[Lily's Take] Kim Sung-ryung's Timeless Photoshoot

Actress Kim Sung-ryung revealed a beauty photoshoot that defines the meaning of dazzling enchantment. Revealed photos captured many people's attention as she simultaneously radiates both glamour and a graceful image.


The actress was highly praised at the scene of the photoshoot as the photographer applauded her saying, "The most splendid expression of girl-crush only Kim Sung-ryung can portray". Out of all the outfits she wore in the photoshoot, the black off-shoulder dress received the most compliments.

In the short interview after the photoshoot, she shared her tip on maintaining such beauty after all these years. She said, "My secret is the endless challenges for myself and not being afraid of failure. Even if I fail at the end, I Don't Hesitate or doubt myself until then".

She also shared, "When you try to combat aging, your life becomes exhausting. I think the golden hour of my life time comes when I give my best to the opportunities and time given, without wasting them".

At her interview, many netizens commented with half sarcastically and half lovingly, that she must be living a very exhausting life since she doesn't seem to age at all, always having that glow.

By. Lily Lee