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[New Omnibus Movie] "Some Relationship"

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"Some Relationship" (2020)

Directed by Goo Sang-bum, Kim Byeong-soo, Kim Mi-rim-I, Lim Hye-young-I, Yoon Hyun-ho

With Jeon Gyu-il, Lee Seung-yeon-I, Lee Hak-joo, Seo Eun-woo, Jang Eui-soo, Kwon Bum-taek,...

A story about familiar and unfamiliar relationships
Porkbelly (삼겹살, sam-gyeop-sal)
A showdown between an elderly daughter who is not married and a father who is not worried about his health. Why do you always complain to your family?

Mi-joo's Hamburger (미주꺼 햄버거, mi-joo-kkeo haem-beo-geo)
Mi-joo, who wants to watch an idol concert, works part-time without knowing how her mother feels. Will Mi-Joo be able to go to the concert?

Ari (아리, a-ri)
Eight-year-old Na-ra and her mother take an intercity bus and head somewhere. Meanwhile, eight-year-old Ga-eun is walking with her hand in the hand of mother superior...

A Rose (장미 한송이, jang-mi han-song-i)
A butterfly effect caused by a rose. By receiving one rose every day, love sprouts in a homeless person's heart.

Knife (칼, kal)
A disciple brings a knife to Jun-man, a professor of film science who has been living a helpless life ahead of his retirement. From that day on, Jun-man gradually fell into the sharp and shiny figure of the knife...

No release date in Korea yet

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