Moon Geun-young Sings "Evening Primrose" in Music Video

The music video of the movie "A Naive Dancer", which opens in the fourth week of April, has just been released. The movie has already topped various charts including "the most looked forward to" movie and the top-ranking movie in terms of ticket reservations. The related music video has drawn much attention for featuring the movie's lead actress Moon Geun-young, who is very popular these days, singing a song in a studio.

The title of the song that Moon sings is "Evening Primrose", which was originally sung by Teresa Teng in the movie "Tianmimi". In "A Naive Dancer", the song sparks new feelings between Chae-rin (played by Moon) and Young-sae (Park Gun-hyung).

"Evening Primrose", which Moon sings in the movie with her cheerful voice, is a Korean-version of the original Chinese song performed to a lilting accompaniment. The charming images of Moon recording the song in the studio and the scenes from the movie fully convey the feeling of love that Moon's character experiences. The original soundtrack of the movie will also contain the Chinese version of "Evening Primrose" sung by Moon as well.

"A Naive Dancer", distributed by Show East, is a story about a Chinese-Korean girl named "Chae-rin" who comes to Seoul in place of her older sister, a renowned dancer, and after many twists and turns achieves her dreams and finds love. It depicts the kind of destined love everyone has dreamed about at least once in their lives.

The movie opens on April 28.
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