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Love Me Not (사랑따윈 필요없어)

사랑따윈 필요없어 (Sa-lang-dda-won Pil-yo-eobs-eo)

Directed by Lee Cheol-ha (이철하)

Screenplay by , ,

Drama Melodrama Romance

119min | Release date in South Korea :


Julian has lived off with the money he lures from his rich female customers. But now he faces usurious debts from a hasty expansion of his business, and he will be killed unless he clears the debt in one month. The only way to save himself is to pretend to be the long-lost brother of an heiress and kill her to get her huge fortune. Min, the blind heiress, cold-hearted like Julian, slowly opens herself to him, and he, too, falls for her. But Julian has to pay his creditor and what makes it worse for him is that the illness that took Minís eyesight relapsed, threatening her life.


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Love Me Not
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    Love Me Not | Facts

     Produced by
     Cha Seung-jae (차승재)
     Kang Cheol-gyoo (강철규)
     Kim Mi-hee (김미희)
    Sidus FHN (싸이더스FHN)
    Showbox (쇼박스)
     Moon In-dae (문인대)
     BoA (보아)
     Theme song
     Lee Yeong-sook (이영숙)
     Production department
     Sung Il (성일)
     Car stunts
     Lee Jeon-ho (이전호)
     Poster designer
     Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
     Production department
     Lee Won-jun (이원준)
     Lighting/cinematography department
     Shim Jae-hee (심재희)
     Directing department
     Go Jung-wook (고정욱)
     Assistant director
     Heo Seo-hyeong (허서형)
     Set team
     Won Tae-yeon (원태연)
     Lee Jeon-hyung (이전형)
     Computer generated graphics/Digital special effects department
     Choi Jae-chun (최재천)
     Computer generated graphics/Digital special effects department
     Oh Hyo-jin (오효진)
     Marketing department
     Son Yong-ho (손용호)
     Lighting/cinematography department
    Technical Information
    119 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
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    Sales or release dates & Box Office
    Airing dates : 2006/11/09
    South Korean Box Office
    Source : &
    As of 2006.11.19 : 393,294 admissions (total)
    As of 2006.11.12 : 236,707 admissions (total)

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    Your reviews
    Love Me Not by Frey

    story of love, sacrifice, and believing. Overall, this movie is worth watching with interesting flow of plot.
    Since this is the third movie of Moon Geun Young I watch, I can see that she gets maturer being an actress. She plays so well, being a coldhearted woman who doesn't need love at all (at first). Watch another movie of her, which are My Little Bride and Innocent Steps. You'll find how good she is at playing various kinds of character.
    Also Kim Joo Hyeok is a great partner in this movie. Being so mischievous but then turns to be affectionate. They really give their 'heart-catching' performance.
    And yeah, surprisingly, the story ends happily.

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    2016/07/07 00:56:04

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    i love this movie. some people may not agree but i think the plot was ok. i really admire kim joo hyeok. i practically like tragic endings because it is always closer to reality. ^^
    2009-08-10 15:44:55
    2009-05-16 22:49:44
    I like this movie. A nice way to depict love and sacrifice. Moon Geun Yeong plays so well. No doubt, her acting gets maturer.
    Moon Geun Young "My Little Bride" and "Innocent Steps" were my favorite even though i'd watched it last sunday only. First time to see her and i fell inlove hahahah !!!. Keep it up Moon Geun Young. Hope i can find a girl like you
    2008-10-27 07:53:41
    2008-09-11 22:56:00
    I really feel sad for both of them, especially Min. I can see and feel how sadness that she sufferred. Really heart catching movie. Mon Geun-young is so cute and pretty. ^_^
    moon looks like audrey hepburn in the final scenes!
    2008-08-28 22:03:35
    2008-06-18 06:05:33
    It's a movie that reflects the reality of falling love, and taking risk in loving! I so love Moon geun young! Please see my video of Moon geun young at you tube.
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    The song from MV 2006-11-25

    Does anyone know where I can find the song from MV. I was love it for the first time I listen to.

    Thanks in advance

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    2007/07/05 06:41:45
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    Love Me Not (사랑따윈 필요없어)