Olive Nine to enter the Chinese drama market in earnest

Olive Nine Co., Ltd., which produces the hit dramas like "Green Rose", "Bad Wife" and "Lovers in Prague" penetrates the drama market in China.

Olive Nine signed a MOU with the Hong Kong stock exchange-listed Chinese company CHC on 11 Dec to co-produce the drama in China. CHC is a consolidated health and beauty concern.

Olive Nine and CHC will co-produce the series with US$3 million of production cost. The story is about the medical center to be telecasted all through China at the end of next year.

The shooting place will be the hospital in Beijing organized by CHC. The Chinese company takes all production cost while Olive Nine is responsible for all production works such as planning, writing scenario, producing and distributing.

Director Kim Tae-won of Olive Nine said, "The planning is already started and the shooting will begin from the mid of next year in China. The drama will be aired first in China and then it will be exported to all around Asia".

"We are a consolidated entertainment company and through this MOU we plan to generate revenues in overseas markets as well. Our company will try to develop a business network system in China for export of Korean cultural content and talent management. We plan to make a beachhead for the Korean cultural industry in China", added he.

The Source : Koreacontent News Team
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