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Oh Seung-ah in "The Second Husband", Seo Eun-woo quits

The production team of the drama "The Second Husband" said Oh Seung-ah will play the leading role of Yoon Jae-kyeong.


In the play, Yoon Jae-kyeong (Oh Seung-ah) is a character who does not hesitate to do anything for her ambition, such as marrying Moon Sang-hyeok (Han Ki-woong), who her father permits to in order to beat her brother to take over the confectionery company. Yoon Jae-kyeong was originally scheduled to be played by Seo Eun-woo, but she dropped out due to the production schedule.

As a result, actress Oh Seung-ah will return to MBC drama after a year.

The new daily drama "Second Husband" is a passionate romance drama in which a woman who lost her family unfairly due to an unstoppable tragedy of desire goes out for revenge in mixed fate and love. Writer Seo Hyeon-joo will take the script, while director Kim Chil-bong will take the megaphone.

Actress Uhm Hyun-kyung is the main female character Bong Seon-hwa, her new love Yoon Jae-min is played by actor Cha Seo-won and actor Han Ki-woong is Moon Sang-hyeok, who is blinded by ambition, choosing Yoon Jae-kyeong (Oh Seung-ah) for his success.

MBC's new daily drama "The Second Husband" will premiere in early July.

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