[Orion's Drama News] Faraway Lands and Crimes

Once in a while Korean drama will go for outlandish stories and "Man Who Dies to Live" certainly seems to fit the bill. Today I give my first impressions on this upcoming title and I also take a look at "Criminal Minds" and the reason why it scares me. No water gods today, I promise.

Man Who Has Awkward Reunions

Park your time travels and birth secrets, because they cannot beat a man who becomes a count in a fictional kingdom in terms of originality. While the poster and first teaser for "Man Who Dies to Live" make me worried in terms of cultural sensitivity, I am intrigued by the story. While it can easily go into ridiculous and soapy territory as the teaser would suggest, I cannot help but dream. Dream a little dream for me, "Man Who Dies to Live".

Gi-hyeongCount Said Faid Ali

Criminally Stylish

"Criminal Minds" is piling on the promotional material and it looks like the summer action with a popular cast many could love. A remake of the known North American series, the drama faces the challenge of being fresh enough while still justifying its title. Everything seems good, but Taewon Entertainment's involvement does personally worry me. After "IRIS", "IRIS 2" and "Triangle - Drama" I am done waiting for this production company to place story over style, so I will sit this one out and hope for the best. This is a collaborative work after all.

Upcoming Drama Goodies

I am not sure what the characters of "The King Loves" are so embarrassed about, but here is one of the several posters where they refuse to look each other in the eye. "School 2017" cannot seem to decide between happy youth comedy and dark mystery in its first two teasers while Kim Tae-ri joins Kim Eun-sook's "Mr. Sunshine". Get ready for the shocking revelation that Subway was the One True Dining Place during the Japanese occupation.

Followed Dramas

My backlog is calling me, but I can now cross "Entourage" off the list with its review. Good riddance, show. I have more positive feelings for "Tunnel - Drama", so here is the final review for it. "Duel" and "Lookout" will end soon and upcoming dramas are calling me. I should have my picks next week.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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