[Lily's Take] Kang Ha-neul #The Good Boy Image, Scandals and His Last Kiss

As I watched the actor Kang Ha-neul on the talk show "The Life Bar", I would describe him in one word – "Innocent". Throughout the show, even with many troublesome questions and playful teasing by the hosts, Kang Ha-neul just laughed and gave his honest answers. It makes so much sense why he is famous for his "good boy" image, because he IS such a good-natured person!


In the show, he mentioned about his "good boy" image, saying, "The senior actors gave me that image. I'm not like, the world's nicest guy. I just hate seeing people around me frown. The most important thing for me is respect, and my motto is to enjoy ourselves while being respectful to one another. It's just that plain and simple. Really, I'm not all of what they say I am. Haha. But I'm glad people see me that way".

He also gave an explanation on the scandal with the actress Kim So-eun and the rapper Cheetah. He said "With Kim So-eun, I became very close with her when we filmed "Mourning Grave". We took a selfie together and that started the rumor". "With Cheetah, I actually never even have met her before. I have a friend with a nickname Cheetah, who sent me a thoughtful gift. So, I posted on social media with hashtag #ThanksCheetah and another rumor started that I was in a relationship with the rapper Cheetah. I felt so bad!"

(Above three) Pictures taken with the Actress Kim So-eun

(Above) Rapper Cheetah


The hosts persistently asked when his last kiss was and Kang Ha-neul was firm with his no comment answer at first but gave up in the end and confessed that it was 5 months ago. As the hosts kept digging, he made the audience laugh by being so embarrassed about it and even stuttering.

In the show, Kang Ha-neul shared many of his stories and talents such as his upright values, his attitude about the acting career, his close friends in the entertainment business, and his singing and guitar skills.

(Above 3) One of his close friend and a senior actor, Jung Woo.


(Above) His guitar skill is famous among his fans!


By.Lily Lee