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Bewitching Attraction (여교수의 은밀한 매력)

여교수의 은밀한 매력 (Yeo-gyo-soo-eui Eul-mil-han Mae-ryeok)

Directed by Lee Ha (이하)

Screenplay by


105min | Release date in South Korea :


The lovely and promiscuous textile professor Eun-sook has all the male professors wrapped around her finger. It also helps that she's slept with most of them. Eun-sook is also a member of the environmental awareness group. When the popular comic book artist Suk-gyu joins the group, he attracts the jealousy of Mr. YOO, one of other members who fears that he will steal Eun-sook from him, even though Eun-sook does not return his intense love.
It turns out that Eun-sook and Suk-gyu attended the same junior high school where they share a secret and tragic history. Back then, Eun-sook was sly with sexuality and was Suk-gyu's older brother's girlfriend. But after Eun-sook decides to sleep with Suk-gyu as well, the older brother's best friend dies in an accident. As the jealous MR.YOO starts to snoop around Eun-sook and Suk-gyu's past, will their secret be kept, and will they get together again?

Grand Prizewinner of KOFIC Script Contest 2003
KOFIC Production Support for Art Films 2004


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Bewitching Attraction | News

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  • CJ Entertainment America Presents "Helpless"

    2012/04/10, Source
    Dark Horse Korean Hit at the Gate in the U.S. LOS ANGELES, CA (April 9, 2012) – CJ Entertainment America is launching the moody Korean thriller "Helpless" on April 20, 2012 as an exclusive engagement for Los Angeles at the CGV Cinemas, with national dates expected for early May. The film was a critical darling and unexpected box office champion for two consecutive weeks when it was released in Korea earlier this year. - Russell Edwards, Variety "...The film never ceases to compel. As the layers of deceit are peeled back, Byeon seems in complete command of her material. A key demonstration of her narrative dexterity is the way she flaunts an audacious 'Chinatown'-like clue to the missing woman's whereabouts without pre-empting the climax",...More
  • Actor Ji Jin-hee receives warm welcome in Hong Kong

    2010/12/14, Source
    Actor Ji Jin-hee in Hong Kong from December 11 to 13 [N.O.A. Entertainment] Korean actor Ji Jin-hee received a warm welcome from fans in Hong Kong over the weekend, according to his agency N.O.A. Entertainment. N.O.A. stated through its press release Tuesday that Ji, who went on a promotional tour to Hong Kong to promote historical drama "Dong Yi", received a hearty welcome from both drama fans and the press during his stay from December 11 to 13,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee to visit Hong Kong to promote "Dong Yi"

    2010/12/10, Source
    Actor Ji Jin-hee [N.O.A Entertainment] Korean actor Ji Jin-hee will visit Hong Kong over the weekend to promote historical drama "Dong Yi", according to his agency N.O.A. Entertainment on Friday. N.O.A. announced in a press release that the actor and his co-star Han Hyo-joo from the series will visit Hong Kong from December 11 to 13 to promote "Dong Yi", a 60-part historical drama which has gone on air during the prime time slot of cable channel i-CABLE starting mid-November,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee to visit Taiwan to promote drama "Dong Yi"

    2010/11/10, Source
    Actor Ji Jin-hee [N.O.A Entertainment] Korean actor Ji Jin-hee will leave for Taiwan next week to promote historical drama "Dong Yi", the latest TV series he starred in, according to his agency N.O.A. Entertainment on Wednesday. N.O.A. announced in a press release that the actor will visit Taiwan from November 14 to 16 to promote "Dong Yi", a 60-part historical drama which will air on Taiwan's GTV starting November 15 at 9 p.m,...More
  • Press conference for film "Runaway from Home"

    2010/04/02, Source
    From left to right: Director Lee Ha, actors Yang Ik-june, Ji Jin-hee and Lee Moon-sik from the press conference "Runaway from Home" [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Three men have come together to find the wife who left home. The three men consisting of Sung-hee (played by Ji Jin-hee) who on the outside looks fine but is actually immature, Dong-min (played by Yang Ik-joon) who has been preparing to be a director for ten years and Yoo-kwak (played by Lee Moon-shik) a short homme fatale. During a live broadcast Sung-hee announced he wanted a divorce but his wife Young-shim (played by Kim Gyu-ri) filed for divorce before him, so the mortified Sung-hee brings Dong-min to search for his wife. The men begin to follow the traces left by Young-shim but as they continue she becomes shadier. They find out that Young-shim tried to commit suicide, a pyramid seller and on top of all that her older brother Yoo-Kwak, who Sung-hee's never heard for the past three years, appear,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee's Movie Picks

    2010/02/24, Source
    Actor Ji Jin-hee [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] For a long time on television, Ji Jin-hee wore the kind smile his character Min Jung-ho of smash hit TV series "Dae Jang Geum" wore. Even though Min was the only upright character he played. "Many people watched the show. And the TV commercials played a huge part too. I was wearing a suit in most of them, or were finance-related commercials so that image kept getting reinforced". That is why the path he took after "Dae Jang Geum" looked like his struggle to break free from Min. His advertiser complained because he ruined his image so much through the roles that followed -- as a hopeless libertine in drama "Miss Kim’s Adventures in Making a Million", a good-for-nothing cartoonist in film "Bewitching Attraction", an activist student out of prison in "The Old Garden", and a cruel hired killer in "Soo". It looked like he was attempting to scrub off his upright image completely but Ji's response revealed he was actually not too bothered. "I think having such an image is my strength since I can turn around people's expectations and make them surprised that I have different sides too".,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee: 'I Don't Regret a Thing'

    2010/02/10, Source
    In the beginning of the new film "Parallel Life", the image of character Kim Suk-hyun, who is the youngest chief prosecuting attorney in Korea, is fairly similar to actor Ji-Jin-hee's when it comes to integrity. On the one hand, Kim is a hard-headed attorney who absolutely believes in his judgments based on the available evidence, but on the other hand, he is an attentive and loving father when he spends time with his family. Ji has given viewers the impression of gentleness and integrity principally through the character Min Jung-ho in the drama "Dae Jang Geum", and as an exclusive model for a bank advertisement, though he has played diverse characters, including funny and charismatic ones, in TV dramas and movies up to now.,...More
  • Ji Jin-hee feels bad for making Ha Jung-woo murderer again

    2010/02/04, Source
    Actors Lee Jong-hyuk (left) and Ji Jin-hee of "Parallel Life" [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] If your life was exactly the same as someone else's from the past, what would you do? Is it a blessing or a curse -- without having to ride a time machine back in time -- to be able to know what your future holds for you by looking at someone else's life? The film "Parallel Life" begins with an anecdote about U.S. presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Like the two presidents who lived very similar lives but existed 100 years apart, character Kim Seok-hyun (played by Ji Jin-hee) -- who is the youngest person to be appointed chief prosecuting attorney -- becomes increasingly aware that he is caught up in the whirlwind of the parallel theory. Every circumstance surrounding him runs exactly the same as they did for judge Han Sang-joon, whose entire family was murdered thirty years ago, and hence begins the mind games of Kim Seok-hyun who tries to protect his family.,...More
  • Moon So-ri returns to her salad days

    2008/09/25, Source
    Moon So-ri, an award-winning Korean actress, was a single when she joined the cast for ",...More
  • Soo: Hard-hitting film by CHOI Yang-il (SAI Yoichi)
    2007/03/13, Source
    Korean-Japanese director Choi Yang-il, known in Japan as SAI Yoichi, is in town with his first film made entirely in Korea with a Korean cast. "Soo", is a hard-boiled revenge-thriller about a man, Tae-su, who witnesses the killing of his iden,...More
  • How to Spot the Real Crowd-Pleaser Movies
    2007/02/06, Source
    Lee Joon-ik's "Radio Star" has earned average ratings of 9.22 out of 10 in a poll of 7,749 Netizens by the portal site Naver late last month, easily topping the popularity chart among,...More
  • Actress, Director to Wed on Christmas Eve
    2006/12/01, Source
    Actress Moon So-ri (32) and director Jang Joon-hwan (36) will be taking their vows at a Christmas eve ceremony next month. According to Star News, the two families have concluded formal,...More
  • KOFIC awards marketing support for arthouse/digital films
    2006/11/29, Source
    The Korean Film Council has announced the recipients of the second phase of its 2006 Marketing Support for Arthouse and Digital Films fund. The fund provides financial support to arthouse works or digital features to promote diversity on the nation's screens and to help such films compete in a marke,...More
  • 7th Seoul Film Festival Starts Sept. 8
    2006/09/08, Source
    The 7th Seoul Net and Film Festival, known collectively as SENEF, will run this September 8 to 17 at venues in central Seoul. While the internet component of the festival has been running online since May, the newly named and expanded Seoul Film Festival will screen a diverse range of international,...More
  • Moon So-ri to Sit on Pusan Film Fest Jury
    2006/08/16, Source
    The versatile actress Moon So-ri will sit alongside international movie heavyweights on the jury of the 11th Pusan International Film Festival.

    Following her screen debut in ",...
  • Movie With English Subtitles
    2006/06/22, Source
    Bewitching Attraction (Yogyosu-ui Unmilhan Maeryok) (2006)

    Seoul Selection Bookstore 11:00 a.m. Saturday

    Starring Moon So-ri and,...
  • What nude scenes mean for actresses
    2006/03/27, Source
    Just two decades ago, it was rare for movie fans to see actresses do nude scenes because of strict censorship and most stars were hesitant about undressing for the camera.

    But as the domestic moviemaking trend took an innovative turn towards liberal expression, nude scenes no longer made much new,...
  • Bewitched
    2006/03/17, Source
    by Seung-Jae Lee

    "Bewitching Attraction", released on March 16, is a movie name designed to seduce filmgoers. Together with a poster of its characters in suggestive poses, the movie promises naughtiness.

    Of course, there's,...
  • 'Attraction' Bewitches Only Few Fans
    2006/03/16, Source
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    "Bewitching Attraction (Yogyosu-ui Unmilhan Maeryok)" is a black comedy that pokes fun at those who pretend to be elegant in their seemingly noble positions but actually seek carnal desires.

  • [MOVIE REVIEW]'Bewitching Attraction' delves into hypocritical human nature
    2006/03/15, Source
    It is just remarkable that a marketing company still promotes "Bewitching Attraction" (Yeogyosu-ui eunmilhan maeryeok) as a new Romantic Comedy, featuring,...More
  • Award-Winning Actress Moon So-ri Thrives on Risks and Versatility
    2006/03/14, Source
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    Actress Moon So-ri plays a temptress in her upcoming film "Bewitching Attraction", a totally different spectrum from that which she showed,...
  • MK Pictures to launch distribution arm
    2005/11/16, Source
    MK Pictures, one of Korea's leading production companies that was formed from the merger of KangJeGyu Films, Myung Film and manufacturing company Buffalo Seshin in 2004, has announced that it will open a distribution arm.

    Beginning with,...

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    Bewitching Attraction
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    Bewitching Attraction
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    Bewitching Attraction
  • Bewitching Attraction's picture
    Bewitching Attraction
  • Bewitching Attraction's picture
    Bewitching Attraction
  • Bewitching Attraction's picture
    Bewitching Attraction
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    Bewitching Attraction
  • Bewitching Attraction's picture
    Bewitching Attraction
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 Produced by
 Ahn Yeong-jin (안영진)
MK Picture (MK 픽쳐스)
 Kim Kyeong-hoon (김경훈)
 Lee Jeon-ho (이전호)
 Poster designer
 Kim Jeong-hwan-IV (김정환)
 Marketing department
 Kim Sang-don (김상돈)
 Production department
 Jo Myung-haeng (조명행)
 Kwon Patrick (권양헌)
Technical Information
105 min 35mm
Web site
US$ 2.1M
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2006/03/16
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2006.03.26 : 536,785 admissions (total)
As of 2006.03.19 : 335,578 admissions (total)

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Who played the character of the young Eun-sook in this movie?
2009-12-15 18:22:39
2006-11-18 22:35:43
this movie got nothing 'bout comedy..bored!
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Bewitching Attraction (여교수의 은밀한 매력)

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