Lee Byung-hun Draws Crowds of Fans in Japan

Actor Lee Byung-hun has been visited by more than 2,000 Japanese fans nearly every day during his stay in Akita Prefecture, Japan to shoot his new drama "IRIS", his agency BH Entertainment said.

"We kept the shooting locations secret, so only some key staff knew about them. It was surprising how the Japanese fans found out where the shooting was taking place, and as many as approximately 2,500 fans came to a shooting site to see Lee every day", the agency said. "The Akita Prefecture government had police and security guards stationed for emergencies, but no regrettable incidents happened".

Since the Korean actor arrived on March 9, the Japanese prefecture has seen many of his fans pour into the area from all over the country, filling up all hotels and motels although it is the off season, according to the agency. "Some 300 fans were even waiting for Lee at the hotel where he was staying from morning until evening. Lee had to hold an impromptu hand-shaking session for them almost every evening when he returned to the hotel after shooting", the agency said.

Lee returned home on Saturday to take part in local shooting here. A spy action drama with a budget of 20 billion won, "IRIS" has a notable cast including actresses Kim Tae-hee and Kim So-yeon and actors Kim Seung-woo and Jung Joon-ho.
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