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No Regret (후회하지 않아)

후회하지 않아 (Hoo-hoi-ha-ji Hanh-a)

Directed by Lee Song-hee-il (이송희일)

Screenplay by

Drama Melodrama

114min | Release date in South Korea :


Leaving the country orphanage where he grew up, Su-min comes to Seoul to study design. However, after several tough jobs, he unexpectedly ends up working as a prostitute in a gay bar. There he meets Jae-min. Su-min refuses Jae-min who’s been trying everything he could to win Su-min’s heart. Jae-min is from a rich and conservative family that doesn’t accept his sexual identity. Can this relationship between two men with different backgrounds have a future? After experiencing a brief happiness as passionate lovers, Su-min and Jae-min fall into tragic situations


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  • Hot Takes from the Noonas: Kim Nam-gil back at the box office, but what about dramas?

    Kim Nam-gil's latest movie, "Pandora" was released on December 7, and it is just one of his three movies slated for a 2016 release. Since his discharge from the army in 2012, Kim has done only one Korean drama, "Shark". Will he ever return to the small screen?,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Red Tomb"

    Before and during the Korean War, the South Korean government made a point of murdering people, often in large numbers, on the suspicion of their being Communists. Disturbingly, the elderly interviewees in "Red Tomb" have taken this as such a matter-of-fact detail of life that they barely even flinch when director Gu Jahywan or anyone else asks them where the bodies are buried. This is the face of successful government-sponsored mass-murder- No Regret, no anger, this was just a thing that happened,...More
  • "Kim Nam Gil Festival 2012" in Japan in June

    2012/05/14, Source
    Japanese production and distributor SPO announced on its homepage recently that the "Kim Nam Gil Festival 2012" will be held in Cinemart for three weeks from the 2nd of June to the 22nd,...More
  • Mistaken identity

    2012/02/11, Source
    I've been planning to write on this topic for a long, long time. Somehow other things got in a way and this was postponed. Finally, I had some time to spare and collect my (scarce) thoughts and write a post. My affair with Korean entertainment developed into serious relationship, this is why so many things amuse me now. Fangirls are one thing, but illusions that fangirls have, are infecting, oops, I mean, influencing the journalism in Korea. And this is not about 'we-all-know-which-website' articles. This is about the trend that has roots in fangirls' perception of their bubble world and how it affect the real world,...More
  • Wieland SPECK, head of the Berlin film festival's Panorama

    2011/12/07, Source
    After 30 years at the Berlin International Film Festival, Wieland Speck will be celebrating his 20th year as head of the festival's Panorama section next year. While he was in Seoul on his annual film hunting trip around the region, Jean NOH met with him to talk about his thoughts on Korean cinema, the Berlinale audiences and how he programs for them. KCT: How important for you is this annual trip around Asia, after the American Film Market (AFM)? Speck: For me, the trips to Asia and South America are very important trips because there are so many amazing filmmakers and they are inspiring the Western filmmaking a lot. The European view on the world, especially the Western European view on the world, is a little bit like simmering in the same broth for many years now. And then, yes, we already have the most interesting film countries in the world [in Asia].So having our eyes out for where inspiration lurks, this is what we definitely need for our culture in general, but also for the filmmaking,...More
  • Korea's Prolific Production of Gay Themed Cinema Continues
    2009/10/09, Source
    A soon to be released feature is about to join the ranks of Korea's burgeoning cannon of queer cinema. "Hello My Love", Kim Aaron's debut feature, comes at an end of a decade that h,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Kim Nam-gil, the new Ha Jung-woo?

    2009/09/20, Source
    Actor Kim Nam-gil is a rising actor! He has been Bidam in the drama, "Queen Seon-deok" and has been talked about a lot! He is currently the number one wanted as cast in film! It is known that there are two films that might be starring him already! The film industry say that it is like Ha Jung-woo in 2007 because,...More
  • 'Money' Comes Up Rather Short

    2009/09/03, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Ten rising South Korean filmmakers present seriocomic stories about money matters in the omnibus project ",...
  • The 11th Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Opens in Seoul
    2009/06/05, Source
    After the initial festival was closed down by police in 1997, the Seoul Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival (SELFF) celebrated more than 10 years of existence opening on Wednesday the 3rd of June. However, the festival which was then deemed as 'objectionable' by authorities has still,...More
  • For constant 10 years, we hope to be young
    2008/12/11, Source
    Seven youths who had been worked based on 'Youths of Movie Producing Workshop' got 10th year. 'Youths Film', which has been consisted of producers, planners, and prospective producers, will be co-operative with The Korea Association of Cinematheques to make 10th anniversary film festival from 5th to,...More
  • Generation Blue Films holds 10th anniversary festival
    2008/11/27, Source
    Generation Blue Films, a small production house founded in 1998 with the goal of producing films in a manner different from the mainstream commercial system, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with a special film festival.

    Over the years, the company has helped to introduce many important,...
  • Gore-Drenched 'The Guard Post' Is Mostly Confusion

    Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

    Kong Soo-chang's follo,...
  • [ChanMi's drama news] Soon to be wed, So Yu-jin in a new movie

    2008/07/22, Source
    The cute soon to be bride, So Yu-jin will return to the screens with her new short haircut! After 3 years through "I'm O.K" she will be back in the new movie "Escape" as the main character Lee So-young. She is currently filming action runaway scenes through the rainy and sultry weather. She even cut her long hair for this character.,...More
  • Kwon Sang-woo, "I want to marry within two years"

    2008/03/27, Source
    Actor kwon Sang-woo revealed that he would like to marry before becoming 35.

    He said in an interview with Sports Korea, "If there was someo,...
  • Kim Hye-sung—Lee Hyun-jin, Homosexual Acting in Queer Movie

    2008/03/06, Source
    Kim Hye-sung of "High Kick!" and,...More
  • 12th PIFF Names Jury and Awardees

    2007/08/28, Source
    The 12th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) has announced that Iranian director Dariush MEHRJUI is to head the jury of this year's New Currents awards section during the upcoming event which tak,...More
  • Korean Competitors at Barcelona Fest
    2007/03/19, Source
    The ninth edition of the Barcelona Asian Film Festival has selected Kim Tae-yong's "Family Ties" ("The Birth of a Family") (Gajokui Tansaeng),,...More
  • PARK Wins Berlin's Alfred Bauer Prize
    2007/02/16, Source
    South Korean auteur Park Chan-wook won the Alfred Bauer Prize, one of the 8 main awards at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival, for his imaginative comedy ",...More
  • 57th Berlin Int'l Film Festival Opens
    2007/02/09, Source
    The curtain has risen for the 57th Berlin International Film Festival on Thursday. This year some 370 films have entered the world-famous festival.

    A total of 22 films will compete for the Golden Bear Award for best motion picture, the winner of which will be announced on February 18th.

    The 22,...
  • Strong Korean Showing at Berlin Film Fest
    2007/02/08, Source
    The 57th Berlin Film Festival -- one of the world's three major film events along with those in Cannes and Venice -- opens Thursday and runs to Feb. 18. A total of 373 movies from around the world will be screened during the 10 day run.

    While director,...
  • Korean Presence Strong at 57th Berlin Film Festival
    2007/02/06, Source
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Contributing Writer

    ROME _ After a year when they were excluded from the three main international competitions _ Cannes, Venice, Berlin _ Korean films are set for a dramatic comeback on the international festival circuit in 2007. While new efforts by directors,...
  • Korean Kid Film 'Ice Bar' Invited to Berlin Film Fest

    2007/01/03, Source
    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    The Korean film "Ice Bar" directed by,...
  • Director's Cut Awards Diversity of Films
    2006/12/28, Source
    The Director's Cut Awards bestowed the Best Director Award upon Hong Sang-soo for the film "Woman on the Beach" (Haebyeonui Yeoin), the film depicts the struggle of relation,...More
  • 2nd Chance to See The Magicians, Host & Guest and More
    2006/12/26, Source
    Hypertech Nada's annual Nada's Final Proposal (Nada Majimak Peropojeu) aims to re-introduce to the audience films that in general only enjoyed a short cinema run, but arguably - deserve greater exposure. This year the line-up includes the independent Korean films: ",...More
  • Hong Sang-soo Named Best Director
    2006/12/22, Source
    Hong Sang-soo of "Woman on the Beach" fame was chosen the best director by his peers.

    At the Director's CUT Awards held Thursday evening, Hong was honored with the Best D,...
  • Watch the movies you missed when they were first shown in the theaters
    2006/12/11, Source
    "NADA's Final Proposal", Daehakro's Hipertech NADA's year-end program, returns to the screen.

    Celebrating its seventh year, "NADA's Final Proposal" is a special screening of movies that were released in 2006 but which many people may not have seen because they had a short screening duration. This,...
  • This Week's Cultural News
    2006/12/01, Source
    Welcome back.
    On Today's Talk, we look at the week's cultural news.
    This week we have an expo on Korean pop culture, a historical musical, and as always, new movie releases.
    For more, our Son Heekyung joins me in the studio.

    MIN SUNHEE, ANCHOR: Good morning Heekyung.

  • Sales at the Asian Film Market
    2006/11/03, Source
    This year's Pusan International Film Festival witnessed the opening of the inaugural Asian Film Market, a comprehensive film industry hub which covers many aspects of filmmaking from pre-sales, sales, and financing to production and post facilities as well as a casting network for up-and-coming star,...More
  • Varied new Korean films on display at PIFF
    2006/11/03, Source
    The 11th edition of the Pusan International Film Festival drew attention for its various industry sidebars and other events, but those festival attendees who focused on the program itself declared it to be a good year for new Korean films.

    Independent filmmakers in particular turned out a large n,...
  • Passion for Film Keeps Andy Lau Forever Young
    2006/10/15, Source
    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    PUSAN _ If you had the opportunity, what would you ask Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau? Would it be about his acting career of the past two decades or his upcoming movie, or his personal interests?

    It could be a,...

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 Produced by
 Kim-Jho Gwang-soo (김조광수)
CJ Entertainment (CJ엔터테인먼트)
 Lee Byung-hoon (이병훈)
 Score composer
 Lee Song-hee-il (이송희일)
 Yoon Eun-kyung (윤은경)
 Assistant director
 So Joon-moon (소준문)
 Making of
Technical Information
114 min DV Panoramic (1.85)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2006/11/16

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No Regret by Dai-feng

rist of all, I really want to say the movie was AWSOME!!! Its expresses the love, desire, and relationship between people who come from totally different background. On top of all that "homosexuality" is taboo so to have a movie that is gay theme is even more crave. Its just make the movie more desirable. The story is great, the actor is so cute, and (of course) the sex scene is sooo graphic. You really don't have to guess what is going on.
Love it. ***watch it like 5 time****

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2007/06/01 21:09:32

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I don't remember some of the pictures that are on this site.... did i miss something? haha. GREAT MOVIE... (except for the ending)!
2008-09-13 19:47:44
2008-05-09 20:01:19
good movie, weird ending
This is such a great movie! It is being released in over here (Canada) during Summer 2008. I hope it will do well over here. This film changed my life.
2007-11-28 18:43:59
2007-11-20 08:03:13
i just saw this movie.. like it sosos much !!! any 1 know where can find this kind of movie more ??
LOVED this movie! Love Lee Young Hoon too!!! XD HES SO HOT!
2007-11-02 01:59:50
2007-10-29 02:02:43
Msg me and i'll let u know where to watch this movie, but theres no point in watching it online becuase u will and i guarantee u will want this movie as a collection!! =] this is a really great movie. its been on my mind for about a week now ever sin
12 2>
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I'm a little bit confused... 2007-11-28

One night, about two months ago, I decided to watch this movie. I was fortunte enough to have found it easily. At any rate, I can honestly say that very few movies have made such an impression on me. I made it a point to watch other gay themed asian films (Happy Together, The King and the Clown, and Lan Yu) and quickly realized just how mature these gay asian films really are. I live in Canada (very liberal and open-minded people, and one of the exclusive countries where gay marriage is fully legal), and yet even here we made such a big deal about Brokeback Mountain (a crappy, cliched movie in my opinion). Are asians open about homosexuality? What is the deal there? I was told that it's something that is not really discussed - and yet, such movies come out of there... It seems a bit contradictory. Any insight, anyone?

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2009/09/07 20:29:47
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No Regret (후회하지 않아)

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