Lee Jong-suk "Ha Ji-won is quite unreachable"

Actor Lee Jong-suk expressed Ha Ji-won as the 'unreachable type'.

On the KBS 2TV program "Happy Together" on the 19th, Lee Jong-suk said, "We are in the same company, we did "Secret Garden" together as well but she is still unreachable to me".

When the MC's asked why he said, "There's no reason for it" and Ha Ji-won was surprised. She wasn't planned to star in this days program but she showed up in surprise.

Ha Ji-won took on the role of a table tennis player in the movie "As One" and said, "I was stressing for me because many people thought I would learn and be good at this sport in just a day".

Meanwhile, the cast for this day included, Park Chul-min, Lee Jong-suk, Choi Yoon-young and national table tennis athletes Hyun Jung-hwa and Yoo Nam-gyoo.

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