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[New Movie] "This Americano"

Korean movie "This Americano" added to HanCinema database


"This Americano" (2021)

Directed by Kwon Yuju

With Byun Se-hee, Han Jae-ha, Park Ah-reum, Kim Hee-sang, Park Geon-hong, Lee Jung-hoon-V,...

"I risked my life for this!"

Aspiring film director Soo-jin's first feature film production!

Aspiring film director Soo-jin tries to successfully complete her first feature film. The production cost is ridiculously small for a movie made with the help of people and money she collected. Soo-jin even changed her cigarettes to the cheap 'This Original', and she was working hard to prepare for the movie by asking her ex-boyfriend to be the main actor. Something like a bolt out of the blue happens to Soo-jin!

Will Soo-jin be able to complete the movie successfully?

Release date in Korea : 2021/08/01

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