[Orion's Drama News] Baby Smiles and Sombre Meals

Group cohabitation is definitely one of the latest Korean drama trends, and this week I dive into the babysitting shenanigans of "Welcome to Waikiki". After taking a break from following it, I also take one last look at "Drama Stage - The Woman Who Makes the Last Meal", which has aired today. Be it guest houses, prisons, androids or remakes, it looks like the trends for this year are on a roll.

Baby Welcome to Waikiki

Guest house drama "Welcome to Waikiki" is finally premiering this Monday and the series looks more fun with every promotional bit. The drama has released stills of its main trio, but their combined cuteness cannot match that of the drama's core adventure element, an adorable baby. It looks like this little one will be giving the trio a run for their money, which sounds like a lovely premise. It looks like "Welcome to Waikiki" will have some great cameos as well. Until Monday arrives, here is the highlight reel to whet your whistle.

Joon-ki and Seo-jinSoo-ah

Last Comfort Food

I have not kept up with news on "Drama Stage - The Woman Who Makes the Last Meal", but the series has aired today, and I want to give it a little welcome. The drama has released stills and posters, as well as a very beautiful trailer. The death penalty is a topic which always looms in the background for South Korea, and given the popularity of prison themed dramas lately, covering it is timely. I hope this special will be subtitled some day.

Seol-ok and Wan-seungKyeong-soo

Upcoming Drama Goodies

"Queen of Mystery 2" gave us a lovely throwback poster as well as a brand new teaser this past week. "Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food" has released script reading photos while "Children of a Lesser God" has dropped new character posters and character teasers. "Shall We Kiss First" has released a teaser and new posters as well. In casting new this week, Choi Hee-seo has been cast in OCN's "Mistress", while Im Se-mi has joined "About Time". Previously considering, Han Hye-jin and Yoon Sang-hyun couple up for "Let's Watch the Sunset".

Followed Dramas

The emotional journey of "Mother - Drama" continues to tug at my heartstrings, so a little light break with "A Korean Odyssey" will be welcome this weekend. I am also getting my grabby hands ready for "Misty", which is apparently planning a saucy premiere. For drama standards, that probably means a bare shoulder, or maybe kissing where the participants don't look terrified or asleep, but we take what we can get.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'