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Blades of Blood (구르믈 버서난 달처럼)

구르믈 버서난 달처럼 (Goo-reu-meul Beo-eo-nan Dal-cheo-reom)

Directed by Lee Joon-ik (이준익)

Screenplay by , ,


111min | Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds"
In the 16th century in Chosun dynasty, HWANG Jung-hak and LEE Mong-hak create the “Grand Alliance” with the united dream of a better world. While the new leader LEE dreams of eradicating this world of all its corruption and becoming king himself, the legendary blind swordsman HWANG who had once been his comrade goes after him with the loss of his good friend at the hands of LEE. Just as the king abandoned his kingdom from Japanese invasion, the two come face-to-face inside the empty palace and begin their last battle they were destined to fight.


Blades of Blood | Cast

Blades of Blood | News

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  • Musical star Hong Hee-won joins "Money Bouquet"

    2017/11/16, Source
    Musical actor Hong Hee-won joins the cast "Money Bouquet", a drama about people who think they have control over money but are actually being controlled by it,...More
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    Actor Kim Chang-wan is starring in the drama "Four Men", the story of a man who finds hope in the people around him. The story begins with a female detective who lost the man she loves, then meets another man that looks just like him,...More
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    Gook Dong-seok's disturbing opening act "Blood and Ties" step into the game this past weekend and narrowly claimed the majority vote over last week's favourite: "Gravity". Gook's film drew in a spritely 648,192 filmgoers over 611 screens; a victory somewhat salted by the fact that Cuarón's 3D space thriller still floated away with most of the money (37.3%), for technical reasons. "Hwayi : A Monster Boy" and "Hope" gracefully gave way to Gook's debut, each taking about a hundred thousand admissions hit compared to their efforts last weekend. In addition to "Blood and Ties", Park Joong-hoon's "Top Star" and Shin Yeon-shick's "Rough Play" shook up the middle order somewhat; and the omnibus drama "If You Were Me 6" (4,853 admissions) almost became the fourth new Korean release to snare a top ten finish,...More
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    Jang Joon-hwan's  "Hwayi : A Monster Boy" opened strong at a peaceful box office this past weekend. Jang, who is best known for his multifaceted debut "Save the Green Planet", has been out of the cinematic limelight for some time now and found his comeback well-supported with 719,454 (45%) admissions in weekend one. Last week's number one, Lee Joon-ik's "Hope", subsequently bowed out into second place with 444,591 (25.5%), followed by "Tough as Iron" (133,250 – 7.7%) and "The Face Reader" (120,126 – 7%). These local flavours dominated the upper echelons of the chart and together constituted 85.9% of the total ticket sales, leaving a string of foreign films to scrap it out for those remaining stubs,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2013.10.04 - 2013.10.06

    Han Jae-rim's "The Face Reader" relinquished pole position to Lee Joon-ik's new drama "Wish – 2013". Lee has a preference for period pieces with films such as "Hwangsanbul" (2003), "Blades of Blood" (2010), and "Battlefield Heroes" (2010) under his belt, but the director is best known for his period drama "The King and the Clown" which claimed 12.3 million admissions in 2005. Lee's latest is his first film since 2010 and it grabbed some 475,611 (27%) over the weekend, advancing its total tally to just under 800,000. Lee didn't have it all his own way though, "Wish – 2013" had some stiff competition from another local release in the form of Ahn Kwon-tae's "Tough as Iron". Anh's roadside family comedy came out with 407,707 (24%) over 683 screens to secured second place while "The Face Reader" slipped two places in third,...More
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  • Meet Legendary Korean Director Kang Woo-Seok in Los Angeles

    2013/04/05, Source
     Kang Woo-seok will be in Los Angeles for a special presentation of his highly anticipated upcoming release "Fist of Legend". This film will be the first Korean film to have a same weekend theatrical release in Korea and N. America! Director Kang is in Los Angeles for just 2 days, before rushing back just in time to see the film open in Seoul on April 10! "Fist of Legend" will open in 20 cities across N. America on April 12. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Dir. Kang will be participating in 2 special screening events both taking place at CGV Cinemas during his short Los Angeles visit,...More
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    In 2003, Lee Joon-ik directed "Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield" (also known as "Hwangsanbul") a period comedy set in 7th Century Korea that depicted the famous Battle of Hwangsanbeo. Now in 2011, its successor "Battlefield Heroes" has staked its claim as one of the most successful films of the year. Lee Joon-ik ("Blades of Blood", "The King and the Clown") makes good use of some big acting talent in producing an over-the-top period comedy that scored big with the Korean public,...More
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    Ryoo Seung-wan's "The Unjust" came in at number seven among the top grossing Korean films of 2010, with a worthy 2,751,185 admissions. Its intricate plot and morally unchecked urban reality is infested with manipulative power players in a contemporary crime thriller where justice is ironically served and forcefully consumed.,...More
  • Lee Joon-ik Declares Departure from Commercial Filmmaking

    Director Lee Joon-ik, who stepped into the spotlight with the 2005 blockbuster "The King and the Clown", has announced his retirement from the commercial movie industry following the discouraging box-office results of his latest film, "Battlefield Heroes",...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Blades of Blood

    "Blades of Blood" (2010, directed by Lee Joon-ik) fulfils its promise of masterfully swordplay action in this history epic but it also leaves a lot to be desired. Albeit entertaining, the film seemed to favour momentary encounters at the expense of character development and contextualisation.,...More
  • Which comedy movie will top the charts in the New Year?

    2011/01/26, Source
    Thursday, January 27 is certainly a New Year's treat for comedy movie fans in Korea! In addition to the screening of Kim Myung-min's comedy-mystery film, "Detective K", period movie "Battlefield Heroes" and Hollywood's Gulliver's Travels will also premiere on the same day,...More
  • Actor Baek Sung-hyun to hold first fan meeting in Japan

    2011/01/06, Source
    Actor Baek Sung-hyun [Chosun Ilbo Japanese edition] Actor Baek Sung-hyun will hold his first fan meeting in Japan next week, according to press release by the event's organizer the Japanese edition of Korean daily paper Chosun Ilbo. The upcoming fan meeting, which will proceed for about two hours, will include a Q&A section, a quiz show and offering of special presents. Baek also plans to shake hands with all the attendants after the show,...More
  • Actress Han Ji-hye to star in new historical drama

    2010/12/15, Source
    Actress Han Ji-hye [10Asia] Actress Han Ji-hye will star in a historical drama set to go on air next year, according to her management staff on Wednesday. An official in charge of Han's career confirmed today that Han has been cast in a new MBC historical drama named "The Duo" ("Jiakpae" translated into "mate") which will go on air every Mondays and Tuesdays starting February of next year,...More
  • KoreaTown – Korean Cinema in Los Angeles, CA

    2010/11/24, Source
    Posted on November 23, 2010 by KOCCA By Lukas Schwarzacher Koreatown in Los Angeles is called the "Seoul of the West". It's only 3 square miles (7.8 square kilometers) big, but over 120,000 people live there between shops and entertainment spots, almost all with Korean signage. And while Hollywood movies capture most of the screens in the U.S., there are two cinemas in Koreatown which show Korean films subtitled in English,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actress Han Ji-hye

    2010/11/18, Source
    Actress Han Ji-hye [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] Han Ji-hye now has seven years of acting experience under her belt, a career long enough to consider KBS TV series "Sweet 18", the first TV series she played the female lead, a drama from her past. And it may have seemed like she came to a brief halt when she showed similar acting skills in film "My boyfriend is type-B" and "Sweet 18", but she expanded the range of characters she plays through MBC drama "East of Eden" and film "Blades of Blood". The reckless high school girl who had no particular dream in "Sweet 18" has matured into a woman who helps a young man achieve his dreams in KBS "Drama Special - Pianist" and a reliable senior to SHINee member Choi Minho who is taking his first shot at acting. 10: You're standing in front of the camera for the first time in a year since getting married. Han Ji-hye: I actually went to a lot of events such as film festivals but the last time I appeared in a TV series was "East of Eden". I really missed acting a lot during the short time I was on the break so I was thinking I'd be happy to be whatever role I was given. That's when I was offered this role so I'm taking part in filming for the drama thinking that I'm shooting a short film,...More
  • Han Ji-hye to star in final episode of KBS omnibus series

    2010/11/09, Source
    Actress Han Ji-hye [Trophy Entertainment] Actress Han Ji-hye has been cast as the heroine to the last episode of "KBS Drama Special", a 24-part single-episode omnibus series showing on the major public network. A press release by Han's agency the Trophy Entertainment on Tuesday said that Han will play the role of a music teacher in the program's finale episode titled "Drama Special - Pianist" set to go on air November 20,...More
  • Cha Seung-won to hold fan meeting in Japan

    2010/09/10, Source
    Korean actor Cha Seung-won [GTB Entertainment] Top Korean actor Cha Seung-won will hold his first-ever fan meeting in Japan on September 24, according to his agency GTB Entertainment on Friday. A press release from GTB announced that the actor, who recently met with his fans in Taiwan, will meet with his fans at the Tiara Court in Tokyo at the event called "Cha Seung-won First Event",...More
  • Two Korean film prize at Fantasia
    2010/08/06, Source
    Korean films captured 2 prizes in the main competition section of the Fantasia International Film Festival which took place July 8 - 28, 2010 in Montreal, Canada. Winning the second-place Special Jury Prize was Lee Hae-joon's comedy ",...More
  • Fantasia presents 14 Korean features
    2010/07/20, Source
    Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, running July 8 – 28 in Canada's second-largest city, presents a total of 14 Korean features this year. The festival which highlights fantasy and strong genre-oriented films from Asia will screen the Canadian premiere of,...More
  • NYAFF screens wide selection of Korean films
    2010/07/20, Source
    The ninth edition of the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) wrapped on Thursday, July 8, after presenting 45 films from across Asia including seven Korean features and a collection of eight Korean standout shorts from Seoul's 2009 Mise-en-Scéne Short Film Festival.

    Of the seven Korean features,...
  • Korean Cinema to Open in Los Angeles

    2010/06/09, Source
    The first cinema dedicated to Korean films will open in Los Angeles this Friday. Located at the Madang Courtyard in Koreatown, CGV LA has a seating capacity of 600 and three screens, with at least one,...More
  • 'CGV LA' to Open in Hollywood

    2010/06/07, Source
    A movie theater screening Korean films exclusively will open in Hollywood in the U.S. city of Los Angeles.

    CJ CGV, the largest theater chain in South Korea, said Monday that "CGV LA" will open in L,...
  • "Dragon" soars to the top of box office

    2010/05/24, Source
    Hollywood animated picture "How To Train Your Dragon" [DreamWorks Pictures] Hollywood animated picture "How To Train Your Dragon" bowed into first place on the local box office over the weekend, pushing former winner "The Housemaid - 2010" off the top spot. Figures by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that the latest DreamWorks film, which opened in theaters on May 20, attracted 759,590 moviegoers during the weekend of May 21 to 23,...More
  • "Blades of Blood" sells to 9 countries at Cannes film market

    2010/05/18, Source
    Official poster for film "Blades of Blood" [Cinus] Korean film "Blades of Blood" has been sold to nine countries including the U.K., Thailand, Iran and Indonesia at an ongoing film market in France. According to a press release by the film's marketing firm Ziness, the action flick received much praise and sold for "an unprecedented price" at the Cannes Film Market, where movie industry officials buy and sell their movies during the annual Cannes Film Festival,...More
  • Korean films hot at Cannes film market

    2010/05/14, Source
    Official poster for film "71-Into the Fire" [Taewon Entertainment] Korean films "Blades of Blood" and "71-Into the Fire", which both star Korean actor Cha Seung-won, have scored overseas distribution deals at an ongoing film market in France. The two pics were picked up by foreign movie buyers at the Cannes Film Market where movie industry officials buy and sell their movies during the annual Cannes Film Festival,...More
  • TOP says lived as 17-year-old for 6 months for "Fire" (1)

    2010/05/12, Source
    From left, actors Kim Seung-woo, T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), kwon Sang-woo and Cha Seung-won pose during a photo session of a press conference for film "71-Into the Fire" held at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on May 10, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] In August of 1950, when the Korean War was well under way, a letter was found in the pocket of student soldier Lee Woo-geun who died while fighting in a battle to defend the Nakdong River. The letter, which the 16-year-old had failed to send off to his mother, read the following: "Mother, I killed a person. It was such a brutal death. Why do we have to go into war? I'm thinking frightening thoughts. I wish the war would end quickly and feel your warm embrace". Film "71-Into the Fire" starts with this letter. What leads the film is not its blockbuster scale which cost the production 11.3 billion won, nor its extravagant cast. The camera operates in order to shed light onto the existence of student soldiers who took part in the meaningless war yet have failed to be remembered for their sacrifice,...More
  • "Iron Man 2" maintains stay atop box office chart

    2010/05/09, Source
    Official movie poster of No. 1 movie in Korea "Iron Man 2" [Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment] Hollywood blockbuster film "Iron Man 2" maintained its position atop the Korean box office for the second consecutive week. Estimates by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that the action sequel brought in 676,142 moviegoers during the weekend of May 7 to 9 to keep its place atop the film chart,...More
  • CGV and City of Seoul to Provide English Subtitles for Korean Movies
    2010/05/07, Source
    Korean movies have not been all that foreigner-friendly in the past despite achieving international acclaim.
    These Canne trophy winning, cutting-edge films were often entertainment only for those who understood Korean.
    But now, the table is about to turn.

    [Reporter : ] "CGV, Korea's largest mul,...
  • "Iron Man 2" soars to the No. 1 spot on box office

    2010/05/03, Source
    Official poster of the No.1 movie in Korea "Iron Man 2" [Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment] Hollywood action sequel "Iron Man 2" made a successful debut onto the Korean box office over the weekend, beating out previous winner "Bestseller" off the top spot. Estimates by the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) released on Monday revealed that "Iron Man 2" sold 1,360,820 tickets during the weekend of April 30 to May 2 to become the No. 1 film in the country,...More
  • Today's new additions and updates on HanCinema
    2010/04/28, Source
    Added Trailer for "Man of Vendetta"

    Added videos for "Poetry", "Blades of Blood",,...
  • Today's new additions and updates on HanCinema
    2010/04/27, Source
    Updated the final Korean week-end box office figures

    Added the Korean producer Oh Seung-hyeon-I's page

    Updated cast for the movie ",...
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Cha Seung-won - Part 1

    2010/04/27, Source
    Korean actor Cha Seung-won [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Actor Cha Seung-won never gets tired. He melted viewers' hearts through his role in SBS' "THE CITY HALL" last year and soon after played the stylish detective in movie "Secret - 2009". Then in order to play the role of Lee Mong-hak, he armed himself with sharp teeth and a long sword for film "Blades of Blood" which is set to open in theaters on April 29. A slew of other large productions starring Cha, including movie "71-Into the Fire" and drama "ATHENA" are also standing in line for release later this year. Below are excerpts from 10Asia's interview with Cha Seung-won. 10: Your film "Blades of Blood" is awaiting release. It's already receiving a lot of hype because it's helmed by famed director Lee Joon-ik and stars yourself and actor Hwang Jung-min. How do you feel about this movie? Cha Seung-won: I think it'll do roughly well. Roughly. (laugh) Last night I dreamt that I was heading somewhere, walking on a field covered with snow. Snow means wealth. And when I climbed over a fence, I saw was an ocean. I woke up saying wow! (laugh),...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Cha Seung-won - Part 2

    2010/04/27, Source
    Korean actor Cha Seung-won [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]   10: "71-Into the Fire" is in post-production right now. What was it like filming the movie? It must have not been easy -- I saw photos taken on set which basically seemed like ruins. Cha Seung-won: I didn't see a single woman on set the whole time we shot "71-Into the Fire". kwon Sang-woo, T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) and I thought 'Wow this is too much'. (laugh) You'll probably be able to tell from the photos but When you see the behind-the-scenes pictures all you see are men. 10: Maybe that's why Choi Seung-hyun received so much attention. (laugh) Cha: We all like him very much. There is no reason not to like him. He had a really tough time on set after having been an idol group singer. He would say hello at lunch, sit next to me and eat covered in make-up which makes him look messy. And when I ask him if filming is bearable, he would say he likes it. He's a really good guy,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Baek Sung-hyun

    2010/04/27, Source
    Korean actor Baek Seong-hyeon [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] My name is Baek Sung-hyun. I was born on January 30, 1989. I currently live in Gwangmyeong-si which is in the Gyeonggi Province. It's a lot better living there now because I can drive but before Gwangmeyong was a kingdom in itself. You had to take care of everything within the city -- from daily necessities to enjoying a cultural life. It's kind of unfortunate that the distance keeps me from becoming close with my fellow actors. It's not a big deal going out to Seoul but after having a couple of drinks, getting back home becomes a problem,...More
  • Today's new additions and updates on HanCinema
    2010/04/22, Source
    Added new pictures for the drama "My Wife is Back"

    Added new pictures for the drama "Personal Taste"

    Added new pictures for the upcoming drama ",...
  • Hwang Jung-min: 'I Acted Comfortably with My Eyes Closed'

    2010/04/22, Source
    "I did not just want to act the role of a blind man; instead, I wanted to act comfortably while I just closed my eyes", said actor Hwang Jung-min, who appeared in the movie "Blades of Blood" and demonstrated realistic acting as a blind character. He played the legendary blind swordsman Hwang Jung Hak in the movie, which was filmed against the backdrop of the middle of the Chosun dynasty. The character is a friend of Lee Mong Hak (Cha Seung-won), who has been dreaming of creating a whole new world and instigating a rebellion, but in the end they end up going their separate ways due to different ideologies regarding the uprising. In a recent interview held in a café located in Gangnam, Hwang Jung-min said, "Instead of trying to be a blind man, I tried my best to act as natural as possible suitable to the storyline and the character. To prepare for the role, I went to a school for the blind, participated in a class and talked a lot with classmates. But basically, I thought that just trying to imitate those blind people was not important. The character Hwang Jung Hak is a blind man, but the more important point was to understand the inner side of the character, and I tried to approach this internal perspective when I acted",...More
  • 'Blades of Blood' Plays It Too Safe

    2010/04/22, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    After rising to stardom with the sleeper hit "The King and the Clown",,...
  • Today's new additions and updates on HanCinema
    2010/04/21, Source
    Added new pictures for the movie "Poetry"

    Added new pictures for the movie "Blades of Blood" and video

    Added new pictures for the movie ",...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Han Ji-hye's confession

    2010/04/20, Source
    Film, "Blades of Blood" is starring Han Ji-hye. Han Ji-hye was at the press meeting for this new releasing film and confessed that her acting was so bad in the first few scenes that they had to be deleted completely! She had a hard time trying to make,...More
  • Traces of Lee Joon-ik's work in "Blades of Blood"

    2010/04/20, Source
    The cast of "Blades of Blood" from left to right: Hwang Jung-min, Baek Seong-hyeon, Cha Seung-won and Han Ji-hye [Movie Production company Haneul] They have all dreamt about the moon that escaped from the clouds. Lee Mong-hak (played by Cha Seung-won) wants to shine as the king who renews the rotten Chosun period and Hwang Jeong-hak (played by Hwang Jeong-min) hopes he can clear away clouds by blocking Lee Mong-hak who took away his conviction and the life of his friend. Kyeon-ja (played by Baek Sung-hyun) wants to overcome the pent-up anger he feels towards Lee Mong-hak who killed his father. And Baek Ji (played by Han Ji-hye) simply wants to walk under the moonlight with the person she loves. However, Kyeon-ja screams "Have you once in your life ever lived in a world like that" and fail to step under the moon's brilliant light. Traces of the war and laughter from "Hwangsanbul" and love and tragedy from the "The King and the Clown", both productions by Lee Joon-ik, can easily be found in his new pic "Blades of Blood". The film resembles "Hwangsanbul" in how the most serious situation and tragedy is melted away by humor and "The King and the Clown" when Kyeon-ja cries in a thunderous voice towards the craziness occuring in the palace. However, it is difficult to declare that "Blades of Blood" is director Lee's final masterpiece, just like the saying that it is hard to create a beautiful face with the perfect features. The conflicts amongst the characters are dull enough to seem trite and it cannot be concealed by the beautiful scenery or lyrical music. Will "Blades of Blood" be able to become a different moon for the audience who has already experienced and found joy from the prominent historical drama like "Slave Hunters?" The movie opens in local theaters on April 29,...More
  • [PHOTOS] "Blades of Blood" press screening

    2010/04/20, Source
    Actors Cha Seung-won and Hwang Jung-min [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] From left, actors Cha Seung-won and Hwang Jung-min attend a press screening for film "Blades of Blood" held at the COEX Megabox Multiplex theater in Seoul, South Korea on April 19, 2010,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] The blind swordsman, Hwang Jung-min receive praise!

    2010/03/30, Source
    Movie, "Blades of Blood" with Hwang Jung-min has received a lot of good ratings for his acting as the blind swordsman character! Hwang Jung-min in the film looks disheveled yet has crafty jokes and insightful perceptions with great martial skills! He is the legendary blind swordsman! He travels with Lee Mong-hak acted by Cha Seung-won and strives to prevent rebellions by revealing the hidden sword in his cane. He is the first blind fighter ever in Korean film. It's hard to act as a blind man as well as a warrior b,...More
  • [PHOTOS] "Blades of Blood" press conference

    2010/03/24, Source
    Actress Han Ji-hye and actor Cha Seung-won [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily] From left, actress Han Ji-hye and actor Cha Seung-won pose during a photo session of a press conference for film "Blades of Blood" held at Sookmyung Art Center's Theater S in Seoul, South Korea on March 23, 2010,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Han Ji-hye in a new movie

    2010/03/23, Source
    Han Ji-hye is at the press meeting for her movie, "Blades of Blood". Here, she takes on the image of a very innocent and pure woman. This film is a movie that was a animation film on the Japanese colonization. The story is on Lee Mong-hak who wishes to be a king despite the chaos and trials of this period. A blind man who fights against Lee to keep the world just through battles that mak,...More
  • Korean film "Blades of Blood" sold overseas before premiere

    2010/03/19, Source
    Poster of Korean film "Blades of Blood" [Achim Pictures] Korean film "Blades of Blood" has been sold to five countries ahead of its release, according to the movie producers Achim Pictures on Friday. The trailer for "Blades of Blood" was shown at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival and five countries -- Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and South America -- purchased the picture which has yet to be released in Korea,...More
  • 2010 Korean Cinema Lineup
    2009/12/27, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The past year represented hope and revitalization for Korean cinema. While problems such as piracy linger on, the forecast for 2010 cinema appears promising with diverse projects in the making.

    Cineastes are finding inspiration from the past and are bringing rem,...
  • Movies to Watch in 2010
    2009/12/07, Source
    The film industry is already preparing for next year. Many renowned filmmakers have returned to Korea to produce movies about war and sequels to hit movies.

    Director Im Kwon-taek will produce his 101st movie,...
  • Applications for the 2nd Cultural Contents Project Camp Now Being Accepted
    2009/11/06, Source
    The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA, President & CEO Lee Jae-woong) is now accepting applications for the 2nd Cultural Contents Project Camp until November 6th.
    Jointly run by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and KOCCA, the training program is designed to help top talents gain nece,...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Hwang Jung-min, Cha Seung-won, and Han Ji-hye casted!

    2009/08/04, Source
    "Blades of Blood" main cast is revealed! The new Director Lee Joon-ik's film's fantastic cast consists of Hwang Jung-min, Cha Seung-won, Han Ji-hye, and Baek Sung-hyun! The film is based on the cartoon that is historical fiction with great action scenes. Hwang Jung-min is Hwang Jeong-hak who has a rivalry against the legendary blind swordsman. Cha Seung-won is Lee Mong-hak, the royal bloodline who dreams of rebelling against the world. The character Hwang Jeong-hak is blind, however he is most cunning and quickest swordsman who teaches Gyeon-ja who seeks revenge against,...More

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 Produced by
 Jo Cheol-hyeon (조철현)
 Oh Seung-hyeon-I (오승현)
 Jo Cheol-hyeon (조철현)
 Production department
 Kim Joon-seok (김준석)
 Score composer
 Kim Soo-chul (김수철)
 Score composer
 Choi Tae-hwan-I (최태환)
 Stunt/martial arts department
 Jo Myung-haeng (조명행)
 Martial arts team
 Lee Jeon-ho (이전호)
 Poster designer
Technical Information
111 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2010/04/28
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2010.06.13 : 1,389,295 admissions (total)
As of 2010.06.06 : 1,384,499 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.30 : 1,375,287 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.23 : 1,359,657 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.16 : 1,286,199 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.09 : 1,076,607 admissions (total)
As of 2010.05.02 : 521,528 admissions (total)
As of 2010.04.25 : 7,627 admissions (total)

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It's not like Sword eith no name or similar dumb movies. It's trully a good one with believable swordfight. Poor Kwang. :(
2011-03-02 06:42:48
2011-03-01 05:44:22
Finally a good "chosun-style" swordfighting war movie. The characters are great such as the actors.
Oh, I really can't wait this movie to be released, Can't wait to see this one!
2010-04-20 12:09:28
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Blades of Blood (구르믈 버서난 달처럼)

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