Liu Yifei, the daughter of a high class family

Everyone is talking about Song Seung-heon and his girlfriend Liu Yifei.

SBS "TV News At Night" featured Korean male stars who were popular in China.

Along with Tang Wei who married director Kim Tae-yong, Chinese goddess Liu Yifei is currently in a relationship with Korean actor Song Seung-heon.

The Chinese entertainment said, "Liu Yifei is beautiful and talented. Her family also comes from great wealth. She's from a high class family and some say she's acting for fun. She's similar to Kim Tae-hee if we were to compare with Korea".

"The reason Chinese women like Korean men is because they think they are clean and neat. They also like the fact that they have been to the military".

Kim Il-joong announcer added, "They went to serve duty in Korea but are getting the royal treatment in China".

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