[New Movie] "Young Specialist"

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"Young Specialist" (2019)

Directed by Choi Sung-eun-I

With Sae Bom-I, Kim Dong-joon-I, Ji Ah,...

Sang-woo is suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, because he is worn out from Ji-eun's strong sexual desires. Then, one day, Ji-eun sends him to a treatment center and the specialist is no other than his ex-girlfriend, Hye-ran. They bicker about past things, but in the end agree to start treatment. Hye-ran manages to bring back Sang-woo's sexual desires with lower body exercises, massages, sexy dances and mental therapy. On the day he is discharged from the center, Sang-woo and Hye-ran share a last kiss, but end up wanting each others' bodies...

No release date in Korea yet