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Bestseller (베스트셀러)

베스트셀러 (Be-seu-teu-sel-leo)

Directed by Lee Jeong-ho (이정호)

Screenplay by


117min | Release date in South Korea :

Hee-soo has been a bestselling author for the past 20 years. But her reputation and fame are all butchered overnight when she is accused of plagiarizing a competition entry that she juried. She falls into despair for 2 years, but with the help of her long-time friend publisher, she dreams of a spectacular comeback. She drives to a remote pension deep in a small town with her daughter Yun-hee. At this quiet and uncanny pension, Yun-hee begins talking to an unidentified figure. Dying for a new source of inspiration, Hee-soo turns the stories that Yun-hee hears from this figure into her new book, which turns into a bestseller. But her regained fame doesn’t last long as she is again accused of plagiarizing a novel that was published 10 years ago. In order to prove her innocence, Hee-soo begins a mysterious journey to expose the truth.


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  • [HanCinema's News] "The Beast" Premieres on Video on Demand Services Following Poor Box Office Performance

    While "The Beast" is still playing in (very few) theaters, Next Entertainment World has already released the film on On Demand Services in South Korea domestically. The crime thriller is the latest film from Lee Jeong-ho, who also directed "Broken" and "Bestseller" and has long worked in the South Korean film industry adapting scripts,...More
  • [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Uhm Jung-hwa

    Juggling two careers is a common occurrence for actors in South Korea, but it is also one which comes under fire often. Those who have a career in singing or modeling have a lot more to prove in terms of dedications and skills when they make the jump to acting. Uhm Jung-hwa is one of the bright examples of simultaneously handling two careers and being active in many more ways with efficiency in each field. Both in choices and performances, she is a star,...More
  • [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Jo Hee-bong

    Stardom is a tricky thing in any big industry. Depending on where it places its importance, there are different requirements for creating a star. Some actors work hard to get there, some go by popularity alone and without their skills necessarily being worth their success. But as important as all types of stars are, they would not matter without all of the supporting actors that enrich the world of each work. Jo Hee-bong is one of those actors,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2014.04.25 ~ 2014.04.27

    "Spiderman" swings in and dominates... After a solid four weeks at the top of the pile Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" has finally been ousted by another American superhero. "The Amazing Spiderman 2" swung into contention this past week and swept the competition cleanly aside, clinging onto more than 72% of the total ticket sales and racing to 1.6M admissions. The web-slinger opened its Korean account to 1,312 screens, more than double its closest rival "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" which also entered the fray but had only 533 venues to campaign from,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2014.04.11 ~ 2014.04.13

    "The Winter Soldier" stands his ground… Marvel's second instalment of their "Captain America" series came out again on top this past weekend, pulling in additional 470,782 admissions (33.6%) to advance its total tally now to 3.3M. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" landed in Korea late March and has since remained the country's film of choice; an impressive feat given the continuous shuffling we've see at the box office this year. Globally, the film has amassed a monstrous $476M thus far and has been praised/enjoy by critics and fans alike,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film News] New Korean Films Inbound...

    K-Films Coming Soon: ★★★★ "My Boy": A brother with an impulse disorder dreams of visiting and playing with his brother in hospital while his mother struggles to pay the medical bills. (04/10)  ★★★★★ "Godsend": A woman who desperately wants a child tries to convince a pregnant woman not to have an abortion and allow her to raise the child. (04/10) ★★★★ "Guardian": A former firefighter is caught between a rock and a hard place when one of his children is kidnapped and he has to capture another child in exchange. (04/10) ★★★ "Girls, Girls, Girls": Three friends approaching thirty get together at a hotel and agree on a sexy challenge they must then prove. (04/10) ★★★★ "Thorn": A popular PE teacher has to deal with a fearless student who has confessed her love for him. (04/10) ★★★★ "Broken": A single father takes the law into his own hands after discovering the identity of his daughter's murders. (04/10),...More
  • "Nameless Gangster" released in North America

    2012/03/28, Source
    PREFACE "My reason for wanting to tell a story from the '80s is because I feel that the current societal climate is very similar. About 3 years ago I got a feeling that the era of my deceased father was suddenly coming back, an era in which everyone's good will is only reserved for their own survival and well being. But like my own father, I did not see these people as selfish fools, but sympathized with them. I wanted to portray these characters not as criminals who were on the wrong side of the law, but as people who tried their best to survive and thrive despite the conditions they were in. People innately follow the times they live in and those who ride it architect the next generation. The '80s in South Korea were an incredibly volatile decade in which a single person's decision could change the direction of an entire era. Following men who lived through that decade, I wanted to show that the eighties had more dramatic appeal than any other decade. I wanted to inquire whether it was the times that were changing the people, or if it was the people that were changing the times. Most of all, I hope that the audience can laugh and identify with these men who lived like kings in the face of loyalty, betrayal, and ambition".,...More
  • Korean movie of the week "Bestseller"

    2011/08/11, Source
    Korean movie of the week "Bestseller",...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Bestseller

    Despite its initial promises of intrigue and suspense, "Bestseller" (2010, Lee Jeong-ho) was not able to weave a coherent narrative by the time the credits rolled. The film can almost be divided in half as its tone and pace shifted awkwardly. The result is a very unsatisfactory conclusion to a film that had the right elements but failed to mesh them in any meaningful way.,...More
  • Singer-actress Uhm recovers from cancer

    2010/10/20, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won

    It became belatedly known that singer-actress Uhm Jung-hwa received treatment for thyroid cancer in May.

  • The New York Korean Film Festival 2010, featuring the best of contemporary Korean cinema

    2010/09/21, Source
    The 2010 Festival features eight films in a collaborative effort with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Rose Cinema. To kick off this year's New York Korean Film Festival, Yeonghwa: Korean Film Today, the Korea Society will be hosting an opening reception on Thursday, September 23, 2010 from 5-7:30PM,...More
  • 18th Icheon Chunsa Film Festival

    2010/09/19, Source
    18th Icheon Chunsa film festival finally started the award ceremony on September 18th after five days of festival. Huge number of people who attended for this festival reflects its reputation as one of the main film festivals in Korea. The honorable Best Picture award went to,...More
  • New Korean features at PiFan
    2010/07/29, Source
    This year the Puchon International Fanastic Film Festival (PiFan) presented a wide range of new Korean features including violent rural drama "Bedevilled" by Jang Cheol-soo, which,...More
  • PiFan wraps up ride of "Love, Fantasy and Adventure"

    2010/07/28, Source
    Korean director Jang Cheol-soo gives his acceptance speech after winning the prize for Puchon Choice Feature, equivalent of best feature picture, for "Bedevilled" at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festiva's closing ceremony on July 23, 2010. [PiFan] The 14th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) wrapped up over the weekend after a closing ceremony on Friday followed by two additional days of post-screening for special and encore runs of the fest's award-winning films. Although this year's PiFan was the first run by newly appointed Festival Director Kim Young-bin, the 11-day fest held under the theme of "Love, Fantasy and Adventure" was received favorably for its wide variety of services for the audience and stable operation,...More
  • "Dragon" soars to the top of box office

    2010/05/24, Source
    Hollywood animated picture "How To Train Your Dragon" [DreamWorks Pictures] Hollywood animated picture "How To Train Your Dragon" bowed into first place on the local box office over the weekend, pushing former winner "The Housemaid - 2010" off the top spot. Figures by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that the latest DreamWorks film, which opened in theaters on May 20, attracted 759,590 moviegoers during the weekend of May 21 to 23,...More
  • "Iron Man 2" maintains stay atop box office chart

    2010/05/09, Source
    Official movie poster of No. 1 movie in Korea "Iron Man 2" [Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment] Hollywood blockbuster film "Iron Man 2" maintained its position atop the Korean box office for the second consecutive week. Estimates by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that the action sequel brought in 676,142 moviegoers during the weekend of May 7 to 9 to keep its place atop the film chart,...More
  • "Iron Man 2" soars to the No. 1 spot on box office

    2010/05/03, Source
    Official poster of the No.1 movie in Korea "Iron Man 2" [Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment] Hollywood action sequel "Iron Man 2" made a successful debut onto the Korean box office over the weekend, beating out previous winner "Bestseller" off the top spot. Estimates by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that "Iron Man 2" sold 1,360,820 tickets during the weekend of April 30 to May 2 to become the No. 1 film in the country,...More
  • "Bestseller" knocks out "Titans" from top of box office

    2010/04/25, Source
    Official movie poster of Korean thriller "Bestseller" [Daisy Entertainment] Korean thriller "Bestseller" scored its first win on top of the local box office over the weekend, knocking out three week winner "Clash of the Titans" off the No. 1 spot. Estimates by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that "Bestseller" brought in 213,144 admits during April 23 to 25 to claim the title of the most-watched film in the country,...More
  • "Titans" stomps on competition for 3rd box office win
    2010/04/18, Source
    Hollywood blockbuster "Clash of the Titans" cleared out all competition over the weekend, placing on top of the local box office once again to take its third consecutive win.

    Estimates by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that "Titans" sold 253,072 tickets during th,...
  • Korean film "Bestseller" in talks for Hollywood remake

    2010/04/12, Source
    Official poster for Korean film "Bestseller" starring Uhm Jung-hwa [Daisy Entertainment] Korean film "Bestseller" is already in discussions for a Hollywood remake prior to its local release on Thursday, according to the film's production company Daisy Entertainment on Monday. Daisy explained in a press release that they have been contacted by U.S. film production company Vertigo Entertainment, who offered to buy remake copyrights for the thriller pic,...More
  • [PHOTOS] "Bestseller" press conference

    2010/04/01, Source
    Actor Ryu Seung-ryong and actress Uhm Jung-hwa [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] From left, actor Ryu Seung-ryong and actress Uhm Jung-hwa pose during a press conference for film "Bestseller" held at a CJ CGV theater in Seoul, South Korea on March 30, 2010,...More
  • Uhm Jung-hwa says "want a husband like Ryu Seung-ryong"

    2010/04/01, Source
    (From left) Actors Ryu Seung-ryong, Uhm Jung-hwa and director Lee Jeong-ho of film "Bestseller" [Echo Film]   Press conference for film "Bestseller" The film is scary, sad yet cruel. Many emotions were felt in the film "Bestseller" which was revealed at a press screening held March 30. And it was because the many incidents surrounding and swallowing up bestselling writer Baek Hee-soo (played by Uhm Jung-hwa) stretched into various genres such as thriller, mystery and action. Baek Hee-soo, who is being suspected of plagiarism, overcomes a slump and publishes a new book. But it too winds up in a plagiarism controversy and a strange vibe hangs in the air of the country house where she wrote the book. Despite being a horror movie, the film hangs on to elements of mystery and at the same time, does not give up on being a drama either, just like the director said he "wanted to pour various genres such as a house horror, mystery and thriller into a single film and make it flow like water". The film also unravels its story without attempting to squeeze in a shocking twist -- a mistake commonly made in Korean thriller and horror films. Actress Uhm Jung-hwa, who maintains her realistic touch while going back and forth between schizophrenia and hysteria, does well in pulling off her part as the film's sole lead. And the balanced and seasoned acting by every main and supporting actor is impressive as well. Below are excerpts from the Q&A session held after the screening,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Choi Kang-hee is the voice of the ghost!

    2010/03/30, Source
    Actress Choi Kang-hee is in the movie, "Bestseller" as the voice of the fhost! Director Lee Jeong-ho said that he has personal acquaintance with the actress and asked her to be the ghost's voice in the movie. Choi had been interested in this movie and wanted to help out in this film. She will be the voice that whispers around Hee-soo (Uhm Jung-hwa) throughout the film.,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Uhm Jung-hwa in COSMOPOLITAN

    2010/03/18, Source
    Fashionista Uhm Jung-hwa is in the bold see through outfit fashion! Uhm is in COSMOPOLITAN April issue where she was interviewed also. Her poses are very attractive and seem like she is luring someone. In the interview, she said that a singer with no courage and boldness cannot receive attention from audiences. She also said that without min,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Uhm Jung-hwa almost broke her rib!

    2010/03/12, Source
    Actress Uhm Jung-hwa almost got her rib broken because of Ryu Seung-ryong. The two stars are in the mystery thriller "Bestseller" that brought this incident while filming. The two have worked together where the scene brings much emotions and thrill. There are very sensitive and delicate expressions that must be portrayed. In the 10 degree Celcius cold weather, the filming took place outside near a sewage whe,...More
  • [ChanMi's drama news] "Bestseller" casting Uhm Jung-hwa

    2010/02/06, Source
    Singer and movie star, Uhm Jung-hwa ha has lost 7 kg for her upcoming movie! This movie will be titled, "Bestseller" which is based on the story of the bestseller writer and the copyright for the first time in Korea. This hysterical bestseller writer Baek Hee-soo role will be taken by Uhm Jung-hwa. The writer is known to chain smoke when she is working and when writing is not going well, she would toss the computer on the floor. And she even pressures her daughter Yeon-hee acted,...More
  • Online Bloggers Choose 'Wandeugi' as Best Novel of the Year
    2008/08/28, Source
    Online bloggers have selected Kim Ryeo-ryeong's coming-of-age novel "Wandeugi" ("Punch") as the best literary work published in the past year.

    According to a recent survey conducted,...
  • Hating 'The Korean Wave'
    2007/10/07, Source
    Comic Books: A sign of New Nationalism in Japan?

    Rumi Sakamoto and Matt Allen (internews)

    The Internet has become an increasingly influential medium throughout East Asia. In this article we examine the case of Kenkanryu ('"Hating 'The Korean Wave'"), a manga published in 2005 in hard copy, bu,...

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 Choi Young-hwan (최영환)
 Park Ho-chan (박호찬)
 Directing department
 Kim Jun-seong (김준성)
 Score composer
 Nam Dong-hyub (남동협)
 Assistant director
 Sin Min-kyeong (신민경)
 Kim Ga-bin (김가빈)
 Action team
 So Joon-moon (소준문)
 Making of
 Yoon Joon-hyeong (윤준형)
 Production department
 Gong Tae-won (공태원)
 Sound department
 Lim Seon-ae-I (임선애)
Technical Information
117 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2010/04/15
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2010.06.06 : 1,094,398 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.30 : 1,093,481 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.23 : 1,090,452 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.16 : 1,068,200 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.09 : 993,479 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.02 : 789,200 admissions (total)
As of 2010.04.25 : 560,967 admissions (total)
As of 2010.04.18 : 234,101 admissions (total)

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Who was Choi Kang Hee in this? I never spotted her in it.
2010-09-10 14:56:26
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Bestseller (베스트셀러)

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