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Fly, Penguin (날아라 펭귄)

날아라 펭귄 (Nal-a-ra Peng-gwin)

Directed by Yim Soon-rye (임순례)


110min | Release date in South Korea :

Seung-yun is stressed out because he is sent to several private academies after school. His mother reproves him for not living up to her expectations. His father takes pity on him for being nagged on by his mother all the time... Ju-hun, a new employee at a company, is a vegetarian and cannot drink alcohol at all. Chang-su thinks Ju-hun is eccentric and is displeased with him... Su-hyeong sent his son and daughter with his wife to study abroad, but he grows tired of staying alone in his empty house... SONG has lived with her authoritarian husband without any serious problems, but she does not want to stay with him anymore. GWON, an old man, pretends to be calm in the face of his wifeís request for divorce. But actually he canít do anything by himself... These are not unfamiliar fictional events but rather they reflect the lives of ordinary people in Korea at the present time. Through their stories, shows us how a society imposes normalcy on its people in their daily lives


Fly, Penguin | Cast

  • Moon So-ri (문소리)
    Moon So-ri (문소리)
    Song Hee-jeong- Episode 1 (송희정 - 에피소드 1)
  • Park Won-sang (박원상)
    Park Won-sang (박원상)
    Seung-yoon's father - Episode 1 (승윤 부 - 에피소드 1)
  • Ahn Do-kyu (안도규)
    Ahn Do-kyu (안도규)
    Choi Seung-yoon - Episode 1 (최승윤 - 에피소드 1)
  • Choi Kyu-hwan (최규환)
    Choi Kyu-hwan (최규환)
    Lee Joo-hoon - Episode 2 (이주훈 - 에피소드 2)
  • Cho Jin-woong (조진웅)
    Cho Jin-woong (조진웅)
    Han Chang-soo - Episode 2 (한창수 - 에피소드 2)
  • Oh Yong (오용)
    Oh Yong (오용)
    Park Joong-ho - Episode 2 (박중호 - 에피소드 2)
  • Jung Se-hyung (정세형)
    Jung Se-hyung (정세형)
    Jang Min-cheol - Episode 2 (장민철 - 에피소드 2)
  • Choi Hee-jin (최희진)
    Choi Hee-jin (최희진)
    Jo Mi-seon - Episode 2 (조미선 - 에피소드 2)
  • Kim Do-yeon-I (김도연)
    Kim Do-yeon-I (김도연)
    Park Mi-yeong - Episode 2 (박미영 - 에피소드 2)
  • Son Byung-ho (손병호)
    Son Byung-ho (손병호)
    Chairman Kwon - Episode 2 (권 과장 - 에피소드 3)
  • Kim Ye-ryung (김예령)
    Kim Ye-ryung (김예령)
    Chairman Kwon's wife - Episode 2 (권 과장 처 - 에피소드 3)
  • Park Han-i (박한이)
    Park Han-i (박한이)
    Sang-mi - Episode 2 (상미 - 에피소드 3)
  • Baek Seung-do (백승도)
    Baek Seung-do (백승도)
    Sang-woo - Episode 2 (상우 - 에피소드 3)
  • Park In-hwan (박인환)
    Park In-hwan (박인환)
    Elder Kwon - Episode 2 (권 노인 - 에피소드 4)
  • Jung Hye-sun (정혜선)
    Jung Hye-sun (정혜선)
    Lady Song - Episode 2 (송 여사 - 에피소드 4)
  • Jin Kyung (진경)
    Jin Kyung (진경)
    Kwon Soo-min - Episode 2 ( 권수민 - 에피소드 4)
    Yang Yeong-mi (양영미)
    Seung-yoon's homeroom teacher (승윤 담임선생님)
  • Lee Eun-saem (이은샘)
    Lee Eun-saem (이은샘)
    Soo-ji (수지)
    Yang Hyeon-joon (양현준)
    Sang-soo (상수)
    Eom Bo-yong (엄보용)
    Chubby friend (뚱뚱이 친구)
    Lee Seon-je (이선제)
    Friend with runny nose (찌질이 친구)
    Jang Geun-jeong (장근정)
    Magician (마술사)
    Hwang Soo-il (황수일)
    Restaurant owner (레스토랑 지배인)
    Lee Soo-jeong (이수정)
    Worksheet teacher (학습지 선생님)
    Tom Collins (톰 콜린스)
    English tutor teacher (영어학원 선생님)
    Michael Wigginton (마이클 위긴튼)
    English Vllage lecturer (영어마을 강사)
    Tony Covello (토니 코벨로)
    English Village lecturer (영어마을 강사)
    Simon Jacob Mark (사이몬 제이콥 마크)
    English Village lecturer, Jake (영어마을 강사, Jake)
    Daniel Ferneyhough (다니엘 퍼네이호프)
    English Village lecturer (영어마을 강사)
    Amy Woo (에이미 우)
    English Village lecturer (영어마을 강사)
    Ban Soo-ji (반수지)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Heo Ye-eun (허예은)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Heo Ye-so (허예소)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Na Ha-yeong (나하영)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Lee Joo-kyeong (이주경)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Park Jae-hyeon (박재현)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Jang Seung-ik (장승익)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Jo Jae-yoon (조재윤)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Lee Seung-hoon (이승훈)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Lee Soo-yeon (이수연)
    English Village child (영어마을 어린이들)
    Im Hyeong-tae (임형태)
    Abolition grandpa (폐지 할아버지)
    Sin Jeong-hyeon (신정현)
    Sushi restaurant waitress (횟집 여종업원)
    Lee Jae-hwan (이재환)
    Public duty worker (공익근무 요원)
    Park In-gyoo (박인규)
    Public duty worker (공익근무 요원)
    Ahn Gye-soon (안계순)
    Dan-ran bar waiter (단란주점 웨이터)
    Lee-rin (이린)
    Dan-ran bar helper girl (단란주점 도우미걸)
    Lee Mi-ah (이미아)
    Dan-ran bar helper girl (단란주점 도우미걸)
    Lee Ji-hyeon (이지현)
    Dan-ran bar helper girl (단란주점 도우미걸)
  • Mi So-yoon (미소윤)
    Mi So-yoon (미소윤)
    Eun-byeol (은별)
    Kim Jong-eon (김종언)
    Chinese restaurant delivery worker (중국집 배달원)
    Choi-eun (최은)
    Girl in motel (모텔녀)
  • Nam Jung-hee (남정희)
    Nam Jung-hee (남정희)
    Su-kyeong's grandma (수경 할머니)
  • Choi Chan-sook (최찬숙)
    Choi Chan-sook (최찬숙)
    Keum-ja's grandma (금자 할머니)
    Lee Yeong-hee (이영희)
    Yeong-suk's grandma (영숙 할머니)
  • Shin Chul-jin (신철진)
    Shin Chul-jin (신철진)
    Elder Jeong (정 노인)
  • Kim Soo-woong (김수웅)
    Kim Soo-woong (김수웅)
    Elder Pak (박 노인)
    Kim Bong-soo (김봉수)
    Elder Choi (최 노인)
  • Oh Chang-kyung (오창경)
    Oh Chang-kyung (오창경)
    Man in passing car (지나던 차량 남)
    Jeong Myeong-seop (정명섭)
    Grandpa at dance lesson (댄스교실 할아버지)
    Park Yeong-kwon (박영권)
    Post office worker (우체부)
    Park Song-i (박송이)
    Sushi restaurant waitress (횟집 여종업원)
    Moon Jeong-il (문정일)
    Kwan-cheon's senior care center calligraphy instructor (과천시 노인복지관 서예 강사)
    Jeong Seon-hwa (정선화)
    Kwan-cheon's senior care center singing instructor (과천시 노인복지관 노래 강사)
    Song Gi-soon (송기순)
    Kwan-cheon's senior care center sports dance instructor (과천시 노인복지관 스포츠댄스 강사)
    Gwacheon Province elderly welfare Sports dance group(과천시 노인복지관 스포츠댄스 동아리)
    Sports dance group (스포츠댄스 동아리)
  • Jo Eun-ji (조은지)
    Jo Eun-ji (조은지)
    Art teacher (미술 선생님) - Cameo
  • Nah Hyeon (나현)
    Nah Hyeon (나현)
    Sushi restaurant owner (횟집 주인) - Cameo

Fly, Penguin | News

Attention You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss

  • Art and Culture

    2012/08/10, Source
    It's finally Friday and I'm sure everyone is very excited to get some rest and sleep in. Today, our Michelle Kim brings us some events that are sure to get those of us in London and Seoul out of our homes over the weekend. Hello Michelle [Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young So what do you have for us today,...More
  • 'Cinescape' - Escape to Film Festivals This Month
    2009/08/06, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    There's nothing like spending a warm summer evening by the sea, but why not make it extra special with an outdoor movie screening? Two film festivals invite not only movie buffs but also vacationers to scenic vacation spots ― the Jeongdongjin Independent Film,...
  • Jeonju Unveils Korean Competition Films
    2009/04/09, Source
    The 10th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF), one of Korea's three major cinema showcases along with PIFF and PiFan, has revealed a selection of 11 new films for its Korean Feature Competition section that will vie for the JJ Star Award for top film, a cash award of 10 million Won.

  • Yim Soon-rye Returns with New Feature

    2009/04/09, Source
    Korea's top woman filmmaker Yim Soon-rye, director of 2008's first local hit, ",...More

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Fly, Penguin | Pictures

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    Fly, Penguin
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    Fly, Penguin
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    Fly, Penguin
  • Fly, Penguin's picture
    Fly, Penguin
  • Fly, Penguin's picture
    Fly, Penguin
  • Fly, Penguin's picture
    Fly, Penguin
  • Fly, Penguin's picture
    Fly, Penguin
  • Fly, Penguin's picture
    Fly, Penguin
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Fly, Penguin | Reviews

Fly, Penguin | Facts

 Produced by
 Lee Hyun-seung (이현승)
 Yoon Min-hwa (윤민화)
 Score composer
 Park Jee-youn (박지연)
 Jang Hyeong-yoon (장형윤)
Technical Information
110 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2009/09/24
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2009.10.25 : 20,814 admissions (total)
As of 2009.10.18 : 19,355 admissions (total)
As of 2009.10.11 : 16,760 admissions (total)
As of 2009.10.04 : 12,588 admissions (total)
As of 2009.09.27 : 5,593 admissions (total)

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Fly, Penguin (날아라 펭귄)

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