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Flying Boys (발레 교습소)

발레 교습소 (bal-le gyo-seub-so)

Directed by Byeon Yeong-joo (변영주)

Screenplay by

Comedy Melodrama

109min | Release date in South Korea :

Kang Min-jae, a senior at Taesung High School, lives with his stern father, who's a captain of a famous airline. He has liked a blunt and staunch girl named Hwangbo Soo-jin in the same apartment building but he never had the courage to go up and talk to her. Soo-jin lives in a family that puts the son on the pedestal, she has no room to escape the pettiest housework even while she's studying for the college entrance exam.

After the exam, Min-jae has a drink with his buddies and then sneaks out with his dad's car. On the way, he discovers a victim to a hit-and-run accident. Yang Jung-sook, a ballet instructor at the community center in the district, sees Min-jae and the body. Jung-sook, having difficulties in finding enough students for her class, threatens Min-jae, who she caught drinking and driving without a license, and drags him and his two friends to learn ballet. Meanwhile, Soo-jin's parents also forces Soo-jin to learn ballet to get rid of her stiff and boyish appearance.

Finally, Soo-jin, Min-jae and his buddies, Dong-wan, and Chang-sub, meet at the ballet school at the Hwangkeum community center. With Yang Jung-sook at the center of the ballet school, various people from all walks of life learn ballet. While they all clash and open each other's hearts to one another, they finally come together in a memorable performance in the end.


Flying Boys | Cast

  • Yoon Kye-sang (윤계상)
    Yoon Kye-sang (윤계상)
    Kang Min-jae (강민재)
  • Kim Min-jung (김민정)
    Kim Min-jung (김민정)
    Hwang Bo-soo (황보수진)
  • Do Ji-won (도지원)
    Do Ji-won (도지원)
    Yang Jeong-sook (양정숙)
  • On Joo-wan (온주완)
    On Joo-wan (온주완)
    Lee Chang-seop (이창섭)
  • Lee Joon-gi (이준기)
    Lee Joon-gi (이준기)
    Jang Dong-wan (장동완)
  • Lee Jung-sub (이정섭)
    Lee Jung-sub (이정섭)
    Bae Do-il (배도일)
  • Kang Do-han (강도한)
    Kang Do-han (강도한)
    Eom Jong-seok (엄종석)
  • Kim Dong-wook (김동욱)
    Kim Dong-wook (김동욱)
    Kim Gi-tae (김기태)
  • Jo Han-hee (조한희)
    Jo Han-hee (조한희)
    Oh Hyang-ja (오향자)
  • Greena Park (박그리나)
    Greena Park (박그리나)
    Cha Seung-eon (차승언)
  • Jin Yoo-young (진유영)
    Jin Yoo-young (진유영)
    Dong-seok (동석)
    Baek Jong-heon (백종헌)
    Kim Hyeon-seong (김현성)
    Eom Ok-ran (엄옥란)
    Min-jae's aunt (민재 이모)
    Jeong Dong-sook (정동숙)
    Soo-jin's mother (수진 모)
    Choi Yong-seon (최용선)
    Soo-jin's father (수진 부)
    Kim Ee-seong (김의성)
    Soo-in (수인)
    Go Min-seong (고민성)
    Soo-kyeong (수경)
  • Kwon Hyeok-poong (권혁풍)
    Kwon Hyeok-poong (권혁풍)
    Dong Wan- (동완 부)
    Cha Hoi-sook (차회숙)
    Min-jae's mother (민재 모)
  • Nam Jung-hee (남정희)
    Nam Jung-hee (남정희)
    Daughter-in-law's mother (사돈 할머니)
  • Lee Sung-min (이성민)
    Lee Sung-min (이성민)
    Mi Seu-teo (미스터 김)
  • Jeong Bo-hoon (정보훈)
    Jeong Bo-hoon (정보훈)
    Hyeong-mi (형미)
  • Lee Eun (이은)
    Lee Eun (이은)
    Ji-na (지나)
  • Yoo So-hee (유소희)
    Yoo So-hee (유소희)
    So-yeong (소영)
  • Kwak Min-ho (곽민호)
    Kwak Min-ho (곽민호)
    Joon-seok (준석)
    Kim Si-kwon (김시권)
    Gangsters (양아치들)
    Kim Si-kwon (김시권)
    Gangster 1 (양아치들)
    Kim Si-kwon (김시권)
    Roughneck 1 (양아치들)
    Chae Yoon-sik (채윤식)
    Gangsters (양아치들)
    Han Eul-hee (한을희)
    Gangsters (양아치들)
    Kim Yeong-seon (김영선)
    Gangsters (양아치들)
    Kim Yeong-seon (김영선)
    Roughneck 4 (양아치들)
    Lee Seul-gi (이슬기)
    Gangsters (양아치들)
    Jeon On-seon (전온선)
    Gangsters (양아치들)
    Choi Dae-woon (최대운)
    Gi-cheol (기철)
    Park Woo-yeol (박우열)
    Min-jae's Uncle (민재 이모부)
    Ha Jeong-min (하정민)
    Seon-jin (선진)
    Kim Yang-gyoo (김양규)
    Seon-ho (선호)
    Kim Young-dae-I (김영대)
    Welfare office chief (복지과장)
    Jeong Ok-ryeon (정옥련)
    Soo-jin's Homeroom Teacher (수진 담임)
  • Lee Mi-do (이미도)
    Lee Mi-do (이미도)
    Problematic student (문제 학생)
    Yoon Soon-ok (윤순옥)
    Ballet middle aged women (발레 아주머니들)
  • Jun Sung-ae-I (전성애)
    Jun Sung-ae-I (전성애)
    Ballet middle aged women (발레 아주머니들)
    Min Byeong-ae (민병애)
    Ballet middle aged women (발레 아주머니들)
    Park Yoon-yeong (박윤영)
    Ballet young ladies (발레 아가씨들)
    Lee Jin-yeong (이진영)
    Ballet young ladies (발레 아가씨들)
    Yoo In-soo (유인수)
    Police (경찰)
  • Hong Suk-yun (홍석연)
    Hong Suk-yun (홍석연)
    Kendo teacher (검도반 강사)
  • Choi Jae-hwan (최재환)
    Choi Jae-hwan (최재환)
    Kendo Students (검도반 학생들)
  • Choi Yong-hyun (최용현)
    Choi Yong-hyun (최용현)
    Kendo Students (검도반 학생들)
    Kang Min-sang (강민상)
    Kendo Students (검도반 학생들)
    Kim Jae-kwon (김재권)
    Logistics office chief (물류센터 주임)
  • Kim Hee-ra-I (김희라)
    Kim Hee-ra-I (김희라)
    Apartment housewives (아파트 주부들)
  • Seol Ji-yoon (설지윤)
    Seol Ji-yoon (설지윤)
    Apartment housewives (아파트 주부들)
  • Choi Jung-in (최정인)
    Choi Jung-in (최정인)
    Woman in apartment 108 (108호 여자)
    Kim Jae-heum (김재흠)
    Hyeon-seong's brother (현성 형)
  • Yoon Taek (윤택)
    Yoon Taek (윤택)
    Dance team (댄서 팀)
    Kim Jae-eung (김재응)
    Dance team (댄서 팀)
    Jeon Jeong-ho (전정호)
    Dance team (댄서 팀)
    Lee Jeong-gwan (이정관)
    Dance team (댄서 팀)
    Kim Tae-gyoon (김태균)
    Dance team (댄서 팀)
    Kim Il-hyeong (김일형)
    Dance team (댄서 팀)
  • Lee Kyung-hwa (이경화)
    Lee Kyung-hwa (이경화)
    Walking woman (산책 여자)
    Yoo Ji-sook (유지숙 발레스쿨)
    Ballet Kid (발레 아동반)
    Sin Gil- (신길 비호체육관)
    Taekwondo class (태권도반)
    Lee Soo-ja (이수자)
    Traditional dance class (고전무용반)
    Kwon Hyeok-yeon (권혁연)
    Traditional dance class (고전무용반)
    Seo Ool-si (서울시 주부합창단)
    Housewife choir (주부 합창단)
    Choi Jae-seo (최재서)
    Soju pub Chang-seob's friend (소주방 창섭 친구)
    No Hong-chool (노홍출)
    Gi-tae's father (기태 부)
    Park Eun-cheol (박은철)
    Parking Guest (주차장 손님)
    Park Jae-hwan (박재환)
    Kendo staff member (검도부원)
  • Lee Jong-won (이종원)
    Lee Jong-won (이종원)
    Health club man (헬스 남자)
    Lee Soo-in (이수인)
    Min-jae's homeroom teacher - Special appearance (민재 담임)
  • Kim Kap-soo (김갑수)
    Kim Kap-soo (김갑수)
    Supervising teacher - Special appearance (감독 교사)
  • Son Hyun-woo (손현우)
    Son Hyun-woo (손현우)
  • Ha Eun-seol (하은설)
    Ha Eun-seol (하은설)

Flying Boys | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Flying Boys" + DVD Giveaway

    Min-jae (played by Yoon Kye-sang), Chang-seob (played by On Joo-wan), and Dong-wan (played by Lee Joon-gi) are three high school students who struggle with normal high school problems, like the desire not to get beat up every day, get into a good school, and have fun in general. As movie protagonists go they're actually relatively nebbish. Min-jae in particular is a giant weenie, yet he is also the main character, always struggling to find the courage to talk to local cool girl Soo-jin (played by Kim Min-jung),...More

Flying Boys | News

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Flying Boys | Pictures

  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
  • Flying Boys's picture
    Flying Boys
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Flying Boys | Reviews

Flying Boys | Facts

 Produced by
 Kim Mi-hee (김미희)
 Shin Hye-eun (신혜은)
Fun & Happyness Film (좋은영화)
CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
International sales
CineClickAsia (CineClickAsia)
 Kang Hye-jung-I (강혜정)
 Production department
 Jo Yeong-wook (조영욱)
 Score composer
 Park Kok-ji (박곡지)
 Hwang Seong-wook (황성욱)
 Cinematographer B team
 Lee Yeong-sook (이영숙)
 Marketing department
 Jeon Woo-jae (전우재)
 Martial arts director
 Kang Gook-hyun (강국현)
 Lighting/cinematography department
Technical Information
109 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Release date in South Korea : 2004/12/03
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2004.12.12 : 109,278 admissions (total)
As of 2004.12.05 : 68,446 admissions (total)

Flying Boys | Community

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this film made me feel much better about not knowing what decisions were the right ones to make...knowing that nobody else really knows either ^^
2008-05-03 22:40:55
2007-06-22 19:16:41
dat was a really good movie loved it.. it was really nice
2007-06-18 20:25:40
2006-11-21 15:38:07
Funny movie
I really didn't think I'd like the movie that much, but it turned out to be better than I've expected to be.
2006-11-05 21:20:02
2006-10-14 07:39:17
its a cute movie!!!!!!!!!!
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Flying Boys (발레 교습소)

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