Lee Da-hae steps down from "Gabi"... not Joo Jin-mo

Director Jang Yoon-hyeon's new project "Gabi" is going through a couple awkward phases even before it starts shooting.

The lead female actress Lee Da-hae stepped down because the shoot was being delayed and now Joo Jin-mo has expressed he is looking through other projects. "Gabi" is based on a novel by Kim Tak-hwan about a man and a woman and their plan to poison the Gojong.

Shooting was supposed to start last December with Joo Jin-mo, Lee Da-hae and Park Hee-soon. But Lee Da-hae stepped down and while they were looking for a replacement, the shooting got delayed.

It was to crank in on the 10th of March but this might not happen. Joo Jin-mo stated if the shoot gets delayed any further, he will look for other scenarios.

His management said, "He is not stepping down. If the shoot gets delayed again, he will look for something else to do meanwhile and join in again when the shooting happens".

Meanwhile the production team is in the last bit of finding a female role. They will be confirming with the schedules pretty soon.

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