Lee Min-ki, "There's not one ugly part of Son Ye-jin"

Actor Lee Min-ki complimented actress Son Ye-jin about her appearance. He said, "I tried looking for one place that's not pretty but there isn't one".

Lee Min-ki kept repeating that she was pretty when he was asked about his first impression about her at the press preview event of the movie "Spellbound" in Seoul on the 21st.

Introducing Son Ye-jin he said, "She was cute during the shoot and pretty on regular days. I couldn't help but like her the way I did in the movie".

Son Ye-jin didn't know what to do with the endless compliments from Lee Min-ki. She held her face in her hands and smiled as if she felt really good.

"Spellbound" is the romance between a woman who can't date men because she sees ghosts and a man who is a horror magician but is scared of almost everything. Coming soon on the 1st of December.