee Jae-ho (이재호)
    Lee Jae-ho (이재호)
    Staff in Han-na's booth (한나 부스 스텝)
    Ahn Sang-yoon (안상윤)
    Traffic officer 2 (교통 경찰 2)
  • Jung Min-sung (정민성)
    Jung Min-sung (정민성)
    Emergency room intern (응급실 인턴)
    Oh Jae-jin (오재진)
    Backdancer 1 (백댄서 1)
    Park Seong-hyeon (박성현)
    Backdancer 2 (백댄서 2)
    Im Min-seung (임민승)
    Bodyguard 1 (경호원 1)
    Cha Won-ho (차원호)
    Bodyguard 2 (경호원 2)
    Heo Min-oh (허민오)
    Chubby kid's dad (뚱아이 아빠)
    Kim Dong-joon (김동준)
    Jenny's road manager (제니 로드매니져)
    Kang Hyo-rim (강효림)
    Jenny's coordinator (제니 코디)
    Song Gwang-min (송광민)
    Studio engineer (스튜디오 엔지니어)
    Jeong Myeong-hee (정명희)
    Chief Noh (노 실장)
    Kwak Yong-geun (곽용근)
    Choreographer (안무가)
  • No Eung-soo (노응수)
    No Eung-soo (노응수)
    Restaurant man (식당 아저씨)
    No Eung-soo (노응수)
    Restaurant man (식당 아저씨)
    Park Seong-yong (박성용)
    Master control room engineer (주조정실 엔지니어)
    Im Han-seop (임한섭)
    Guest at meat restaurant (고깃집 손님)
    Jang Jae-ho (장재호)
    Healthy 2000 chief (헬씨 2000 과장)
    Kim Jong-tae-II (김종태)
    Lady at pool (수영장 연인)
  • Hyun Tae-kyung (현태경)
    Hyun Tae-kyung (현태경)
    Lady at pool (수영장 연인)
  • Jung Gi-sub (정기섭)
    Jung Gi-sub (정기섭)
    Foreign Koreans at pool (수영장 교포들)
  • Park Jin-gook (박진국)
    Park Jin-gook (박진국)
    Foreign Koreans at pool (수영장 교포들)
    Jo Hye-sook (조혜숙)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Kwak Ye-jin (곽예진)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Kim Ah-ro (김아로미)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Min Ye-seul (민예슬)
    Ah-mi's backdancer ( 아미 백댄서)
  • Kim Ae-jin (김애진)
    Kim Ae-jin (김애진)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Yang Won-jeong (양원정)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Kang Seol-hee (강설희)
    Ah-mi's backdancer ( 아미 백댄서)
    Lee Bo-ra (이보라)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Yoon Eun-hye (윤은혜)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Lee Hye-rim (이혜림)
    Ah-mi's backdancer (아미 백댄서)
    Seu Ki-jo (스키조)
    Schizo Ah-mi's concert session (아미 콘서트 세션)
  • Joo Sung-min (주성민)
    Joo Sung-min (주성민)
    Ah-mi's concert session (아미 콘서트 세션)
    Lee Hye-rim (이혜림)
    Ah-mi's concert session (아미 콘서트 세션)
    Bok Nam-gyoo (복남규)
    Ah-mi's concert session (아미 콘서트 세션)
    Heo Jae-hoon (허재훈)
    Ah-mi's concert session (아미 콘서트 세션)
    Hidehiro Hayashi (하야시 히데히로)
    Ah-mi's concert session (아미 콘서트 세션)
    Sang-sang Band (상상밴드)
    Jenny's concert session (제니 콘서트 세션)
    Kim Jeong-man (김정만)
    Jenny's concert session (제니 콘서트 세션)
    Kim Won (김원)
    Jenny's concert session (제니 콘서트 세션)
    Lee Yoon-man (이윤만)
    Jenny's concert session (제니 콘서트 세션)
    Syo-gi (쇼기)
    Showgy Jenny's concert session (제니 콘서트 세션)
    Jang Geun-yeong (장근영)
    Han-na's concert session (한나 콘서트 세션)
    Jang Jae-kwon (장재권)
    Han-na's concert session (한나 콘서트 세션)
    Kim Yang-gyoo (김양규)
    Han-na's concert session (한나 콘서트 세션)
    Yoon Ji-won (윤지원)
    Young Han-na (어린 한나)
    Jo Ah-yeong (조아영)
    Chubby kid in mall (백화점 뚱아이)
    Ji Yeon-woo (지연우)
    Live broadcast MC voice (생방송MC 목소리)
    Na Kyeong-min (나경민)
    Live broadcast MC voice (생방송MC 목소리)
  • Lee Beom-soo (이범수)
    Lee Beom-soo (이범수)
    Taxi driver ( 택시기사) - Cameo
    Lee Soo-yeon (이수연)
    Cameo (우정출연)
  • Kim Yong-gun (김용건)
    Kim Yong-gun (김용건)
    President Choi (최 회장) - Cameo
  • Lee Won-jong (이원종)
    Lee Won-jong (이원종)
    Fortune teller (점쟁이 꽃도령) - Cameo
  • Ryu Seung-soo (류승수)
    Ryu Seung-soo (류승수)
    Traffic officer 1 (교통경찰 1) - Cameo
  • Kim Ji-suk (김지석)
    Kim Ji-suk (김지석)
    Man with dark eyebrows (숯검댕이) - Cameo
  • Alex (알렉스)
    Alex (알렉스)
    Special appearance (특별출연)

200 Pounds Beauty | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "200 Pounds Beauty"

    In the Spotlight this Week: "200 Pounds Beauty" (2006) by Kim Yong-hwa Earlier this year Korea put out its first 3D tech-tank with "Mr. Go", an expensive experiment that was truly fantastical but still failed to capture the imagination of the Korean public. The film recovered just over a third of its $22.5 million price tag, and some might ask why such a gorilla was even allowed out of its cage in the first place. In 2011 Kim also help produced "My Way", another apparent cash cow that failed to come in for the slaughter. So while big-budget blockbusters may not appear to be Kim's forte, he did managed to find the right stuffing in his comedies "Take Off" (2008) and "200 Pounds Beauty" (2006),...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "200 Pounds Beauty"

    A horribly fat woman, dreaming of a job in the entertainment industry, gets plastic surgery so that she can try to get her shot at the big time. There were ample fat jokes throughout the movie's extended first act. It sounds like a pretty bad recipe for disaster. And yet, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that "200 Pounds Beauty" is lacking in the one essential element that makes fat jokes so crass. It's not especially mean. At least to the fat person. Make no mistake- Han-na is definitely the butt of many jokes while she's still in fat form. But they have surprisingly little to do with her being fat. Han-na is an extremely clumsy woman. Usually when she engages in a bit of physical comedy, it's against rather obvious advice being given to her by another character. These are accidents that would have happened even if she wasn't fat- though obviously her added girth doesn't help matters,...More

200 Pounds Beauty | News

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200 Pounds Beauty | Pictures

  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
  • 200 Pounds Beauty's picture
    200 Pounds Beauty
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200 Pounds Beauty | Facts

 Produced by
 Won Dong-yun (원동연)
Showbox (쇼박스)
 Park Kok-ji (박곡지)
 Kang Kyeong-hoon (강경훈)
 Editing department
 Kim Seon-jeong (김선정)
 Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
 Production department
 Jo Joo-hyun (조주현)
 Martial arts team
 Cho Sang-kyung (조상경)
 Costume Design
 Lee Seung-chul-II (이승철)
 Sound department
 Seo ji-oh (서지오)
 Martial arts
 Kim Jee-yong-I (김지용)
 Trailer department
Technical Information
120 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2006/12/14
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2007.02.11 : 6,128,392 admissions (total)
As of 2007.02.04 : 6,009,798 admissions (total)
As of 2007.01.28 : 5,746,302 admissions (total)
As of 2007.01.21 : 5,328,347 admissions (total)
As of 2007.01.14 : 4,794,765 admissions (total)
As of 2007.01.07 : 4,229,415 admissions (total)
As of 2006.12.31 : 3,281,591 admissions (total)
As of 2006.12.24 : 1,943,001 admissions (total)
As of 2006.12.17 : 784,718 admissions (total)

200 Pounds Beauty | Community

Your reviews
200 beauty by otto135

uv movie actualy surprisingly....great song

My page
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Last time on HanCinema
2007/11/08 12:42:40
i like 2oo pounds beauty!!!! by Sphen

like it very much... really cool...

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Last time on HanCinema
2007/07/13 05:08:51
200 pound beauty by kayekim19

very nice movie! it will make you laugh, feel in love and cry.

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Last time on HanCinema
2007/07/01 14:29:33

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wow.. really, the actress who played hanna and jenny were the same? wow.. how did they do it? hehe.. i really like this movie.. touching and funny at the same time.. :)
2012-05-17 18:50:57
2009-09-23 01:10:44
when i viewed these movie, my heart was light hearted.. believeing in destiny was imposed. jim ah-joong is really a good actress and a singer.
wow, thank you, But!! How I save this pictures ?
2009-08-17 21:47:51
2009-02-10 15:38:07
i just saw this movie & it was good; i love the ending as well!
I Like this movies, make me to think to loose weight. ^-^
2009-01-16 08:30:04
2008-11-29 16:42:30
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200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워)

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