Lee Ki-woo Steals Women's Hearts With Sexy and Charismatic Fitted Suit

Shots of Lee Ki-woo dressed in a suit were released by Neverdie Entertainment, showing a charismatic and sexy look. In particular, he shows the standard of a fitted suit by showing a perfect model fit with overwhelming proportions that do not require correction, and a solid figure that is strengthened by exercise.


Lee Ki-woo starred in the SBS drama "Doctor Detective" as a chaebol heir going back and forth between good and bad, and co-stars with Kim Ha-neul in the jTBC drama "18 Again" as Choi Il-kwon, a physical educations teacher and basketball coach.

Neverdie Entertainment is home to Lee Ki-woo, Kim San-ho, Bae Woo-hee, Jo Yeon-woo, Kwon Sung-min, Cha Se-young, Ae Joo, Jo Seung-hwan, Son Hae-in, Jung Jae-kyung and more.