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Private Eye (그림자 살인)

그림자 살인 (Geu-rim-ja sal-in)

Directed by Park Dae-min (박대민)

Screenplay by , ,

Mystery Thriller

111min | Release date in South Korea :


Seoul, 1910. HONG Jin-ho, who will become Joseonís first detective, travels around solving trivial family disputes for pocket money as a private detective. However, he is determined to go to America someday and is saving up for the trip. Then one night, Gwang-soo, a medical physician in training, discovers a corpse in the woods and secretly takes it to practice dissecting. But the corpse turns out to be the son of Seoulís most powerful man. While planning to flee in the middle of the night and afraid of murder accusations, Gwang-soo meets Jin-ho, and asks him to find the killer. When another corpse turns up in the woods, murdered in the same way as the first victim, Jin-ho and Gwang-soo use a piece of cloth they find in the victimís hand as the lead they need to bring them one step closer to the real killer.

Alternative title : "Mr. Vertigo", "Shadow Murder" (Translation)


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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Private Eye"

    The mystery genre is so easy to love in film. Curiosity is a powerful thing and as long as the introduction to an unsolved puzzle grabs one's attention, they will likely stick with it, if only for the answer that lies at the end. Good mysteries keep the truth well hidden, but show just enough for the viewer to have a chance and for them to make the connection later on. Sadly, as entertaining as "Private Eye" is, it is not a very good mystery,...More

Private Eye | News

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  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2016.07.15 ~ 2016.07.17

    "Now You See Me 2" and "Train to Busan" arrive and shine... "Finding Dory" got off to a great start last weekend by shooting to the top of the chart with over 800,000 admissions, but two new features have since entered the fray and pulled ahead of Pixar's latest adventure,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2016.07.08 ~ 2016.07.10

    Dory finds a way to beat "The Man Who Sells the River"... Disney and Pixar's sequel to "Finding Nemo" (2003), "Finding Dory", arrived in theatres last week and-as expected-dominated box offices around the world. In Korea, the film was allocated over a thousand screens around the country and from them captured 32% of the box office pie (825,131 admissions) to come out on top during a very competitive season. "Finding Dory" has already sold over a million admissions ($7.3 million) since Wednesday, and, worldwide, it's grossed over $642.8 million (the film was produced for an estimated $200 million). "Finding Dory" is on track to becoming one of the highest-grossing films of the year,...More
  • "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" Premieres in North America July 15

    2016/07/07, Source
    A Story of the Greatest Con Artist Korea has Ever Known CJ Entertainment announced today that they will release "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" in North America on July 15, 2016. "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" is based on the tale of a legendary Korean con artist who pulls a scam so big that it shakes the entire nation to its core. This title will be released in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Honolulu, Toronto, and Vancouver. This is also the film debut for Xiumin, a member of the highly popular K-pop group EXO,...More
  • [USA and Canada] DramaFever Launches New CJ E&M Movie Channel

    2016/01/25, Source
    New Feature for DramaFever Premium Subscribers Brings Best Korean Films, On Demand, to Fans in the U.S. and Canada DramaFever (, the leading online destination for international television shows, movies and concerts, and the leading Asian pop culture producer and distributor CJ E&M have announced the launch of DramaFever's "CJ E&M Movie Channel". Created as part of a previously-announced, multi-year licensing deal between the two companies, the CJ E&M Movie Channel will debut today, with two dozen films immediately available on demand to premium subscribers of DramaFever's OTT digital video network. Fans can access the channel at, and for the first three days,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Private Eye"

    The mystery genre is so easy to love in film. Curiosity is a powerful thing and as long as the introduction to an unsolved puzzle grabs one's attention, they will likely stick with it, if only for the answer that lies at the end. Good mysteries keep the truth well hidden, but show just enough for the viewer to have a chance and for them to make the connection later on. Sadly, as entertaining as "Private Eye" is, it is not a very good mystery,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2014.02.21 ~ 2014.02.23

    Ice gives way to fire as "Pompeii" overthrows "Frozen" at the top… Disney's Oscar contender "Frozen" was finally dislodged at the top of pile in a hotly contested tussle at the top. This past weekend saw Paul W. S. Anderson's disaster epic "Pompeii" entered in first position (542,060-21.3%), a film that has been struggling globally after poor reviews stunted its hopes of reaching the $100M it took to produce. Despite its unimpressive stats thus far, Anderson's indulgent 3D flick only narrowly outplayed Kim Kwang-sik-I's newly released "Tabloid Truth" (440,829-20%). "Tabloid Truth" is already looking good to overtake Kim's pervious effort with "My Dear Desperado", a romantic comedy that claimed nearly 700K stubs back in 2010,...More
  • Meet Legendary Korean Director Kang Woo-Seok in Los Angeles

    2013/04/05, Source
     Kang Woo-seok will be in Los Angeles for a special presentation of his highly anticipated upcoming release "Fist of Legend". This film will be the first Korean film to have a same weekend theatrical release in Korea and N. America! Director Kang is in Los Angeles for just 2 days, before rushing back just in time to see the film open in Seoul on April 10! "Fist of Legend" will open in 20 cities across N. America on April 12. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Dir. Kang will be participating in 2 special screening events both taking place at CGV Cinemas during his short Los Angeles visit,...More
  • User Review - God's Quiz Season One

    Some things to know about my review: - My reviews are subjective and my opinions based on my own general likes and dislikes, unclouded by obsessions. - They usually don't have major or ending spoilers, but if they do, they will come with a warning. - If I like a movie enough to write about it, I write a lot about it. My reviews are huge. - I don't take myself too seriously so my reviews reflect that. It's light reading. A lot of it, but light. As I mention on my blog version about this, "God's Quiz" is a crime series which spanned two seasons and aired on the cable channel OCN. The one airing "Vampire Prosecutor" at the time this is written. The series is about a man called Han Jin Woo (played by Ryu Deok-hwan), who is an all around awesome medical examiner sent to work with a team of his peers to solve crimes or deaths. His supervisor and partner in cri- I mean solving crime is talented and professional detective Kyung Hee (played by Yoon Joo-hee who can recently be seen in "Ojak Brothers"). Each episode consists of a different plot and crime, while there is still a main plot to this,...More
  • Updated cast for the Korean movie "Moby Dick"

    2011/10/21, Source
    Updated cast for the Korean movie "Moby Dick",...More
  • Korean movies opening today 2011/06/09 in Korea

    2011/06/09, Source
    Korean movies opening today 2011/06/09 in Korea "White: The Melody of the Curse", "Moby Dick", omnibus "Short! Short! Short! 2011" and "The Story Of My Life",...More
  • Conspiracy flick is painstakingly real

    2011/06/02, Source
    Hwang Jung-min stars as an investigative journalist in the conspiracy drama "Moby Dick". / Courtesy of Showbox/Mediaplex By Lee Hyo-won Marked by intrigue and wit, "Moby Dick" paves the way for conspiracy dramas, a genre not yet fully explored in Korean cinema. Painstakingly realistic depictions of thoroughly domestic matters provide for Hollywood-esque entertainment that invites vested interest, particularly as top actors give their finest performances - but at the same time this deprives the film of that cathartic oomph audiences might expect,...More
  • Hwang Jung-min returns as reporter

    2011/05/05, Source
    Actor Hwang Jung-min By Lee Hyo-won Hwang Jung-min will display more of his knack for criminal investigation in the upcoming film "Moby Dick". After tackling the roles of a detective ("Private Eye") and cop ("The Unjust"), he will investigate cases as a news reporter,...More
  • Actors enliven uncanny period adventure

    2011/01/20, Source
    Actors Oh Dal-soo, left, and Kim Myung-min in a scene from the Joseon-era crime adventure "Detective K" By Lee Hyo-won Equipped with an eagle eye and undyingly loyal sidekick, he's something of a Sherlock Holmes storming through 18th-century Korea. But Kim Myung-min's "Detective K" in the namesake film is often mistaken for a quack - even his mustache serves not so much for stroking gracefully while perusing keen insights, but rather to highlight his offhanded quirks (and perhaps a comical resemblance to Salvator Dali),...More
  • Hwang Jung-min: 'I Acted Comfortably with My Eyes Closed'

    2010/04/22, Source
    "I did not just want to act the role of a blind man; instead, I wanted to act comfortably while I just closed my eyes", said actor Hwang Jung-min, who appeared in the movie "Blades of Blood" and demonstrated realistic acting as a blind character. He played the legendary blind swordsman Hwang Jung Hak in the movie, which was filmed against the backdrop of the middle of the Chosun dynasty. The character is a friend of Lee Mong Hak (Cha Seung-won), who has been dreaming of creating a whole new world and instigating a rebellion, but in the end they end up going their separate ways due to different ideologies regarding the uprising. In a recent interview held in a café located in Gangnam, Hwang Jung-min said, "Instead of trying to be a blind man, I tried my best to act as natural as possible suitable to the storyline and the character. To prepare for the role, I went to a school for the blind, participated in a class and talked a lot with classmates. But basically, I thought that just trying to imitate those blind people was not important. The character Hwang Jung Hak is a blind man, but the more important point was to understand the inner side of the character, and I tried to approach this internal perspective when I acted",...More
  • Korean films, stars nominated for U.S. Green Globe Awards

    2010/03/12, Source
    Korean movie "Thirst" and "Mother - 2009" [CJ Entertainment] Some of the biggest names in the South Korean film industry, as well as its most noted productions, have been nominated in multiple categories at this year's Hollywood-based Green Globe Film Awards. According to the event's official webpage, a number of Korea's top movie stars and films will compete in this year's "International Film Awards Theme: Asia" segment of the event which recognizes movies, actors and directors in the Eastern region of the globe. Noteworthy nominees include Song Kang-ho for film "Thirst", Ha Jung-woo for "Take Off" and Kim Myung-min for "Closer to Heaven" in the category for best international actor,...More
  • 'Secret Reunion" Offers Bittersweet 'Bromance'

    2010/01/21, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    A story about North and South Korean spies called "Secret Reunion" may initially seem like mawkish c,...
  • 'Woochi' Marks Birth of Korean Superhero

    2009/12/17, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    He might be offended if you call him the Korean Harry Potter, and pull a Taoist magic trick on you.

    Jeon U-chi's genealogy can be traced back to the Joseon Kingdo,...
  • Film Council Names Most Popular Movies of 2009
    2009/12/07, Source
    Korea's most popular film of 2009 is the disaster blockbuster "Haeundae", the Korean Film Council said yesterday.

    Released July 22, the film opened at 753 screens nationwide and drew 11.3 million spectators. Many more, however, are expect,...
  • Actor Lee Expanding Horizons

    2009/09/28, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Lee Byung-hun continues to expand his horizons. After his "kimchi Western" flick ",...
  • New Korean Films at PiFan
    2009/07/16, Source
    The 13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) kicks off July 16 Ė 26 with an exciting range of new Korean independent genre films, commercial hits and rare classics. Among the 12 films vying for the Puchon Choice competition section's top prizes are Korean low-budget omnibus feature,...More
  • Korean Line-up at Fantasia Int'l Film Fest
    2009/07/06, Source
    North America's largest genre film fest, the Fantasia International Film Festival boasts an impressive line-up of notable Korean films this year; among them the North American premiere of Park Chan-wook's Cannes-winning vampire drama,,...More
  • Summer Action Flicks Are Coming
    2009/06/30, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Every summer, big budget Hollywood movies flow in, and many worry about the potential threat to homegrown films. Recent trends, however, suggest that competition is healthy.

    "The fact that such a comparison (between national and international franchises) is even,...
  • Korean Cinematography Booms on High-quality, Lucrative Productions
    2009/05/21, Source
    Korean cinematography has been thriving recently as more movies continue to draw scores of viewers to theaters, bringing in impressive revenues and receiving positive feedback both from domestic and foreign critics. As more viewers these days are attaching more importance to the uniqueness of movies,...More
  • Kim and Hwang Team up as 'Accidental Couple'

    2009/04/28, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The new drama "The Accidental Couple,...
  • Actress Hangs Herself

    2009/04/28, Source
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff Reporter

    Actress, Woo Seung-yeon, 25, was found dead in her home in Seoul in what appears to be a suicide, police s,...
  • Movie 'My Girlfriend is an Agent' Raises Expectations

    2009/04/27, Source
    Many have been having high hopes for the comedy movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent", which is expected to become as big a hit,...More
  • English subtitled cinema screenings of "Private Eye"
    2009/04/16, Source
    Director Park Dae-min's debut feature film "Private Eye" stars Korea's top character actors Hwang Jung-min (",...More
  • 'Private Eye' Signals New Detective Genre

    2009/03/27, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Debutant director Park Dae-min brings a delicious mix of drama, comedy and adventure in ",...
  • Mystery Movie 'Private Eye'

    2009/03/26, Source
    A new kind of Korean film has been born with "Private Eye". As you can guess from the title, this film is about the adventures of,...More
  • Korean Films to Return in April
    2009/03/26, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    South Korean cinema offers only a handful of releases this month, but a big lineup of homegrown films awaits moviegoers in April.

    Some 10 domestic titles are slated for release next month, of which a majority are mainstream franchises that will play in theaters,...
  • First Time Director Indulges in Noir
    2009/03/19, Source
    The up and coming release of 'Private Eye' by first time Director Park Dae-min continues a neo noir tradition led by notables including,...More
  • Uhm Ji-won, first attempt at historical play with movie "Private Eye"

    2008/07/03, Source
    The movie "Private Eye" is a thriller about Hong Jin-ho (Hwang Jung-min), who i,...More

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CJ Entertainment (CJ엔터테인먼트)
 Kim Jeong-hwan-I (김정환)
 Production department
 Nam Na-yeong (남나영)
 Choi Chan-min (최찬민)
 Ahn Jeong-min (안정민)
 Assistant director
 Yoon Se-yeong (윤세영)
 Directing department
 Yoon Joon-hee (윤준희)
 Directing department
 Kwak Eun-mi (곽은미)
 Script supervisor
 Hwang Sang-jun (황상준)
 Score composer
 Cho Sang-kyung (조상경)
 Costume Design
 Shin Yoo-ram (신유람)
 Martial arts team
 Kang Sook (강숙)
Technical Information
111 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2009/04/02
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2009.05.10 : 1,907,094 admissions (total)
As of 2009.05.03 : 1,876,516 admissions (total)
As of 2009.04.26 : 1,782,051 admissions (total)
As of 2009.04.19 : 1,529,854 admissions (total)
As of 2009.04.12 : 1,134,377 admissions (total)
As of 2009.04.05 : 553,491 admissions (total)

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Private Eye (그림자 살인)

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