Lee Se-eun is getting married to the son of Buguk Securities

Actress Lee Se-eun's husband-to-be, who was only known as a 'finance man', turns out to be the son of Buguk Securities.

Lee Se-eun announced her marriage on the 26th and introduced her husband as a 3-year younger man in the finance business. Buguk Securities is the fourth financial business to be established with a history of more than 60 years. Based in 2014, it ranks in the top 30 financial businesses. She's getting married to a plutocrat.

Lee Se-eun's husband-to-be has been showing his love and affection for the actress on Facebook. He posted that he successfully proposed to her in August and revealed pictures of the ring. There is love and affection in the pictures he took with Lee Se-eun. He even hosted a flea market to support the charity foundation she stands as ambassador for. Lee Se-eun has also been showing how happy she is with her fiancé on her Facebook.

Lee Se-eun and her lover are getting married after a 2-year relationship at the Grand Hyatt on the 6th of March. GG Entertainment claims the groom is a warm and caring person and hopes for everyone's blessings.