[New Movie] "Changgeuk, Farewell my Concubine"

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"Changgeuk, Farewell my Concubine" (2019)

Directed by Wu Hsing-kuo

With Kim Jun-soo, Jung Bo-kwon, Kim Geum-mi, Heo Jong-yeol, Yoon Seok-an, Cho Yoo-ah,...

The Chinese Imperial Dynasties two thousand years ago. King Hoe promised his disciples that the first person who entered Hamyang, the capital of Jin, would be king. The Cho Dynasty is led by the god of war Hang-woo, marched from the north, and the Han Dynasty led by a good man, Yu-bang, marched from the south to Hamyang. Yu-bang arrived in Hamyang first, but Hang-woo breaks through the Hamgokgwan at once and Yu-bang's life is on the line. Hang-woo holds a banquet when Yu-bang came and begged for his life. Hang-woo's schemer Beom-jeung tries to kill Yu-bang by setting a trap in Hongmunyeon, but Hang-woo rejects the advice, saying it is not a head-to-head match. Meanwhile, Yu-bang retreats. The end of the Korean War is coming to an end. After hearing The advice from Jang-ryang, Yu-bang gradually takes the lead in battle with various methods such as slowly moving and striking the enemy hard, being surrounded by enemy from all sides. Hang-woo's wife, Woo-hee is wondering if there is any way to help her husband, who seems to be losing...

Release date in Korea : 2021/09/23