Lee Min-ho, "My ideal woman? Someone who knows her own merits"

Actor Lee Min-ho shared his thoughts about his ideal woman.

Lee Min-ho turned into a soft and innocent winter prince in the pictorial for the February issue of magazine, The Star.

Dressed in a white knit sweater and coat, he presented the image channeling the Little Prince contrary to the tough image of his role in 'Gangnam Blues'. They say he impressed all the staff on the set with his soft smiles and detailed expression of emotion.

During the interview that took place after the photo shoot, he talked about his ideal woman, "I like someone who can finish my sentences. Everyone has their own merits. I think a woman, who understands her own merits and self-confident, is cool. If the woman has an unexpected wild side, it is also attractive".

Lee Min-ho also shared his feelings about his first appearance as the leading role on screen with 'Gangnam Blues'. He said, "I would like to try to make people think it's worth coming when they come and watch the movie in theaters. I'd like to deliver messages that we young people should live our lives hard rather than being worried about future nervously, which I used to do".

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