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A Break Alone (나홀로 휴가)

나홀로 휴가 (na-hol-lo hyoo-ga)

Directed by Cho Jae-hyun (조재현)

Screenplay by


95min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known as "Vacation On My Own"
Gang-jae is a middle-aged family man living with a daughter, a high school senior, and a trustworthy and supportive wife. He tells his wife that he will marry her again in the next life, but he once had a secret passion she knows nothing of. He was totally head over heels in love with a yoga teacher. The teacher told him good-bye, saying she would find an unmarried man to wed. Ten years fly by and Gang-jae is still unable to get over her. He hovers around her, pretending to take pictures and making it part of his daily life so that he can steal a glance at her. One day she goes for a trip with her husband, and Gang-jae breaks into her house. While whimsically partaking in the mundane—like watering the plants, she and her husband return, putting Gang-jae in an unexpected and dismaying dilemma. Actor Jo Jae-hyeon’s directorial debut, this film depicts the emptiness of a middle-aged man and his obsession with a woman from his past with a light, humorous touch. (NAM Dong-chul)

20th Busan International Film Festival (2015)
Panorama Section

A Break Alone | Cast

  • Park Hyuk-kwon (박혁권)
    Park Hyuk-kwon (박혁권)
    Gang-jae (강재)
  • Yoon Joo (윤주)
    Yoon Joo (윤주)
    Si-yeon (시연)
  • Lee Joon-hyuk-I (이준혁)
    Lee Joon-hyuk-I (이준혁)
    Yeong-chan (영찬)
  • Kim Soo-jin-IV (김수진)
    Kim Soo-jin-IV (김수진)
    Gang-jae's wife (강재 부인)
  • Kwon Jin (권진)
    Kwon Jin (권진)
    Yeong-seon (영선)
  • Kim Han-joon (김한준)
    Kim Han-joon (김한준)
    Si-yeon's husband (시연남편)
  • Dong Bang-woo (동방우)
    Dong Bang-woo (동방우)
    Hall chairman (동호회장)
    Lee Myeong-woo (이명우)
    Lee Myeong-woo (이명우)
  • Kim Young-pil (김영필)
    Kim Young-pil (김영필)
    Bang Yong-beom (방용범)
  • Kim Sang-gyoo (김상규)
    Kim Sang-gyoo (김상규)
    Jo Joon-yeong (조준영)
  • Park Jung-woo (박정우)
    Park Jung-woo (박정우)
    Lee Gyoo-hwan (이규환)
    Lee Seong-ho (이성호)
    Strecthing guy (뻗은놈)
    Lee Sang-wook (이상욱)
    Deputy driver (대리기사)
  • Lee Jung-eun (이정은)
    Lee Jung-eun (이정은)
    Past yoga institute (과거요가학원)
    Im Geun-ah (임근아)
    Past yoga institute (과거요가학원)
  • Dong Hyo-hee (동효희)
    Dong Hyo-hee (동효희)
    Past yoga institute (과거요가학원)
  • Park Yoon-ho (박윤호)
    Park Yoon-ho (박윤호)
    Past yoga institute (과거요가학원)
    Son Seung-yeon (손승연)
    Past yoga institute (과거요가강사)
  • Lee Geun-hoo (이근후)
    Lee Geun-hoo (이근후)
    Photo club member (사진 동호회원)
    Seong Yeol-seok (성열석)
    Photo club member (사진 동호회원)
    Kim Dong-hyeon-II (김동현)
    Photo club member (사진 동호회원)
    Lee Ji-hyeon (이지현)
    Photo club member (사진 동호회원)
    Lee Seo-yeon (이서연)
    Deputy head of department Bae (배차장)
    Lee Seung-cheol (이승철)
    Deputy Lee (이대리)
    Lee Seon-min (이선민)
    Employee Choi (최사원)
    Kim Yoo-ra (김유라)
    Employee Im (임사원)
    Cha Dom (차봄)
    Deputy Seo (서대리)
  • Shin Young-jin (신영진)
    Shin Young-jin (신영진)
    Dong-hyeon's mom (동현엄마)
    Kim Bo-ra (김보라)
    Hye-rim (혜림)
    Kim Ji-an (김지안)
    Si-yeon's daughter (시연딸)
    Kim Chang-hoi (김창회)
    Mercedes-Benz man (벤츠남)
  • Yoo Soon-cheol (유순철)
    Yoo Soon-cheol (유순철)
    Go club owner (기원주인)
    Myojeoksa head monk (묘적사 환풍 주지스님)
    Head monk (주지스님)
  • Kim Mi-joon (김미준)
    Kim Mi-joon (김미준)
    Deep bow middle aged woman 1 (절아줌마1)
  • Shin Hye-jung (신혜정)
    Shin Hye-jung (신혜정)
    Deep bow middle aged woman 2 (절아줌마2)
  • Lee Dong-yong (이동용)
    Lee Dong-yong (이동용)
    Jeomcho drunk 1 (점촌취객1)
  • Kim Jae-hyun-I (김재현)
    Kim Jae-hyun-I (김재현)
    Jeomcho drunk 2 (점촌취객2)
    Han Sang-woo (한상우)
    Parcel service driver (택배기사)
    Im Eun-ji (임은지)
    Miss 1 (아가씨1)
    Kim Nam-woo (김남우)
    Miss 2 (아가씨2)
    Lee Seung-yong (이승용)
    Jeju car rental employee (제주렌터카직원)
    Jo Min-joo (조민주)
    Membership resort hotel 1 female employee (콘도1 여직원)
    Kim Ye-hee (김예희)
    Membership resort hotel 2 female employee (콘도2 여직원)
    Jo Ji-seung (조지승)
    Convertible car couple woman (오픈카커플여)
  • Park Jae-hong (박재홍)
    Park Jae-hong (박재홍)
    Convertible car couple man (오픈카커플남)
    Kang Soo-eun (강수은)
    Coffee shop couple woman (커피숍커플여)
    Go Joo-hyeon (고주현)
    Coffee shop couple man (커피숍커플남)
    Cha Ji-hye (차지혜)
    Jeju child's mom (제주 아이엄마)
    Kim Geun-yeong (김근영)
    Jeju child's dad (제주 아이아빠)
    Kim Ji-hyo (김지효)
    Jeju child (제주 아이)
  • Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Assistant manager/Membership resort hotel 2 - Special appearance (부지배인/콘도2)
  • Kim Je-dong (김제동)
    Kim Je-dong (김제동)
    TV voice - Special appearance (TV소리)
  • Cho Jae-hyun (조재현)
    Cho Jae-hyun (조재현)
    Membership resort hotel 1 assistant manager - Special appearance (콘도1 부지배인)
  • Park Chul-min (박철민)
    Park Chul-min (박철민)
    Yoga institute in the past (과거요가학원)
  • Lee Kwang-ki (이광기)
    Lee Kwang-ki (이광기)
    Head of department Lee - Special appearance (이부장)

A Break Alone | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "A Break Alone"

    Gang-jae (played by Park Hyuk-kwon) is trapped in the closet. That's not a metaphor for his being gay, I mean he's literally trapped in the closet and it's quite some time before "A Break Alone" gets around to explaining the context for this initial dark, incomprehensible scene. That context though, soon proves to be generally depressing. Gang-jae is one of those married men who, for no particularly good reason, becomes obsessed with a nearby sexually attractive woman,...More

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  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
  • A Break Alone's picture
    A Break Alone
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A Break Alone | Facts

 Lee Eun-jeong-I (이은정)
 Assistant director
 Kim Jeong-hoon-III (김정훈)
 Kim Jee-yong-I (김지용)
 Lighting/cinematography department
Technical Information
95 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2016/09/22
South Korean Box Office
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As of 2016.09.25 : 5 058  admissions (total)
As of 2016.09.11 : 739 admissions (total)

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A Break Alone (나홀로 휴가)

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