Off We Go! Last Pictures of Male Celebrities Before They Report to the Korean Army

All healthy men of South Korea should proudly walk into the army to fulfill their duty. While they are serving the country for 2 years, we will miss them but know that we will happily welcome them with open arms when they are back on the screen. It is definitely a sacrifice, to invest that time, especially in this industry, where time is gold. Many male celebrities share a common concern where they will be forgotten while they are away from the camera, out of sight, out of mind. However, they are determined to give their all to the country as a humble, honest citizen and we respect them for that.

There are many pictures of male celebrities right before they go into the army and they promise us to serve diligently and we promise them to be anxiously wait for their return. These pictures captured their determination, love for their country and sometimes shyness at their freshly shaven/ short cut hair.


Jo In-sung







Kim Nam-gil


Song Joong-ki


Lee Seung-gi




Lee Ki-woo


By. Lily Lee