Onew and Jo Kwon to Appear in Musical "Shinheung Military Academy"

SHINee's Onew and singer Jo Kwon are starring in "Shinheung Military Academy", a military musical, during their time in the service.

The "Shinheung Military Academy" is a collection of the lives of people who lived in a turbulent era during the time of the Shinheung Military Academy, which led the independence war against Japan. The story of young people who dedicated everything to retrieving their lost homeland and country is dynamically unfolded.

Jo Kwon and Onew were admitted to the military in August and December last year. "Shinheung Military Academy" will be their first official appearance.

Ji Chang-wook and Kang Ha-neul were on stage with "Shinheung Military Academy" last year after they were admitted to the military in 2017. They will be discharged in May.

Kim Sung-kyu of Infinite was also cast for "Shinheung Military Academy" along with Lee Tae-eun, Hong Seo-young, Im Chan-min, Sin Hye-ji, and more.

Meanwhile, "Shinheung Military Academy" will be held at the Seoul Gwangrim Art Center BBCH from the 27th this month to the 21st of April.