Lee Soon-jae, "Han Ye-seul needs to return and apologize"

"Come back and apologize. An actress needs to keep her position on site no matter what".

Actor Lee Soon-jae (76) said a word to Han Ye-seul who has done under surface, refusing to continue shooting her drama.

Lee Soon-jae appeared at the press release of new MBC drama "A Thousand Kisses" on the 16th at Seoul, Hak-dong Convention Heritz Memoria Hall and said, "I heard about the Han Ye-seul situation yesterday. An actor or actress never leaves his or her post on site no matter what". About her sudden behavior he said, "A drama is a promise with the viewers. This goes not only for dramas but for theater and whatever else. Han Ye-seul needs to return right away, apologize and finish off the drama".

Mentioning her responsibilities first, Lee Soon-jae also spoke about the poor conditions of shooting a drama. He said, "Many actors are spending nights wide awake but they should be in the best condition to make something" hoping for an improvement. Meanwhile, "A Thousand Kisses" with Lee Soon-jae, Seo Young-hee, Ji Hyun-woo, Ryu Jin, Kim So-eun and more is coming this 20th at 8:40PM.

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