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Memories of Murder (살인의 추억)

살인의 추억 (Sal-in-sui Choo-eok)

Directed by Bong Joon-ho (봉준호)

Screenplay by ,


127min | Release date in South Korea :

1986, Gyunggi Province. A young woman is found brutally raped and murdered. A couple of months later, several other rapes and murders occur under similar circumstances. In a country that has never known such crimes, the dark whispers about a serial killer grow louder. A special task force is set up in the area. A local detective, Park Doo-man, is joined by a detective from Seoul who requested to be assigned to the case, Seo Tae-yoon. Finding the killer grows more and more difficult, however, driving the detectives to ever greater despair.


Memories of Murder | Cast

  • Song Kang-ho (송강호)
    Song Kang-ho (송강호)
    Park Doo-man (박두만)
  • Kim Sang-kyung (김상경)
    Kim Sang-kyung (김상경)
    Seo Tae-yoon (서태윤)
  • Kim Roi-ha (김뢰하)
    Kim Roi-ha (김뢰하)
    Jo Yong-goo (조용구)
  • Song Jae-ho (송재호)
    Song Jae-ho (송재호)
    Chief Sin Dong-cheol (신동철 반장)
  • Byun Hee-bong (변희봉)
    Byun Hee-bong (변희봉)
    Chief Goo Hee-bong (구희봉 반장)
  • Ko Seo-hee (고서희)
    Ko Seo-hee (고서희)
    Kwon Gwi-ok (권귀옥)
  • Ryoo Tae-ho (류태호)
    Ryoo Tae-ho (류태호)
    Jo Byeong-soon (조병순)
  • Park No-shik (박노식)
    Park No-shik (박노식)
    Baek Gwang-ho (백광호)
  • Park Hae-il (박해일)
    Park Hae-il (박해일)
    Park Hyeon-gyoo (박현규)
  • Jeon Mi-sun (전미선)
    Jeon Mi-sun (전미선)
    Kwak Seol-yeong (곽설영)
  • Seo Young-hwa (서영화)
    Seo Young-hwa (서영화)
    Woman from hill (언덕 여)
    Woo Go-na (우고나)
    Kim So-hyeon (김소현)
    Lee Ok-joo (이옥주)
    Oh Nam-joo (오남주)
  • Choi Jong-ryul (최종률)
    Choi Jong-ryul (최종률)
    Gwang-ho's father (광호 아빠)
  • Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Reporter (기자)
    Lee Hoon-kyeong (이훈경)
    Park Yeong-ja (박영자)
  • Sin Hyeon-jong (신현종)
    Sin Hyeon-jong (신현종)
    Autopsy doctor (부검의)
  • Lee Jae-eung (이재응)
    Lee Jae-eung (이재응)
    Boy from opening (오프닝 남자애)
  • Jung In-sun (정인선)
    Jung In-sun (정인선)
    Girl from ending (엔딩 여자애)
  • Kwon Byung-gil (권병길)
    Kwon Byung-gil (권병길)
    Old doctor (노의사)
  • Park Hyun-young (박현영)
    Park Hyun-young (박현영)
    Nurse from nurse's office (양호 선생)
    Yoon Ga-hyeon (윤가현)
    Medium (무당)
    Lee Dae-hyeon (이대현)
    Doctor from the National Institude of Scientific Investigation (국과수 박사)
  • Kwon Hyeok-poong (권혁풍)
    Kwon Hyeok-poong (권혁풍)
    So-hyeon site forensics team member (소현 현장 감식반원)
  • Jo Duk-je (조덕제)
    Jo Duk-je (조덕제)
    So-hyeon site forensics team member (소현 현장 감식반원)
    Lee In-hee (이인희)
    Worker at cement factory (시멘트 공장 직원)
  • Jo Moon-ee (조문의)
    Jo Moon-ee (조문의)
    Pharmacist (약사)
    Oh Oh-yeong (오오영)
    Constable (순경)
  • Sin Hyeon-seung (신현승)
    Sin Hyeon-seung (신현승)
    Constable (순경)
    Jeon Joo-hyeon (전주현)
    Fellow detective (동료 형사)
  • Park Tae-kyung (박태경)
    Park Tae-kyung (박태경)
    Fellow detective (동료 형사)
  • Son Jin-hwan (손진환)
    Son Jin-hwan (손진환)
    Fellow detective (동료 형사)
  • Son Kang-gook (손강국)
    Son Kang-gook (손강국)
    Fellow detective (동료 형사)
  • Son Jin-ho (손진호)
    Son Jin-ho (손진호)
    Fellow detective (동료 형사)
    Baek Jin-cheol (백진철)
    Guard post conscripted policeman (초소의경)
  • Baek Bong-ki (백봉기)
    Baek Bong-ki (백봉기)
    Conscripted policeman dressed as a woman (여장 의경)
    Seong Jeong-seon (성정선)
    Park Hyeon-gyoo's house owner (박현규 집주인)
    Yoo-geum (유금)
    Woman going to work (출근여)
  • Kim Joo-ryeong (김주령)
    Kim Joo-ryeong (김주령)
    Nurse (간호사)
    Shin Dong-hwan (신동환)
    Farmer from opening (오프닝 농부)
    Kwak Soo-jeong (곽수정)
    Jo Byeong-soon's wife (조병순 처)
  • Yum Hye-ran (염혜란)
    Yum Hye-ran (염혜란)
    So-hyeon's mom (소현 엄마)
    Han Dae-gwan (한대관)
    Forensic who falls (넘어지는 감식반)
    Kim Tae-han (김태한)
    Senior constable (고참의경)
    Cheon Myeong-jae (천명재)
    Senior constable (고참의경)
    Ji Seung-hak (지승학)
    Replacement constable (후임의경)
    Yoo In-soo (유인수)
    Government worker (공무원)
    Lee Sang-wook (이상욱)
    Hansin University student (한신대생)
    Ryoo Pil-han (류필한)
    Hansin University student (한신대생)
    Lee Da-il (이다일)
    Hansin University student (한신대생)
    Goo Seong-choon (구성춘)
    Hansin University student (한신대생)
    Kwon Mi-hyeong (권미형)
    Hansin University student (한신대생)
    Kim Jo-hwa (김조화)
    Hansin University student (한신대생)
    Lee Ho-yeon (이호연)
    Hansin University student (한신대생)
  • Lee Dong-yong (이동용)
    Lee Dong-yong (이동용)
    Suspect (용의자)
    Choi Gyo-sik (최교식)
    Suspect (용의자)
    Lee Geun-se (이근세)
    Suspect (용의자)
  • Kim Kyeong-rae (김경래)
    Kim Kyeong-rae (김경래)
    Suspect (용의자)
    Kim Yeong-gwan (김영관)
    Suspect (용의자)
    Han Seong-geun (한성근)
    Blind-date man (선 본 남자)
  • Shin Woon-seob (신운섭)
    Shin Woon-seob (신운섭)
    Rapist (강간범)
  • Park Sang-woo (박상우)
    Park Sang-woo (박상우)
    Defendant's brother (피의자 오빠)
  • Shin Mun-sung (신문성)
    Shin Mun-sung (신문성)
    Delivery guy (철가방)
    Choi-wook (최욱)
    Questioning detective (취조형사)
    Na Jae-gyoon (나재균)
    Church deacon (교회집사)
  • Park Jin-woo-II (박진우)
    Park Jin-woo-II (박진우)
    Broadcasting station AD (방송국 AD)
  • Kim Hee-jin-I (김희진)
    Kim Hee-jin-I (김희진)
    Girl from bar (술집 아가씨)
    Lee Yoo-ra (이유라)
    Girl from bar (술집 아가씨)
    Park So-hyeon (박소현)
    Girl from bar (술집 아가씨)
    Kim Mi-ok (김미옥)
    Girl from bar (술집 아가씨)
    Yoo Chi-hyeok (유치혁)
    Doo-man's son (두만 아들)
    Kang Jin-hee (강진희)
    Doo-man's daughter (두만 딸)
    Lee Ga-yeon (이가연)
    Park Bo-hee (박보희)
    Kim Ha-kyeong (김하경)
    Lee Hyang-sook (이향숙)
    Yoo Ha-yeong (유하영)
    Ahn Mi-seon (안미선)
    Kim Cheol-yong (김철용)
    Cheol-yong (철용)
    Seo Min-soo (서민수)
    Electric guitar man (일렉기타맨)
  • Sim Seong-bo (심성보)
    Sim Seong-bo (심성보)
    Photographer (사진기자)
    Choi Hyeon-gi (최현기)
    Ahn Mi-seon's farmer (안미선 현장 농부)
    Lee Hyeok-jae (이혁재)
    Farmer on bicycle (자전거 농부)
    Lee Kang-san (이강산)
    Boiler Kim (보일러 김씨)
    Ryoo Jong-hwa (류종화)
    Jo Byeong-soon's son (조병순 아들)
    Choi Seung-hwan (최승환)
    Jo Byeong-soon's son (조병순 아들)
    Yoon Park-ji (윤박지)
    Broadcasting station staff (방송국 직원)
    Han Choong-hwan (한충환)
    Broadcasting station security guard (방송국 경비)
    Lee Mi-ok (이미옥)
    Woman who avoids Hyun-gyoo (현규 피하는 여)
    Kim Min-jeong (김민정)
    Woman who avoids Hyun-gyoo (현규 피하는 여)
    Hwang Woo-seong (황우성)
    Teacher at Ahnsong Women's High School (안송여중 교사)
  • Oh Yong (오용)
    Oh Yong (오용)

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  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "Memories of Murder" and Watershed Wonderings

    In the Spotlight this Week: "Memories of Murder" (2003) by Bong Joon-ho Bong Joon-ho's sophomore feature "Memories of Murder" is, quite simply, a must-see modern classic. This sophisticated crime drama recounts the investigation of a series of unsolved murders that occurred in the city of Hwaseong (Gyeonggi Province) between October 1986 and April 1991. Bong reportedly drew inspiration from Kim Gwang-rim's play "Come See Me", as well as Alan Moore's graphic novel "From Hell". The film earned the interest of more than five million viewers when it was released in Korea in 2003, which made it the most watched Korean movie that year. In addition to being a huge crowd pleaser, "Memories of Murder" was awarded a number of accolades locally and abroad. Most notably winning Best Director and Best Actor (Song Kang-ho) at the 2003 Grand Bell Awards – Korea's longest running and most prestigious awards ceremony,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Memories of Murder"

    Released in 2003, "Memories of Murder" is a true Korean genre film. Famed director Bong Joon-ho ("Barking Dogs Never Bite", "The Host", "Mother - 2009") has created a deeply rich crime thriller that is well paced, captivating and very satisfying to watch. The film is inspired by a series of brutal murders of 10 women during the 80's in a small town in Gyeonggi Province. Korea was still under a militaristic and authoritarian government at the time when progressive social and political change was just on the horizon,...More

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  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
  • Memories of Murder's picture
    Memories of Murder
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 Produced by
 Cha Seung-jae (차승재)
 Baek Cheol-hyeon (백철현)
 Production department
 Ryoo Seong-hee (류성희)
 Art director
 Lee Yong-joo-I (이용주)
 Directing department
 Kim Seok-jung (김석정)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Kim Hyung-koo (김형구)
 Yoon Joon-hee (윤준희)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Sim Seong-bo (심성보)
 Script coordinator
 Lee Hoo-kyoung (이후경)
 Set department
 Kim Hyeong-joo (김형주)
 Editing department
Technical Information
127 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Release date in South Korea : 2003/04/25
South Korean Box Office
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As of 2019.09.08 :  7 883  admissions (total)
As of 2019.06.02 :  5 751  admissions (total)
As of 2019.05.26 :  5 245  admissions (total)
As of 2019.05.19 :  4 297  admissions (total)
As of 2018.03.25 : 3 833 admissions (total)
As of 2016.09.18 : 2 338  admissions (total)
As of 2016.09.11 : 783 admissions (total)

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One of the best korean movie that I've watched as well.
2006-11-01 02:46:19
2006-10-18 20:06:54
yes, only one of the best korean movie and simply one the best movie too.... everybody should watch it only 1 time!
One of the greatest Korean movie of the decade !
2006-09-21 01:55:20
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Memories of Murder (살인의 추억)

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